Monday, March 11, 2013

Some Thoughts on theTransit of Jupiter & Saturn in 2008-2009 in Vedic/ Indian Astrology

There have been queries as to when a detailed and elaborate paper on this subject shall be written. While that must wait, some thoughts are being placed here.

The first thought is that Guru/ Jupiter is now in Makar/ Capricorn and in this sign it is debilitated. This can have several important ramifications. If Guru is the Dashanath/ the ruler of the Mahadasha or the Major Periodicity operating then this can be significant as the blessing of Guru are likely to undergo a modification. Guru is unconditionally giving and even if powerfully placed in the nativity, its transit into Makar on December 9, 2008 will hamper the coming of wealth, auspiciousness and prosperity. If the native is running an adverse Antardasha and the Bhoga of the two is adverse, then this transit debilitation cannot augur well.

However, if Guru is powerful in the radix as stated above, and the chart is advanced in the terms of spiritual quest then this debility of Guru, can take the native away from conventional and respected oaths albeit only with a view to free the native from conceptions of purity. As musch else, this is dangerous and the elite must be cautious on this path. For the lesser developed nativity ethics and propriety must become major concerns and cautionary areas.

Something else must be mentioned here. Students and others would do well to watch for the Jaimini dictum, Tasmin Uchche Neeche Va Srimantah. Both exalted and debilitated planets can give great wealth. If Guru apart from its natural significations is promising financial abudnance then its transit debility could well be the door to a major windfall. Its debility may invite fallen people and those with intelligence issues, those overly Tamasic and those who swear by pragmatic functionality. Needless to say these qualities are not being equated.

As for Shani in 2008-2009 the Graha continues in Simha Rashi for now and for those with this Lagna, the chanting of the Batuk Bhairava Mantra is advised to protect health, ensure that Vata disorders do not get the better of the native and in order to maintain a positive attitude. The other information about the Gochar, Sade-Sati and Kantak Shani is elsewhere on this website.

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