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Yanavanta/ Annapurna/ Vahana Yoga of Venus and Moon in Scorpio-8th October, 2013

The Yānavaṅta/ Yanavanta/ Annapūrṇā/ Annapurna/ Vāhana/ Vahana Yoga is formed when Venus and Moon/ Śukra and Cañdra/ Shukra and Chandra associate to form a Yoga in the Vedic horoscope; by Vedic horoscope is meant the Rāśi Cakra/ Rashi Chakra and the Varga Chakra as well, the latter being the divisional charts governing specific areas of life such as marriage (Navāmśa/ Navamsha), career (Daśāmśa/ Dashamsha), children (Saptāmśa/ Saptamsha), parents and elders (Dwādaśāmśa/ Dwadashamsha), comforts and luxuries (Ṣodaśāmśa/ Shodashamsha), spirituality and worship (Vimśāmśa/ Vimshamsha), education (Siddhāmśa/ Siddhamsha) etc.

Let us consider the immediate meanings of the various terms used to indicate the Yoga formed due to the association of Venus and the Moon.

The term Yānavaṅta/ Yanavanta indicates the charioteer or one guiding the vehicle of humanity or a group or individuals. It indicates leadership and the capacity to show the way to the multitudes and to guide and mould their lives.

The term Annapūrṇā/ Annapurna suggests abundance and a situation where no matter how many there are to feed the task is done with ease. It shows plentiful reserves and a situation where more abundance or the thirst for enhancement of wealth will be moderate due to the massive reserves.

The term Vāhana/Vahana is a corollary to the above, in fact all the names are corollaries of each other and imply each other. This means having beautiful luxuries and conveyances.

The meanings given above will depend on the context for their manifestation. When wide frameworks in a horoscope are being considered then perhaps Yānavaṅta/ Yanavanta may be the correct definition. When Annapūrṇa is being considered it probably finds better application when wealth generation and protection of the Kula/family are uppermost in the reckoning. Vāhana/ Vahana will have direct application when we are considering the luxuries and vehicles being enjoyed by the person. 

This Venus-Moon Yoga is being formed in Scorpio, the transit chart for which is given below-

Now these indications which are given above for the Yogas will certainly manifest but there will also be a surfeit of emotions since both Venus and Moon are watery planets and Scorpio/ Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi is also a Jala Tattwa Rāśi/ Rashi.

There is also the planetary aspect of Rahu and that of Mars making it a somewhat incendiary combination where emotions are liable to erupt.

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