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Quality of Life For You in June, 2013 Through Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology

We see a very positive focus on your communications in June, 2013 with three great naturally benefic planets in Gemini/  Mithuna Rāśi/ Rashi-Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. We note that in all writing on this website we try to keep the names of the Rāśis/ Rashis in Hindi or the Saṅskṛt/ Sankskrit so as to preserve the sanctity of the art as well as to broad base the benefits of readership.

Good experiences in life are associated with the naturally and functionally benefic planets in the Vedic horoscope. Your Vedic astrologer has such combinations in Gemini in the natal horoscope and therefore there has been so much writing on a positive and life-affirming eternal art such as Vedic astrology. The writings have been both public and private as a large number of you know over the past 15 years, and they have been instrumental in guiding people in their lives.

Gemini is about information and communications, if also about initiative and drive. It shows the work you do with your hands. Mercury/ Budha is the lord of this sign and when a planet is placed in its own sign the blessings come at a very deep level. Suffice it to say that practical and utilitarian facets of life will be greatly benefitted by the placement of Mercury in Gemini. Mercury also rules commerce, money, writing, speech, rationality and working with new ideas and change and all these things will come into focus in June, 2013, which is right at hand.

Of course Venus/ Śukra/ Shukra is the other great benefic joined this combination and will lead to people placing a high value on the pleasure and aesthetic principle. There is sometimes a risk of excess of sensory pleasure with such combinations and considering the Guṇa/ Guna/ inherent attributes of both Venus and Mercury the risk is enhanced; however sage perspective is brought by Gurū/ Guru/ Jupiter who at once directs the playfulness of Mercury to brilliance and works with his counterpart Venus to bring great Brahminical resources of understanding and wisdom and knowledge to your life, which Mercury is only too happy to share, communicate and learn from.

The chart for June, 2013 is given below-


Of course Mithuna/  Gemini Lagna will directly feel the impact of these powerful Grahas in their personal life circumstances and with the Lagna Lord placed there as well, this will come conspicuously into play in decision-making.  Taurus strong in any nativity will make the Vṛṣabha/ Vrishabha Lagna/ Pāka/ Paka Lagna, Cañdra/ Chandra Rāśi/ Rashi also feel their fire supported by the Gemini planets.

All dual and mutable signs are always aware of each other because they are imbued with the highest intelligence and indicate Jīva/ Jiva or the human being and human activity. Therefore we can say that whether it is Gemini/ Mithuna Lagna/ ascendant sign or Rāśi/ Rashi or any of the other dual/ mutable Lagnas/ ascendant signs or Rāśis/ Rashis, the impact will be felt by all of them due to the shared awareness.

We also have to note that the ever-benefic Gurū/ Guru/ Jupiter will be aspecting Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi/ Libra with its special 5th house planetary aspect/ Graha Dṛṣṭi/Drishti providing the much-needed guidance and illumination to the dark ignorance prevailing in Libra at this time which has led to do much trouble including sexual offences such as gang-rape in New Delhi. We have never seen so much coverage of sexual offences in the media as at this time. You can read about the astrology explaining the upsurge in such perversions at- http://planetarytransformation.blogspot.in/2013/05/gangrape-in-new-delhi-india-nirbhaya.html

It is matters like this which will be mitigated due to the benefic influence of the planetary aspects from Gemini/ Mithuna Rāśi/ Rashi. 

One appropriate example emerges from an article in the Economist about the gaming company Zynga which had designed its games for Desktops but was not able to smoothly transition to the provision of the games on tablets and mobile devices.  Games in general,  and especially online gaming would be governed by Mercury and Gemini. Zynga is also said to have invested heavily in very expensive office space in San Francisco and acquired 'Draw Something' a popular game for an astonishing price of around US$ 200 million.  The share price of the company has fallen. Though the future of the company depends on various data such as the date and time and place of incorporation and the commencement of operations, one would think that June, 2013 is a wonderful opportunity for them to get their house in order.  Corporate strategy for the future can be worked out since Venus is here and the financial mess can be sorted out with the blessings of Jupiter.  Of course the lord of the sign Mercury is here itself and the core areas for attention are ripe for improvement.

This will vary a lot on your personal horoscope and how the natal Karma is shaping up. Transits are like the postmen of yore-they will deliver only of there is mail for you. So avail of the many personalised services described on this website to get hold of exactly what your life is about. And what is coming to pass for each of you at this time in your lives. 

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