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The following analysis is instructive regarding the various methods used to judge the propensities pertaining to longevity. It also delves into the usage of the Drekkana and the Kauluka or the Shashtamsha to understand and isolate the physiological location of disease. Specific principles like the combination of planetary lords opposed in the realm of vitality are also elaborated. In addition, Curses and their role in suffering is explained. The Dhatu assailed by such medically adverse Yogas are also specifically determined.

|Om Namo Narasimhaaya|
|Om Lakshmyai Namah|

Dear Consulter,

Following our specific discussions on the matter, this Analysis will be structured differently, making only scant references to the Jyotish Yogas and myriad other chart features while attempting to give practical directions and conclusions in common speak. However, due to the very intricate nature of this specific consultancy, in order to ensure that no aspects of the Jyotish knowledge is available are overlooked, in certain places the underlying principles will be noted.

Getting straight to some of the specific features of the chart, let us see the challenges posed according to the ‘principle of days’ referred to earlier during our communication in this regard. It is clear to me that blood related disorders, phlegm, mental and psychological issues, stresses and disorders are indicated by this method. Briefly, the method is stated here so that you can see how the diseases result. It is my feeling that the non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a direct consequence of this blemish in the chart and the affliction to the lymph nodes has accrued as a consequence of this.

This is an advanced principle and absolutely direct correlation can be seen from this affliction though the cancerous diseases are also indicated by a malefic Jupiter and Rahu. The disease and other indications such as psychological aberrations, phlegm related illness and other symptoms referred to hereinabove can be directly correlated to this Yoga. The upshot of all this is that this is a destined area of discomfort and there need to be remedial measures for this, once we have successfully isolated its existence.

The ‘principle of days’ is arrived at and used for astrological delineation by writing down the lords of the weekdays vertically and in order. Therefore, starting from Sun we reach Saturn and then follow it up with Rahu and Ketu, in that order. For the present purpose, you should understand that every planet has a ‘shielding planet’ which protects its natural significations. This protecting planet is always the 5th planet from the planet whose natural significations are being considered, the 5th House in the Rashi Chakra being that of protection and good deeds done in past lives.

With this bare minimum introduction as to what I am talking about and what it is that leads to an affliction to the blood and lymph, you also need to know that the most malefic nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu afflict any planet they join. If this planet is the protecting planet or shield of another, then the natural significations of that planet are severely stressed. In your chart, Shukra and Rahu conjoin in the 4th House. Rahu is going to assault the conjoined Venus according to the principle of days. Apart from anything that Shukra might suffer due to this conjunction, being the protective shield for Chandra as it is 5th there from in the scheme outlined above, it affects the Naisargika Karakattwa of Moon badly. It is for this reason that all the possibilities of psychological turmoil, delusion, emotionally compulsive behaviour, the threat of addictions, impurities in blood, ease and comfort in social participation and the more physiological manifestation of the cancerous disease have occurred.

This is one of the primary areas of concern in the chart. The emotional cognizance and the factors stressing the same are not to be taken lightly as the suffering and joys of life are experienced through the mind, ruled by the Moon. As the protective shield of this planet is adversely affected, all these matters stand to challenge the life of the native.

The next step is to come to an understanding of the remedial measures for this problem so that all the matters naturally signified by the Moon which can also include susceptibility to common colds, food allergies and the like can be safeguarded and protected. The natural step is to look for the lord of the house to protect the matters of the same. In your chart, the 4th Lord is Mercury/ Budh but we cannot really expect much from this planet in the chart as it is placed in the 12th therefrom in the 3rd house from the Lagna and is involved in a Shaapa/ Curse.

I believe we have to look for the Naisargika Karaka of the 4th House, namely the Moon itself to protect the body from the afflicting Yogas in the 4th House. This will afford crucial protection against the problems shown by the application of the ‘principle of days’. The deity associated with the Moon is either Parvati or Gauri, both forms of the Mother Goddess. She can be propitiated with the following Mantra, starting on Monday/ Somvar, lorded by the Moon in the ‘principle of days’:

‘Om Paarvatyai Namah’

This Mantra can be done 108 times everyday, preferably using a Sphatik/ crystal rosary/ Mala. The deity is to be approached with the specific intention of remedying this physiological and mental afflictions caused by the assault on the protective shield of the Moon. I am optimistic that due to the placement of Chandra in Karka Rashi, which is its own sign, the Moon appears to be potent enough to yield its protective grace and nectar when directed by the deity.

Moving on quickly to other physical sites where disease can manifest, let us start with the sign and house where the affliction discussed above resides. This occurs in the 4th House of the chest area or the thoracic cavity. This, due to the nature of the afflicting Yoga damaging the Moon, shows that lungs and the heart can be vulnerable areas. I would isolate the lungs as especially vulnerable and would like to strike a cautionary note here as the Moon is the Naisargika Karaka for the lungs. In other words, as phlegm related illness has been stated to be a possible area for illness to manifest, tubercular illness and things of that nature should be guarded against.

In this context, the smoking habit should be discontinued as this will in all likelihood work to seriously aggravate the natal afflictions shown in the Rashi Chakra.

While the 4th House has been examined to give a possible location for the manifestation of the illness related to the assault, albeit vicarious on the Moon, in the framework of Jyotish rules we are compelled to also note the sign in the 4th House. This is not always the case but must be watched here because of the reasons given hereinafter. The 8th Lord and the 8th House show the own faults of the native which are stored as Karma and manifest as the planetary placements in the natal horoscope when the native is born. As the 12 signs are the repositories of all Karma and environmental factors, the sign location of the 8th Lord is very important to accurately glean what is happening in the life of the native in matters of health. The 8th Lord Venus is placed in Mithun Rashi/ Gemini in the 4th House, conjoined the malefic Rahu.

Moving away from the role of Shukra as the shield for the Moon, let us see the factors brought into play by the placement of Shukra in Mithun Rashi. This sign rules Maithuna/ copulation as it is considered the most impure sign of the zodiac. Generally speaking, Mithun Rashi can show complete absence of restraint in matters of sex. Visiting prostitutes or women of easy virtue and gross deviations such as bestiality and incest can also manifest in certain cases with this Rashi. This is of course not to say that deviance must manifest in this chart; yet, such propensities can urge us to guard against excesses in these directions due to the very real dangers that lurk. The placement of Shukra, the Naisargika Karaka of sexuality and intercourse in Mithun as the 8th Lord opens up the possibility of disease in the privates and genitals.

These challenging findings are corroborated by the fact that Mithun is the 3rd House of copulation and sexual intercourse for the Kalapurusha/ Cosmic Man, being the 3rd House from Aries and can harbor tremendous desires pertaining to intimacy. Furthermore, it is only pertinent to note that Venus, apart from being the 8th Lord ruling chronic illnesses placed in Gemini is also conjoined Rahu. This truly magnifies the risk several times over. Correspondingly, the idea should be to create patterns of behaviour and opt for lifestyle choices that preclude suffering from these avenues.

As the 8th Lord is involved, afflicted by the 12th Lord Rahu, ruling hospitals, the illness that comes due to excess might be very tough to cure. This is being said due to the fact that the 4th House represents the cure for illnesses and when the same is afflicted by the most malefic planet for the Lagna, the 3rd and 8th Lord Shukra along with the diabolical Rahu, cure can be very difficult to come by if the illness should manifest. Even in the instance where sexual excesses are not committed or being considered in the analysis, still the cure might be tough to come by and could mean protracted periods in medical confinement as the principle of days also shows serious affliction to the matters naturally ruled by the Moon.

In view of the fact that you mentioned a recent health episode, without elaborating what it was, it is quite clear that such adverse Yogas are being activated at the current time and one must be cautious and perform the remedial measures as advised in this regard.

Without departing from my usual attitude to chart interpretation and turning gloomy or negative in analysis, I must also note the adverse location of Shani in the 12th House. It is only adverse in the sense that it is placed in the 12th House; the saving grace comes due to the fact that this is its own Rashi and the planet always endeavors to protect its own Rashi. The real life implications of the adversity, apart from what is specifically stated hereinabove is due to the fact that the 12th House ruling hospitals also happens to be the 5th House from the 8th House of chronic illness and those that are difficult to diagnose and link causally. The importance of the 12th House being the 5th from the 8th House lies in the fact that just as the 5th House from the Lagna/ Ascendant rules the future of the native, the 12th House being the 5th from the 8th rules the future of the disease. That is why the recuperation and the future of the disease is usually determined in isolation (12th House from the Lagna) or in hospitals the latter again being a signification of the 12th House.

As the 12th House is occupied by Shani, the old and slow planet, it can indicate very slow recovery in accordance with the nature of this planet. The recovery would still happen albeit very slowly as Saturn is well-placed in its own sign for this matter. These factors regarding the houses and Saturn have been stated as it is felt that these can have very real ramifications on the manner and strategy you might wish to adopt in these matters having now learnt of the Karmic trends in the realm of illness as shown by the natal horoscope.

The possibility of the recovery period being long and connected with chronic traits is confirmed by the A8, the Arudha Pada of the 8th House showing manifest features of delay such as repeated tests and laboratory procedures to check and recheck the medical situation, prognosis and treatment methodologies. The most succinct advice that can be given in the face of such confluence regarding disease is to devise a schedule and attitude of zero-tolerance to anything that might exacerbate the indications laid down in this analysis above and what is to follow. This would be a precautionary method to keep from doing anything that might make these vulnerabilities stronger to act in the chart. In other words, an honest and proactive approach is required.

To ensure that the distillate and real implications in the sense of what is to be done and what is to be avoided come through to you, something that you are expressly keen to achieve through my work, I will state that as the cure is unlikely to come through easily and quickly due to the adverse and malefic Yoga of Venus and Rahu in the 4th House, and also because the recovery process itself that leads to the cure promises to be long, full of delays and slow treatment seen from Saturn in the 12th House, the idea is to avoid getting into this spiral if possible through avoidance of certain avenues of lifestyle choices and other features laid down above.

The other factor in the Rashi Chakra that we need to evaluate in the context of astro-medical diagnosis and probability of manifestation of illness in the body is the planet that rules illness, namely the 6th Lord. The 6th House, as you have been advised, rules illness, debts and enemies. In the instant context, the 6th Lord rules disease and ill-health that can come directly through the actions that one performs. While lifestyle choices have been stated above as the Dasha involving the 8th Lord is running and that always has an impact on the way one conducts one’s life, the 6th Lord is inherently involved with this concept. The distinction is that while the 8th Lord and House is Karmically attuned, the 6th Lord is associated more with free will as the 6th House is an Upachaya Bhava. Do not worry: you actually do need to know this.

The reason why you need to know this is that as free will is involved, the element of Karma and compulsion is lesser especially as Rahu is also no longer involved. The immediate real life fallout of this is that as far as the illness related to the 6th Lord is concerned, you can exercise a greater amount of control. At no cost should this be taken to mean that the avenues relating to Venus or to Rahu are so Karmically ordained that one just cannot help it. Such damaging thoughts can come in as Venus and Rahu are placed in the 4th House of the mind and the Karaka Moon is the one afflicted. The 6th Lord in the Rashi Chakra is the Sun and is placed in the 3rd House from the Lagna. When we speak of the 6th Lord, we talk more of houses rather then signs as the houses came into being with your birth, when the Ascendant was rising. The signs however are already there all the time in the zodiac and have more to do with the Karma of the earth and those who inhabit it.

The 6th Lord Sun is placed with Mars and Mercury. Now this is indicative of problems in the areas indicated by the 3rd House, namely the upper respiratory tract, throat, upper chest etc. ENT disorders appear to be strongly indicated by the Bhava placement of the 6th Lord. It is necessary here to introduce here the concept of the Badhak or the obstructing agent for the chart. This is Budh or Mercury, being the 7th Lord of the chart. The Badhak brings unforeseen troubles being akin to the natural Badhak of the zodiac, Rahu. These illness are difficult to diagnose and can be troublesome. As theses facets are intertwined with the free-willed troubles indicated by the 6th Lord Sun, the situation is complex. Complexity is dictated by the fact that while the 6th Lord indicates illnesses that can be seen, judged and evaluated, the same planet is conjoined the Badhak as well as Mangal.

In other words, the Badhak is conjoined two malefics and this is what constitutes the Matul Shaapa/ the Curse of the Maternal Uncle/ Mercury. We must evaluate the curse more deeply. Before that however, let me again encapsulate the practical fallout of what we have just discussed. ENT disorders relating to the throat in particular and also the oral cavity are seen. This is demonstrated by the placement of the 6th Lord Sun in the 3rd House and also the Karaka for the throat, Mercury, the afflicted Badhak in conjunction with the Sun and Mars. General vitality shown by the Sun and Asthi Dhatu: bones and dentition can also be seen from these conjunctions. The Yuti/ conjunction of Mars and Mercury also brings skin troubles and nervous ailments perhaps causally related into the domain of that which must be guarded against.

There are other techniques which will be attempted later in this study, those of the Kauluka/ the Shashtyamsha: the 6th division of the sign, measuring 5 degrees each as given by Maharshi Jaimini to arrive at more focused areas where disease can manifest. But before this is done, I wish to speak a little bit about the Curse of Mercury.

The Curse is especially relevant in context of illness and this is the reason it is being discussed. I am aware that the term sounds scary but it is a prominent part of analyzing stresses and sufferings in life. You may take it that when a natural benefic is afflicted by two or more natural malefics, either by conjunction or Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect, it constitutes a Shaapa/ Curse. This definition and explanation is being ventured briefly so as to better explain the practical fallout of this phenomenon in your life. In other words, what precisely is this curse going to do in the chart, and whether this impact is directly relevant to the instant topic of possible illness in the chart; this is the purport of our enquiry. Well, then, the Curses may be several and the primary curse in charts is important to identify and remedy. In your chart, the Curse of Mercury is the primary curse. Keeping your specific requests in mind about sparing the details as far as possible, I do not wish to delve too deeply into this aspect.

Suffice it to say that the ‘source of the suffering’ that emanates from the Curse of the maternal uncle lies in the 6th House and the 6th House has been stated to be that of illness. In view of the fact that suffering ensues primarily from the Shaapa in the chart, the 6th House of illness appears to be an avenue for suffering in this incarnation. The 6th House is also the 12th House from the 7th of marriage and can indicate separation from the spouse. It is clear that the source area of suffering has worked in the chart to expose life to some of these destined challenges. The 9th House shows the past just as the 5th shows the future and the involvement of the 9th Lord Mars shows that the Curse is from a past life.

The fact that the Atmakaraka Sun is involved shows that the suffering is at the level of the soul and cannot be expressed. It is very deep seated and the birth has occurred to absolve the soul of the sin incurred. Fortunately, as Mars is not retrograde, the curse can be remedied. But as the Curse is in the 3rd House it is severe as the 3rd House is evil. If the curse is in a Quadrant/ Kendra or a Trikona/ Trine, the suffering is mitigated at some point. But if the illness accrues, I have to say that the suffering will be prolonged and acute. Just as the other factors in the chart appeared to show this, the fact that the curse is sourced in suffering confirms it strongly. The fact that the curse is in the 3rd House shows that the act which invited the curse in the past life was not done with the best intention and thus the suffering caused in this incarnation will be proportionate. This is esoteric knowledge not very widely known, and has been revealed by traditional schools at the risk of misuse in the hands of the unscrupulous; however, this can give a deep understanding of the suffering in life. Rage, anger, irritation and damage to the self-respect and pride can accrue due to the involvement of the malefic Mars and Sun respectively. As Mercury is the 7th Lord, this can also come through the marriage and spouse. But for the present purposes, Mercury as the Badhak afflicted in Shaapa can bring illnesses that are sudden and inexplicable.

Whenever the Atmakaraka is involved in a curse, the first remedy is the Jyotirlinga Mantra for the Atmakaraka, also called the Atmalinga Mantra. The basis for this is the proposed exaltation of the Atmakaraka so that the soul itself can understand, remember and mitigate the suffering. The Sun is exalted in Aries and the Mantra corresponding to that sign is:

‘Om Namah Shivaaya Namo Raameshwaraaya’

This should be started on Sunday by doing it 108 times, preferably using the Rudraksha Mala.

The next step is to study the Rashi Chakra based on the Drekkana/ the decanate. I think I had referred to this at some point prior to the analysis as well. There are two ways in which to do this and both analyses shall be undertaken, with a view to understanding their practical implications in life. The first is to technically view the degree based locations of the potentially offensive planets in the nativity. Here, we are talking about Venus, Rahu, Mercury, Sun and Mars as discussed previously. The Drekkana is the 10 degree portion of the sign which is of 30 degrees arc span totally. The Lagna is your chart is at 23 degrees 43’ which places it in the 3rd Drekkana. The planets in the 3rd Drekkana in the chart, irrespective of sign or house will represent the portion of the body till the neck. The planets in the 1st Drekkana will represent the portion of the body till the waist/ the navel and the planets in the 2nd Drekkana of the sign will represent the part below the waist till the soles of the feet. I am obliged to state this rule as this will change with each chart based on the rising degree of the Lagna and thus it has to be laid down.

Venus is placed at 9 degrees 32’ which places it in the 1st Drekkana. It will give disease in the area till the navel or the privates. Rahu is placed also in the 1st Drekkana in rapt conjunction with Shukra and gives the same area of the genitals. This can lead to venereal disease. Mercury, the Badhak is placed in the 2nd Drekkana which can give diseases in the lower part of the body by this method. Sun can give diseases in the torso and Mars again in the lower body. Having arrived at these broad locations, let us get closer to the body areas indicated based on the Drekkana rising in the Lagna. By this method, the right side of the body, including the right testicle are isolated at possible areas of the disease.

The other method based on the decanate will be taken up later in the study as it is based on a separate Drekkana Chart, called the Somnath Drekkana, used to study the vitality and Ojas in the body.

For the present, we need to continue with the focal areas that can be termed as vulnerable for the manifestation of illness. For this purpose, one other way is given in the Shastra, that of the Kauluka or the 5 degree division of the Rashi. Based on this method, let us first see Shukra. It is in the 2nd half of the Drekkana in an odd sign and shows external disease. Thus, if disease comes it will be an external infection rather than an internal one. This is purely with regard to Shukra and does not affect the conclusions about the Moon and the internal blood related illness. Now, we are speaking only of Shukra as a Graha. Let us see Rahu. Rahu is also placed in the 2nd Kauluka. But since this is in an odd sign, Rahu will be counted in reverse and shall be taken to be in the 5th Kauluka. This shows internal disease. Therefore, as the planet is conjoined Venus, both internal and external diseases are shown.

Without burdening you with the counting for Sun, Mars and Mercury, suffice it to say that the tongue, eyesight and forehead are the areas shown. Out of these ENT disorders have already been shown and are confirmed by this method.

Of these, the Sun shows internal disease, Mercury shows external disease and Mars shows external disease as well. Mars can show operations and accidents which can be external in nature. Sun shows heart ailments and bone troubles and Mercury can again show skin troubles. All methodologies employed appear to be simultaneously giving a certain set of areas which can manifest disease. It should be stated that the focus on the oral cavity and/ or face is also shown by the affliction to the 2nd House from the Arudha Lagna and the fact that those planets are conjoined the Arudha Pada of the 2nd House/ A2.

At this point, we should look at the specific divisional chart for illness and allied troubles, the Shashtamsha Chakra/ the D-6 chart. There are several principles given which I shall not reproduce here. I will restrict myself to the purpose at hand and shall state the application of those Sutras that are relevant. The 6th and 11th Houses in this chart are directly indicative of evil. Kumbha/ Aquarius Lagna rises in this chart and the 6th House is vacant. The 11th House has Mercury in Sagittarius. This does not appear to indicate any specific trouble as Sagittarius indicates fall from a height and such indications are not seen in Rashi. The 6th Lord Moon, though, is badly placed in Libra with Mars. It is a specific principle for the Shashtamsha Chakra that if the planet is not placed in its own sign then the results of the sign dominate. Moon and Mars form the Shashi-Mangal Yoga that causes blood disorders. Usually this means problems related to blood pressure but here it accurately reflects the other problems you have had. The results of Libra, namely, sexual encounters can also lead to blood related problems. As this occurs in the 9th House, this is a very real danger as the 4th House from the 6th, in this chart only, represents increase in the troubles.

This chart is full of only evil for all Jatak and the 4th House shows special and heavy evils. This is said to show the bad Karma in the Jeeva or the soul. This is the reason why the 4th Houses reckoned from both the 6th and the 11th Houses, namely the 9th and the 2nd are causative of serious illness and death. Anyhow, the Yoga of Venus, Rahu and Ketu appears in the 4th House from the Lagna in this chart making it a serious challenge. When a planet is exalted or in its own sign in this chart, it becomes very capable of creating distress. As the 4th sign is Taurus, and Venus is placed in its own sign and Rahu is exalted, these planets become significant. Smoking and addictions, and loose sexuality can both be disastrous keeping these placements in mind. But as Venus is a great natural benefic, it can allow the native, at least in the matters of this chart, to help him and escape the clutches of disease.

As to the timing of much of this, I suppose it is quite clear that the Vimshottari Dasha of Venus, conjoined Rahu, is quite adverse. Perhaps this has been noted before. It activates the bad Yoga of Venus and Rahu as the planets are mostly activated in their own Dasha. It is a long Dasha and this is the reason why the remedial measures become even more important. Venus-Venus and Venus-Sun till 2010 are especially stressful as both planets are adverse for health. I do feel the Antardasha of Moon as the 5th Lord placed in the 5th can be helpful in this regard. 2011-2016 are again adverse due to the involvement of Mars and Rahu. Out of these two planets, I feel Rahu is far more malefic and conjoined Venus gives more cause for concern. It runs from February 2013-2016. The other Dasha employed to judge troubles in the chart, including the health related troubles is Shoola Dasha. There are some specific principles used to study this Dasha. If the Dasha aspects the Arudha Lagna, it can be a worrisome time for health.

In this chart, the Shoola Dasha of Cancer is running which is lorded by the Moon and aspects the Arudha Lagna by Rashi Drishti. The Dasha shows considerable health troubles till 2009. The Shoola Dasha of Cancer is bad since it is the 3rd from the Arudha Lagna but it does not pose a real threat to life as the Atmakaraka aspects the Dasha Rashi. We are getting into a specific complexity of this chart which I have not discussed till now but as we are delving deep into this matter now, perhaps this is the right time to study these complexities. I will do so when I reach the topic of longevity later in this analysis. The worst time from the viewpoint of longevity was the Shoola Dasha of Gemini housing Venus and Rahu; this was from 1991-2000. Fortunately, this period has been crossed by the nativity. It is not really the Yoga that we have discussed that made the period dangerous but the fact that Venus is the Rudra planet for the chart.

There is a way to time the suffering resulting from the Shaapa and this is done by the Moola Dasha. There are many ways to compute the Dasha and there is some debate current at the present time regarding this. I have just finished writing a research paper on curses and have found one way of computing the Dasha to be working better than the other and this is the manner in which I shall compute the Dasha for this chart, at least at the present time.

The Moola Dasha sequence is given below for your reference:

Moola Dasha (Dasha showing the root of events - past karma):

Maha Dashas:

Sun: 1964-06-13 - 1967-06-13
Merc: 1967-06-13 - 1980-06-13
Mars: 1980-06-13 - 1984-06-13
Sat: 1984-06-13 - 1991-06-13
Moon: 1991-06-13 - 2001-06-13
Jup: 2001-06-13 - 2009-06-13
Rah: 2009-06-13 - 2018-06-13
Ven: 2018-06-13 - 2034-06-14
Ket: 2034-06-14 - 2039-06-14
Sun: 2039-06-14 - 2042-06-14
Merc: 2042-06-14 - 2046-06-14
Mars: 2046-06-14 - 2049-06-13
Sat: 2049-06-13 - 2061-06-13
Moon: 2061-06-13 - 2061-06-13
Jup: 2061-06-13 - 2069-06-13
Rah: 2069-06-13 - 2078-06-14
Ven: 2078-06-14 - 2082-06-14
Ket: 2082-06-14 - 2084-06-13

Usually the most malefic planet for the chart can give the results, especially if it has a link with the 8th House of the Nija Dosha. In this chart, the most malefic planet is Venus and it is the 8th Lord as well. However, the lymphoma was given by the Shani Mahadasha. Shani is the Badhak and its dispositor Rahu is placed with Venus, the 8th Lord. This Dasha could have certainly given the problem as it attacks the Moon. The Antardasha in this scheme was probably that of Rahu, pinpointing the source of the disease quite acutely!

Sat MD: 1984-06-13 - 1991-06-13

Antardashas in this MD:

Sat: 1984-06-13 - 1985-02-06
Moon: 1985-02-06 - 1986-01-14
Jup: 1986-01-14 - 1986-10-16
Rah: 1986-10-16 - 1987-08-18
Ven: 1987-08-18 - 1989-02-11
Ket: 1989-02-11 - 1989-08-02
Sun: 1989-08-02 - 1989-11-13
Merc: 1989-11-13 - 1991-01-28
Mars: 1991-01-28 - 1991-06-13

If we revert to the Shoola Dasha, it was probably the Shoola Dasha of Taurus and the Antardasha of Libra which led to the disease.

Shoola Dasha (troubles and death):

Ta MD: 1982-06-13 - 1991-06-13

Antardasas in this MD:

Ta: 1982-06-13 - 1983-03-13
Ge: 1983-03-13 - 1983-12-14
Cn: 1983-12-14 - 1984-09-15
Le: 1984-09-15 - 1985-06-13
Vi: 1985-06-13 - 1986-03-13
Li: 1986-03-13 - 1986-12-14
Sc: 1986-12-14 - 1987-09-15
Sg: 1987-09-15 - 1988-06-13
Cp: 1988-06-13 - 1989-03-13
Aq: 1989-03-13 - 1989-12-14
Pi: 1989-12-14 - 1990-09-15
Ar: 1990-09-15 - 1991-06-13

From the Moola Dasha sequence above, it can be seen that both the Moola Dashas of Rahu and Venus are problematic and therefore the need to take all possible precautions in this direction is again reiterated. However, with the remedy of the Atmalinga Mantra, there should be relief in these matters.

It is important to communicate to you an important therapeutic detail that emerges in cases of cancer. Cancer usually relates to the breaking down of the immune system ruled by Shukra. Shukra lords over the Jala Tattwa/ the watery element which heals and protects health. Venus must be afflicted for cancer to occur in the body. Remedial measures can include chanting or listening to recitation of the Maha-Mrityunjaya Mantra, readily available in the market. You can also eat larger amounts of Yoghurt as this strengthens the Jala Tattwa and improves the immune system of the body. This therapeutic intervention should be started on Thursday/ Guruvar, the day of the Lagna Lord. It appears like a mild remedy but this is what is strongly recommended in studies in holistic practice aligned with Vedic Astrology research in Cancerous illness.

At this point it is probably prudent to also employ the other use of the decanate referred to above. This is the Somnath Drekkana and can be used to evaluate the inherent vitality and ability to recuperate from illness. The term used in the Shastra is Ojas. Again I am cautious that I communicate only that part of scriptural astrology which can be of immediate functional and pragmatic usage to you. You may take it that this information is quite important to accurately determine the regime: dietary, daily and otherwise. In this chart, the Naisargika Karaka for illness and disease Shani and its higher octave Rahu are conspicuous in depleting the vital element in the body. This element is also delicate enough to be burnt, as it were, by the fiery Grahas, Surya and Mangal. Therefore the Ojas can be depleted by both the Vayu Tattwa/ airy element that has a drying/ aging effect and the Agni Tattwa/ fiery element that has a burning effect.

In your Somnath Drekkana chart, Tula/ Libra Lagna rises and there is no planet posited therein. Rahu afflicts the Lagna Lord Venus in the 10th House and this depletes the Ojas by drying it up. Mars is aspecting the Lagna from the 6th House drying up the Ojas. Sun is aspecting the Lagna Lord Venus, again drying up the Ojas. Rahu also aspects the 2nd House with Rashi Drishti. All these are adverse indications. In transit also the position of the planets do not show a very auspicious time as the Sun is over its natal position in Capricorn in the Somnath Drekkana Chart. Transit Moon is in Scorpio being hit by natal Rahu in Cancer. The good thing is that transit Moon is with Jupiter, even though the Moon is debilitated. Saturn transit is bad as it is over the natal Lagna Lord Venus and also aspects the natal 2nd House Scorpio with Rashi Drishti. Only Jupiter in Scorpio shows protection from the health adversity that is manifesting. It is confirmed that wearing the yellow sapphire has a great deal of protective influence in these circumstances.

Coming to the evaluation of the longevity promised in the chart, it has to be stated at the outset that though Yogas have been given in the astrology classics to come to an understanding of the expected lifespan of the native, these are not always clear in their operation and manifestation. The reason behind this is that this domain of life is with the Creator himself. Yet, there is a significant body of literature that deals with this aspect and the understanding gleaned from these shall be communicated to you without elaborating too much about the technical structure of this literature.

There is a principle in astrological literature on this subject which states that if the Atmakaraka is in the 1st, 7th, 3rd or the 9th House from the Lagna, then a reversal in the reckoning of the longevity occurs. This has been interpreted in two ways. One, that the longevity arrived at by using various methods is simply reversed to yield another longevity compartment and two, that a specific method is used to arrive at the ‘reversed’ longevity. Both shall be studied in this analysis.

The Method of the Three Lords uses the Lagna Lord, the 8th Lord and the 10th Lord. The 8th Lord can be computed in two ways: regular and zodiacal on the one hand and special counting using the method of the Vriddha Karika or the Old Wise Men. This shows short or middle life depending on whether Venus is taken to be the 8th Lord or the Sun is taken to be the 8th Lord.

The method of Three Pairs uses the Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord, Saturn and Moon and the Lagna and the Hora Lagna. If Venus is taken to be the 8th Lord, short life results; if Sun is taken to be the 8th Lord, middle life span results. Saturn and Moon also show middle life. Lagna and the Hora Lagna show long life. From this method also, middle life span results.

The specific method adopted for the reversal of longevity uses the 8th Lord reckoned from the Lagna or the 7th House, whichever is stronger. This method is being used as the Atmakaraka Sun is in the 3rd House, making the chart qualify for this condition. In this case, the 8th Lord is always zodiacally reckoned and Venus is placed in a Kendra. This would show short life till 36 years of age, especially as the planet is afflicted by Rahu. However, the chart has already crossed this age. Venus has Digbala in the 4th House and is placed in a friendly Rashi. Rahu shows the possibility of a foreigner either taking longevity from the native or giving longevity to the native.

The Method of the Three Moons takes into account the Lagna and the Moon showing the genetic heritage. Rashi chart shows short life. The Navamsha chart shows short life. The Dwadashamsha Chart shows long life. The genetic factors given by the parents are strong and this will certainly take the length of life closer to full life span. Also, in D-12 chart, Jupiter is placed in the Lagna, fortifying it a great deal.

Applying reversal to the short life tendencies and looking at the overall longevity compartment, middle life taken forward appears likely. Middle life is taken to be 64-70 years. So, lifespan taken to the 70s appears likely. As stated this area is in the realm of God and the protection of the Lagna Lord is seen to have come. Otherwise, going simply by the reversal of longevity, only a short life span was being shown by the method of the 8th Lord.

Also, using the Sun as the 8th Lord, and going against the known rule which is showing a life span of 36 years, we get long life as Sun is in the 3rd House, an Aploklima; in case the Atmakaraka is in the 3rd House, this shows long life. Keeping all factors in mind, a life span slightly higher than 64-70 is most probable due to the recurrence of the middle life compartment by the various known methods of reckoning the longevity.

Election and Muhurta principles exist in medical methods and there are certain things to be avoided and ensured respectively. These will be succinctly communicated when the contingency should arise.

I have kept the analysis tailored to your specific requirements and the technicalities reproduced from the classics and commentaries are to ensure that nothing in this very complex and abstruse branch of astrology goes missing in the analysis. I do hope you will find it useful and instructive in your life circumstances.

Best wishes,
Anurag Sharma.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Some astrological estimate can be arrived at for a given year based on transits for that year, especially of certain slower Grahas which yield more discernible effects. Usually periodicals, newspapers and glossies come out with ‘forecasts’ and these appear to be tentatively based on the Sun signs and that too as arrived in the framework of the Western Zodiac. The Western Zodiac might not really be astronomically correct.

Therefore, to give a brief but more astrologically authentic glimpse to readers, a very basic look at the year ahead is given below. This is based primarily on the Janma/ Chandra Rashi, where the Moon is placed in the natal Rashi Chakra. If you do not know it, do not despair. This can be applied to the natal Sun sign as well, but as calculated in the Indian system. If you do not know your Hindu/ Vedic Sun sign, still do not despair. (Have you witnessed so much optimism in recent times?) A simple method is to move one sign back from your so-called Western Sun sign. Say, you are Gemini by the Western Method, you should go more by the description for Taurus, or you can read both.

The description is also equally valid for the Lagna and the Arudha Lagna if you should know these signs. If you do not, refer to the paragraph above, especially about not despairing.

The fact of the matter is that specific annual propensities are only doubtlessly enunciated and explained by the Gochar/ transit when the natal horoscope is evaluated first and the annual charts are also studied subsequently. Having said that, the broad based transit influences for 2007 are based in authentic Jyotish principles and will hold true to whatever extent witnessed by a specific nativity. It is in that light that they must be read.

Mesha/ Aries: As the year starts the lord of this sign is placed with Jupiter in its own sign Scorpio and this is an auspicious Yoga. This can bring a forthright tenor to the beginning of the year, wisdom, clarity of thought and material abundance. It can also bring speculation and sudden events. The transit Moon is exalted in the 2nd House as the 4th Lord indicating a happy atmosphere at home at the beginning of 2007. Saturn and Rahu are both not problematic for finances at the beginning of the year though the Chitta/ inner peace can suffer during the year. As Shani will come back to the 4th House, this can alter the thinking making it somewhat reluctant and pressured. If career and the flow of life feels impeded Saturn remedies could help. Recourse and remedy lies in personal effort towards greater understanding, spirituality, remedial measures and the occult.

Vrishabh/ Taurus: The exalted Moon tenants your Rashi at the beginning of the year bringing a psychological feel-good effect largely stemming from optimistic following the plans and desires. The spouse will be a pillar of support throughout the year and will consistently offer sage advice and auspiciousness. This is important as the advice and association with the worthy spouse in personal life, and with partners of good intent in business life, breaks the adverse Yoga of uncontrolled passions and desires. Guard against mental overwork and anxieties and blood complaints as this armour is being broken by the initial Shani-Ketu Yoga. This will soon dissipate in January, so only those with these symptoms need to take note.

Throughout the year, Saturn gives a lot of drive and Parakrama to overcome obstacles. The Lagna Lord Shukra is in the 9th House generating Bhagya Yoga for auspiciousness, luck and fortune.

Mithun/ Gemini: For those with Arudha Lagna in Mithun Rashi, this can be a time to reap Rajayoga and material upliftment if the same is promised by the natal horoscope. The year can be a crowning glory as far as professional and societal attainments are concerned. For those who do not have ripe and favorable Karma waiting, Saturn can bring bad and irregular meals. Please guard against a careless lifestyle, dissipating accumulated wealth, over-indulgence in junk food and drink and the like. Pay attention to the marriage and personal interaction. Vitality may be low at the beginning of the year and carelessness and not paying attention to important things can create fissures. The trials and mental lessons of the past 7 years are coming to fruition now. Lord Shani is ending his Sade-Sati for this Chandra Rashi and this is the time of gear up to enrich the personality to the most as Saturn prepares to leave. It has been a time of continual challenges and you can expect to breathe easier after late July, 2007.

Karka/ Cancer: People with Karka Rashi are right in the midst of their Sade-Sati and have been feeling the white-hot phase of their past Karma coming back to educate them, enlarge the personality and to outgrow that which is no longer needed. The focus will shift from acutely personal factors to finances and career matters after July. Lack of adequate social opportunity and participation may be challenging facets and remedial measures for the tests that confront the native ought to be undertaken. This is especially so because Rahu can bring some events not really contemplated due to its location in the 8th House. Those with Karka Arudha Lagna or Lagna in Karka Rashi can also note these. Jupiter promises access to correct Mantra and spiritual sources. It can also bring help from those placed in powerful positions.

Simha/ Leo: For those with Arudha Lagna in Simha, the placement of Ketu in Lagna can bring spiritual impulses and challenges in the social arena. Till July 24, 2007 especially these indications can be quite stressful as Saturn conjoins Ketu, the node robbing the mind of its nectar. The Sade-Sati for this Chandra Rashi has also been going on and can be expected to intensify after July, 2007. Suitable precautionary measures ought to be taken to guard against the trials imposed by their own Karma and brought by the transit of Shani. For this Lagna and Arudha Lagna, this is also a Kantak Shani period even if Sade-Sati is not going on in their charts and social and career issues with financial pressures might be felt. The home can be a source of succor and comfort as it is blessed by Jupiter.

Kanya/ Virgo: The sudden seriousness and pressures in life have been brought by the entry of Shani in Simha Rashi. These indications can be alleviated till July, 2007 as Saturn will retrograde back into Cancer. It is best to take a pointer from the impulses and experiences if these past couple of months to gear up psychologically for the social, emotional and financial issues that might crop up based on the Yogas in the natal chart. Displacement, character concerns and issues of intimacy, marriage and personal life might crop up. Once again, for these Rashis under the Karmic scrutiny of Shani, it is best if the natives can guard themselves by appropriate remedial measures and propitiating Shani.Rahu in the 6th will give a lot of resilience.

Tula/ Libra: Natives with their Arudha Lagna falling in this Rashi and those whose radix shows that this is a time for the fructification, can expect Bhoga Marga to come their way. Success in this year on social, material and financial fronts is quite likely with this transit of Rahu in Trikona. Kantak Shani has been going on for the past two years and will continue till July so the reading is altered to that extent. The New Year starts with Chandra in the Marana Karaka Sthana so wrong decisions in career and incorrect ways of working should be guarded against. With foresight and sanity these severe pitfalls can be avoided as Chandra is exalted in the 8th House. This is especially so as Guru gives Argala to Lagna bringing inputs that give good advice, good food and sensible actions as far as they pertain to movable assets.

Vrishchik/ Scorpio: The first half of the year will be auspicious. If people with this Lagna are running the Vimshottari Dasha of a well-placed Guru, the health can improve greatly. Go for that change in personal health regime now. Medication and medical attention will bring good results in this period. Overall life can be infused with positives. These personal factors ought to be fully used to fight doubt, fears and suspicions in the heart, at home and in the domestic environment. Watch these significations closely and as soon as they threaten to arrive, examine them with wisdom and knowledge to see of they are even worthy of attention or have just come to torment the mind. The latter half of the year can bring work related pressures and financial issues but these can be mitigated by living with Brihaspati rather than the hysteria of Rahu.

Dhanu/ Sagittarius: Foreign angles and overcoming the lemons that have been handed form the themes for the year. Associating with overseas contacts can yield a rich harvest. The mind and emotional health can appear to break the shackles of that which appears to be destined. Desires are fine in incarnate life but these can be tempered with a quiet sense of satisfaction when success is attained rather than rushing headlong blindly into the next venture without enjoying what one has achieved. Otherwise beauty and aesthetic focus starts the year off.

Makar/ Capricorn: Just as for Dhanu natives, and even more so, for Makar, especially for those running Shukra Dasha for Makar Lagna, this can be an excellent month overall. All the abundance of Shukra, luxuries, conveyances, those decorative changes you’ve been planning can all fall into place now. If you’ve been thinking on these lines, this is the ideal time to go and make these changes. Just as these past couple of months have been problematic, and they herald similar troubles after July, 2007 so you can use the Venusian things early in the year. Kantak Shani runs in the chart after July and career may be affected due to sudden events. Guard against this and undertake remedial measures if things get oppressive. Rahu can give compulsive eating problems so if you are anorexic or suffer from bulimia, be very careful. Alcohol consumers should watch their drinks and generally those with psychological vulnerabilities regarding substance abuse should be very cautious of these weaknesses. If they are trying to overcome these or the smoking habit, a relapse can occur unless they are careful. Group therapies, associating with tradition and those in the know of esoteric secrets can be beneficial. Friends can also help provided they are Sattwic, heavy and phlegmatic.

Kumbha/ Aquarius: This can prove to be one of the best years in recent times if the natal chart should show and support this conclusion. For people with Arudha Lagna in this Rashi, these indications are heightened. Saturn moves into a good position till July when marriage and partners can pose areas of concern. Career and work areas are excellent and starting with sheer confidence and authentic ambition, the year can mature into a period that brings fame and appreciation in work. It’s a happy home as the year starts and the idea ought to be to keep it that way when questions are asked later in the year in this area. If the Arudha Lagna is tenanted by this Rashi, then work can prove to be a life area that will bring fame and rise in society.

Meena/ Pisces: Basically this year will prove to be quite lucky and the fortune will come due to the decisions taken by the self, therefore, the joyous feelings would be accompanied by reality which will only accentuate the happiness. Power and association with the highly placed, as too Karma Yoga with a sense of direction and purpose starts the year. Avoid falsehood as Jupiter will expose this if this Rashi tenants the Arudha Lagna. Saturn transits are not adverse for this Rashi and Rahu can cause undesirable expenditure; but then you might be very attached to what

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*Available Jyotiṣa Services/ Vedic Astrology Services and Analyses

The Vipreeta Raja Yoga is usually defined in the primers on Jyotish. But it is often not defined astutely. These texts define it as the lords of Dusthanas, and that too, the 6th, 8th and 12th houses placed in one of these houses save the one they lord. This is not a good definition.

The correct definition is that Vipreeta Raja Yoga is formed not only by the placement of Dusthana lords in the Dusthana Bhavas but also by their Yoga with each other, even in Trikona and Kendra from the Lagna Bhava.

The working of the Yoga is unique in that it is a Rajayoga  but accrues only after initial suffering, adversity and hardship. In this it is somewhat aligned with the Kalika Yoga if formed in the 4th, 10th and 11th Houses. The difference is one of degree. In the case of Kalika Yoga, destruction caused by Kali ensues. When destruction has run its course, great benefits and victories happen, if the Yoga is in the 4th, 10th and the 11th Bhavas.
It is possible that a Vipreeta Raja Yoga might also be a Kalika Yoga.
The adversity and the peculiarity happens because of the term Vipreeta which means opposite or reverse. The teachings of Pandit Sanjay Rath can be profitably accessed in this regard.
In the Kendra or Trikona, the Vipreeta Raja Yoga will happen along with the downfall of a friend or someone positively inclined to the Jatak while in a Dusthana an adversary will suffer. The Grahas conjoined the Yoga suffer in their significations badly as the churning of the negative energies encompasses them.
The benefits of this Yoga in the material sense are startling for their quanta and quality, especially as they are viewed against the backdrop of the terrible circumstances that have preceded them. If the Grahas forming the Yoga in the Quadrants or Trines to the Ascendant are not strong in Rashi and Navamsha, the Yoga will fizzle out quickly and will not be sustainable due to the intensity. Likewise if the Grahas causing the Yoga in the evil Bhavas, including the 3rd from the Lagna, are not weak in Rashi and Navamsha, the Yoga cannot be sustained and will deflate from its awkward and sudden promise. If the planets are strong and weak as required then the Yoga can confer terrific material bounty.
A naturally malefic planet as a Yogakaraka for the chart can also confer suo moto Vipreeta Raja Yoga and does not need another Grahas to accomplish this provided it is placed in Dusthana. Examples could be Mangal for Simha Lagna and Shani for Tulā Lagna or Vṛṣabha Lagna placed in bad houses. Again, Grahas should not be joined or else the negative energy can destroy their Karakattwa.
The Yoga is astonishing in its intensity and basic inexplicability. Of course reasons for the success shall be present but basically there is a quality of astonishment in the working of the Yoga, both the terrible trials and the terrific attainments.
We should understand these matters also from the basic dominance of the Bhāvas. If the 6th Bhāva is in focus, the Yoga will come in service or such signification; if in the 8th House the Yoga could mean an inheritance or a legacy or a windfall; in the 12th Bhāva it could relate to success in a foreign land. Some such facets could also be present in other Bhāvas where such Dusthāna lords are dominant based on the Bhāva lordship of the malefic.
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