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Vimshottari and other Dashas in Vedic Astrology: Deeper Truths of the Harbingers of Karma

Dashas, generally:
Dashas in Vedic astrology are the harbingers of Karma. The natal Vedic horoscope remains the same from birth to death but it is the Dashas, along with other factors such as transits (Gochara) that fructify different parts of the Karma in the same natal horoscope, and thus change life.

Kinds of Dasha:
Just as there are many intricacies in the Vedic horoscope such as Arudha Padas which were not as well-known a few decades back as they are now, though they have always been pillars of Jyotisha, so too the presence of various kinds of Dashas in the classical literature. Not only are there a host of Dashas, there are numerous factors associated with Dashas which are otherwise not known, and which are to be used for effective analysis of the Karma and predictions emanating therefrom.

Higher works and distinct analysis:
Just as one has been travelling higher in terms of advancement of the works written for consulters over the years, as awareness of principles sets in, these intricacies of Dashas are now being used both in distinct papers as well as parts of these higher and advanced papers, as tools for interpretation.

Specific Dashas:
One has written earlier, and used profusely, some of these Dasha systems based on the configurations in individual horoscopes, and those that have received these works, shall readily recognize the fact. For instance, the Padakrama Dasha or the Narayana Dasha of Rashis has been extensively used where fate or determinism plays a significant role, signs indicating circumstance rather than desire.

Other Dashas such as the Dwisaptati Sama Dasha, Ashtottari Dasha, Dwadashottari Dasha, Chataruasheetika Dasha, Shashtihayani Dasha, and so on, have often been used in private papers as tools for investigation of the unfolding of Karma.

Circumstance and desire:
Desire then is left to the Grahas (planets) and the manifestation of this Karmic desire of the planets manifests through the Dashas of these planets in the various systems based on the Nakshatras occupied by these planets.

Vimshottari Dasha, the Chief:
Be that as it may, the classical literature is distinctly clear in that it is the Vimshottari Dasha, which is the chief among all the other Dashas. Thus, even though conditional Nakshatra Dashas may be applicable in a horoscope, in certain ways the Vimshottari Dasha is always applicable.

The term Dasha indicates and means a state of being. Thus, all Dashas aim to reflect the state of affairs in the horoscope under scrutiny owing to their own operation, and precipitation of the Karma in their realm of operation.

Types of Vimshottari Dasha:
The Dasha that is used most often, and rightly so, is a reflection of the social stimuli, public participation, emotions, and the overall flux of life that pertains to the existence of the native of the horoscope in question. However, advanced Jyotisha is quite clear that there are variants of the general Vimshottari which are to be used in cases where the conditions for their applicability are met.
These are: Utpanna Vimshottari, Kshema Vimshottari, Aadhana Vimshottari and Kevala Vimshottari. Especially for predictive purposes, it is important to use these variations so as to arrive at the correct manifestation of the Karma during the operation of the Mahadasha and Antardashas of the various planets. The conditions for the applicability of these variations are distinct and specific.

Judgment of Results of the Vimshottari Dasha:
Thus, when we consider the Vimshottari Dasha in all its classical splendour, we will discover as we proceed that the judgment of its results does not truly emanate from the popular premise which is commonly understood in the public domain.

Suffice it to say at this juncture that there are numerous considerations such as evaluating the lord of the Dasha in ways that are not popularly known, and then moving on to the lord of the sign which the lord of the Dasha occupies.

Separately, we also consider the various internal and external domains of the application of the Dasha, and then the extension of this principle to the mutual interplay of the Mahadasha and the Antardasha is undertaken applying the same device. All this is largely unknown in the realm of popular astrology, even in its more sincere domains.

In the result, it is clear that the meaningful journey in Vedic astrology involves traversing increasingly rarified though classically astute segments and principles of Vedic astrology, and equally, it is a very rewarding personal journey to try and adhere closely to the works and words of the Rishis.

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Case Study of the Moon sign: Sudden breathing problems and remedies in Vedic astrology

Quite recently, a curious case presented itself. It was surmised that owing to painting and polishing works being carried on in a household, due to the chemicals comprising the materials irritating the system, breathing problems manifested.

These were of a serious nature. There was shortness of breath, frequent bouts of severe coughing at very short intervals and inability to sleep. The medicines prescribed did not really help much and since the constitution of the native was delicate, the medication focusing on asthma caused dryness in the system.

The works could not be discontinued and efforts to distance oneself from the fumes and the smell of the chemicals were futile; relief was not really felt in other houses of friends for one reason or another. Given the high temperatures of the summer, air-conditioning is sorely required. One house of friends was not using air-conditioning since their own physiology reacted adversely to the cold air and caused problems with the skeletal frame and swellings of the joints. In the result, not only was a physiological problem manifesting, but no relief was forthcoming from friends, and family, or any other quarter for that matter, for one reason or another.

Homeopathy treatment was also tried but it did not work.

Given the facts of the situation, a quick solution was required and given the seniority of the person, the health issues had already caused significant psychological turmoil, the problems having carried on for weeks at end.

Since a quick solution was required (within minutes), the issue was studied only from that perspective.

It is evident that currently the Cancer-Capricorn axis is seriously afflicted with highly inimical planets in a situation of a standoff. Cancer/ Karka Rashi is the heart or the thoracic cavity of the Kalapurusha or the Cosmic Man and the station of transit Rahu in Cancer can cause issues in this area of the body.

When Rahu creates problems, diagnosis is difficult, or the treatment does not work; the ambiguity and the enigma of the Nodes makes them and their working difficult to understand. Also Rahu is traditionally associated with breathing problems because when his neck was cut off, so was the respiratory tract. All these indications showed that the problem was rooted in Rahu.

What made this certain was that the natal Moon sign of the native was one of Cancer of Capricorn. With Mars and Ketu in Capricorn, in aspect with Rahu, and Mars and Rahu being highly inimical to each other, the problem was purely a transient one and caused by the opposition of malefic planets.

It is also to be noted that when a detailed study of health or physiological states is done from the natal horoscope, it is always from the natal Moon, as Chandra is the natural significator for the health and physiology of the person. In fact, this is one of the dominant roles of the Moon-sign chart in the Vedic horoscope. 

Two remedies were given. One, an appropriate Mantra to pacify Rahu. On the same evening, the malefic reacted briefly and the situation became acute for a brief while. Soon afterwards, a simple anti-allergic medicine was taken, and sleep followed. The breathing problem practically disappeared and the bouts of coughing etc. were greatly reduced. By comparison, they ceased to trouble the person. The work in the household was still continuing and the person was advised to keep away from the areas where work was continuing to try and void triggering the allergic reaction.

Two, Monday was at hand soon and on Monday, the day of lord Shiva, a compressed form of the Mrityunjaya Mantra was given. With these two remedies, the person recovered at a miraculous rate. At their own choice, all the medication was discontinued immediately given the sensitive constitution of the person, including homeopathic medicine.

In this case, the problem lay elsewhere.

While modern (and perhaps traditional) medicine on the one hand and spiritual-cultural-esoteric-religious disciplines work in different reference frames, and one ought not be and cannot be, a substitute for the other, this case is an illustration of how, despite all the advances in modern medicine, there are occasions when very real, and palpable results are obtained, without more, from a metaphysical system such as Vedic astrology.  

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Difference between Shri Rama vs. Ravana and Sun vs. Rahu in the Vedic Horoscope

There is a common misapprehension that the adversarial stance between the Sun and Rahu in a given horoscope is just a mirror of the battle between Shri Rama and Ravana.

This important correlation between two diametrically opposite Karmic entities in the Vedic horoscope is studied at this link in the highlighted text which is a newsletter written on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami or Dusshehra.

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Jupiter Transit in Libra on September 12, 2017 in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter transit in Libra:
Jupiter, the greatest benefic, moves to Vedic Libra in transit on September 12, 2017.
The Jupiter transit is always noteworthy, since apart from being the greatest benefic, it is an outer planet and changes Rashis only after 13 months or so. Its heavy beneficence, therefore, shifts location and the influence if felt by all in their lives.

The Gurus:
There are two Gurus in Vedic astrology, Jupiter and Venus. Though by their mythic personalities, Jupiter is the preceptor of the Devas and Venus of the Daityas, the Gurus are inscrutable in their working. Their influence in our individual lives is not so readily deciphered as their personalities and portfolios would suggest.

Role of the Gurus in Higher Teaching:
In higher teachings on the subject of the Gurus, it is systematically derived as to which of the two is ruling the material Karma of the individual, and which the spiritual. Therefore, it is quite possible in a given chart that Venus is the one adamant on spiritual insight while Jupiter is insistent on material Karma manifesting. This can completely change the reading of the horoscope at the higher levels. Sometimes the Guru will force his hand and will not let life unfold at all unless his wishes are met.

Transit Chart for the Ingress of Jupiter into Libra:

The Basic Fact of Jupiter in Libra:
Apart from what has been stated above, it is to be remembered that Libra is ruled by Venus, and the two planets are often at loggerheads with each other being advisors of opposite camps. In the result, Jupiter is not comfortable in Libra, which is the 7th House of the natural zodiac. The preceptor feels flummoxed in the Kama Bhava. Doubtlessly, Jupiter will seek to give its blessings but these are fundamentally priestly in nature and may impede the enjoyment of Libra. If in any Libra horoscope, Jupiter is also intent on spirituality then it can be a very enigmatic transit for them. By Libra horoscope is meant a Vedic horoscope with Libra rising in the Lagna. These can be in the nature of a lifting of the veil from over the matters which are governed by Libra, and which were not visible earlier. This may not be a conventionally easy experience. Jupiter does not like what he sees in Libra and a lot will also depend on the natal planets in Libra in any given nativity. This will contribute heavily to the overall texture of experience in this transit. This accompanies the recent transit of Rahu-Ketu to Cancer and Capricorn respectively, which in turn followed the Saturn transit to Sagittarius. Certainly, the movement of all the slow-moving Karmic planets indicates a significant shift in the delivery of Karma for individuals and entities.

Graha Drishti or Planetary Aspects of Transit Jupiter in Libra:
We are considering only the full aspects of Jupiter here though the other aspects of Jupiter are equally important in discerning the influence of the planet. [See, Source Material for Advanced Detailed Chart Analysis by Anurag Sharma]
From its transit station in Libra, Jupiter aspects Aquarius with its 5th House aspect. If Aquarius is afflicted in any horoscope, the delusion inherent in the sign coupled with the affliction, will be dispelled and clarified, due to the aspect of Jupiter. The error, if any, in knowledge-based perception of reality, the future, income, gains and future prospects and hedonistic or philosophical ideals in general have a good chance of being corrected. However, sometimes ignorance is bliss, and when ignorance comes to an end, it can be a testing time.
Jupiter also aspects Gemini with its 9th House aspect and brings religiosity to the sign. Jupiter guides the incessant flow of information to higher ground and the intellectual resources of Gemini may be put to good use. Communications and relations with the peers, acquaintances and siblings are set to undergo a change in an active way. Jupiter’s aspect to Aries is weak and is unlikely to cause any significant change unless other factors in a given horoscope override this.

Rashi Drishti or Sign aspects of Transit Jupiter in Libra:
Jupiter in Libra is very aware of Leo, Aquarius and Taurus, having sign aspect on these Rashis. Sign aspects are a function of awareness. In this sense, Aquarius is very strongly influences by Jupiter. Aquarius is also going to be quite aware of Jupiter in Libra. So for Aquarius Lagna, Jupiter in the 9th House is bringing some major changes through events related to the father, the Gurus or the teachers, students in higher studies and foreign travel. Jupiter is changing the concept of Dharma for them. Similarly, for Libra Lagna since Jupiter is transiting the Lagna itself, the future, children, love affairs, planning and such matters are being put into focus through one’s own thought processes and life circumstances.
For Leo, Jupiter is transiting its Marana Karaka Sthana position showing some problems with the 3rd House significations but Jupiter aspects the sign with Rashi Drishti showing that the awareness and the higher truths pertaining to these events are known to Leo. Taurus is similarly influenced and both for Libra and Taurus Lagna, the other sign will show developments. For example, for Libra, the 8th House of health and chronic conditions, the atmosphere prevailing in the marriage, and other matters are put into focus due to the transit of Jupiter in the Lagna and for Taurus, the 6th House of work and adversarial interaction has the weight of Jupiter in it.
It can be readily seen that a myriad factors must be painstakingly and exhaustively analysed so as to come to a clear picture regarding the contours of life in the horoscope of a given person, when it is studied with all its planets and all the divisional charts; just the basic parameters pertaining to the transit of a single planet are themselves fairly elaborate. In the exhaustive analysis of the natal horoscope, it is nothing less than a crystal-clear picture of Karma which is sought, given the complexity of life across the world in the current times.

Impact of the Jupiter Transit on the Various Lagna/ Ascendants:
It is relative to the twelve Lagna in Vedic astrology that the influence of the transit planet is to be determined. By Lagna is meant the Udaya Lagna or the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth.
As stated above, Libra Lagna is dominantly influenced with the great benefic blessing the sign in its own way. Jupiter is the 3rd and 6th Lord for the Lagna and is a functional malefic and this is another reason why the blessings may not come in the traditionally easy way. Aries Lagna is strongly influenced in a positive way since Jupiter is transiting the 7th House from the Lagna. The attitude to the marriage, spouse and partnerships becomes healthy and guided by higher principles. Both matters relating to income, gains on the one hand and siblings on the other are positively influenced. The darkness and opacity in the minds of friends can be dispelled by the strong Aries during this transit and he can render forthright advice.
Taurus feels the influence largely in work and wealth related matters due to the focus of the planet on the Artha Trikona. Those in knowledge based professions and work will benefit since Jupiter transits through the 6th House and aspects the 10th and the 2nd Houses from the Lagna. Intellectuals gain from the work they put in and shine in their sphere of work as well, though the two facets are not always seen together in life. The Kutumba, or the family, and financial liquidity improve. Gemini sees important developments pertaining to children and it will depend on the natal planets in Libra as to the nature of events which transpire. Religion and belief in God, and a change in the way the world is perceived are significant shifts in life.
Cancer has the transit in the 4th House where Jupiter feels exalted but the sign is Libra and the happiness is short-lived. Again its basic discomfort in Libra will be conditioned by the natal planets placed there. Jupiter is a planet of spiritual illumination and in the 4th House of home and the heart, these areas could be illuminated for the better in the long run. This transit is about feeling and emotions. Jupiter aspects the 8th House and the 12th House, both quite personal houses. The 8th is Aquarius where the light of Jupiter shines bright to dispel the confusion and the 12th is Gemini, where personal interaction receives the benefic rays of the planet.
Leo has an interesting time of it because Jupiter is the 8th Lord in the 3rd House in Marana Karaka Sthana. Siblings, Karma, peers, neighbours, writing, and certain personal matters come to the fore. Awareness is a key word due to the sign aspect. Since Jupiter is in Marana, a person indicated by the Libra in the 3rd House could be going through a difficult time during this transit, should their horoscopes so indicate.
Virgo feels empty as Jupiter exits the sign and family and money come into sharp focus. Here too matters pertaining to work and status in society are at the forefront. It will depend as to which planet is placed in Libra in the natal horoscope. Due to the indifferent mood of Jupiter in Libra, a difficult planet in Libra could prove testing as the person will suddenly see the higher perspective pertaining to wealth and family matters. Scorpio has Jupiter in the 12th House which is good for expenses on the right things and for new beginnings in anything in life. Like Cancer Lagna, emotions are feelings are at the forefront during this transit. The difficult home situation receives the grace of Jupiter and so do matters which decide the continuance of the marital alliance. These are all helpful inputs from Jupiter in these areas.
Sagittarius has Jupiter in the 11th House which is the Karaka Bhava for Jupiter and despite being in Libra, Jupiter will help friendships, social participation and income. Personal matters, marriage and relationships come into focus with minor influences on children and future planning.
Capricorn has Jupiter in the 10th House which is excellent for an elevated attitude to work. Like Virgo, it is the Artha Trikona which comes into focus and work, sustenance and status in life become important areas of focus.
Aquarius has been discussed elsewhere but additionally the self and luck and fortune will be the matters which will influence this Lagna the most. Pisces transforms itself with Jupiter in the 8th House. The marriage receives the blessings of Ganga Jala. People start investing in the markets and taking loans for projects. The emotional structuring of the individual may change due to the influence on the Jala Tattwa if this is indicated at the given time in a Pisces Lagna Vedic horoscope.
As for the impact on the Arudha Lagna (AL), Jupiter is basically good for Virgo Arudha, where it blesses the wealth and shows the right ways to earn and manage the liquidity in pragmatic ways. Gemini Arudha has excellent future planning in this period and children excel. Pisces AL benefits due to the excellent worldly situation of the spouse. Sagittarius AL gets great income from wonderful sources in the best possible way.
This is an important transit and ought to be considered in any serious interpretation of the natal horoscope. If Jupiter is ruling any major Dasha system, then it becomes all the more significant.    

Anurag Sharma
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Planets at the time of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Verdict

When the Gurmeet Ram Rahim verdict of guilty was pronounced on August 25, 2017 and violence broke out in parts of the country, the transit Moon was in Virgo, joined the greatest benefic in the zodiac, Jupiter.

Many could find this confusing at the outset but the confusion would not be well-founded in Vedic astrology. As we often write, the more advanced works at this resource also delve deeper into the nature of the signs and the planets.

Virgo is the 6th House of the natural zodiac and also deals with illness, debts and enemies and punishment as well. The concept of Danda comes from here. So, we need to be clear that Virgo houses all the malefic potential that may be expected from any 6th House in any nativity and these 6th Houses only follow and copy the potential of Virgo.

A mention of Virgo generally reminds us of Mercury but we forget that Rahu has its Moolatrikona in Virgo. The most devious of the planets goes to work in the domain of Virgo. It is with this fact that many of the less-palatable prospects in Virgo come to the fore.

Rahu and Mars were forming an incendiary Yoga in Cancer at the time. Cancer indicates the home and the homeland, the mother and the motherland.The sign has been brought into focus by the recent transit of Rahu-Ketu

Both Rahu and Mars were in the Gandanta, or in the junction, between Cancer and Leo. When Rahu and Mars are conjoined a war breaks out and this is what happened in certain cities of India on the day. There were widespread incidents of murder, looting and arson precipitated by the conflicting conjunction of Rahu and Mars.

The seemingly benign conjunction of Moon and Jupiter is not so. The taint comes with an element of reciprocity between the Moon and Rahu, since the Moon is placed in the bastion of Rahu and Rahu is afflicting Cancer ruled by the Moon. The net effect is that Jupiter receives the influence of Rahu while Moon receives the influence of Mars and Venus. There is a double Rudra Yoga.

The Rudra Yoga formed by Mars-Moon and Moon-Venus and the affliction of Venus by Mars reflected the facts that the conviction was for the offence of rape, and that the violence broke out as an expression of entirely misplaced emotional outrage. The gullible masses and the so-called followers of the convict indulged in wanton and willful breach of the peace and of law causing irreversible damage to life and property.

Leo, the seat of power is hemmed in a Papakartari Yoga especially due to the reciprocal influences generated by the Moon and Rahu. The Guru-Chandala Yoga ensures that religious or spiritual sentiment is corrupted and vitiated to lead to loss of life and the Rudra Yogas damages vehicles, buildings and the minds of people, all being significations of the 4th House, which Cancer is, in the natural zodiac.

The Sun is strong in Leo indicating that the governments in question are in no danger of being incapable of meeting the situation but the conjunction with retrograde Mercury which has caused so many communication problems, led to the perception that the highest functionaries were mute spectators. Saturn’s aspect does not help the situation at all.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Transit of Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn in Vedic Astrology

Rahu, the planet of past Karma and desires is changing signs, and so is its diametric opposite Ketu. This happens on August 18, 2017. Rahu is moving from Leo to its counterpart Cancer, while Ketu is moving from Aquarius to Capricorn, again linked by the fact that these signs are ruled by Saturn.
Rahu was hitherto influencing decisions impacting the future, children, prowess and aggrandizement, while the focus shifts now to home, emotions, matters of the heart, properties and such significations associated with Cancer.
Ketu was causing mistakes pertaining to hedonism and taking the broad philosophical stand, sometimes for the sake of correctness only. Ketu brought to full throttle the great affection that unfathomable obstacles have towards human beings. Now, Ketu inspires spirituality through mistakes in work, attitude to work, illness, airy-fairy notions relating to actual professional output and such matters contingent on correct exertions.
The additional facet to be noted here is that Rahu aspects with desire while Ketu being the significator for emancipation cannot be bothered with any such aspect.
Rahu aspects Leo and matters related to home may influence children and the future, and other matters associated with Leo. Of course, much will depend on the house positions of Cancer and Leo in any given nativity. It can go on to mean things like a whirlwind relationship having great sway on life circumstances and a variety of other things based on the aforesaid house positions.
Rahu aspects Capricorn and creates the desire for work, and for performance and growth in work. This desire should be kept on an even keel to prevent Ketu from showing the door towards release through developments related to work, unless that is what one seeks.
Again, much will depend on where these two signs of Cancer and Capricorn are in the horoscope to discern specific areas of focus and operation of the two Karmic malefics. Rahu also aspects Scorpio and Pisces with its planetary aspects and Scorpio is its sign of debility of longevity. Apart from health considerations, matters governed by Scorpio could show short time span of fructification of events or cessation of these matters with some speed, if this is otherwise indicated in the natal charts.
Likewise, Rahu will seek to colour the pristine waters of Pisces with its influences, because it is opposed to Jupiter. Some jolt to the belief-system, hiccups in foreign travel and doubts relating to the validity of religion and spirituality could be precipitated.
Karma is shifting.
The change comes with the peculiar collision course of Rahu and Sun which is manifesting at the time of the transit. Rahu is moving backwards to Cancer and colliding with the great luminary, the Sun, as it moves from Cancer to Leo. The junction of the two signs is Gandanta and people have felt great conflict in some manner during this period.  


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ravi Shastri- Yogas in his Vedic Astrology Horoscope

Cricket fundamentals:
Ravi Shastri has always been in the news. Whether it was his beginning as a slow, left-arm orthodox bowler or his growth as an all-rounder, he has almost always been at the forefront of events.

Recently, he has been appointed head-coach of the Indian cricket team after being a notable presence in the commentary-box. Ravi Shastri helped the Indian cricket team earlier with his distinctive style and came out with flying colours. He has not been shy of taking up the mantle despite the unseemly controversy between the former coach Anil Kumble, and the captain Virat Kohli.
Almost immediately he appears to have done away with the appointment of Rahul Dravid as one who would give inputs from the batting perspective, and Zaheer Khan, who would give inputs from the bowling perspective.

World Stage:
Ravi Shastri has played County cricket in the past and also worked on the international stage as an ambassador.  

From batting lower down in the order, Shastri graduated to opening the innings for India. He won the ‘Champion of Champion’ award in Australia and brought back an Audi, which in the day was a very conspicuous thing in India. He shares the rare record of hitting Tilak Raj for six sixes in an over in a first-class game.

Karma from the Vedic Horoscope:
The events in life having been notable, it is axiomatic that Shastri have the Karma which has brought the said events about. Let us then see the Rashi chart of the Vedic horoscope which is given below:

Before we start, we must note that the term Yoga is too lightly used in Vedic astrology. Of course, the coming together of two entities in Jyotisha amount to yoking and almost invariably we can discern its impact. But that is not even the tip of the iceberg. The classical literature in Vedic astrology is replete with the specific impact of Yogas and it should be clearly understood that Yogas are a distinct and major subject in Vedic astrology, and furnish the subject-matter of inquiries which must be undertaken independently due to the sheer width, magnitude and real-life impact that they entail. 
Thus sobered by this knowledge, let us look at this chart as we usually do, noting the coming together of entities but also realising today, that there is a whole substratum of Yogas in any given horoscope which must be strictly interpreted according to the Shlokas in the classical texts and which then dictates the entire fabric of Karma. That level of study and interpretation of the horoscope cannot be given here for a variety of reasons. Even so, let us continue. 

The Sun is in the Lagna and being the significator of prowess and fame, gives precisely that to Ravi Shastri. The fact that he shines can directly be linked to the Sun in the Lagna, and Sun is the Karaka of the Lagna as well.

The fundamental aspect of Yoga tells us that Budha-Aditya or Nipuna Yoga is formed due to the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury and gives high intelligence and expertise in the chosen vocation. Mercury is also the Karaka for speech and communication, explaining a part of his career very well.
Mercury is retrograde showing that this aspect of communication has been cultivated with hard work and did not come very naturally to him. At the basic level we can also see that Mercury is a first-rate benefic for Taurus Lagna and its placement in the Lagna is excellent.

The basic understanding of Rajayoga also reveals that since Surya is the lord of a quadrant and Budha the lord of a trine, their association yields Rajayoga and that too in the Lagna. [One will take the Rajayoga at the cost of a receding hairline, which the Agni of the Sun in Lagna will give without gender discrimination.]

Excellence in the career:
The 10th House from the Lagna is the career, and is the Swarga or heaven of the chart. Any planet here will give good results, as a rule of thumb. We find the oft-celebrated Gajakesari Yoga which is profound being in the 10th House. Also, planets in mutual quadrants are co-workers and support each others’ endeavours, which makes Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Moon helpful to each other. The results of the association of Jupiter and Moon are very auspicious and would have given a spotless life but for the exchange between Rahu and Moon.

The Moon in the 10th House is an excellent placement as the mind, social bearings, popularity and the human factor in life are at their highest. It is no wonder then that Ravi Shastri has enjoyed the popular acclaim that he has.

Rahu and Moon:
The exchange between Rahu and Moon changes things and brings in controversy and worse because the Moon gets tainted with the energies of the malefic Node. Rahu indicates shock, deceit, deviation from the norm, loss of protection and such things. These matters will have their say in his life and shape his personality. He is known to be stern and quick to take offence, probably because he found out the price of letting things be, when life dished out inexplicable and unpalatable things to him.
Rahu joining Jupiter in the 10th House owing to the exchange forms an adverse Yoga, the Guru-Chandala Yoga which will make it hard to form a reliable value system with which to navigate life. Counsel is required but may not be forthcoming. There is a chance of charlatans entering life if counsel is sought without due diligence, owing to the problems with the latter Yoga.

Image and visible life:
The Parivartana Yoga between the Moon and Rahu impacts the image and visible life because Rahu is in the Arudha Lagna. He has been seen as a person who has not cared for convention (Rahu), his earlier personal relationships were the focus of much public attention and scrutiny and generally the image was dominated by Rahu. But due to the exchange, Moon comes to its own sign in the Arudha Lagna pushing out the earlier perception and giving genuine, clean and conventional acclaim and popularity which are matters governed by a strong Moon. But he will never be too far from controversy because of this exchange. 

There is Kala Sarpa Yoga in the chart as all planets are between Rahu and Ketu and virtually everything is Karmic in life. It is excellence in the Lagna which breaks the Yoga.

Personal life and relationships:
Rightly or wrongly, this aspect of his life has been much discussed and Venus in the 2nd House from the Lagna, as the Karaka for relationships and marriage can contribute to this. The 2nd house from the Lagna is the 8th from the 7th House of relationships and thus adversely disposed to the latter, especially as Venus rules these as the significator.

The 7th Lord Mars has gone to the 12th House which forms his philosophy of ‘Work hard and party harder’.

It was evidently falsely reported in the media that the couple had filed for divorce because Shastri categorically denied it. Anyhow, the Upapada Lagna showing manifest realities of marriage is in the 9th House in malefic Capricorn and has Saturn and Ketu in it. The length of the marriage is seen from the 2nd House from the Upapada Lagna which is protected by the Gajakesari Yoga. The reason why the reports emerged in the media is because of the exchange between Moon and Rahu which brings Rahu to the 2nd from the Upapada and fosters doubts and discussions and these of rumours.

The Navmasha:
The Navamsha is the real test but here it is a pre-requisite that each very serious matter of the heart be tabulated and recorded for these tend to exhaust (apart from the human heart) the relevant reference-points in the horoscope. Suffice it to say that the 7th House in the Navamsha with the given time of birth has a debilitated Rahu.

even a fundamental view of the Yogas can yield an accurate portrayal of the Karma in life. Further, and deeper, Venus for certain reasons indicates that he should always retain professional proximity with companies.
Mars shows whatever may happen at the metaphysical level he will always be accepted as a leader of all he surveys since Mars is in the 10th House from the Arudha Lagna in Aries, and for some other crucial reasons apart from that.
Deeper Yogas:
The deeper Yogas are steps that are to be climbed so proportionally escalate the understanding of the chart, and of life in general. Since one step is higher than the other, there is great significance implicit in this seemingly simple fact. Due to this, these are required to be studied at an entirely different level of appreciation and understanding.


Anurag Sharma,

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Landmark Changes in Life and Vedic Astrology

Life-transition and change simpliciter:

In life, we often place great importance on times of landmark changes in life, or life-transitions, and since Vedic astrology is concerned with this life and everything connected with it, these life-transitions become an important area of focus and investigation in this spiritual art.

It is often that the individual asks, ‘when will things change and in what way’, and more infrequently in times of great fulfillment, ‘how long will this great streak continue, and what follows after this’.

A life-transition is a larger concept than that of mere change, as changes are implicit at smaller levels, in general life itself. They may be notable or may not be notable, but a life-transition is an alteration of the very framework in which existence continues. Needless to say then, it is a fundamental factor in life which alters directions, areas of focus, ways of thinking and being, goals and ambitions in any permutation and combination depending upon the placements in the various charts in the Vedic horoscope.

Life-transitions and Vedic astrology:

Since life-transitions, and all significant changes, are essentially dynamic concepts, the foremost tool with which to study these is also the dynamic facet of the various and numerous Dasha (periodicity) systems in Vedic Astrology. Since they capture these momentous changes, Dashas do so by changing themselves, and thus the frequent refrain ‘my Dasha has changed’. ‘Dasha’, the word means ‘state of being’ and it is self-evident that changes in the state of our being, and that of matters around us in our lives, are well reflected in the changing Dashas.

But this is not to say that these momentous changes are captured by the changing Dashas only; to be sure, there are numerous other factors in classical Jyotisha which are to be used to understand the unraveling of the Karmic fabric during this life. One such is the age of maturity of the Grahas (planets) and the Bhavas (houses). Others such as that age of maturity of planets in conspicuous Yogas such as the Kala-Sarpa Yoga and the Kala-Amrita Yoga are highly pertinent and can override Dashas in some cases.

It is also to be remembered that there are scores of Dasha systems in Vedic astrology and often we are to use more than one system to gauge the precise nature and tenor of the changes that are to manifest in life. It is true that Vimshottari Dasha is universally applicable to all charts in the Kaliyuga but the other systems can be at least equally, if not more efficacious, given the specifics of a particular horoscope.

Consider for a moment, the deterministic Padakrama Dasha or the Narayana Dasha which is a Dasha of signs, rather than planets. It brings changes in the environment itself within which we live and function. If life-transition appears to be at hand, the change in environment and its duration can be a very significant tool with which to understand such changes. The various other Nakshatra Dashas taught by Parashara and the other classical writers are no less important; some of these apply only in certain specified set of planetary placements and other features in the horoscope. They are also to be used for specific purposes and can majorly aid the understanding of deep changes in life. 

What this means, exactly:

The foregoing discussion means that with the change in Dasha, the influence of a particular planet or sign changes. That of one planet or sign may cease and another may begin to operate. Technically, in the Dashas, they do cease and commence, but the word ‘may’ is used to account for the varying levels in the strength of the planet and of the signs. As far as the planets are concerned, this aspect is covered by the subject of Bala (strength) and is one of the most major parts of traditional Jyotisha. 

There are deep secrets here, which is why elaboration was omitted from the otherwise exhaustive depictions of all the things that go on to comprise the Advanced Detailed Chart Analysis ( The reason for giving technical details in this paper is to indicate all the things which form this very deep study of the horoscope. While the Detailed Chart Analysis itself is an exhaustive and advanced study of the charts in the horoscope, at the Advanced level, the understanding of life through a still far deeper investigation of the Karma, rises exponentially as a construct of the various colours of Karma. This is of great value for contemporary life owing to its complexity and thus when we use practically all the knowledge available in the works of Parashara to embark on this ambitious project, for it is nothing less, then we are truly one with the Karmic code of our present existence.  

Still, the main takeaway from this paper thus far, for the reader is that if the lord of the Dasha of a period which is to commence or has just commenced is strong then its impact will be felt in full and if this planet should be concerned with matters quite different from the lord of the preceding Dasha, then very significant changes in life will follow.    

Nakshatra Dashas are concerned with how the mind interprets the stimuli coming from the society but if these are conditional Nakshatra Dashas then life-transitions have to be viewed through the prism of specific things that these Dashas are concerned with.

Similarly, the more fated and deterministic environmental aspects of the change are to be seen from the Rashi Dashas. If the Dasha Rashi is ruled by a strong planet or houses a strong planet and Bhava from the Lagna, and is different in inclination from the preceding Dasha of another sign, then too the focus of life shall change in the way situations present themselves, and the context in which they do so.

Just as a particular way of being is attaining culmination, and another is set to commence, we are in a time, the quality of which is termed Dasha Chhidra. This is like a strainer through which the current quality is seeping out and the new one is coming in. It is curious to see the way in which it manifests in horoscope. It works like the flipping of an electric switch and the environment changes. It is a delicate time and is to be navigated with knowledge and awareness for it lays the groundwork for a possible more extensive homogenous period. 

Many of you have experienced the great efficacy and utility of the Tithi Pravesha Cakra Analysis, which is highly relevant tool to understand and work with landmark changes in life. Tithi is comprised of the Jala Tattwa, the element of flow governing, flux, social interaction, finances, well-being, relationships and such crucial factors. A competent way to understand the working of this device is that even Antaradashas are quite long and the entire duration is not composed of identical themes and events. A more accurate portrayal of what is likely to come to pass is derived through the annual horoscope, especially in view of its core areas of operation. 

As we start thinking at deeper levels, we will unravel a myriad factors,  which are pertinent in context of life transitions. The transits, especially of the major outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn, the Karmic Nodes, Rahu and Ketu and of dominant Dasha planets cannot be overlooked. At this website, there are numerous works detailing the vast impact of the Saturn transits and the Jupiter transits.

Then there is the question of considering the correct fulcrum or reference point amongst the Sun, Moon and the Lagna. There is a whole system of Jyotisha which emanates simply from the luminaries and if not expressly in every work written, then inwardly and for proper insight into major components of life, such as wealth, purpose of life, health, contributions to the world, innate traits to fulfill destiny, opportunities and so on and so forth. In fact, when we use Yogas in higher works, they become crucially relevant when reckoned from the luminaries as they are the royalty amongst the cabinet of the Grahas and generally tend to hold overarching  sway over matters. When we speak of significant or landmark changes in life, we cannot overlook this aspect.

I have always emphasized the great role of the Arudha Padas in nativities simply because the great Parashara has given so much time and space to this topic. How could it be otherwise, for we learn that these are but the precipitates of the metaphysics inherent in the various Bhavas or houses from the Lagna. That which is risen and manifest is what is considered by the world and since we are in the world, the Arudhas are or primary importance. Some crucial facets pertaining to the Arudhas have advisedly not been released in the public domain, including in the paper cited above, and are being given privately in consulting either exclusively on this aspect, or expressly including this aspect.

The finer details and specifics in distinct areas of life come only through an independent as well as correlated study of the divisional charts or the Vargas Chakras. By definition, landmark changes or life-transitions must occur in given area (s) of life and if that be so then these must be unraveled through the relevant divisions in the Vedic horoscope.

One could go on and on if it were not for the usual constraints of time and space, the continuum which prescribes and circumscribes.

In one horoscope, a long Dasha for example, came to an end and as it usually happens, in the Dasha Chhidra, a latent dissatisfaction peaked and led to decision-making which tied in perfectly with the onset of the new Dasha. Since the very variables and the substratum which would go on to define the new reality were changing in various ways, this was a difficult time. The new realities were ostensibly better than the old but then Saturn was transiting crucial references in the horoscope, including the Arudha Padas. So, this tied in with the essential vulnerability of initial change. What decided the course of events in the interim, were challenging Tithi Pravesha Cakra in succession over three years. While the change was challenging, Karma sometimes has reasons for a particular design over a specific time-period. If things happen slowly, and with challenges, but lead to good or better things than before, then it is often to further smelt base metal into a precious one, and to prepare the recipient with humility for the blessings that are to unfold, or are unfolding even simultaneously with the slow burn. It is in this manner that life inflections are properly examined.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Good Example of Neechabhanga or Cancellation of Debilitation

A Good Example of Neechabhanga or Cancellation of Debilitation

A  Study in Vedic Astrology Transits

Anurag Sharma

Table of Contents

With Mercury debilitated in transit currently in Pisces, it may have given cause for concern that rationality and the numerous skills, associated with the protean planet, would go askew. A debilitated planet or Neecha Graha is at its lowest ebb and as a rule of thumb, predisposed to furnishing challenging results. It is said to be a fish that dirties the pond.  
However, Mercury is not alone in Pisces but is joined Venus.  Venus is exalted in the sign Pisces and is predisposed to giving its best results since its highest aspirations find fulfillment in the sign of the sages. However, Venus too has a complexity which must be noted and that is its retrograde motion at the present time. Not only does the planet appear to be going backwards in time but is liable to precipitate events laced with the past or actually emanating from the past. Venus governs relationships of a particular sort and also everything that glitters in the created world. Furthermore, the lordships of Venus and house placement during transit, not just from the Ascendant but also the Arudha Lagna, would become germane in pronouncing the results of the phenomena.

Retrograde planets tend to act from the sign opposite to their station. Venus acts, therefore, from Virgo, its sign of debility. So, while it cancels the debilitation of the conjoined Mercury, its own results will be that of a debilitated planet.  Mercury will work excellently- reception of knowledge and wisdom, learning, expressing, executing skills, and such related matters will shine at their best. Venus, and matters of the romantic heart in general, must travel through a less than glittering pond.

To add to the melee, we find that Mercury is in exchange with a retrograde Jupiter. In effect, Mercury is acting from its sign is exaltation due to the exchange with the greatest benefic and is therefore giving excellent results, especially to those with a powerful Mercury in the nativity.

Jupiter, both due to the retrogression and the Parivartana Yoga with Mercury is acting from Pisces, its own sign and is therefore at the apex of benign grace. People of significant learning in all walks of life are the ones to approach during this transit arrangement.
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