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Devastating Allegation Viewed Throgh Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology


Allegations and severe aspersions are the work of Rahu. In one nativity, there is the Guru Chandala Yoga in the 5th Bhava from the Lagna. The Moon is also joined the Yoga in Dhanu Rashi. This also happens to be the Arudha Lagna for the native. When the chart was shown to this astrologer, there was nothing remotely resembling allegations on the horizon. This is because of the Dasha sequence. The Mahadasha Graha was not involved in the Yoga in the 5th Bhava from the Lagna.

The Mahadasha was changing to that of Rahu. This is a very adverse Yoga in the 5th Bhava from the Lagna because Rahu is also debilitated in the Guru Chandala Yoga. Rahu lords the 7th Bhava of sexuality and marriage while Guru is the 8th Lord of sudden events and the Moon is the 12th Lord of foreigners and foreign countries.

In the Arudha Lagna, the Gajakesari Yoga formed by the conjunction of Guru and Chandra in Dhanu Rashi is excellent for the image and the image can be that of a ‘nice’ man. However, when the significations of Rahu becomes strong the effects of Guru Chandala Yoga will come and the delusion to the Mind will be absolute. Rahu’s debility gives virulent results.

The native has an active social life (Moon in the Arudha Lagna) and can be considered popular. Mars the previous Mahadasha lord does not have much to do with the Arudha Lagna save for giving Labh Argala. Rahu’s association with the image (Arudha Lagna) in the Mahadasha of Rahu in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme, which started just prior to the incident, can create a scandal and scandalous allegations.

Rahu in a sign of Jupiter gives a scandal related to the values and ethics and a foreigner alleged that the native attempted to rape her. Both Rahu and Guru have Graha Drishti to the Lagna while the Lagna Lord is debilitated with the Badhak Mars. Transit Moon was over the Vikrama Pada (copulation) in the Lagna and 12th from the Shatrupada joined debilitated Venus in the 2nd Bhava from the Lagna and in the 12th Bhava from the Badhak. Venus is afflicted by the Rashi Drishti of the Guru Chandala Yoga from the 5th Bhava and that of Ketu as well in debility. Some past life issues with dark worship (Neecha Shukra in the 12th Bhava from the afflicted Badhak) have led to this Venusian disaster.

Though Rahu will give the results of Guru, the Guru Chandala Yoga will muddle the effects because the Guru Chandala Yoga is a specific Yoga in itself.

The native had received Counsel previously that he ought to stay away from women and marital efforts. The native was married once but the Atmakaraka Shani is joined the first Upapada Lagna (UL 1). The native married an older woman. The Upapada Lagna is also aspected by Neecha Surya and the Badhak Mangal. The 2nd Bhava from the Upapada Lagna is tenanted by debilitated Ketu and aspected by the terrible Guru Chandala Yoga and Neecha Shukra as well. The first marriage broke because the wife was already in love with a man at the time of marrying the native.

The 2nd Upapada Lagna falls in the 5th Bhava from the Lagna and focuses even more on the affliction on the Guru Chandala Yoga. The native was told that the shock and perversion will manifest even more if he interacts with women with a view to marriage (2nd Upapada Lagna). Some remedial measures were given as Rahu Mahadasha was about to start.

The native will probably emerge relatively unscathed. Guru is exalted in the Navamsha Chakra. The native even in the past was asked to embrace the path of Guru rather than Rahu and to adopt the eternal wisdom of India rather than the tech-savvy citizenry of the world, which in itself might not be a bad thing, but is a disaster for this chart. Both the 12th Lord and Rahu are involved in the Guru Chandala Yoga.

The manifestation of the 2nd Upapada Lagna, in whatever affliction, and to whatever frail degree will end the marital cycles because the Lord of the 2nd and 3rd Upapada Lagna both are joined Rahu.

There must have been something but the lady is not free of blame. She is of somewhat dubious credentials and is well-known to the native. The circumstances suggest an environment of familiar and intimate togetherness that spiralled out of control.

This writer has not seen the horoscope of the lady but has been advised that it is not without peculiarities. Be that as it may, the native receives words from planet Jupiter to somehow try and foster relative perspective in the mad ignorance of the Guru Chandala Yoga.

In the Tithi Pravesha Chakra, the 10th Bhava rises in the Lagna with the Moon debilitated as the Hora Lord in the 7th House. Moon is the 3rd Lord of copulation and its debility in the 7th House shows an afflicted and unnatural mental focus on sex for the year. The Tithi Ashtottari Dasha sequence at the time was Moon-Rahu with Rahu in Marana Karaka Sthana in the 9th Bhava with a debilitated Guru in Makar Rashi!

There is utter destruction of values and ethics and Dharma. It leads to a terrible shock and trauma.

Generally Rahu’s allegations by association with the Arudha Lagna are false but in such cases Rahu is alone. With conspicuous Yogas such as Shukra-Mangal Yoga or Guru Chandala Yoga, the readings can change.

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