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When studying the Atmakaraka, it is to be noted that the Grahas, Arudhas, Karakas and Bhavas in the Kendra to the Atmakaraka are the strongest to assist the King in His objectives. Those in the Panapharas are of lesser strength and those in the Apoklima are the weakest.

The curious thing is that Varahamihira in his Brihat Jatak, advises the converse for the Surya-Chandra Yoga. In other words, when the Chandra Graha is in Kendra to Surya, it is weakest. In Panaphara, stronger and in the Apoklima the strongest. Also if Chandra, the Karaka for flux and social interaction is in its own Amsha and either joined or aspected by Guru or Shukra (in Rashi or Amsha?)then the native is wealthy and happy.

In common practice it is found that 'all' Yogas have their play. Even with the Moon afflicted and bereft of the Grace of the association with either of Guru and Shukra in the Rashi can deliver the results if in own Amsha and forming Gajakesari Yoga in the Navamsha is some such fortunate Yoga is coming through.

Varahamihira advises us to see the 10th Bhava from the Lagna for work, the 10th Lord, the Navamsha dispositor of the 10th Lord in the Rashi and also the similar entities when reckoned from Surya and Chandra in the Rashi Chakra. This is very valuable. The 10th Bhava from the Lagna may not really show what work the native is performing or even the sphere of work. It may only show how the native (Lagna) shines in work or what are the modes of application and what are the events that come to pass for the native in the realm of work at the physical level.

From the Moon, the 10th Bhava and the lord will show the manifestation of the social support in work and the Navamsha lord of the 10th Lord from the Moon will show the real area in which such support comes. From the Sun, such Analysis will show the field of resources in which the native applies himself.

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