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Once astrology is viewed primarily through a spiritual lens, the questions of the causes of rebirth, blessings and curses and the timing thereof become central to any meaningful horoscopic delineation.

In Hindu astrology, the Hindi/ Sanskrit term 'Dosha' means 'flaw'. There are numerous such flaws in natal horoscopes that yield adversity and suffering in life. Examples would include the 'Tithi Dosha' or 'Flaw in the Quality of Time' as the term 'Tithi' in turn refers to 'lunar date' or the angular distance between the radical Sun and Moon at the time of birth. One such Tithi Dosha is the Amavasya Dosha. Amavasya is the last lunar date or Tithi of the dark fortnight or the 'Krishna Paksha'. Birth on this lunar date invites financial hardship and other untold sufferings. The Sage Parashara in his Hindu astrology classic Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra has recommended remedial measures at birth to mitigate the inauspicious results that accrue from this Tithi. This is a pointer to the capacity of such a birth to wreck havoc on the life of the native. Unless such conspicuous births are remedied, life can become very stressful in the areas afflicted by the Dosha.

Likewise, the term 'Shrapa' literally means a Curse. When a natural benefic is either conjoined or aspected by two or more natural malefics with planetary sight/ Graha Drishti, the natural benefic is said to be under a curse and delivers bad results with regard to its natural significations. The primary curse is seen from the affliction of the greatest benefic. Therefore, if Jupiter/ Guru is under a curse in a chart, this constitutes the primary curse because Jupiter is the greatest natural benefic. The potency of the curse can be seen from the number of the natural malefics aspecting or conjoining.

Unless the 'Dosha' and 'Shrapa' are remedied in the chart, none of the good combinations and Yogas in the chart can bear fruit, at least not to the extent that might be anticipated.

The timing of the Curses is done through a timing device called the Moola Dasha which shows the root of Karma being experienced at a given time. The term 'Moola'means the 'root'.

In the Rashi Chakra of the Standard Nativity given above (birth data withheld for reasons), Aries Ascendant/ Mesha Lagna rises. The Lagna Lord Mars is placed in the 12th House of hospitalization with Jupiter/ Guru in Pisces/ Meena Rashi. Guru is aspected by Rahu from the 8th House and Saturn from the 3rd House. This constitutes a potent Curse of the Brahmin/ the Brahman Shrapa. Also, the Sun and Moon are conjoined in the 2nd House: the birth has occurred on the Amavasya Tithi.

The native is a highly qualified professional and worked in a foreign land. But due to the Curse of the Brahmin, he had to undergo an expensive and complicated surgery. The Lagna Lord Mars is also afflicted in the Curse in the 12th House of hospitalization and foreign lands. The source of the suffering lies in work and gains and he lost his position at work due to his medical condition.

The Amavasya Dosha is in the 2nd House of wealth and the native has found it difficult to attain wealth though he belongs to a very affluent family. Amavasya births afflict the Moon (Mind) and the Sun (Self). The native is in a very ordinary state of mind due to the fact he has been compelled to return to his home country where he is unable to find work that is to his liking.

Bodily difficulties including complicated surgical procedures are a scenario that ought to be propitiated with the remedial measures for the Cursed Jupiter. Since the professional qualifications and the work the native was doing prior to the medical contingency is indicated by Jupiter, the remedial measures will also aid the professional circumstances. Maraka Venus in the 4th and the 4th Lord Moon afflicted in the Amavasya Dosha ensured that the surgery was performed in the thoracic cavity.

The timing of the Curse of the Brahmin is done through the Moola Dasha. The most malefic of the planets causing the benefic planet to Curse is capable of delivering the results of the curse. Rahu Moola Dasha is running in the chart. As the 10th Lord from the Moon in the 8th House from the Lagna, Rahu will provide societal support to work mostly in foreign lands only.

The chart is otherwise predisposed to radical changes. The work profile dominated by Jupiter is likely to undergo a transformation because there is a Char Karaka replacement between the Amatyakaraka Jupiter and the Bhratrikaraka Saturn. It might come about in the Jupiter Dasha.

There is also a Char Karaka replacement between the Matrikaraka (MK) and the Pitrikaraka (PK). The MK Sun is involved in the Amavasya Dosha and is eclipsed by the nodal axis. The PiK Rahu will become the MK and the Sun will become the Antyakaraka PiK. Upheaval might come about from the direction of the parents and this may alter life significantly. The Sun is the Sthira Karaka for the father in this chart and is quite afflicted. The 9th Lord is afflicted in the Brahmin Shrapa in the 12th House.

Remedial measures are quite important in this chart. At the time this paper is being written, there is a lax attitude towards the problems in the chart and the parents of the native are doubtful of the native is actually born on the Amavasya or some other Tithi. These are the manifestation of past Karma shown by the Moola Dasha of Rahu and are preventing the native from immediately performing the remedial measures.

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