Monday, March 11, 2013

'The Power of Mantra' and 'Tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011


Remedial measures are often considered a hallmark of superstition. While the practices surrounding the prescription and performance of remedial measures may be fraught with problems, like all of Jyotish, a classical approach stands to yield great dividends and relief.

Upaya are perhaps the most important part of Jyotish because merely diagnosing an issue is not enough and its redressal is infact the most important thing. Apart from this, when Jyotish is considered as a system to chart out the progress of a person through life, or through a given phase in life, remedial measures can help in this process by attempting to alleviate those factors which impede.

Prior to alleviation, a recognition of the factors that might be adverse in the horoscope is also very important because sometimes influences can impede the proper understanding of the problem or even a proper appreciation of the existence of the problem itself.

Persons may be caught up in a bubble, so to speak, identifying themselves with stubborn characteristics and/ or circumstances that might present themselves in life.

Based on certain rules in horoscopy, it can be determined as to what sort of remedial measures require to the advised and performed and what might be their chances at remedying the real-life situation.

People should choose their astrologer with care, as far as choice might influence the decision in given cases, for this is a sensitive area and people tend to be very keen to rid themselves of the problems that trouble them, and rightly so. This keenness, and need is to be addressed by one who is capable of helping with a clean heart.

When the planets (read Karma) begin to yield, it is a very positive development in life.


Japan: A weakened Prithvi Tattwa, with Mercury debilitated in Pisces and massively afflicted by the sign aspects of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, led to the major earthquake. Saving graces will emerge due to the conjunction of Jupiter with Mercury, the lord of the latter's debility: better foreign relations, some selfless aid and help (Pisces is the 12th House of the natural zodiac).

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