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Shashi-Mangala/ Chandra-Mangala Yoga in Leo-Aquarius Axis & Paraspara Karaka on 14th October, 2013

It is the association or combination of the planets Moon and Mars in Vedic Astrology which constitute the Śaśi-Maṅgala/ Shashi-Mangala Yoga or the Cañdra-Maṅgala/Chandra-Mangala Yoga.

In one manner of speaking we may say that the flow of things indicated by the Moon is combining with the energy and impetus of Mars. In another we may say, that royalty is associating with its Commander-in-Chief. We must always remember that Mars is a natural malefic and unless it is Cancer Ascendant or Leo Ascendant which is rising in the natal chart, it is best to view the planet with some caution.

When the Yoga occurs in positive Bhāvas/ Bhavas such as the Keṅdra/ Kendra/ quadrants or the Tṛkoṇa/ Trikona/ trines then the positives associated with the Yoga can come forth which is simply wealth or prosperity. This is an equivalent Yoga with that formed by the association of Venus and the Moon called the Yānavaṅta/ Yanavanta/ Annapūrṇa/ Annapurna or Vāhana/ Vahana Yoga which has been written about previously. People will feel their emotions surging and participation enhancing with the transit Moon in sidereal Aquarius/ Kumbha Rāśi/ Rashi while Mars is transiting through Leo/ Simha.

Mars and Moon are in mutually 7th Houses from each other and the impact of the Moon is greater in this transit. Aquarius is very wide and embraces broad thinking-the emotions, social interaction, traversing boundaries of various types, family, flow of wealth will be dominant indications for the coming two days. At the same time the mind will find power very attractive and this power could be a correlate of any of the main areas of psychological focus listed above. This interaction of the mind with solitary force and distanced lordliness will yield prosperity.

The transit chart indicating this combination is given below for the benefit of the readers-

The Moon is further strongly influenced by the full and special aspects of both Gurū/ Guru/ Jupiter and Rāhu/ Rahu since the transit Moon happens to be placed in trines from both. Rāhu/ Rahu is actually the dispositor of the Moon in Aquarius and therefore its hedonism, ambition and pleasure seeking inputs are strong. It will advise Moon relating to sexuality, relationships, trade, business and fulfilment of aspirations. Jupiter on the other hand will give direction and perspective to the mind roaming in hazy realms. Jupiter is also very strong when it comes to Aquarius because He finds that there is a lot of work to be done by way of illumination and infusion of steadiness through eternal principles.

To add to this there is the matter of Moon, Venus and Mars being in quadrants to each other which makes them work as mutual co-workers or Paraspara Kāraka/ Karaka. There will this be passions, luxuries, new and solid engagements and interaction amongst opposites.

There is a lot of scope on Monday for a couple of days and people will have a lot of opportunity to keep themselves active and associate themselves with many aspects of the created world.

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  1. What will be the effect of shashi mangal yoga in 5th house in Aquarius. whether in mars AD In GU MD this yoga give its result.

    Thank you

  2. Actually it is difficult to venture opinions in this manner because things are quite intricately connected in the horoscope. But certainly in Maṅgala Aṅtaradaśā this Yoga will have activation. The impact, though, which is most crucial will depend on a host of factors-

  3. My DOB is 13th March 1988 and birth time is 2.15 AM. Do I have shashi mangalayoga? How is my chandra dasha and mangala dasha?


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