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Gangrape in New Delhi, India-The Nirbhaya Case-A Vedic Astrology Study



On the night of December 17, 2012 a woman has been brutally gang-raped by six men in a moving bus in New Delhi,  India,  and was even penetrated with an iron rod. Her male companion was also attacked. The woman is in critical medical condition and is battling for life. 


The Rāśi Cakra (Rashi Chakra) for the incident is given below-


The very first thing which catches the eye in this chart is the placement of planets in Scorpio/ Vṟṣcika (Vrishchika) which governs external genitalia. Scorpio is also the hidden or the concealed and is a malefic sign ruled by Mars and Ketu.

Venus/ Śukra (Shukra), the Kāraka (Karaka) for sex is afflicted in Scorpio and is joined by Mercury/ Budha in the same sign. Mercury in Scorpio in the Navāmśa Cakra (Navamsha Chakra) in trines to the Moon/ Cañdra (Chandra) is a specific combination for excessive sexuality. In the Rāśi Cakra (Rashi Chakra) as well the placement of Mercury in a quadrant to the Moon triggers lewd speech and charges Mercury up with lust. Both Śukra (Shukra) and Budha are planets embodying the Rajas Guṇa (Guna) and are replete with sexual and other desires. The great infection comes from Rāhu/ Rahu, the head, in Scorpio which makes the simmering lust spiral out of control. Vṛṣcika (Vrishchika) has an inherent problem-it is ruled by an Agni Tattwa Graha (fire), being Mars, and is a Jala Tattwa Rāśi (Rashi) (water). This leads to a Tattwa conflict and Scorpio is always boiling with latency and concealment.

Rāhu (Rahu) brings criminality to the lust and exponentially raises the lust of Venus and Mercury. This combination is also imprisoned by the Pāpakartarī Yoga (Papakartari Yoga)(lit.malefic scissors) formed by Śani (Shani)/ Saturn in Libra (Kāma Tṛkoṇa/ Kama Trikona)-sexual behaviour and intercourse and the common man (Śani/ Shani) is exalted in Libra, but could not resist the allure of uninhibited, criminal and violent sexual violation of a woman caused by the unobstructed Argalā/ Argala (intervention) of the planets in Scorpio. Mars and Sun hem the planets in Scorpio from the other side fuelling the rage in the minds of the perpetrators.

The intelligence operating at the time is gauged from the Lagna/ ascendant and its lord. Karkaṭa (Karkata) Lagna/ Cancer rises and its lord the Moon is in the 8th House (symbolic of the natural 8th House of the zodiac-Scorpio) where the Moon is debilitated and in Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna/ Marana Karaka Sthana (death like suffering). In this case the damaged intellect working at the time has inflicted death like suffering on the woman (Venus). Furthermore, Cañdra (Chandra) is in Aquarius-Kumbha-ruled by Śani and Rāhu Shani and Rahu) .

The Dārapada (Darapada)/ A7 is in the 10th House forming a kind of Jara Yoga and is in the 8th House from the Ārūḍha (Arudha) Lagna in the 3rd Bhāva (Bhava), the apex of the Kāma Tṛkoṇa (Kama Trikona) showing copulation. The 1-8 relationship shows complete deviance in the sexuality manifesting. More importantly, the violent Mars is the lord of the A7 in Meṣa Rāśi (Mesha Rashi), further emboldened by the union with the Sun in the 6th House of crime.

Śani (Shani), the 7th Lord is in the 4th House of vehicles and the 4th House from the Kāraka Śukra (Karaka Shukra) shows the Moon in Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna (Marana Karaka Sthana) showing the perpetrators already having a 'mind' to commit such a crime (Rāhu lordship of Kumbha).


In the intervening months we have seen the fallout of the Nirbhaya case and as people aware of astrological designs we know that actually it is the consequence of the affliction to Tulā Rāśi (Tula Rashi)/ Libra which has led to all these developments.

Libra Rāśi (Rashi) is the apex of the Kāma Tṛkoṇa (Kama Trikona), the trine related to desire and sexuality. Tulā (Tula) is a Vāyu Rāśi (Vayu Rashi) and here Ravi is Nīca (Neecha)/ debilitated. The Sun is the soul and in Libra the soul is eclipsed by material darkness. Vāyu (Vayu) leads to thought. Perverted thought leads to rape. Śani and Rāhu (Shani and Rahu) are both Vāyu (Vayu) Grahas and escalate the latent fall to unprecedented heights. The current Vakra Gati/ retrogression of Saturn leads to a review of the statutes related to rape. As the Moon is in Gemini we can anticipate some further reporting in this arena and the print media and the media at large might be even more flooded with such news.

These days it is almost as if rape never existed before and the dailies are replete with ghastly episodes.

What is worse is that the planet of romantic attraction, though beautiful in itself has become exalted/ Uchcha in Mīna Rāśi (Meena Rashi)/ Pisces and is joined Mars/ Maṅgala (Mangala) the planet of aggression and violence. The Sun is also here and the Agni Tattwa/ fire element might turn out to be quite something to handle in such a complex scenario.

The transit chart for this time is given below-


At least Budha is no longer retrograde and that might help in communications including technical communications. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2013 is but a step in this direction and has been passed by a voice vote.

All these measures are occasioned by ghastly episodes which are caused by people with poor Kārmic background which Karma can be triggered by episodes such as this.


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