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Vedic Astrology - Providing What is Lacking in Human Life

The prayers of humanity were answered when the Rishis/ Ṛṣis of India decided to give forth the classical dicta and Ślokas/ Shlokas which form the corpus of Vedic Astrology/ Jyotiṣa.

So says the person who has prayed for help. So says the person who has aspired to heights. So says the person who mulls ‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’. So says the Brahmin or the metaphysical seeker. So say the blessed.

In life sometimes shock manifests. Shock in its unpleasantness can damage, the sound of the hammer of anxiety on the human heart disappears in time but the ricochet and the reverberations can be longstanding. Maybe then, but perhaps not, maybe at some other time, a person who knows, and knows Jyotisha/ Jyotiṣa counsels him about the past Karma and the Graha which brought shock. The sight of the impersonal diagrammatic truth can silence the old ripples.

The eighth house is either a black hole or a treasure trove filled with unbelievably precious secrets. It also keeps the esoteric and the occult. If one falls into a black hole, it is a conventionally damaging event. But if one dives in to get precious jewels or ends up doing that, it can be a wondrous travel. Or someone else may have both fallen into a black hole or which appeared thus, and found a treasure trove, and is willing to share the light of the jewels.

The black of adversity and the light of those jewels are both possible.

Adversity manifests through weak Grahas/ planets or through malefic planets. When another is adverse the art finds the motivation of the other and it could be that the motivation is nothing but weakness. The dramatis personae can be recognized through the Varga with the highest weightage – the D-60/ Ṣaśṭhyāmśa  though one is not advised to go there often and even if one does it is difficult to arrive since the Lagna/ Ascendant is time sensitive and not easy to fix.

Hammer of anxiety on the heart? We can cut through the verbiage and see it as a malefic (s) influencing the 4th House, 4th Lord and/ or the Moon.

Frailty and vulnerability - from weak planets or those always standing for weakness.

What about the Vedic astrologer coming across a person in a vulnerable phase, which is quite often, since there is some fraction of the black hole of darkness which assails, and if it were the light of the jewels then one would instead participate in the writing of a conference paper rather than seek metaphysical therapy, ... what about the Vedic astrologer spotting some powerful planets yet to come into their own.

Rather than weakly murmuring this too shall pass, he can tell the person the entire context of the journey and what the vulnerability might mean in the specific fabric of his life.

Nobody ever got it easy and if they did it was not worth it.

How do you know for sure what a relationship means or meant, even with the benefit of hindsight? The fact of the matter is sometimes it is difficult to tell. Sometimes things are obvious and one can tell.

Jyotiṣa/ Jyotisha can evaluate the events in the given time frame (Daśā/ Dasha) and get real insights as to what the specific relationship meant. Nimitta and characteristic and the overall pace of the horoscope (apart from the Daśā/ Dasha) can really illuminate reality. One need not dissipate time and energy and emotion wondering more than it is Karmically imperative. Some Karma is very strong and pushes through and other relies on the powerhouse human being to carry it through.

Which is which and who is who- we need divine sight of Vedic astrology to properly discern.

The distinction between a pipe dream and focussed ambition can sometimes be hard to draw especially in these Mercurial, fast changing times (Age of Information signified by Budha/ Mercury). The Charakāraka/ Charakaraka, the planets of ambition and aspiration, the Rājya/ Rajya focussed entities in the horoscope, the significators for power, those that hold the resources for power or success or wealth or fame or excellence... whatever it may be and in whatever proportion, the evaluation of these facets in the Rāśi/ Rashi Chakra, Navāmśa/ Navamsha Chakra  and the Daśāmśa/Dashamsha Chakra can crisply show the plan in the realm of endeavour.

Transformation, growth, humanity, connection, heights, flights, battling, understanding, forgiving – on each step of the contemporary wakened person’s journey in the Kaliyuga the blessing of the Sages  makes every moment of life more meaningful, more potent and laden with purpose.

We like and need fast, but find ourselves vulnerable at speed, we need to give our best to ourselves and others but cannot find the ways to do that, we want to be able to tell ourselves things about ourselves and do, but there is never enough time and focus together and the answers are inflections of the mind and intellect.

With Vedic astrology the truth resonates deep within and the words disappear. It is a realisation.

Since the horoscope is a map of life it covers everything. This is the reason that the ancient propositions apply so completely irrespective of how much life changes. The Brahmin’s mind changes with the changes in human life and changes so as to interpret new landscape through an old vision, simply by changing the lens every few years or decades or at whatever interval required.

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