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Vedic/ Indian Astrology Daily Horoscope Predictions for May 22-24, 2013

Between May 22 and May 24, 2013 the transit Moon exists Kanyā/ Kanya Lagna/ Rāśi/ Rashi (Virgo) and moves into Libra/ Tulā/ Tula Rāśi/ Rashi.

The Moon is the receptive mind in all of us and also indicates the minds of other people. The Mind has been called the charioteer by Bhagwāna Śri Kṛṣṇa (Bhagwana Shri Krishna) in the Śrīmad Bhagwad Gītā (Gita) and therefore we follow the progress of the Moon through the various signs. This shows how we and others and the cosmic mind is moving.

The chart for the transit of the Moon to Libra/ Tula Rāśi/ Rashi during 22nd to 24th of May, 2013 is extracted below for reference-


Libra shows the market place and also shows intimate relationships. With its current affliction by Saturn and the North Node, Rāhu/ Rahu there has been shock, perversion and crime in the matters indicated by Libra. One refers to the New Delhi Gangrape and also to the follies of the investigative agencies by revealing confidential reports to the government, the very people they are sometimes to investigate. What does this have to do with Libra and the planets in Libra at this time.

Well, Libra is very the Sun/government and politics fall and when they do they adhere to the market realities of Libra. Saturn and Rāhu/ Rahu are the anti-thesis of the Sun and try to either break or ignore rules and regulations, prescribed procedure and statutory laws. They are inherently against the government and when the government itself starts following the path of darkness, what is the future?

For an astrological insight into the gangrape case see my article-

The transit Moon in Libra will be afflicted by these gusts of putrid air and we would do well to protect the delicate mind with the remedies advised by the Ṛṣīs/ Rishis.  Maṅtra is Mana+Trayī= That Which Protects the Mind so this might be the time you reach out to the adept astrologer to help you protect the mind, especially if it is natally challenged in manifestations such as anxiety, dread, fear, fear of a calamity, depression, inertia and such attributes that are imparted by the malefic planets associating with the Moon. 

Apart from Saturn and the Nodes even Mars aspects the Moon with its 7th House aspect from Aries/ Meṣa/ Mesha but this will not be the main issue due to the nature of the aspect. Some people may also see much more intellectual and sexual activity as compared to when the Moon was in Virgo because this is an earth sign and tends to roots things close to where they are. Not much flight or migration happens. Furthermore, the Moon was being aspected by Jupiter from Taurus which is both a fixed and an earth sign and Jupiter is a conservative heavy Graha making for more status-quo.

Not only is the current transit of the Moon in Libra/  Tulā/ Tula in an airy sign it is also conjoined two Vāyu Tattwa Grahas/ airy planets Śani/ Shani and Rāhu/  Rahu. Further impetus is added to the air by the fire of Mars at least on the 22nd of May from Aries. There will be more movement and change here.  

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