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Bābā Rāmdev and Jyotiśa/ Vedic Astrology/ Baba Ramdev and Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology)

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Baba Ramdev once criticised Jyotish as being an unfounded art or belief system.
One only needs to study the nature of the transit Moon at the time of the fiasco of his ill-advised political initiative.

The transit Moon is eclipsed by Ketu taking away all elements of genuine social connection and compassion. In the Vara Chakra this is the worst type of Yoga with Ketu being the 8th planet from the Moon. This was a campaign with an edge of latent violence (Ketu) and it is a good thing it did not erupt from the masses.
Debilitated Rahu aspects the Moon both with Rashi Drishti (sign aspect) and planetary aspect (Graha Drishti) showing circumstances that indicate fallen political aspirations and machinations (Rahu). It also shows complete calculation and prior planning to influence the masses through the planetary aspect of Rahu to the Moon showing desire to lead the masses in a specific direction.
Saturn (Shani) also aspects the Moon and the nodes with both sign aspect and planetary aspect. There is a lot of impurity while seemingly espousing the cause of the poor and the underprivileged (Shani) as the Graha is in Virgo and this is the entire foundation of the exercise as Shani is retrograde. The poor and the common man pinned their hopes on this political initiative.
Another crucial facet which might not be ignored is the fact that Gemini/ Mithun is the exaltation sign of the planet Rahu which in its most conventionally positive aspects leads to political aspirations and is capable of giving the crown as it pictorially and mythically depicts the head, which bears the crown. The Mithun/ Gemini-Dhanu/ Sagittarius axis has massive significance in Indian polity with nearly each Prime Minister of the country having strong planets in this axis and the deep impact of the political Rahu on the Amatyakaraka (AmK) or other features of the horoscope directly linked to work and Karma.
These are all pointers to the misplaced ambition of the seemingly spiritual-Yogic march to attack corruption.
The police action was prompt and correct as Mars is strong in Aries/ Mesha and was guided by the correct liberal values shown by Shani. The illusion broke once the Moon moved to Cancer/ Karka and everyone went home (Cancer) including the Baba.
Also, justice can begin at home (Karka) and the Graha Drishti of Mars/ Mangal to Cancer/ Karka ensured that the Enforcement Directorate/ ED and other agencies would investigate the tax realities and fund sourcing (Jupiter) of the Baba, the two planets referred to being joined together in the dynamic Aries where the Sun (Dharma) is exalted.

Lunar Eclipse/ Chaṅdra Graḥaṇa (Chandra Grahana) on 15th June, 2011

The Rashi Chart for the Lunar Eclipse on 15th June, 2011 is given below:
The Moon represents the mind and the emotional experiences of the individual. It also represents society and the interaction of people with society. At the level of the individual human being, it shows how we perceive phenomena, how stimuli from the external environment come through to the person and also how the person reacts. The Moon also governs the mother and mental experiences that come from the mother.
The Moon/ Chandra is debilitated at this time in Scorpio/ Vrishchik. This is the 8th sign of the natural zodiac and contains the potential for changes, transformations, difficulties, hidden things, esoteric arts, occult practices and research. The 8th House is the Marana Karaka Sthana for the gentle, impressionable Moon. The 8th House of the natural zodiac, and thus the sign in question, harbours a secretive, intense energy which debilitates the Moon and makes it wilt.
The sign is governed by Ketu and the Moon, ruling the occult and spiritual facets and energy. This sign is capable of great, seething anger and violence due to its malefic nature and lordship. Rahu’s recent entry into this sign infuses the devious and a diabolical into human affairs. There is a lot of scheming and planning going on at this juncture and apart from its debility, the Moon and thus the human mind is seized by the intense Karmic energy of Rahu.
Minds would also be nursing intense secret ambitions at this time.
The Rahu-Moon combination is also aspected by planetary aspect (Graha Drishti) by two other natural malefics, Sun (Ravi) and Mars (Mangal) from Taurus. Venus also aspects the Moon from a position of strength.
It is important for us to watch our emotions at this time as the Moon is under severe pressure and this is an ideal time to transform ourselves and comes to an understanding of our emotional personalities at a deep, internal level. The aspect of Venus forms Rudra Yoga, just as the aspect of Mars also forms the Rudra Yoga. While such combinations are excellent from the viewpoint of wealth, they can trigger health and blood related problems apart from emotional and psychological trauma. If one lives and acts from a place of depth (Scorpio) and appreciates the impact of various energies such as ambitions and negative events impacting life by turn, the allure of beauty and its driving role in life, and the importance of power and leadership (Ravi/ Sun), as well as drive, energy and initiative (Mangal/ Mars), then the Karmic initiation of the lunar eclipse has much to offer us.
Shani/ Saturn also aspects the Moon from its recently acquired direct Motion in Kanya (Virgo). Paper on Direct Motion of Saturn in June, 2011
New beginnings after an eclipse can come enriched with the understanding of wide and varied aspects of life, viewed through the prism of the mind, as evidenced by the influences on the Moon during the eclipse. 

Śani (Shani)/ Saturn Direct from June 13, 2011

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There is speculation about the impact of Shani/ Saturn turning direct.
Saturn/ Shani in Libra/ Tula: A Previous Paper on the Forthcoming Transit of Saturn
Shani is in Kanya Rashi/ Virgo at the present time and this has been a time of churning up of impurities in the masses and mass leaders. This has been heightened and exacerbated due to the retrogression of the planet Saturn in the sign.
A retrograde planet yields its significations with triple the force, impact and efficacy.
In the case of benefic planets, the retrogression hones the internal attributes of the planet to a fine point. If the planet is favourable at the functional level as well, then the impact comes as a series of conventionally positive events in the areas associated with the planet.
Delay still accrues as the phenomenon of retrogression slows things down so that the lessons associated with the planet are learnt well. Such a planet is considered quite strong and has a lot of energy to make effort. Efforts are requisite because matters related to retrograde planets do not manifest easily. Finesse and perfection are required before this happens.
With malefic planets, this strength and delay becomes onerous for obvious reasons. The word ‘relentless’ is a better indicator of how things transpire in such a scenario.
With a malefic planet like Saturn, this translates into trials, tests and overall slowness. Saturn is the dispenser of Karma and shows our weaknesses and lapses. We are punished in the areas we lack so that those lapses are transformed into strengths.

During its period of retrogression, Saturn has examined the conduct of the persons under the scanner by making everything come to a near stand-still. If the lessons are not learnt and if the Karma being felt by a nativity is onerous then the direct motion can be very testing because Saturn (our adverse Karma) will begin to act with greater relative speed.
For others, who are not going through alarming times and the Karma manifesting is not onerous, the direct motion will be much easier and better as a direct malefic, generally speaking is much better than a retrograde one.
If such people in the last stated category faced testing and unusual (Vakra. crooked/ retrograde) experiences in matters related to Saturn during the retrograde motion, then with the direct motion such avenues will show a marked improvement and positive fructification.
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