Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Boston Marathon Blasts on Monday, April 15, 2013



The blasts occured at 2:50 PM Local time at Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The chart for the time is given below for reference-


 We can readily see that Leo/ Simha Lagna is rising in Boston, Massachusetts at the time of the blasts. The lord of the Lagna, the Sun/ Ravi is exalted but has just emerged from the Gaṅdānta (Gandanta). It wants to rage with fire but certain people overlwhelmed by negativity and perversion-the forces of darkness represented by Śani and Rāhu (Shani and Rahu) have damaged the fire by making it explode, fanned by the winds of malice and hatred and fear (Vāyu Doṣa/ Vayu Dosha). Ravi and Śani (Shani) and inimical to each other and the lame, discarded son, was utterly adamant that the return of the Sāttwic (Sattwic) fire (Agni-Sun exalted in Meṣa Rāśi/ Mesha Rashi) should not continue unhindered. There was a headless, brainless executor amidst those in the light doing something good for the body and the mind and the society and this foot soldier is represented by Ketu. Mars and Ketu form an incendiary combination and with religious fanaticism-the beauty of eternal truth turned on its head as an instrument of hatred (Rāhu), what happened is no surprise.


The Sattwa and Agni is strong in Aries and so the polluted winds could not do as much harm as they would have wanted. There may be very strong reprisals from the government. It may spur nationalism in the USA. And yet, if communications after this episode are monitored and watched keeping in mind the debilitation of Mercury/ Budha, then wisdom will prevail (Gurū/ Guru) and the right solutions will be found.


The heavy concentration of malefics in the Meṣa-Tulā (Mesha-Tula) axis has had its play and while the dark forces are quite comfortable in Tulā/ Tula where the Sun sets, this may not have happened if Śani (Shani) was not retrograde-the seething hatred only comes because the planet aspires to Meṣa/ Mesha, its Nīca (Neecha Rāśi-sign of debilitation) and repression always leads to an explosion of some sort. Five malefics and Venus-this is the cluster when we all know that even three is a crowd. Whoddunit? The foreigner Rāhu/ Rahu is looking, and so is the perceived persecuted who have 'turned' and have resorted to violence and terrorism. The remote control (Rāhu) is always very far away but the foot-soldier can be caught because the police and the enforcement agencies are very strong-Maṅgala in Meṣa Rāśi/ Aries is in Mūlatṛkoṇa and there will not be any escape. The indignant political leadership (Ravi) is in fact exalted and so much Agni will only be escalated for the perpetrators due to the presence of and the hunt for the foot-soldiers of the perpetrators.


Note- On 19th April, 2013 the connection from Chechnya has been established in this matter. Arrests have been made quickly.  There are two brothers, one of whom is an extremist sympathiser and both are foreigners. One brother was the lead figure and the other one simply followed. In terms of Grahas,  which is which and who is who. Who was killed and who was hiding.  Note the answers very carefully. The brother who took the lead and was the main figure is indicated by the Vakra Śani (Shani/ Saturn) as far as the Boston Marathon bomb blast goes and the brother who was hiding in a boat is indicated by Rāhu (Rahu/ North Node of the Moon). There is no foot soldier apart from them and so Ketu indicates the US counter-espionage agancies-please specifically note this departure. Al-Qaeda has expressed empathy with the perpetrators but then the resource providers are not abroad-they are very much in the US or at the most in Europe. If they raise their head now, the USA will very quickly eliminate them in an operation. (Why?-I will leave this for you as food for thought.)


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