Monday, March 11, 2013

Understanding the 4th House in Vedic/ Indian Astrology

The 4th House shows the heart of a person. A natural malefic here can indicate a propensity to be cheated in life. One has often found that while dealing with a naturally malefic Graha always check its Chara karakattwa or temporal significations. If such a planet is Atmakaraka or Bhratrikaraka the reading could change from being deceptive himself to beine someone susceptible to such events. The Lagna is also important as it shows the self of the native. The Chandra Lagna, Shubhpati and Paka Lagna have to be similarly investigated. One pointer is that the Navamsha Lagna, more often than not, has an important role to play in the appearance of the native. This could probably be combined with a reading from the Karakamsha Lagna/ Swamsha to glean the inner and soul level attributes as well to come to a fuller understanding both about the native, his actions and those he will probably experience as far as they impact his heart.

Further the 4th House is the nadir or the lowest point of the horoscope as opposed to the 10th Bhāva where the native shines. The 4th House can catch hold of the native in accord with the Rāśi that tenants it and the Grahas that might be placed here.

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