Monday, March 11, 2013

Remedying AdversityThrough Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology


Sometimes even for good minds the distinction between metaphysical good and bad can be obscured due to bad combinations in the horoscope. The remedial measures being received for such combinations such as Badhak, Tithi Dosha, Graha Malika, Kala Sarpa/ Amrita Yogas, Sarpa Dosha, Wrath of the deity and Sarpa Devata and Shrapa/ Curses indicate that such Karma is ripe for being resolved due to Purva Punya or good deeds done in the past, and/ or in this life etc. If such Upaya/ remedial measures are subsequently performed, that is surely an indicator that the misfortunes are being remedied and the native/ Jataka is making sincere attempts in this direction.

People often wonder how much Upaya is to be done. Do it at least till you feel relief from the afflictions. And thereafter whenever you can. That will be a good idea.

Sometimes adverse combinations and/ or mistakes made for whatever reason in the area ruled by the affliction will shows themselves, as the remedies start working to show the pain, shock, deception, hurt, melancholy, incredible suffering, humilation, Durbhagya, rage, headlessness, violence, disapppearance of mental peace etc, whatever may be shown by the malefic affliction. This is like the poison before the Amrita and we must all pray to God to not punish us too severely and to give us the strength to bear this without too much damage as after all we are already repenting through the remedial measures.

Then the light is likely to shine in the nature of purity, good fortune, success, happiness, auspicious happenings, smiles and laughter, peace, propsperity, devotion, prayer, ritual, meditation, good deeds etc. whatever may be shown by the benefic facets of such Yogas and/or those of the chart which may otherwise exist.

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