Monday, March 11, 2013

'Retaliation of the malefics' & 'Some Very Useful Rules' in Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology


The malefic will not keep quiet at the performance of an elevated course of action. Yet, it is only the malefic that permits the choosing of the better course in a given nativity. Not every afflicted malefic will permit an effective thought such as this to accrue.

The malefic will retaliate with one of its significations. If counsel has been received that the intricacy is to resolve itself and new ground attained, then the course can be sustained.

What is aspired to could very well be glorious, due to the presence of another Graha or the culmination of the energies of a specific Yoga, perhaps involving the malefic itself. Therefore the energies could be focussed on the aspiration and the culmination to aid progress.


The issue of timing in Jyotish is a quite important one as consulters often wish to know the time at which events shall happen. It should be understood that this is a difficult process. To assuage the difficulties there are some tools in Jyotish.

The main component of horoscopic dynamics is Dasha/ planetary periodicity. There are many Dasha systems in Jyotish but Parashara gave primacy to the Vimshottari Dasha amongst the Nakshatra Dashas, for good reason. The Dasha is very efficacious.

In any case, the Rules referred to in this Note have to do with Bhavas. Readers should carefully note that the Grahas in the Lagna and the 9th House tend to give their results, and of the Yogas that they might constitute, in the old age of the person.

The Grahas in the 2nd and 4th House of the chart give results early.

By necessary implication the 5th and the 6th House give their results in middle life.

Now, this is always conditioned by the Dashas and the age of maturity or effectivenss of the Grahas that might be posited in these Bhavas.

Extension has to be given to the 7th Bhava when we speak of the Lagna Bhava and the 3rd Bhava when we speak of the Rule as they form the relevant axes. Likewise for the 8th Bhava and the 10th Bhava, and lastly, for the 11th and 12th Bhavas in the same sequence of correspondance, respectively.

This can explain many events and occurrences in the horoscopes.

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