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Śani in Tulā (Shani in Tula)/ Saturn transit in Libra

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|Namaḥ Śivāya| (|Namah Shivaya|)

The exaltation of the planet Saturn/ Śani/ Shani is a notable event much like most other things related to this Graha. The Uchcha Rāśi/ Rashi of Śani (Shani)/ Saturn is Tulā (Tula)/ Libra which is also the debilitation sign of the great luminary Ravi. This in itself is a revealing proposition. Śani/ Shani is the significator of the Vāyu/ Vayu Tattwa and it is well known that Rāhu/ Rahu works much as Śani/ Shani does. For a large part of the Gocara of Śani/ Shani in Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi, we find the two dire malefics joined in Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi which is the apex of the Kāma Tṛkoṇa/ Kama Trikona and is a Vāyu Tattwa Rāśi/ Vayu Tattwa Rashi itself.

Meṣa (Mesha) Lagna/ Aries: Exalted Saturn in the Saptama Bhāva (Bhava) / 7th House will make the attitude of the native very pragmatic in relation to business and/or marriage. Partnerships will proceed on a solid and orthodox foundation where mutual gain is assured. Business activity is likely to flourish.

In the negative, the black of Libra will give sexual crime and this has been seen in the Nirbhaya gang rape case which has led to the Criminal Law Amendment Bill, 2013 being passed making inter alia significant amendments to the definition of statutory rape.

Sometimes force does not know right from wrong and when crime-Śani and Rāhu (Shani and Rahu), is combined with blind force, sordid events result. Desire is one thing but when repression exceeds limits it erupts and takes the horrifying form of iron rod insertions into the privates of unsuspecting human beings.

Vṛṣabha (Vrishabha) Lagna/ Taurus: Śani (Shani) in the 6th Bhāva from the Chañdra Rāśi/ Chandra Rashi can have Amṛta Dṛṣṭi (Amrita Drishti) on the Aṣṭama Bhāva (Ashtama Bhava)/ 8th House can operate to defeat enemies. This is the Gochara of a malefic planet in exaltation in a Duḥsthāna (Dusthana) and it will work to eliminate opposition and long-standing nuisances. It is an excellent transit for this Lagna and especially for Vṛṣabha Cañdra Rāśi (Vrishabha Chandra Rashi) or people with a Taurus Moon in the radix.

Mithuna Lagna/ Gemini: Śani (Shani) is not very well-placed for this Rāśi (Rashi)/ Lagna as it would be in the 5th Bhāva which would inspire some depression and restriction. Thr 5th Bhāva is that of thinking and progeny and some issues may crop up here. With the Graha Dṛṣṭi (Drishti) on the Saptama Bhāva, decisions taken during this time have the potential to cause stress in the marriage and in the relationships. There is too much Vāyu/ Vayu in the Citta and the mind is buffeted by the winds of constant anxiety and melancholy unless there are some good directional influences prevailing.

Karkaṭa (Karkata) Lagna/ Cancer: Even here Śani/ Shani is in the 4th Bhāva/ Bhava from the Lagna and can cause a heavy heart or depressed feelings despite its exaltation. Issues in the heart and at home, regarding property and in the school atmosphere with young children could all crop up. The health could suffer due to too much exertion.

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Siṃha (Simha) Lagna/ Leo: Śani is in the 3rd Bhāva/ Bhava here and as a strong malefic is well placed for effort but inless other factors support lucky breaks all progress will depend on hard work and initiative. Mental fatigue and issues are possible and some actual work could be done with spirituality. Some hard facts could shape spiritual insights previously attained or encountered.

Kanyā (Kanya) Lagna/ Kumārī (Kumari)/ Virgo: For this Chaṅdra Rāśi/ Chandra Rashi this is the 3rd Charaṇa/ Charana of the Sāde-Sātī (Sade Sati) and the journey of personal transformation is in its last phase where the things not needed in the personality are weeded out. Finances and the Kutumba could pose issues. Home, emotions and property could come under the Kārmic scanner of this Graha. Changes and forced transformations could well form a part of this transit. Otherwise,Śani's (Shani's) aspect on the Lābha Sthāna/ Labha Sthana is not adverse,being an Upachaya Bhāva.

Tulā (Tula) Lagna/ Libra: Śani/ Shani is exalted in this sign indicating success of the colour black. However, for the natives with this Cañdra Rāśi/ Chandra Rashi, this is the 2nd part of the Sāde-Sātī/ Sade-Sati and the pressures on the mind are tremendous. This also impacts the work situation as Śani/ Shani aspects the Karma Sthāna/ Sthana with Graha Dṛṣṭi/ Graha Drishti. It will impact relationships, marriage and personal interaction due to the aspect on the Saptama Bhāva. Both from the Lagna and the Ārūḍha Lagna/ Arudha Lagna, Kaṅtaka Śani/ Kantak Shani is formed and this will thwart social and career progress unless suitable remedial measures are performed or unless other factors operating in the chart mitigate this result.

Also, let us not be engulfed by the colour black where the luminosity of the Sun, Ravi disappears. This is the Kārmic area of the horoscope where rebirth foundations are laid. Evil thoughts shown by the terrible impact of Vāyu/ Vayu have been reflected in the ghastly occurrences of rape in India and the equally ghastly cashing in my the media and publishing houses of these events by a singular focus on rape and sexual offences including those with children and in foster-care homes. The Nirbhaya case is a reference in point. After all this was the Dharma of Tulā/ Tula-to discuss threadbare in communications circles these dastardly acts of evil and perversion. Mercifully Gurū/ Guru is also in a Venusian Rāśi (Rashi) and this has also led to an altering of the law in rape and has occasioned the passing of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill, 2013. (Some of these thoughts are identical for Meṣa (Mesha) in accord with the dictum that what holds true for a Bhāva holds true for the 7th from it as well; we remember it astutely for the Ārūḍha/ Arudha Lagna and the 7th Bhāva from the AL the Dwāra/ Dwara or the doorway.)

Āli/ Vṛṣchika (Vrishchika)/ Scorpio: For natives of Scorpio Rāśi/ Rashi, this is a trying time as Śani/ Shani has just entered the 12th Bhāva from their Janma Rāśi/ Janma Rashi and signals the commencement of the Sāde-Sātī/ Sade-Sati which is a 7 1/2 years transit of Saturn on and around the natal Moon. Their is likelihood of displacement and slurs on the character and also of matters of a personal nature coming to attention of others. One might want to take note of these aspects. Consumption of food and drink needs to be watched as too irresponsible and immature indulgences and reckless lifestyle. Some remedies are required for this sign.

Dhanuṣa (Dhanusha)/ Sagittarius: For this sign, though for extraneous matters and striving, the Gochara is not bad but health and personal demeanour needs to be watched. Children and the tendency to become downcrest will come to the fore. Sudden and unexpected events may also manifest.

Makara/ Capricorn: For this Rāśi/ Rashi, Śani/ Shani is in the Karma Sthāna/ Sthana and forms Kaṅtaka Śani/ Kantaka Shani. Work will pose some issues as will marriage and the atmosphere at home despite the exaltation of the planet.

Kuṃbha (Kumbha) / Aquarius: For this Rāśi/ Rashi,Śani/ Shani is in the Bhāgya Sthāna/ Bhagya Sthana and causes troubles with the luck factor. Siblings and desires are two areas which will need careful watching so that the native does not succumb to Adharma.

Mīna (Meena)/ Pisces: For this Rāśi/ Rashi the Gocara of Śani/ Shani poses a problem as it is in the Aṣṭama Bhāva (Ashtama Bhava) from the reference and aspects the Daśama Bhāva (dasham Bhava) with Graha Dṛṣṭi (Drishti). THis is also causative of Kaṅtaka Śani (Kantaka Shani) and will bring blockages in work. Finances and the mental situation are also areas that might need attention, as will children and any speculation activity.

Note- To read more about the twelve Lagnas/ Ascendants and the Yogas obtaining therefrom see the article/ post at-!/2006/12/brief-look-at-twelve-lagnas.html

We need to note though that Śani (Shani) will retrograde back to Kumārī Rāśi (Kumari Rashi)/ Virgo and shall only emerge and transit back to Tulā/ Tula on the 3rd of August, 2012.

Śani/ Shani afflicts Kanyā Rāśi/ Kanya Rashi the most and especially joined Maṅgala/ Mangal its arch-enemy and that too in retrogression, it will be difficult for those with Kanyā/ Kanya Lagna rising and with the Cañdra/ Chandra in Kanyā Rāśi/ Kanya Rashi.

Retrograde planets are relentless and have very high Ceṣṭā Bala (Cheshta Bala)/ capacity to strive-this striving is to fulfil some Kārmic/ Karmic purpose and nothing shall prevail on such a Vakra Graha from giving up its tortuous path. A retrograde malefic for these reasons is a significant presence in life through its significations.

Recovery issues and issues related to accruals will be present during Saturn's transit to Virgo. Issues relating to daily work may also present themselves. This can reflect in work related communications also because Budha/ Mercury, the lord of Kanyā would be retrograde in Cancer/ Karkaṭa Rāśi at the same time.

Things begin to change with the two wealth-oriented Grahas almost at the same time. On the 3rd of August, 2012, Śani changes its Rāśi and moves into exalted business where its labour and slavery feels rewarded in the corporate environs. This is the high water mark for Śani/ Shani and its efforts in the Mūlatṛkoṇa Rāśi (Moolatrikona Rashi) of its Gurū (Guru)/ preceptor Śukra/ Shukra makes him forget his dire poverty and his hunger for money-reward for being a perpetual slogger is forthcoming here. Skilled and quality work (strong Śani/ Shani) is paid well here except when this sign occupies a position from where Kaṇṭaka Śani/ Kantaka Shani or Sāde Sātī/ sade-Sati are indicated.

On the 8th of August, 2012 in the early evening Budha becomes direct and the misunderstandings, time travel to the past and communications snafus end. Commerce becomes functional and money starts to flow again.

A lesser known aspect of what has been happening is that the malefic Graha Dṛṣṭi/ Graha Drishti association between Śani and Rāhu (Shani and Rahu) from Kumārī/ Kumari to Āli/ Ali were indicating some very poor Kārmic/ Karmic traits and a Doṣa/ Dosha to boot. It was activating adversity and ancient pressures in many nativities. This would cease with Śani/ Shani becoming direct and changing signs to its exaltation.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Note on Śukra (Shukra)/ Venus Gochara/Transit in Mithuna Rāśi (Rashi) on 31st July, 2012/ Transit of Venus to Gemini on 31st July, 2012

A Note on Śukra (Shukra) Gocara in Mithuna Rāśi (Rashi) on 31st July, 2012/ Transit of Venus to Gemini on 31st July, 2012
Śukra (Shukra) has been transiting in its own sign Vṛṣabha (Vrishabha)/ Taurus and is set to move to Mithuna Rāśi (Rashi) on 31st July, 2012. While the love for luxury and the good things of life was manifesting during this transit, the nature of Mithuna is that of multiplicity and this will pose a challenge during this transit. Śukra (Shukra) gets debilitated in a Mercurial sign-Kanyā (Kanya)/ Kumārī Rāśi (Kumari Rashi) and therefore it can be inferred that Śukra (Shukra) is not inherently comfortable in Mercurial signs. Mithuna is indicative of duality and multiplicity and for people with innate Venusian issues this is not a very easy transit. Otherwise, at other levels, Śukra (Shukra) is a great friend of Budha/ Mercury and excellent results can come in corporate communication and managerial activity. Rājayoga (Rajayoga) can result for those who have the combinations of these planets, especially in Mercurial signs, and even more so if in Muthuna Rāśi (Rashi).

For certain others, this could be a time to exercise restraint as the sign Mithuna relates to copulation/ Maithuna and for horoscopes with such Yogas this could be a time of increased intimacy and such activity.

We also have to understand that Śukra in Mithuna/ Venus is Gemini in July-August 2012 will not be uniform as Parāśara has given a lot of importance to the degree placements of planets in signs in his monumental classic Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra.

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Rāhu (Rahu)-Ketu in Tulā (Tula)/ Libra-Meṣa (Mesha)/ Aries on December 23, 2012

It is the transit of slow-moving planets that signals a shift in the Karma that is being experienced. Rāhu (Rahu)-Ketu, the shadow planets are specially noteworthy in this regard. They indicate the desires from past lives and in this life which act as Karmic compulsions and are very powerful. Their methods are contrary to the direct motion of the luminaries, Ravi and Chañdra (Chandra)/ the Sun and the Moon, since they are always retrograde.

The chart for the movement of Rāhu in Tulā (Rahu in Tula) and Ketu in Meṣa (Ketu in Mesha) is given below:

Some of the conspicuous features which reveal themselves in the entry chart, the Gochara Praveśa Cakra (Gochara Pravesha Chakra), are that Śani (Shani)/ Saturn and Rāhu (Rahu) are joined together. This is not a favourable Yoga and goes by the name of Śrāddha Yoga (Shraddha Yoga)/ Piṭṛi Doṣa (Pitri Dosha) indicating the influence and displeasure of departed spirits or those persons whose last rites were not performed, and whose souls have not found release. Exclusion, living under a spell, being compulsive about life-patterns and choices, experiencing setbacks, obstacles, shocks, traumas, suffering, sadness, pain, being possessed generally, possessed by notions, ideas,people, karmic webs and such heavy matters result from this Yoga.
The Yoga occurs in the Rāśi of Tulā (Rashi of Tula) and people with Tulā Rāśi (Tula Rashi)/ Libra either rising in the Lagna or with the Chañdra/ Chandra posited in this sign should be especially careful during this transit. If the Doṣa/  Dosha exists in the natal horoscope, advice should be sought else health and personal choices and decisions need to be considered. Tulā (Tula) is governed by Śukra (Shukra)/ Venus and it is relationships and business, events in the market place which will feel the real influence of this transit.  At the same time, ‘partying’  and indulging the senses will be at an all-time high with this combination happening.

Śani and Rāhu (Shani and Rahu) are Vāyu Tattwa Grahas (Vayu Tattwa Grahas) and rule thought. Being airy planets they can fuel debate and this debate can include those relating to sexual acts (Tulā (Tula)/ Libra) and more specifically criminal sexual acts such as rape and unnatural sex. The gangrape which has happened in New Delhi is an instance of this. There will be continued debate and intellectual outpourings on this, but most importantly the masses (Śani/ Shani) and rioters (Rāhu/ Rahu) would remain central to the issue.

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The Transit/ Gochara of planets in May, 2012

The first change that occurs is the Saṅkrānti with Ravi/ the Sun moving to Taurus/Vṛṣabha Raśi (Vrishabha Rashi). Vṛṣabha (Vrishabha) is a sign of luxuries and enjoyments, a love of comforts and the good things in life. Ravi here illuminates all these facets of life. Not everybody things of the King in this manner but one of the foremost significations of Ravi is abundance. Ravi is the provider and the giver of resources in His form as the Āditya/ Aditya. Without Ravi nothing can sustain.

The Preceptor of the Gods, the great Gurū (Guru/ Jupiter) also changes Rāśis (Rashis) and moves from Meṣa to Vṛṣabha (Mesha to Vrishabha) in May, 2012. The field of play is no longer that governed by the forthright Maṅgala/ Mangal but that of the other Gurū/ Guru, Śukra (Shukra) as the latter lords over Vṛṣabha (Vrishabha). Here, the best and the deepest significations of Gurū/ Guru might not manifest since he will be at the residence of his other extreme. And yet Śukra (Shukra) finds His highest exaltation in the house of the Gurū/ Guru in Mīna Rāśi (Meena Rashi)/ Pisces. It will remain to be seen in each relevant nativity as to how deeply and with what authenticity does one's value system adapt to the atmosphere of bounty.

Śani (Shani) retrogrades back to Kumārī Rāśi (Kumari Rashi) and Śukra (Shukra) also turns inwards in the company of Gurū/ Guru in Vṛṣabha Rāśi (Vrishabha Rashi). For those with this sign dominant in some form the transits will be quite significant. The Rāśi (Rashi) is the circumstance that partakes of other circumstantial influences and those born of desire. It is that which houses the manifest. It contains a peculiar manifestation and when twelve such combine upon the traverse of Ravi through them, it completes the world as expressed.

The attention to detail must be adhered to due to the backward motion of Śani (Shani) to the painstaking Kanyā Rāśi (Kanya Rashi). Ravi is weak in Saṅkraṅti/ Sankranti and so some time should be allowed while Ravi moves out of Saṅdhi/ Sandhi and into a relative position of strength.

At another level, Ravi shows the illumination in the world.  It is He who can make one shine bright with power and spirit and abundance. For those with problems with Kārmic (Karmic) darkness associated with Vṛṣabha Rāśi (Vrishabha Rashi), this Gochara of Ravi could well be a turning point since the Sattwa Guṇa (Guna) will obliterate the dark challenge and replace it with the light of pure understanding. This is all the more so because Gurū (Guru) is Abhilāśī (Abhilashi)/ desirous of moving to Vṛṣabha (Vrishabha) as well and is in Meṣa (Mesha)/ Vṛṣabha Saṅdhi (Vrishabha Sandhi) or the junctional area between these signs. Rāśi Saṅdhi (Rashi Sandhi) indicates the end and beginning. This could be the end of an old Kārmic Tamas and the beginning of a new Kārmic light.

This is also for the reason that Ravi is the Naisargika Kāraka/ Karaka of the Atma/ Soul and represents the soul. It is the soul which carries the Karma. If Ravi becomes the Ātmakāraka/ Atmakaraka in any given nativity then it indicates a high level of soul development and there is little to do except follow the dictates of the soul. In such horoscopes and Kuṅdalīs/ Kundalis, such matters may gain greater prominence. With Gurū/ Guru intending to move at the realiest to Vṟṣabha (Vrishabha), the cumulative Sattwa is a good sign for Taurus Rāśi (Rashi).   
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