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Philip Seymour Hoffman-An Analysis of the Vedic Astrology Horoscope

We lost a great actor in Philip Seymour Hoffman who died of a drug overdose on February 2, 2014. Let us look at the Vedic horoscope of the man who won the Oscar for his performance in Capote in 2005.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was born on July 23, 1967 in Fairport, New York. There is confusion about his time of birth and one rectification is stated to be 2:39:23 PM.

I cast the horoscope for this time and found the Rāśi/ Rashi Chakra or the Lagna chart accurate. There is another view that he had Dhanuṣa/ Dhanusha Lagna rising but Tula Lagna/ Libra appears to make more sense.

I am using this time of birth for this paper since there does not appear to be any anomaly at the outset with any of the charts.  

Firstly his life direction changed after a neck injury due to which he had to give up wrestling.  Wrestling is associated with Mars/ Maṅgala/ Mangala which is in Tulā/ Tula Lagna with Ketu. In Lagna the injury could be anything but the neck area is indicated by Ketu who does not have a head above the neck and has only a torso. This combination hurt his neck and his life direction (Lagna) had to change.

The Lagna also indicates early life and with the Mars-Ketu Yoga in the Lagna he suffered the effects of what we know as the Piśāca-Bādhaka/ Pishacha Badhaka Yoga. Life is ruled by demons/ Piśāca in the head. But then Nietzsche has cautioned us to be careful lest in casting out our demons we cast out the best that is in us.

These demons were always on his head and led to his substance abuse without discriminating between the narcotic or psychotropic substance which is the sort of irrational, infra-red behaviour associated with this combination and with Ketu in general. The Nodes are weird and in places which define the self and the other, life takes on different characteristics.

Right from his birth he was dominated by these planets and the aspect of Rāhu/ Rahu on the Lagna from the 7th Bhāva/ Bhava. He started his life in the Mahādaśā/ Mahadasha of Mars, the Māraka/ Maraka for Tula Lagna. This was followed by the Mahādaśā of Rāhu/ Rahu through his formative years. It is said that he gave up the addictions at the age of 23. This was just prior to the commencement of the Gurū Mahādaśā/ Guru Mahadasha which signifies wisdom and perspective and a phlegmatic attitude. The great benefic strained off the effects of the Rāhu Mahādaśā/ Rahu Mahadasha even prior to commencing its unbelievable impact.

 Mars: 1962-06-15 (5:48:14 pm) - 1969-06-15 (12:57:58 pm)

 Rah: 1969-06-15 (12:57:58 pm) - 1987-06-16 (3:29:12 am)

 Jup: 1987-06-16 (3:29:12 am) - 2003-06-16 (5:59:24 am)

 Sat: 2003-06-16 (5:59:24 am) - 2022-06-16 (2:43:48 am)

We find that Jupiter is exalted in Cancer/ Karkaṭa Rāśi/ Karkata Rashi in the 10th House and is placed with the Sun. The Sun has directional strength in the 10th House showing a powerhouse performer who was highly cerebral (Jupiter) and aware of the finest nuances of his work.

The Ārūḍha/ Arudha Lagna is in the 9th House in Gemini with Mercury/ Budha placed in its own sign in the Ārūḍha Lagna. Mercury shows actors, mimics and theatre personalities. Given the intellectual actor he was the planet correctly indicates his image and identifying mark in the world of Maya.

Venus is in the 3rd House from the Ārūḍha Lagna/ Arudha  and indicates chemicals (heroin) as the cause of death. This Venus receives the Graha Driṣṭi/ Drishti or the planetary aspect of Rahu which completely deludes the intelligence and there were several times in his life that he would have ‘lost his religion’ due to the shocks and extreme experiences brought by Rāhu/ Rahu.

When it comes to Rahu there is more to it than meets the eye in the Vedic chart of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Rāhu/ Rahu is the Cara Ātmakāraka/ Chara Atmakaraka/ temporal significator for the soul. With the Ātmakāraka in the 7th House there is little surprise at the unconventional and challenging life he had. The Mahādaśā/ Mahadasha of the Ātmakāraka/ Atmakaraka in the Viṃśottarī Daśā/ Vimshottari Dasha scheme is difficult since the Ātmakāraka cleans the soul of dross and this process sears the mind and the intellect. This period of 18 years through his teens and beyond would have totally burnt his being.

Gurū Mahādaśā/ Guru Mahadasha brought him great fame being joined the Sun, the Naisargika Kāraka/ Karaka for fame. The Ātmakāraka did not wish him to get married which can be easily judged by an examination of the Upapada Lagna indicating the spouse, in a relative manner.

The Navāmśa Chakra/Navamsha Chakra has Mīna Rāśi/Mina Rashi/Pisces rising with Mercury in debility in the Lagna showing someone who came to his main skill in life in debilitating circumstances (injury to neck in wrestling) and then started acting (Mercury).

Venus is in the Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna/Marana Karaka Sthana in the 6th House in  the D-9 chart showing its propensity to bring death through its natural significations even though it is the Lagna Lord in the Rāśi Chakra. Greater insight is had when we see that Cañdra/ Chandra/ the Moon is in Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna in the 8th House in the D-9 chart showing his afflicted psychology and the great emotional and social trauma. Using the technique of transposition Amśa Tulya Rāśi/Amsha Tulya Rashi we see that the Moon goes to the Lagna in the Rāśi Chakra having a direct impact on the thinking and view of life.  

The Daśāmśa Chakra/ D-10 chart shows Moon in the Lagna which despite its deep seated tortures of the mind inculcates rare skills in work and generates great popularity but in a context of Brahminical wisdom in respect of the craft of acting due to the placement in Pisces.

Jupiter in the 7th shows intellectualism and great fame and accolades from it due to the Gajakesarī/ Gajakesari Yoga formed between Jupiter and the Moon.  Mercury in the 10th and Jupiter in the 7th are in Parivartana Yoga and there is brilliant collaboration between the knowledge of the craft and its execution.

The D-12 chart also correctly shows the vocation of the parents as Taurus is rising and the 4th therefrom is Leo/ Simha showing the mother. The 10th Lord from Leo is Venus and is joined Jupiter the Kāraka for law and judiciary. Hoffman’s mother was a lawyer and a family court judge (Jupiter is the dispositor of the Moon which indicates families).

The father is judged from the 9th House and in the 10th therefrom (6th from the Lagna) there is exalted Saturn showing a corporate (Libra) job (Shani). He worked in Xerox.

He died in Saturn-Sun. Saturn is the Kāraka for all sorrow and pain and death. It aspects the 8th House along with Mars and Rahu and afflicts the longevity. Sun is not only the Badhaka being the 11th Lord for Tula Lagna but is the dispositor of the Lagneśa/Lagnesha Venus. Above all it is the 3rd lord from the Ārūḍha Lagna and is directly responsible for death.  

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