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Implications of the Current Transits of Saturn and Mars and their Mutual and Other Aspects in Vedic Astrology

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This newsletter covers the direct impact of the transit of Mars in Leo. The implications of its conjunction with Jupiter and the formation of the Guru-Mangala Yoga are delved into at length. The fact that the Sun has transited into Virgo and joined Rahu and Mercury is noted.

There is a mutual aspect between Mars and Saturn and some of its ramifications are expressed in the Newsletter. It contains links to past Newsletters and related posts on this website as well.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Debilitated and Afflicted Moon in Vedic Astrology Transits During the Weekend Ending September 20, 2015

Vedic astrology and the weekend ending September 20, 2015-
From a Vedic astrology perspective, it is little wonder that people have reported that the weekend ending September 20, 2015 has not been very comfortable. The Moon (Chandra or Cañdra) holds the chariot reins for this life, being the significator of the mind of the human being, and the Moon has been debilitated in Scorpio (Vrishchik or Vṛṣcika Rāśi).
Transit Moon debilitated in Scorpio-
The Moon further signifies the inputs and stimuli coming from society and participation of the being with the community. It also indicates the flow of events and the ebb and flow of emotions and feelings.
In deep and inscrutable Scorpio, the Moon gets Nīca or debilitated as this is the 8th sign of the natural zodiac and the Moon therefore becomes caught in the death-like situation in any horoscope irrespective of the Lagna rising, in the 8th House. This is the Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna placement for the Moon.
Impact of the debilitated Moon-
Debilitation of the Moon immediately stresses and depresses the mind with swirling, deep energies of Scorpio ruled by Mars, overtaking the sensibilities. Irritability and darkness take hold and the weekend which is meant to be a time of relaxation becomes a fuming, secluded emptiness.
If the mind is dying, then no matter what else is happening, the human being does not enjoy that passage of time. So it has been this past weekend.
But there has been more to it, and we must look at the transit chart to see the reasons in a better way.
Transit chart-

Influence of Saturn and Mars-
As if it was not enough that the Moon was debilitated, it had to conjoin Saturn, (Shani or Śani) the great malefic.
Saturn is an old planet indicating past Karma and suffering. It also indicates darkness of various types and is best pleased when people adhere to orthodoxy, much like old men, set in their ways. For the fickle Moon, this is too much to ask, and in the sordid environs of debility, the conjunction has brought great pressure to bear on the minds of many people, whose natal Moon is stressed in the horoscope in some way or the other.
Mars and Saturn are in mutual aspect from Leo and Scorpio and this has led to severe affliction to the Moon which has been caught in the crossfire.
Saturn and Mars are bitter enemies and their mutual aspects show desires to hurt and maim each other. Mars desires to control Saturn and the Moon with His 4th House aspect while Saturn seeks to enslave with his requirements of diligence and hard work owing to the 10th House aspect.
These astrological influences have been out of place over the weekend where they sought to influence the mind.
Getting the Vedic astrology Newsletter-
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Onward journey of the transit Moon in Sagittarius-
The Moon will be travelling to Sagittarius next but not before traversing the Gandanta, which is a junctional region between Scorpio and Sagittarius where the mind will be very frayed. This will happen in the wee hours IST so people in India can hope to get through unscathed but other time zones need to be checked for specific influences.
Aspect of Jupiter-
In Sagittarius, there will be an excellent aspect of the lord of the sign, Jupiter (Gurū or Guru) to the Moon in transit infusing the mind with optimism and positive energy and also the requisite knowledge to do things of importance and value.  Jupiter is currently in transit in Leo and aspects Sagittarius with His 5th House aspect bringing great consciousness and awareness to the mind.
This is the only planetary aspect and the circumstantial aspects of the Nodes, Rahu and Ketu are through the Rāśi Dṛṣti or the sign aspect.
Life Mirrors Karma-
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo on September 17, 2015 in Vedic Astrology Transits

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo on September 17, 2015-
I have written at this website about the exaltation of Mercury in Virgo in Vedic Astrology sidereal transits and therefore must also address the fact that Mercury (Budha) will become retrograde late at night on September 17, 2015 and shall continue to be so till October 9, 2015.
Retrogression or Vakra Gati of a planet is a situation where the planet is exerting heightened effort (three times the effort) and therefore indicates intensity of striving.
Why does one strive? In order to get something. Why does one wish to get something? He does not have that thing or wants more of it. It is an expression of desire in any case and to this extent retrogression is like Rahu, the North Node of the Moon.
It also indicates lack or refusal of something to occur and one keeps trying again and again, hoping for the result to come to pass. Retrogression is not desirable for these reasons although the planet becomes very strong so as to try effectively continually.
Retrograde in Exaltation-
Retrograde means opposite or reverse to the norm and when a planet, like Mercury currently, becomes retrograde in exaltation, it starts to give results opposite to exaltation, namely debilitation. This is also since the desire of the retrograde planet is focussed on the house opposite to its station.
Virgo or Pisces-
Mercury is exalted in Virgo but while it is retrograde it will act as if it is in Pisces in debilitation. Mercury becomes debilitated in Pisces because it is quicksilver and childish and does not want to sit and meditate in the Ashrama of the Guru. It feels as if it is in detention after school, and that too in ‘Scripture and Other Holy Practices 101’, while all others of the class play and create a right ruckus just outside.   
Implications of Mercury Retrograde-
A retrograde planet is trying to get your attention by doing the same things again and again. Mercury is the King of the Age of Information and so please check and re-check all your communications three times before letting them loose or else Mercury will check them for you by precipitating things which require checking, re-checking and even re-doing.
This applies to documents, emails, phone calls, bills, contracts, banking entries, misunderstandings, words and phrases, words once out of the mouth are like an arrow and so on, money, commerce, transactions, web, internet, computers, connectivity, financial instruments, filings, hard drives, external drives, texting, what’s up with WhatsApp, schedules, time-tables (those beatific, saintly,  Bodhi things which never seem to work in real life)- you get the general idea.
Contrary to popular belief, hard currency, one of the more significant and less beatific significations of Mercury does not suffer when Mercury is debilitated. They only come in circumstances which harbour distress or difficulty for some party or other or enforced humility in some manner. Nīca Grahas are capable of giving effect to Śrīmaṅtaḥa Yoga.
The Past-
The Past wants to revisit some especially in respect of transactional work. Projects envisaged in the past which never took off, will come calling again. This is virtually like new work which is only coming in the retrograde period because it was to have come effectively in the past.
If other agents of the Past were to come, they would either come crying because of the effective debility of Mercury or some other thing of that nature will happen. These things are more likely if Mercury is retrograde in the natal horoscope itself.
But I, But I, But I, But I, But I.........For God’s Sake Carry On, We Are Listening!-
Mercury is expression and speech and sometimes, with Mercury retrograde or debilitated or exalted and retrograde which gives results of debility, expression and speech are curtailed.
With Mercury exalted and retrograde the difference is that the basic structure of significations ensuing from Mercury are exalted but it is in their manifestation that they suffer. But exaltation is not happy with this denigration and so it is likely to be stylised as a signature line, much in the same way as dramatic effect is sought with a slight, theatrical limp while walking in some cases.
Vedic Horoscope with Mercury Exalted and Retrograde-
The chart below is an instance of Mercury exalted and retrograde in the natal horoscope itself-

Apart from the indications stated in the segment above, the additional concern is that Budha is the Lagneśa and while fostering a perception that the body is sound, due to its retrogression and consequent effects of debility it can create sudden health issues of a serious nature as being the lord of the Ascendant the planet rules the body.
Mercury is joined Rahu-
The only cautionary note which is to be struck is that till Mercury is in direct motion in exaltation, its association with Rāhu is only largely positive but when Mercury starts giving the effects of debilitation then the association with Rahu can become troublesome in the significations of Mercury especially in charts where either Mercury or Rahu are noticeably adverse.
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Important Message to Consulters, Subscribers and Readers of Vedic Astrology Consultancy & Research

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The archive of these Vedic Astrology Newsletters is now over a year old with the number of issues approaching ten.

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Major Vedic Astrology Developments in 2014-

Vedic Astrology: A Study of Careers in Contemporary Life-

Upcoming Saturn Transit to Scorpio on November 2, 2014-

Vedic Astrology for You in the New Year in 2015-

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Vedic Astrology: The Charakaraka Replacement & Its Impact-

Case Studies: The Impact of Vedic Astrology in Contemporary Life-

How Life Mirrors Karma in the Horoscope in Vedic Astrology-


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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How Life Mirrors Karma in the Horoscope in Vedic Astrology

The most recent Vedic astrology Newsletter titled How Life Mirrors Karma in the Horoscope in Vedic Astrology is now in circulation and can be read at-

This paper is entirely comprised of practical application of the principles of classical Vedic astrology. 

The horoscopes studied and elaborated on in this Newsletter include one with notable features in the career, prominently a Rajayoga, and how these positives play out against some other lesser combinations and placements in the charts.

Very often we have instances of people wondering what makes someone tick and with pragmatic appreciation, convincing answers are simply not forthcoming. The simple reason is that truth lurks elsewhere, in the Yogas in the horoscope. 

A horoscope with political aspirations and extant governmental connexions is also interpreted, even though the basic career is distinct from the two realms aforesaid. Impediments in statesmanship are identified. Politics is a national passion in India and there can be varying degrees of Karma which can indicate corresponding proximity, participation and reward. Sometimes, the pushes and pulls are all there, and yet that level of success which yields political position and basically catapults is not there. 

Yet another chart shows multiple careers owing to Karmic transformations ensuing from the 8th House from the Lagna.

Another horoscope discusses the challenging features in both the Rāśi Chakra and the Navāmśa Chakra, the Karaka and so on which have led to marriage not having come to pass thus far in life.

Finally, a horoscope is evaluated from the perspective of relationships and marriage, and the Karma therein, primarily from the Lagna but also from other specific reference points such as the Upapada Lagna.

The role of Venus in weakness (debilitation) and the association of the planet of beauty with Mars and the blemish it creates are all considered in the paper. The affliction of the 7th Lord and the Badhakesha is seen along with the shock value of some of these adverse combinations. It does take two to tango but sometimes a glimpse of the Karma from one horoscope is enough to determine the contours of events that are likely to transpire.  

The Newsletter carries images of the charts which have been interpreted so as to afford ready recognition of the planetary combinations and placements leading to specific results in life.

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Exaltation of the Planet Mercury in Virgo in Vedic Astrology Transits

Mercury Exalted-
The planet Mercury (Budha) is exalted in Virgo (Kanyā Rāśi or Kanya Rashi), reckoned in the Vedic astrology paradigm, till October 29, 2015 when it moves to Libra (Tulā Rāśi or Tula Rashi); irrespective of the Lagna (Ascendant) rising in the horoscope, the exaltation, or the state generally, of Mercury is always an important factor to be considered.  

Exaltation for any planet is its strongest state in the horoscope and it becomes akin to Viṣṇu (Vishnu) capable of sustaining the individual par excellence in the matters that it signifies.

Budha or Mercury is the planet indicating the intelligence of the person in the Vedic horoscope, and is the archetypal student, almost always willing, able and keen to learn. It signifies rational thought which is a tremendous aid, certainly in formal learning, and in informal learning as well.

After living on planet Earth for some time, we usually view (or should) an ism with its designated measure of scepticism.
The philosophical moorings of rationalism are quite dicey inasmuch as they lay down that reason rather than experience is the foundation of certainty in knowledge.
In other words, no matter what happens in your life, if a syllogism or some elevated process of deduction or  induction indicates to the contrary, then according to rationalism you are better off relying on the process, rather than what you have already experienced.
That does not sound very rational, does it, which rather defeats the premise on its own, without anyone’s help.
Mercury, the Child-
An un-conjoined Mercury in the horoscope and entirely uninfluenced by any other entity might be demonstrably quite fickle and childish. Its rationality might develop into rationalism. A planet can, in theory and in practice, never be uninfluenced, for there are constant influences like Argala which are fastened on astrological factors like bolts. What we usually want to say is whether a planet is un-conjoined or un-aspected.
In any case, we know how susceptible Mercury is to influences when we pick up any horoscope and study the associations of Mercury. Mercury is very quick to learn things from others and the company it keeps is very important for this reason.

Mercury, Malefic or Benefic-
If Mercury has benefic associations it is a first rate natural benefic in the horoscope; if it has malefic associations then Mercury is a natural malefic in the horoscope. This is a trait he shares with his father, the Moon.

Mercury joined Rahu in Virgo-
Till October 29, 2015 Mercury is joined Rahu (Rāhu, the North Node of the Moon) in Virgo.
Rahu is extremely strong in Virgo. Why is this so? Rahu is the thinking mind of the human being. It only has a head and so it likes nothing more than thinking, and over thinking. Rahu’s realities are founded in thought. In Virgo, it finds an atmosphere of absolute rationality designed to appease the parameters of functionality. Virgo is sincere and important but Rahu exploits its terrain to the hilt.
Rahu promotes rationalism because with its argument and propositional brilliance (hopefully, at least on occasion in its earthly manifestation through rationalists) it is at once atheist or if it is doing you a favour, then agnostic. There was no compulsion for rationalism to be Godless. But it usually is.
Rahu need not exploit Mercury because Mercury will be more than happy to explore the high research and experimentation of Rahu in Virgo. It will not impede Mercury’s exaltation.
What will happen though is that arid and bleak arguments will fill the days in some quarters, denouncing spirituality (because Rāhu and Budha do not care for Jupiter or Gurū) and esoteric arts.
Remarkably, the sophistry of denouncing corrupt and criminal activity flourishing in the garb of spiritual practices, will be used to denounce the incredible and historically unmatched brilliance of India. Where is the rationality in that.

Bhagwad Gita Yoga-
This is the reason that in the natal horoscope it is highly desirable that Budha should be joined Gurū. What could be better for the best student in creation then to be sitting with the best teacher in creation. All works stand to be fulfilled. The brilliance of Mercury finds guidance from the knowledge of Jupiter.

Positives of Mercury-Rahu conjunction in Virgo-
If a horoscope has natal prowess in terms of knowledge and perspective, then the current transit can only add a feather to that crown. The only danger of Rāhu’s brilliance is its lack of adherence to social and legal propriety and if the horoscope is fortified on these counts, then such an association can only enable the person to reach up, break free of any strait-jacket constraints which may have developed, and shine forth.

Mercury, the Driver of Humanity-
Jyotisha (Jyotiṣa) is magical because it explains life itself. To achieve this purpose, it must be larger than life for how can equals explain equals. It is divine, like life, and works with life from a higher perspective.
Mercury may be a child in its age but in its significations, it is extremely powerful, and is the driving force behind the exertions of a large part of humanity. It is the significator of growth, commerce, money, learning, communications, transactions, banking and such major areas in life.
This must be understood and deliberated upon on all possible occasions- it is important and has ramifications.

Acting, Riches, Talent, Acclaim with Exalted Mercury in Virgo-
The chart below signifies the power of Mercury in that the individual, Amitabh Bachchan, is one of the most famousactors and superstars to ever grace the Indian silver-screen.

Mercury is exalted in Virgo and joined the Yogakāraka (Yogakaraka) Venus (Śukra or Shukra) in trines from the Ārūḍha Lagna along with the 10th Lord Mars. There are huge Rajayogas here.
Exalted Mercury has given a distinctive voice and acting talent and style and an unparalleled success in Indian cinema. Rāhu aspects by Graha Driṣṭi (Graha Drishti or planetary aspect) leading to one stepping stone in life after another. It is equally true that owing to the Yoga being in the 8th House from the Lagna, life has been full of unexpected changes and upheavals including long-standing health issues.
The host of planets in the 8th House from the Lagna aspect the 11th House from the Ārūḍha Lagna with Rāśi Dṛṣti indicating massive gains and income throughout life.
Saturn in the Ārūḍha Lagna gives a shy, reticent and conservative manner and the image of a champion of the masses and the common man in many of his roles at the peak of his career. Since Saturn is opposed to the Ārūḍha Padas, there may have been one or two mattersof debate and concern in public life in both the personal and financial realms.

Checking Rationalism-
Rational discipline is essential for the proper development of the mind but rational thought is like the taxi which can bring you to the door, but cannot drive inside the house. There you must walk yourself. Rationality has to be mastered and then transcended through experience of the truth, no matter what label one may put on the latter.
Rahu in Virgo can bring about expressions of bewilderment at that which is not argumentative but as stated before, the influence of Jupiter can remedy the situation.

Let us see the chart below-

Rāhu is not only in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury but also in the 9th House which is that of the Guru or the guiding principles in life. In the house of Dharma, Rahu has its Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna (Marana Karaka Sthana) and is considered adverse.
However, see the strong special 5th House aspect of Jupiter on the 9th House from the 5th House of Maṅtra. Jupiter is joined Sūrya (Surya), the 8th Lord of the occult and esoteric and signifies soul level illumination. The native is not deeply rooted in religious practice but has faith in God and is interested in the occult arts like Jyotiṣa. The Pañcama Dṛṣṭi of Gurū is enough to modify the worst effects of Rahu with its knowledge infusing aspect. Unless Jupiter is joined Rahu, there is always room for manoeuvre

The Transit Chart-
The transit chart showing Mercury exalted in Virgo with Rahu is given below-

Mercury only receives the sign aspect of Ketu and of the Moon when it should transit the dual signs. Ketu is very strong in Pisces and if it finds one straying when one is not supposed to, it will create some mistake or the other which can be a sobering influence.  
There are no planetary aspects but the conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun in the 12th House from Mercury gives the current potential in Virgo the best conceivable start and support.

Mercury in its functional status for Aries Lagna is indicative of its great role in human life and development. At once it is the lord of the 3rd and 6th Houses of the Vedic horoscope (Rāśi Chakra) showing its portfolio or growth contained in the Uapachaya (Upacaya) Bhava from the Lagna. Mercury learns in the 3rd House through reading and writing and all forms of information processing and in the 6th puts it all to use in brilliant work, where in the process it learns professionally to add to what it has acquired personally. Due to this propensity it is also the primary significator of the 10th House. 

Mercury is therefore to be attended to with care. It is impressionable, and what that means for human beings is, that they are impressionable in childhood. Also, for thoughts to be strong meaningful it is important that Mercury is in a good state in the horoscope. We cannot do much about the Yogas and the condition of planets that we inherit in the horoscope but the vast potential of horoscope analysis and remedial measures can help us to heighten the positives and to mitigate the challenges that come through these.
Some of the ways in which we work with the planets in horoscopes from across the world, so as to derive the most perspective, illumination and clarity in respect of the various areas of life are stated in - 

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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Jupiter Transit In Leo From July 14, 2015 in Vedic Astrology (Guru Gochara in Simha Rashi)

Jupiter Transit in Leo in Vedic Astrology-

Jupiter (Guru) is going to be transiting in Leo (Simha) Rashi from July 14, 2015 after its exaltation in transit in the signCancer (Karkaṭa or Karka) over the past year. It continues to be in a friendly sign, as Leo is ruled by the Sun and the two planets are naturally friendly to each other.

Astrological Jupiter-

Jupiter is a slow-moving, outer planet likeSaturn and its transit has great influence over human affairs. Being the greatest benefic in the zodiac, Jupiter represents divinity in any horoscope and traditionally this is used to see blessings coming to individuals. Owing to the speed of its motion, its effect it felt in a concentrated manner over defined areas for a notable length of time. 


Slow-moving outer planets are bestowed with special planetary aspects (Graha Dṛṣṭi or Graha Drishti) and the blessings of Guru (Jupiter) come through its own special aspects.

While all planets, save the headless, and therefore, sightless Ketu have the 7th House aspect, and so does Jupiter, its special aspects are those to the 5th and the 9th houses (Bhāvas or Bhavas). Insight and divine grace inform future actions and wisdom comes from eternal knowledge and so both crucial life areas of the future and the past come to be blessed by Jupiter due to its special aspects. 

Myth About Marriage-
There is a prevalent myth in some circles that marriage should be avoided when Jupiter is transiting in Leo (Simha Rāśi). Nothing could be further from the truth as the scriptures could not have laid down an onerous condition of this sort extending to over a year. Even otherwise, the true meaning of the dicta in this regard relates to an entirely different transit. In that transit the implications are indeed prohibitive of marriage but this has no relation with the Gochara of Gurū in Simha Rāśi.

Effects of the Jupiter Transit in Leo-

Leo (Simha) is a royal Agni Tattwa Rāśi representing larger than life figures, celebrities and political leaders. Natives with Karma for power are not infrequently born with this Rāśi dominant in some way, either as the Udaya Lagna- the Ascendant or as the Ārūḍha Lagna or the Moon sign (Cañdra Rāśi or Chandra Rashi).

When the benefic Jupiter transits this sign people with fame and power are likely to receive tremendous direction in life as Gurū has 100% Digbala/ directional strength in the Lagna.

Jupiter is the Natural Significator for the Dhī Śakti or the power of discriminating intelligence (Viveka) and in the sign will imbue Leo with this quality. There is also the matter of unconditional grace coming as Jupiter does not drive a bargain and simply gives without expectation.

Leo (Simha) is also the 5th House of the natural zodiac and rules children and the future as too the framework of concepts and ideas which form the individual. These life areas are likely to be impacted in positive fashion.

The Fire Signs of Sagittarius & Aries:

I have mentioned the special aspects of Jupiter and from its transit station in Leo, it aspects Sagittarius (Dhanusha or Dhanuṣa) and Aries (Meṣa or Mesha) respectively.

People with the spiritual impulse will find advancement in leaps and bounds and professionals in finance, teaching, physics, metaphysics, law, judiciary and any line of work requiring great cerebral participation will witness a divine thrust towards higher ground. Religion and government policies are likely to be charged with a vision for the future subject to the overall Karma prevailing in context from natal horoscopes.

Likewise, entrepreneurs, innovators, police and armed forces personnel, engineers and technical people will feel grace coming from the past actions performed.

Impact of the Jupiter Transit on Various Rashis (Signs)-


As indicated above, the sign experiences positive grace from Jupiter as it culls out the best of past exertions and in some cases good Karma from the past lives to refurbish life realties.

Commercial real estate and realtors are also likely to feel this.

Aries/ Mesha Ārūḍha Lagna sustains accumulated merit extremely well and it will appear in its best form now. This applies to things like awards, rewards accolades and recognition.  


Matters related to the home and properties, mother and final cure from ailments receive the blessings of God during this transit and family comes to the fore. We should remember that Jupiter is exalted in the 4th House of the natural zodiac.

Taurus Ārūḍha Lagna (Vṛṣabha-Vrishabha) faces some sort of an encounter with the truth when they seek to enlarge their immovable wealth and before applying the balm in family matters and the like, transit Jupiter is likely to expose the wound.


This is not the best transit for Mithuna (Gemini) as Gurū is in Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna (Marana Karaka Sthana) for this sign. Kama and Maithuna are not the forte of the preceptors of the Gods and understandably he feels rather overwhelmed here. Value systems and personal projections in any realms whatsoever need to be watched with care.  

Gemini Ārūḍha Lagna is to take exponentially greater care and those with vulnerable life circumstances are advised to tread with gentleness towards their own selves and to seek help at the earliest at the first sign of seemingly insurmountable difficulty.

Jupiter in the 3rd Bhāva from the Ārūḍha Lagna is a cause for some concern, especially in a friendly sign.


Just as the natives of Rāśis (Rashis) feel relief with the exit of Saturn, Cancer Rāśi and Lagna will feel regret when Jupiter leaves this sign. The beautiful blessings of wisdom and kindness and perspective are about to become backdrops in the mind and in the intelligence.

Movable wealth gets a huge boost as Gurū is the Dhana Kāraka (Natural Significator for wealth) transiting the house of wealth in a friendly sign. Kula or the family gets blessed and feels even better with the fortified bank balance.

The situation is even better for Karka Ārūḍha Lagna as the benefits are directly visible in the areas mentioned above.


Please refer to the note above at the appropriate place.  For Simha Ārūḍha Lagna though there will be a reality check before the benefic grace manifests. The image in the world really rises but only after what holds it back is brought to view.


This is the perfect time for Virgo to start something new and also to let go of the old. Foreign trips will be particularly intriguing and conspicuous especially as Gurū is the Bādhaka for the Lagna. Ashramas and the house of the Gurū are locations that Virgo natives will do well to be found in.

For some hospitals will come into play as the 12th House from the Lagna rules these as well.

For Virgo Ārūḍha Lagna expenses on the more deserving things rise will happen which is always more desirable as the 12th House shows the feet and indicates the Gati.

Income and gains rise for the Libra individual but only if these are promised. Else, Jupiter can expose the Satya behind what is wrong with life in a given case. The reason is the oft-ignored Bādhaka (Badhaka) and the Bādhakeśa (Badhakesha). Jupiter is fundamentally opposed to the Bādhakeśa and so there is a paradox here.

For those Libra natives where this is not in the offing there is no such danger and Jupiter will act as the significator of the 11th House. The ‘which is which and who is who’ in Jyotiṣa only emerges from the analysis of the natal horoscope.

The positive aspects are what will transpire for the Libra Ārūḍha Lagna.


Jupiter forms the Amala Yoga in transit for this Lagna leading to a spotless reputation. The company where you work will prosper at least in your context and for independent professionals and freelancers this transit affords an opportunity to escalate the quality of application in work.

For Scorpio Ārūḍha Lagna the situation is very real as improvement happens only after the potholes are spotted and dealt with in the work domain.


I have written hereinabove describing the aspects of transit Jupiter, but for the Dhanusha Ārūḍha Lagna the opinion runs as follows. Despite the fiery optimism of Sagittarius they might find the going tough in the manifest arena of naive realism. Efforts do not easily yield success and competition appears foreign to the nature. Jupiter is a removed, metaphysical, otherworldly force and is not easily given to thrashing about with others to get what it wants. Strive with this rider firmly set in the mind.


Simha is a Dusthana for this sign and either issues with future plans or children will come to the fore. Inexplicable events might occur with Guru going to the Bhāva of Adhi and Vyādhi which are but modes of unseen distress.

The 8th House contains Nija Dosha (own acts and their results) and whatever emerges from there is what is due.

The situation is very different for the Makara Ārūḍha Lagna as loans and financial help will be readily available for business expansion especially in partnership or with the marital partner.


For Kumbha Lagna, Guru is blessing the house of marriage and a radical improvement in the attitude towards the spouse of not to all others that one interacts with may be found.

This is the time to put to test one’s innermost desires and plans.

For the natives with the Ārūḍha Lagna occupied by this sign growth shall be preceded with an appraisal of areas in which growth is required.


For those to whom this is destined this is a time to aspire for freedom from enemies both external and internal. The Ṣaḍṛpu (Shadripu) cannot survive in the face of knowledge and the external enemies are conquered with the grace of Jupiter.

The Pisces Ārūḍha Lagna suffers the same pressures as does the Mithuna Ārūḍha Lagna and there is danger of issues with finances and children arising with the attitude getting firmed up to letting go.

These are dominant transit strains and stand to be significantly altered by the dynamics and the Karma of the natal horoscope.
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Disclaimer: For those who have glimpsed the magic of Jyotish, magnificent treasures await in the vast ocean of this knowledge. Hindu Astrology Analyses offered by the Consultant are not empirical pronouncements of the type made in the realm of the physical sciences. The Analyses are not in the true or false format but delve into the horoscope to derive insights about the life of the native in a spiritual reference frame. These insights should be used by those availing them at their sole discretion and responsibility.

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