Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mercury in Scorpio on 1st December, 2013-Budha in Vrishchika Rashi

Budha/ Mercury has transited into Vṛṣcika/ Vrishchika/ Scorpio on 1st December, 2013 and this makes for a shift in our rationality and communications.
The transit chart is extracted below for reference-

From the market oriented and personal Libra we are now in the deep and sharp Scorpio which is governed by Mars.

For those who require in-depth research and digging deep as too esoteric and secret knowledge for their work-lawyers, accountants, teachers, students, judges, priests, healers, astrologers, and the like will be significantly aided by this transit of the planet Mercury into Scorpio. 

For those facing vulnerable times this could be very challenging since Scorpio is the natural 8th House of the zodiac and suppose it tenants anot so good house in the nativity then commercial and communications related issues are sure to crop up.

For those who are benefitted by a positive placement of Scorpio and Mercury in the natal horoscope this is a time for sharpening their professional and communications knives, as it were because such a Mercury is capable of curing and causing sharp problems.

It is joined the Sun in Scorpio and receives all the resources of the Sun for its work forming the Nipuna/ Nipuṇa or the Budha-Aditya Yoga showing intellectual thrusts in the relevant areas of life depending on a variety of factors in the horoscope.

There is also a transit exchange between Mars which is placed in Virgo ruled by Mercury and Mercury which is moving through Scorpio ruled by Mars. While Scorpio is an inimical sign for Mercury its exchange makes it gives results as if it were exalted in Virgo. If we can guide our thoughts properly and handle the heat which has come into our thoughts with care and intelligence then we shall have the fire channeled in the right directions since Mars will be like it is in Scorpio. Finances and everything ruled by Mercury at the natural and functional level will be at a high in Virgo since the planet happens to be exalted there.

Sustenance and support for ventures and monetary positives will qualify such a transit. Parivartana/exchange Yoga is supposed to be the strongest relationship between two planets-it indicates a pact even if it is a pact between enemies. It is a tenuous, somewhat delicate handshake which can be firmed up in the manner as aforesaid.

When Mercury and Mars associate speech becomes a weapon and strength becomes capable of being pointed in the right direction.

Note-When one was uploading this paper, one found that the website URL was not opening for some intervening steps to be performed. This is for the reason that Budha is in Rāśi Saṅdhi/ Rashi Sandhi/ junctional region of Libra and Scorpio and very weak. As it increases in longitude of arc traversed in Scorpio the weakness will abate with each minute and second of arc covered.

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