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A Note on Mercury/ Budh Retrograde/ Vakra in Pisces/ Meena Rashi in April 2011

Mercury/ Budh entered Mesha Rashi/ Aries on the 30th of March, 2011 and became retrograde. At this time Mercury was/ is very weak especially because its transit into Aries/ Mesha Rashi was hardly to a significant degree and it was only hovering at the junction of Pisces/ Meena and Aries/ Mesha. This junction extending upto 1 degree on either side of the junction, in this case, from 29 degrees Pisces to 1 degree Aries, is called the Rashi Sandhi and any planet here is weakened and its significations and rulership suffers if this occurs in the nativity.

The chart showing the transit of Mercury to Pisces/ Meena, and its retrogression is given below:


The peculiarity of this Rashi Sandhi is that it occurs between a watery sign/ Jala Tattwa Rashi, that is, Pisces, and a fiery sign, Agni Tattwa Rashi Aries/ Mesha. This type of Rashi Sandhi is called the Gandanta and is specially malefic in Jyotish/ Vedic astrology. The malefic nature of such junctions are rooted in the fact that the water and fire elements are opposed to each other in inherent constitution and therefore the junctional areas partake of this conflict as well. The term Gandanta comes from the Ganda Moola Nakshatras.

Mercury/ Budh is the Graha of communications, rationality, writing, speech and articulation. It also governs the internet and related resources and paper, printing, publishing, accountancy and such areas of life. When a planet becomes retrograde, its effects are heightened because the planet appears to be travelling in reverse motion. If it is a benefic planet, retrogression heightens the fortunate signfications of the benefic planet while if it is a malefic planet which has become retrograde then the malefic aspects related to the Graha are also heightened.

It is found that the internal traits and signfications asociated with the retrograde planet show the maximum impact while the external signfications become slow and ponderous and require three times the effort to accomplish than when the planet is direct. Retrograde planets for this reason stand for delays and waiting at the external level because they show matters which were not fulfilled in previous births and therefore will become big issues in this lifetime as well. They show Karmic linkages with past births and in this sense are like Rahu/ the North Node of the Moon, giving Karmic, deep, rather inexplicable desires and bring about peculiar and unexpected events.

Retrograde planets exhibit the desire of giving results of the Bhava/ house exactly opposite from where they are stationed in retrogression. This leads to the need for a careful reading of the results when the planet retrograde is placed either in its exaltation or its debilitation. From such locations it aspires to debility and exaltation respectively.

Though the Guna/ attribute of the debilitated or the exalted retrograde planet remains in accord with its Bhava of actual station, its results approximate to the Bhava opposite. It is for this reason that the debilitated and retrograde Mercury will aspire to the effects of its placement in Kanya Rashi/ Virgo where it is exalted.

But the basic quality of Mercury would be its placement in Pisces. This means that the matters related to Mercury at the external levels and the internal levels will show stress and would call out for attention and redressal which will come because Mercury aspires to its exaltation in Virgo and very careful and painstaking Mercurial work may follow. The lack of quality and desired facets in communications and all matters Mercurial will force attention on these matters and with three times the attention and work, the effects will be that of Mercury exalted.

Mercury will also be joined the lord of the sign of its debility and gets cancellation of debility. With perspective and moorings in intelligence, discrimination/ Vivek the planet will find its true direction. The association with Saturn and Mars and the Sun afflicts the natural benefic and many influences exert themselves on the Graha. Mars and Mercury is a good combination for lawyers especially the the Naisargika Karaka/ natural significator for the law, Jupiter/ Guru is also joined and this may give breakthroughs and resolve longstanding issues in the legal profession and/ or in the lives of lawyers. This also holds true for other professions associated with Jupiter and Mercury and if all the Grahas involved in the Yogas are taken into account then the effects are likely to involve a lot of people.

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