Monday, March 11, 2013

Rahu & the Luminaries in Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology


The Vyasa Mantras can reveal the nature of the relationship Rahu has with the luminaries. If associating in the radix, the sense of Self, health, pride, ego, respect, propriety, father, resources, glory, mind, mother, feelings, society, groups, food, relationships, Jala Tattwa and all events that may be related to these will show peculiarities, affliction, unusualness, strange Karmic strains, and such.

The intensity of the affliction will depend on so many factors that it is neither possible to enumerate them nor even to lay down any meaningful hypothesis. Some illustrative examples are given: if one of the luminaries is the Lagna Lord then Rahu becomes very malefic, being malefic 8th lord for Karka Lagna and the Maraka for Simha Lagna.

Association with the 6th House will definitely make the native prone to substance abuse and mental torment.

In transit some of these indications can come to pass.

To everything there are at least two sides.

If the planets despite the afflictions are strong and create potent Yogas then foreigners, foreign lands, access to any culture, perhaps global work, ease with sophistication and passing muster in any setting or company, thoughts without boundaries, research, novel thought, power, political power, charisma, enigma etc will show up.

Rahu whirls the Karma around the mind, body and soul. The native may not be able to sleep if a sudden intense Yoga in transit occurs. Past shocks, humiliations, setbacks, perversions, curious abuse suffered may come back in the mind to show the person the power of Rahu and what it once did, even if the whole tenor of life has changed since. The flip side is the journey becomes clearer and the distance covered is suddenly more real and measurable.

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