Monday, March 11, 2013

Deciding the Course of Action with Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology


One can look to the Atmakaraka for this. Just for reference, this is in the context of the Upachaya writing under the main article head. One should do what the Atmakaraka indicates. If it is contrary to the Atmakaraka, and the Atmakaraka is well-placed in the Upachaya, then it will help life as Will. With Will.

I am asked quite often, as to when will the results of the Upaya come, for how long does one continue the remedial measures and the like. My answers vary from person to person and from horoscope to horoscope. But then the theme is this.

The theme is that the remedial measures given beautiful effects. All remedial measures. If the Dosha and Shrapa fulfil the criteria to lead the Jyotishi to give the prediction that the problems will be alleviated, then they work. One should do the remedies. What else is more worthwhile?

The results come, varying with horoscopic peculiarities.

Mantra Sadhana keeps working with the adverse Karma shown by the malefic planets and one day the shaft of light shines, to whatever degree and one is suddenly, clearly aware of a shift and a shift in tempo. The primary concern is not and should not be to isolate the precise timing of the fructification of the remedial measures, but the very fact that the remedies fructify and make life better.

Sometimes transits will reflect, sometimes Dashas, sometimes all factors that we use to work with these facets of the horoscope, that something has changed so much for the better.

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