Monday, March 11, 2013

Understanding Career Profile in Vedic/ Hindu/ Indian Astrology


The first step is always the Rashi Chakra. One looks for the 10th House and the 10th Lord and the Yogas associated therewith. This will show the overall skill structure and the physical environment prevailing in work. If there is a blessing, shown by the association of two benefics, or Amala Yoga, career will take shape naturally and easily. If there is a Curse or an affliction, then there would be trouble and trials, depending on the Moola Dasha indications and the sensitive transits of the slow planets and the Vimshottari Dasha Lord.

For social support in work and people supporting the native in his efforts to get work, the 10th House from the Moon and the 10th Lord therefrom are most crucial. The Sun shows the resources available for work and the 4th (yes, the 4th) House from the Sun should be seen. The Surya Aditya and the Nakshatra lord of the Moon and their placement must be seen for the triggering and the sustenance of the Rajayoga, if any.

Then we must look at the Dashamsha very carefully. The Lagna Lord of the Rashi Chart in the D-10 will show what you like in work and the Lagna Lord of the D-10 will show how you work. The 2nd, 6th and 10th Houses and their lords are most crucial and the strongest amongst these will indicate the career. The 6th and 7th Houses here must be compared to see if the native shall take to service or business. There are some rules in this regard.

The Dashamsha Narayan Dasha can be independently computed and analysed to judge the influences. The 5th House and Lord and the Pratyantardasha planet in the Vimshottari scheme should be used to gauge the changes in work and job. The Arudha Padas can be independently calculated here and should be used.

Careers have mushroomed and so this Varga Chakra is a fertile area for useful research and application.

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