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Application of Shadbala in Vedic Astrology

We have written about Shadbala and its crucial importance in predictive Vedic astrology at the advanced levels-

The importance is implicit in the fact that Bala or strength of a planet shows the inherent ability to influence matters within its domain in the horoscope, and thus in life.

But the importance of Shadbala is actually due to the intricacies of its application. This is the reason for our stating that the secrets of Shadbala will not be disclosed even in the privacy and seclusion of consulting. The secrets, hitherto unrevealed, pertain to the rules of application which make Shadbala what it is. Also, as we have stated, Bala comes from Hanuman, the epitome of strength in Hinduism, and to treat the source of strength (Shadbala) without proper respect is to fall foul of the mace of Hanuman.

It is realm such as Shadbala which really deflects our attention from the dominant perspective that centres itself on the Lagna and gives us a standard way of looking at the Rashi Chakra. Bala truly tells us that life does not really manifest only in standard ways but is replete with a myriad perspectives, all more important than the other, especially since all flow directly from the higher echelons of the Shastra.

Let us only take three areas of application, for the purposes of illustration. There are strengths in the system of Shadbala, which are focussed completely on the extent to which a particular kind of planetary strength gives a semblance of power to the native. In other words, this measure of strength gives the native, through the planet, the power to influence the minds of a large number of people, through the significations of the planet. Obvious achievement in society and its deciphering become greatly assisted when this measure of strength is studied and applied in accordance with the system of application given above.

An extremely important measure of strength is related to how and when things of note happen to individuals. This measure of strength is rooted in the filtering of potential through the prism of Time which renders it kinetic. To put it differently, this measure of strength not only indicates which Dashas in the chart are likely to yield fruits if they should be promised, but also how the potential itself is arrayed in crucial areas of life. An instance could be work. We are always looking at the 10th Lord and the 10th House and the Karakas and so on, and so we must, but there are measures of strength which can give us unparalleled insight into achievement and work related application through this system, which insight cannot otherwise be had.

[Note: Some of these calculations are not correctly given in the modern softwares and may have to be separately computed, a brief foray into which gives us an idea of the sort of mathematics our ancestors were doing in the Vedic era.]

Finally, we can look at overarching indications through the Shadbala, if these should manifest in the horoscope. These would indicate overwhelmingly strong abilities and things of that nature. Strengths in this segment can show prowess in one or more avenues of life. This reveals the consequences of knowingly or unknowingly following the agenda of a planet in quite a magnificent way. If this is one end of the diameter, then the other must necessarily show injurious settings in life if such strengths should be lacking and will damage that area of life through the weakness of the planet.
Bala gives the real picture of what a Graha holds within it for a native and without this we cannot really know the basic intent and purport of the planet.

Anurag Sharma
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Shadbala- Six Measures of Planetary Strength in Vedic Astrology

When the discerning neophyte is able to interpret the placements of planets from the Lagna, certainly perspective accrues and he is able to form an opinion about a variety of matters, and this holds true even if we were to restrict our study to the Rashi Chakra.

There is, of course, no reason to restrict the study to the Rashi Chakra, for we do know by now that the true elixir of Vedic astrology is to be found in its stalwart Vargas or the divisional charts. Every specific of life, in any segment thereof, may be found in these divisional charts.

But if we deflect our present line of discussion slightly, every now and then, amongst people seriously evaluating their lives through Vedic astrology, the sentiment does rise, and is expressed in conversation in a myriad ways, and this is the curioisoty as to what might truly be, Karmically, inside a given planet, as it were.

In other words, apart from its lordship and placement and relationships, the question which arises in the minds of many people is: what is a planet in itself,  in the horoscope and life of a given person in the reference frame of the destiny that it promises to deliver on its own part in those realms. People do ask, if a planet which is well-disposed, is capable of doing so to the utmost, and in the process alter the life of the individual significantly. Conversely, the question which often besets the mind of the thinking individual is, whether a planet which is ill-disposed, would be less problematic if it were somehow inwardly weak, or strong.

This intuitive insight into the internal world of a planet is not misplaced or ill-advised but is rather one of the highest and best kept secrets in traditional Vedic astrology. Secret, not insofar as its existence is concerned, but most definitely a secret when it comes to its usage. The matter of which we speak is that of the six-fold strength or the Shadbala of the planet.

There are six crucial measures of the strength of a planet which comprise its internal universe of strengths and weaknesses, and therefore its core, and this is of the utmost importance at the increasingly higher levels of Vedic astrology when it comes to the role and impact of the planets in any given nativity.

There are ambiguities in the computation of these strengths in the minds of technical people which lead to softwares computing it differently. This area of Vedic astrology is wholly classical and like much of Vedic astrology at this level is tied closely to the religious truths of Hinduism. When we appreciate this fact, we realise that the correct ways of both computation and application are those that are closely aligned with scripture.

Shadbala sounds like a subtle and internal matter, and is, but is equally pragmatic and dynamic in its application. The principles pertaining to its proper understanding and application are not given anywhere in any text and are protected by the mace of Hanuman. This is knowledge which comes by the grace of the Gurus and is so precious that it can completely illuminate the horoscope in a new, divine light.

Apart from its glorious nature, the subject of strength derives further importance from the fact that the six-fold strengths of the planets are far more numerous than just six because the fundamental divisions have very many sub-divisions which truly elucidate matters in such a way that the understanding of the chart, and thus of life will never be relegated to the previous levels even if someone has been walking the relatively high path in Vedic astrology.

It should be very clear that we would not be divulging the secrets which make the Bala what it is, in consulting, as they rightly belong with Hanuman, but shall be applying the Bala fully in certain cases where papers such as the Advanced Detailed Chart Analysis, and others of a similar trajectory are being written, so that the intended Jyoti or illumination is fully in evidence and the benefit thereof is derived to the utmost.

We have written about these advanced works previously, including at- and at

The point is, that in these works composed at the higher trajectories, depending on the nature of the chart at hand, and the nature of the concerns which are most fundamental in the lives of the consulters, we shall be delving into the Bala (s), (without exposing their secret core)  which is most crucial given the facts, and that of those planets especially which require a measurement and understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and above all, the application of those to the chart and life of the native of the horoscope.

Anurag Sharma
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Advanced Techniques for Timing of Events in Vedic Astrology

The ages of maturity of the planets as well as the houses in Vedic astrology are of great importance when it comes to deriving the probable times of fructification of matters. These can be further combined with certain conspicuous aspects in horoscopes as we illustrate in this article: specifics in the Charakaraka Chakra can entail massive changes in life in the areas governed.

People are generally quite enamoured of the Vimshottari Dasha as a tool for timing in the current climes. While this Dasha system is astute for the Kaliyuga, we have oftentimes insisted that the other stalwart Dasha systems explained by Maharshi Parashara in the main, and by others, must be used as well, quite often independently of the Vimshottari Dasha. Leading examples are the conditional Dasha systems which operate only in stated circumstances obtaining in the horoscope and Dashas such as the Tithi Ashtottari Dasha, used in Hindu annual horoscope, or the Tithi Pravesha Cakra analyses.

The Padakrama Dasha or the Narayana Dasha is understood to be the king of the Dashas for the reason that it explains the deterministic and fated circumstances rather than the societal and emotional stimuli that hold sway over the Nakshatra based Dasha systems like the Vimshottari Dasha.

But let us quickly revert to the opening premise. In one case, the unfolding of Karma in the Vedic horoscope was being evaluated through the Charakarakas. Discerning readers will recall our writing on the subject and extensive use in consulting as well. In the given case, there was a Charakaraka (CK) replacement occurring. This happens when two or more Grahas are at the same degree of longitude of arc traversed, and the difference is only between the minutes or seconds of arc.

Charakarakas, it needs to be remembered, are the soul level indicators of various matters in life and are listed in descending order based on their longitude irrespective of the signs, from the Atmakaraka (AK) to the Darakaraka (DK).

The AK is the King of any horoscope, according to Parashara, and indicates the self of the person at the soul level. It is the primary Karmic identity of the person in this lifetime, and an extremely potent indicator of what is coming by way of unexpended Karma with the soul. A brief description of the CK is given below for immediate reference as to the primary function of the Charakarakas:

- [ ] AK: Soul, Identity, King when it comes to Karma
- [ ] AmK (Amatya): Work, career, profession, colleagues and any connected matter
- [ ] BK (Bhratri): Siblings, guiding philosophy, Guru
- [ ] MK (Matri): Mother
- [ ] PiK (Pitri): Father, elders, authorities
- [ ] PK (Putra): Progeny, followers, disciples
- [ ] GK (Jnati): Community
- [ ] DK (Dara): Relationships

In the given horoscope one of the planets involved in the replacement was Rahu, the north node of the Moon. The individual was adept with Jyotisha work and frequently examined his own horoscope from time to time. We were informed that close to the forty fourth year after birth, he chanced upon this aspect of the horoscope for the very first time. Of course, the various astrologers who had happened to examine the horoscope had also not pointed out this aspect. Without entering into the query as to whether the said examiners were privy to this aspect of Jyotisha or not, we can readily appreciate the working of Karma in the event that has transpired.

The Nodes mature between 42-45 years of age and Rahu especially matures at 44 or 45 years of age. Rahu, in the said horoscope was so adamant on concealing this fundamental change in life till his own maturity age.

Charakarakas indicate the experience at the soul level in various areas of life and we know, in Hinduism, everything is but the Karma which the soul must discharge through birth and death. Rahu in the given horoscope, through the replacement will overtake the Graha responsible for certain matters in the horoscope and needless to say, this will completely alter the scenario in these two chosen realms in life. In this case, we know that the change is going to manifest externally as well in the form of events pertaining to life areas that are impacted by the two Grahas in the same degree.

In a soul level alteration, the newly arriving planet will begin to indicate the realm in accordance with its own significations rather than those of the Graha which was ruling them hitherto. The timing of the change, as we have seen in this case was guided by the maturity of Rahu. Sometimes this can happen with a change in Dasha and thus the dynamics associated with it. At other times, this can happen with the maturity of a Bhava reckoned from the Lagna.

Now, let us assume that a fundamental change such as this influences the career. Can it not be one of the most important events in life to have the soul level Karma completely alter the scenario and at the time indicated by the rampant Graha arriving with its tail up.

At the more rarefied realms in classical Jyotisha (Vedic astrology) we know that such a development can influence the Arudha Pada in significant ways and so the very framework of all life henceforth can change. This is a step up and beyond from cases where one becomes a Karmayogi or some event completely changes areas of life that are influenced by such a development.

What do we mean by a step up and beyond? Sometimes, when such an event influences the Pada heavily, the changes of the type enumerated above, will be transcended and the resultant life environment itself, in all areas of manifestation in social and financial life will be a novel one. While it is true that the specialised advanced work on the Arudha Pada commenced in 2016 does not envisage these increasingly subtle correlations, developments such as these when identified by us in horoscopes studied, compel us to visualise such associations becoming a part of elevated work at some point in the future.

When we were ruminating on this, another horoscope we had seen years back came to mind where the BK and MK have such a CK replacement in the offing. We cannot say much here except that we feel this too is about to happen based on the age of maturity of the planets involved. Further, the overarching impact on the Pada (Arudha Lagna or the Arudha Chakra) is also a certainty in the chart we have in mind. What will happen? Life will become unrecognisable from what it has been thus far, in actual fact. All references with which recognition has been accorded to the precious areas in life must factor in a sea-change. Unless one is acutely aware of workings of Karma in this manner, the core attributes cannot be identified which is a serious problem.

It is a serious problem because when such a major change occurs at the soul-level in manifest areas of life, which govern immediate human experience, it is very difficult to assimilate in the absence of proper guidance. To make it explicit, BK will involve siblings, and just in case there are none, then the guiding philosophy of life; tinkering with the life fabric of a sibling, or losing one's religion, neither can be deemed an easy experience. On the other scale is the MK- the mother or the nourisher of life.

This is simply the tip of the iceberg. What will actually happen simply from this perspective, will vary from case to case, and if we include the Arudha Pada, then the picture becomes a vast, elaborate one which must be deciphered in order for life to be understood, visualised and appreciated in its correct, renewed contours.

Anurag Sharma
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Going to the Core of Classical Vedic Astrology

Advanced Work in Vedic Astrology:
Over the years we have assiduously adhered to the classics of Vedic astrology in working to dispel some of the opacity of the Karma in Kaliyuga as it pertains to individuals, couples, families and other entities.
This work has been at an advanced level, basing itself on the Ślokas and dicta of the renowned classics in Jyotisha (Jyotiṣa). However, the effort has always been to derive conclusions pertinent to the real life situations and circumstances subsisting in very diverse settings across the world in the lives of people and other entities including juristic persons.
Vedic Astrology Services Formats-
To achieve these ends, the most popular consulting mode has been the Detailed Chart Analysis or the Life Reading, especially for first time consulters as it has the effect of delving into the core Karma for the lifetime in a comprehensive way, including in specific and distinct life areas such as marriage, career, progeny, luxury, elders and parents, siblings, property, educations and many others.
People desirous of illumination in marriage or in romantic relationships have often sought the Detailed Charts Compatibility Analysis where the two horoscopes are studied threadbare from the perspective of compatibility. We have tried to make it very clear that this aspect of horoscopy is a far cry from the usual adding up of points or Gunas in the two charts and many other aspects are required to be gone into so as to reveal the complete Karmic picture of destiny between two persons in its positive and perhaps not so positive aspects, on occasion.
Needless to say, in corporate consulting, the roles of persons inter se, in horary or Prashna, the past, present and future propensities of the questions extending to three in one set, and many such other works have been issued to consulters for nearly two decades now. The comprehensive Tithi Praveśa Chakra work is another example of a frequently sought report to understand a given Hindu year better.
We have mentioned elsewhere ( in 2016 some further delving into the core of classical Vedic astrology has commenced in right earnest. The first area of receive this extended attention has been the crucial subject of the Ārūḍha (Arudha).
The real life experience is almost entirely governed by the Arudha Chakra in all aspects and it was time, having prepared the interested populace on the subject for several years, that the Ārūḍha was revealed as being the centre-piece of pragmatic classical Vedic astrology.
In 2016 we have gone further and in many instances of specialised consulting have interpreted the Ārūḍha Cakra in nativities from this other, deeper and fundamentally novel perspective, where crucial aspects relating to social and financial realities, and the prospects or otherwise of elevation in the business realm or work in general have been explained with sharp focus. Generally in all, but even more so in some cases, this has completely changed the understanding of the horoscope and of life for the person concerned.
This advanced work pertaining to the Ārūḍha Pada is thus continuing with some vigour.
Likewise, although the injustice created by the incorrect application of the Guṇa system in marital or romantic compatibility has been dispelled many years back, and Dosha and the role of destiny have been simultaneously worked with and remedied where required, this year the attention has been more astute and some important psychological functions in men and women insofar as they relate to compatibility have been introduced.
Apart from this, the propensity or the lack of it, in two individuals to walk the life path together has been introduced into the work. The other aspects of multiplicity of destined options as regards the life partner and the finer picture describing each relationship have also been brought in.
An important and crucial determination of the correct time to enter into matrimony has been commenced as an associated but imperative aspect of compatibility related work, as a separate analysis. Many other such things have been added which we are not stating here.
The future-
In a similar vein, we will be adding other advanced consulting on the lines of those above. For example, consulters have often sought a repeat of the Life Reading (Detailed Chart Analysis) after several years of availing of it for the first time.
We intend to, in some instances, write the Detailed Chart Analysis on an increasingly advanced footing where crucial aspects relating to the various signs and planets and the divisional charts, as well as some other matters will be brought in. It is anticipated that the other core aspects of advanced Jyotiṣa such as planetary Yogas, periodicities and special circumstances in a given horoscope will be all brought in over the next three to seven years. These matters are stated specially for the reference of those consulters who have been travelling the Jyotiṣa path for a decade or so and are in a state of readiness to receive insights into their horoscope in this manner.
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All Planets in Fixed Signs on March 9, 2016 in Vedic Astrology Transits

Vedic Astrology Transits on March 9, 2016-
All the planets are currently in fixed signs in Vedic astrology transits. If this reflects the position in the natal horoscope then some fated events can come to pass, since fixed signs connote fixed or Dridha Karma.

The transit chart-
The transit chart for March 9, 2016 is extracted below for ready reference-

Quite clearly, the signs of Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius contain all the planets in the zodiac and on March 9 even the transit Moon is in Aquarius.

Mutual supporters-
By this configuration, the planets are also acting in tandem, despite their quite different natures and agendas. This is due to the fact that they are in mutual quadrants or Kendras from each other and thus become Paraspara Karaka.

Importance of the transit of the outer planets and papers thereon-

Rahu in Leo, joined Jupiter-
I have previously written about the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in Leo and its impact for all signs and Arudha Lagnas. You can read this article here-

Saturn in Scorpio-
The other conspicuous transit which is noteworthy on its own is that of Saturn in Scorpio which will come to an end in January, 2017. If you are not sufficiently informed, you can read a tripartite article on the subject written by me, at the following links-
These transits are important because they are of the outer or slow moving Bahya Grahas which have a significant and notable impact on us for two reasons-
i.                    Their special planetary aspects; and
ii.                 Their speeds of motion

Jupiter in Leo-
This list is incomplete without a study of the transit of Jupiter in Leo, on which topic my paper may be read here-

Mars in Scorpio-
When Mars moved to Scorpio it began to battle Saturn and some of the great heaviness that beset people with Scorpio dominant in their horoscopes in some way, started to deplete.

Saturn is always Marana Karaka-
The depletion of the heavy, ponderous, suffering of Saturn was combated by Mars as the lord of Scorpio. The owner of the house is in residence and it is just as well because no matter where Saturn is placed, it is in Marana Karaka Sthana because that Bhava will be the Lagna for itself and therefore needful of vitality to sustain. Saturn opposes this and wants to kill that Bhava with defeat and melancholy and slow rot. When Mars came to Scorpio, it brought its flaming red energy to its own sign.

Saturn-Ketu exchange-
This added to the exchange between Saturn and Ketu, Ketu being the other lord of Scorpio being placed in Aquarius while Saturn is in Scorpio. With this the influence of Saturn has been transferred to Aquarius, its place of work and it is virtually as if Mars and Ketu are joined in Scorpio.
It is for this reason that people with Scorpio rising in the natal Rashi chart or conjoined the Arudha Lagna will feel relief from the heavy pressure of Saturn in the relevant areas of life. Even otherwise, whichever Bhava Scorpio rules in the natal horoscope will show relief unless it governs a delicate matter where the heat of Mars and Ketu does not do much good.

Five Planets in Aquarius-
Mercury, Sun and Ketu have been in Aquarius and they are joined by Venus and the Moon. This combination is aspected by Mars. A short while earlier, Moon and Venus had conjoined in Capricorn and now they do so in Aquarius and are further aspected by Mars. Relationships are likely to swing into motion as the association of Mars, Ketu and Mercury with Venus in Aquarius is a heady combination.

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Transit Rahu in Leo on January 30, 2016 in Vedic Astrology

Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, is going to be changing signs and moving to Leo on January 30, 2016, in the conspectus of Vedic astrology transits, from its current position in Virgo where it has been very strong.
Why Leo-
Rahu is always retrograde and hence travels the zodiac in reverse motion. Else from Virgo it should have ordinarily moved to Libra. It is by definition opposed to the direct motion of the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, and therefore we use the Mean Nodes rather than the True Nodes in these calculations. We cannot have the Nodes being sometimes direct and sometimes retrograde as in direct motion they would lose the character of opposition to the Sun and the Moon which defines their very nature and characteristics. 
Rahu is a slow moving planet and indicates the axis of Karma together with its other extreme Ketu. The Nodes indicate powerful desire and freedom from desire respectively and in one sense the traversing of the Rashis and lifetimes by individuals is the journey from one end of this Karmic axis to the other.
Rahu, hitherto in Virgo-
Rahu in Virgo has been hard at work and while in the positive it has been fostering brilliant thoughts and research and ambitions, in the negative it has been precipitating bewildering events as it its nature. In Leo, though it will be in the house of its enemy, the Sun, it also has a tendency to heighten the royal propensities of the sign, and is said to give kingly pleasures during this transit.

Conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in Leo-
Jupiter will be in Leo as well for a considerable part of this transit; the two planets are diametrically opposed to each other. Where Jupiter stands for elevated esoteric wisdom and belief in the scriptures, Rahu is hedonistic and intellectual and perceives the world through the senses and the mind. Rahu is heterodox in opposition to Jupiter who is orthodox.
This association of the two opposing forces forms the Guru-Chandala Yoga which is considered to be adverse but in the material realm can bring great bounty provided certain conditions are satisfied. In addition, the horoscope must have the potential and the dynamic factors operating to derive from the precipitate of the transit.
In any case, people who are vulnerable to a loss in perspective or need the blessings of eternal wisdom might not be immediately aided. For some, this association might foster discontent with their own value system or their reference-frame of beliefs. We are compelled to recognize that in certain cases even without perspective great Rajayoga is forthcoming in some part due to this Yoga. 
Rajayoga with Jupiter-Rahu conjunction-
In a Vedic horoscope with Gemini rising, Moon is in the Lagna showing the blessings of the Gods and the adverse conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu mars the 5th House especially as it is further incensed by the conjunction of Mars.
It must be noted that Rahu is the co-lord of the 9th House and is joined Jupiter, the 7th and 10th Lord. In a trine, joined the lord of a quadrant, Rahu has given a magnificent life-long Rajayoga, replete with power and success. Of course, it has grossly afflicted the 5th House and the results have manifested. Curse of Brahmana exists as well. The value system and the belief system have taken a beating. But such is destiny. If a positive is not to be marred by a negative, it shall not be. The negative is as hurtful as it is supposed to be, but Rahu gives an unusually powerful Rajayoga since it is unusual in its ways.
The significance of Rahu in Leo-
Leo, being the 5th sign of the natural zodiac and due to its ownership by the Sun is a natural indicator of power and authority. It also indicates intelligence and the consciousness.
Rahu is an indicator, in the positive, of an individual, searching intelligence and consequently of ambition and power as individuation is oriented in the self. Rahu here can be significant for the upwardly mobile in one way or the other, depending on the sort of time they are running in the horoscope and whether they are destined for a steep rise. Rahu is always significant for politicians and people in power. It indicates exploitation of intelligence and power for aggrandizement of the self or of another entity depending on the indications in any nativity.
For a select few, and even in that subset, a further select few at the epitome of their vocation, Rahu can question the established norm, particularly the intellectual norm and in the odd instance this can lead to some spectacular work of individual brilliance.
Planetary Aspects of Jupiter and Rahu-
I have often written that the planetary aspects are indicators of the desire in planets. Since Jupiter and Rahu are joined, they will be influencing four houses together, one by placement, and three by aspect.
Notably, Jupiter will be retrograde in Leo when Rahu enters the sign from behind and retrograde planets have that essential energy of Rahu through retrogression, showing great desire. This shows great desire occupying Leo with two retrograde planets. For resolved individuals with the sign prominent, this could be a time for a departure from the established ways of thinking they are used to. For others who have been careless with their own humanity, this could be dangerous as they are liable to find themselves to forces beyond their control.
Guru is a delicate connective tissue of sorts in creation, very subtle. For getting close to God, he is the best planet. He represents divinity in any horoscope. But destiny can have different agenda in the lives of people. The benign grace of Jupiter is one part, and the fever of achievement is quite another. When they collide and the usual grace of Jupiter is not there to assist the person, it depends on the quality of their life journey till that point as to how they deal with the stimuli.
The desires of Jupiter and Rahu travel to Sagittarius from Leo where a religious crisis awaits. A crisis of faith may be in the offing for some.
Impact of Rahu in Leo on Sun Signs, Moon Signs, Ascendants and Special Ascendants-
We know that practically speaking, it is the transits from the Lagna and the Arudha Lagna (AL) which are most relevant. Let us then mostly focus on the various Rashis as if they were occupying the ascendant or the AL in the nativity.  If a reader is not aware of these then the Vedic Moon sign is the next best choice. Most people are aware of this but if even this knowledge is not certain then one may judge the transit from the Vedic Sun, which is obtained by subtracting one sign from what is generally thought to be the Western Sun Sign based on the month of birth in the Gregorian calendar.

The sign of Aries will receive both the planetary aspect and the sign aspect of Jupiter and Rahu from Leo. The planetary aspects will bring conflicting energies to bear especially for people with Aries Lagna. The two planets may be aspecting the sign from the same sign of Leo but while Jupiter transmits the knowledge of Sanatan Dharma and eternal truth, Rahu brings the intelligence of the self to bear on the native.
The effect of the Jupiter-Rahu conjunction is tremendous on Aries Lagna since the planets are in the 5th House and are influencing the consciousness and intelligence directly. Matters of the heart and issues pertaining to the children, as too the dynamics of power, for those who are in the realm of authority, shall be the dominant features of the transit. Since Aries is a trinal sign to Leo, the fire trines are impacted strongly. Impulse to action accompanied by doubts will be notable and initiative and action with bated breath without knowing too much about the particulars will also be in evidence, especially if such Yogas are present in the nativity itself.
For Aries AL though, this could be a transit replete with rich rewards if the nativity is pre-disposed to grandeur. The 11th House from the AL is also going to be aspected by this combination and Ketu will determine whether the period heightens a core elitism or doing away with material.
This may not be an easy time for Taurus Lagna with the malefic conjunction in the 4th House of home and happiness. There may be troublesome developments at home lacking in the proper value structure. The 10th House has Ketu which generally symbolizes the void and mistakes manifest in the Karma. The tension in the heart can sometimes be the trigger for absent-mindedness and lack of attention in such transits.
We find that the Moksha Trikona is aspected by the conjunction with planetary aspect and the 8th and 12th Houses can inspire both sudden events, health concerns and expenses. For some facing acute troubles at home or in the country of birth despite the tendency to strongly favour the status-quo, travel abroad with sincere intentions may manifest.
Saturn’s planetary aspect to the 4th House for Taurus does not help and adds its flavor of melancholy and depression to the mix. The situation is similar for those with Taurus AL because the quadrants from the AL are afflicted. Saturn is transiting in the 7th from the AL and aspecting the AL, delaying emergence and the 4th from the AL makes the problems visible to those who are in contact with the individuals. This is a time for caution and to seek advice if the problems should spiral.
Gemini Lagna will truly come into its own with this transit as Gemini is the natural 3rd House of the zodiac and the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu occurs in the 3rd House from the Lagna. The 3rd House is the place of self-expression and so some of the expressions of Gemini Lagna may be surprising to others. Such individuals should pause and think before acting in this transit. The things which attract the eye will appear more attractive than they are and may compel the native to act accordingly.
People will be driven by their desires strongly as they find culmination in the 3rd House from the Ascendant. Love affairs, marriage and business goals will be strong stimuli during this period. This is also indicated by the fact that the Rajas planets Venus and Mercury are in the 7th House from the Lagna when the conjunction happens.
For the Gemini AL, the planets are in the 3rd House and are extremely dangerous. If someone has Gemini AL and has any apprehension of any sort, all sorts of protective measures are advised in the strongest terms. More cannot be said here.
Work and food, liquidity and the condition of the bank balance will the areas foremost in the minds of the natives with Cancer Lagna. Leo is the 2nd House and the two planets here are going to be aspecting the 6th and the 10th Houses. In the general write-up about the nature of the conjunction, the various possibilities that are likely to emerge here are given. These apply here as well.
The dependents can give cause for concern and careless eating habits will come to the fore depending on the condition of the Moon and the 2nd Lord in the natal horoscope. Likewise, finances and the condition of the bank balance will depend on the placement and strength of Mercury and Jupiter. Beware of less than honest people who enjoy your trust in these matters because there is a chance of mishap here.
In a similar vein, the aspect to Aquarius in the 8th House shows that what some adventurous people may consider hidden and therefore safe is not so at all and Ketu in the 8th will precipitate mistakes. These can be damaging to the ongoing relationships and marriages in susceptible cases since the 8th House is Maraka to the 7th and the 2nd House from the Lagna is the 8th from the 7th.
Cancer AL is even more likely to face a resource crunch due to actions which are less than ideal in the realm of finances and investments. We must understand that protection suffers with Rahu and what appeared to be well-fortified and safe may not be if one has tried to be too clever in the past.
Well, this is where the focus is after all. The planets have conjoined in Leo and so individual and public power and probity therein are the focus of the transit. Here we find that Rahu is the co-lord of the 7th House and Jupiter is the lord of the 9th House. Their incendiary association is that of a lord of the quadrant and a trine and can lead to uplift provided the natal horoscope holds the promise. Leo is lorded by the Sun and there is a lot of energy and fire here; this energy is likely to manifest with this transit as too important planets for the Lagna are transiting here. If either Jupiter or Rahu are active in a major Dasha system or are otherwise crucial then the effects will be felt more strongly.
Once again the fire trines of creativity and religion are strongly impacted due to the planetary and sign sight of the planets here. The 7th House is aspected here as well and so some ties may be loosened and some may be developed depending on their nature and texture.
For Leo AL, since the planets are in the Lagna they are not ideal and the image may suffer as the Yoga has pejorative connotations. Leo is replete with pride and solitary magnificence especially where the Sun is strong in the Rashi chart and anything amiss is felt very strongly by such natives. So they should ensure that if the AL is in Leo, then their conduct is such that no reproach is at all possible. This transit promises to be a heady time for those with the sign prominent in their charts, in a variety of ways and depending on how the tide is flowing in the nativity, the transits will heighten the results.

Jupiter and Rahu are in the obscure 12th House and obscurity sometimes wants to pass off as invisibility; it cannot. The 12th House is in fact not always obscure. People with Virgo Lagna will find that seeds are sown as this time for future ventures and entire segments of life. Whatever is less than the best should be eschewed.
Emotions are the primary factor here. They swirl and try and get out of control. The home and hidden indicated by the 4th and the 8th respectively will also show up and if they show up primarily due to the aspects of the planets from the 12th House in transit then Virgo might have to answer for a lot. The planets also aspect the 6th House and this can be problematic for those with substance abuse issues and more generally speaking lifestyle choices will attain great importance during this transit.
Some very surprising relationships can happen during this period for the Virgo native who is usually so punctilious.
Virgo AL has simply one issue to confront- where is all the money going. If they can look themselves in the eye and answer it then there should be no problem unless cheating and defrauding are indicated in the horoscope.
Libra enjoys things as the planets are transiting through the 11th House of gains and friends. Guru and Rahu together give the feeling that one should not think too much, there is nothing much except enjoyment, especially when the planets are in the 5th House in the natal horoscope. We should also note that while the 6th House indicates punishment, the 11th House can be far more serious and this is an aspect of this house which is generally not known and appreciated.
So tread with some care, perspective and balance. Ketu is in the 5th House which is too delicate for a malefic and so the consciousness will be imbued with imponderables especially owing to the aspect of Guru and Rahu from the 11th House. Like Gemini, the desire is impacted for Libra in all ways and so the experiences will be focused on desires, whether these are fulfilled or unrequited or maybe a bit of both. Love, marriage, ambition and self-expression are all important.
Libra AL should plan that exotic holiday now because the finances are secure. The sole query should be, have you been secure while securing your finances. If yes, then this will be a good transit.
The transit of Jupiter and Rahu is in the 10th House for this Lagna and it might be a good one, in keeping with some of the more surprising results that this combination can deliver. Avoid too much hedonism in professional aspiration because such stances can be troublesome at different points in time in organizations. Otherwise, in itself it is not an entirely negative conjunction. There is no getting away from that which is bereft of value with this conjunction and the apprehensions of a colleague at work cheating or doing something to jeopardize the work cannot be ruled out.
Scorpio is going through a quite tough time in any case. With the Moon there, it is the white-hot phase of the Sade-Sati, with the Lagna there, it is Kantaka Shani with Saturn transiting its Marana Karaka Sthana position in the Lagna. Saturn aspects the 10th House and work suffers. Either it is senseless, mindless slogging or want of sufficient work. Saturn does both.
The problem with the entire conjunction is that Saturn and Rahu’s combination is coming on Leo and Jupiter for all signs and making it act like Aquarius for that reason. This Aquarius issue is manifesting with all signs. Some Scorpio natives may find that all value has disappeared from their work in the current set-up and they may be hard pressed to remember what brought them here in the first place. This can pave the way for change.
For those who for deep-seated reasons in the nativity are no strangers to Saturn and Rahu, and/ or Aquarius, this may be a time where important things fructify. This applies not only to Scorpio and Leo but to all signs and what it means is that after a certain point in time we have to try and assimilate experience and burn Karma.
The other side of this is that Rahu and Saturn are very interested in enjoying themselves and relaxing, especially after the day’s work though together, they do not distinguish too much between differing times of day.
Scorpio AL will feel the impact described above more intensely. The description is deliberately the way it is because the two planets operate in this manner when in tandem.
This Lagna needs to be very careful because all they have considered as a reference-frame and religion is at the risk of being lost. Losing one’s religion is not an easy experience and even a formal change in religious orientation is governed by Rahu in Hindu astrology. For most though, this just means breach in Dharma which is not religion but the path one is meant to traverse. It is inclusive of respect. Do not rush to the conclusion that your idols have feet of clay.
Remember this Mantra- ‘Always keep your highest realization in life close to you.’
Once again the trines are heavily influenced due to this. Read the other fire signs Aries and Leo to gather more about the trinal influence.
Sagittarius AL can have a magnificent rise though with this conjunction. The forces of darkness that work against Sagittarius Arudha Lagna shall be comprehensively countered. Please do not overdo it. Remember you are governed by Jupiter and the bow and arrow is to be used for Dharma and knowledge. Success over adversity is likely and the social and financial standing is likely to rise significantly due to this conjunction in Leo.
This is a very poor combination in the 8th House and will cause unseen troubles to crop up. Chronic illnesses may flare up again and diagnosis of medical issues will be difficult. Inheritance and such matters will be impacted depending on the Yogas in the nativity.   
Emotions will be the dominant theme during this transit. Even though Saturn is the Lagnesha, its aspect to Jupiter and Rahu in the 8th makes health the main issue in life which is to be watched during the transit. The main relief comes for Capricorn from the Agni Grahas, Sun and Mars. Sun entered Capricorn on Makara Sankranti and Mars has 100% directional strength in the 10th House in Libra. Work and more work is the road to salvation at least in the beginning of the transit.
The position is not improved for Capricorn AL with the planets in the 8th from AL. Do not be less than absolutely honest with partners and all others, especially when it comes to their money and resources.
Kumbha Lagna is in for a bit of a tough time if their 7th House is afflicted in the Rashi and/ or the Navamsha. The 7th House is too delicate for virtually any occupation let alone by the Guru-Chandala Yoga. If there is natal affliction, then a change in mindset is required. If there is no natal affliction then there will simply be troubles in relationships and marriage and business as well. Do not be adventurous; it is not adventure but something else that beckons. This is not a good time to start a meaningful relationship without proper astrological study or at least a rational evaluation of the circumstances. Ketu in Lagna does not have a head, remember, and one needs to be put on. Choose a head wisely; your own would be a good choice.
If the AL is in Aquarius then the project or the person you were counting on just might be the reason for disrepute to come. Be very careful in business, intimacy and generally in crossing thresholds.
Remember the enemy is not just Ravana but someone worse with Kaliyuga attributes. Watch yourself carefully because internal enemies within you are worse than external ones. Saturn in the 9th house in transit is eating away at the luck in any case. There are remedies required to be done and if you are feeling the effect of the planets then do not delay obtaining the remedies for protection.
It is no relief to have the AL in Meena Rashi during this time because it is virtually certain that if there are indications in the nativity to this effect, then choices will be very poor when it comes to your own well-being. Avoid vices like the plague. Dusthanas are no fun at all. They do not like you. Work is the best area to focus both for the Mina Lagna and AL. Great desire to succeed and top class man management and wealth management will come through respectively.
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Understanding Mars in Libra and Venus in Scorpio in December, 2015 in Vedic Astrology

Mars has moved to Libra recently and Venus has moved to Scorpio where it has joined Saturn.
The curious aspect of this transit in Vedic astrology is, that Libra is owned by Venus while Scorpio is owned by Mars, making this an exchange of signs, also called Parivartana Yoga.
Parivartana also means change apart from exchange in astrological parlance. The thing with change is that it occurs within a reference frame of the status-quo. In fact it is this departure from what exists that defines change.
What exists?
Venus has moved to Scorpio (Vrishchika Rashi) and is conjoined Saturn. Scorpio is an intense sign and Venus placed here has deep roots in sensual experience and transformation. The easier, more sociable facets of the planet Venus are not predisposed to manifestation in Scorpio.
Scorpio is owned by Mars and Ketu, the South Node of the Moon. We should contemplate the fact that the signs of Venus and Mars are opposite to each other in the zodiac and that which is opposite, opposes; this is mildly tautological as well but drives home the point.
Also, in glossier parlance women are from Venus while men are from Mars. But in less glossy parlance they are not similar to East which is the East and the West which is the West and never are the twain supposed to meet. Despite the oppositional tendencies of Mars and Venus they are designed to meet, predisposed to meet; in fact much of life is dedicated to the anticipation of this meeting and quite a lot of it in dealing with the aftermath of this meeting.
Saturn in Scorpio is in any case making people dig deep to come up with answers to unresolved matters and secrets and that which lies within. Venus in Scorpio, surrounded by mysterious, super-rational energy is constrained by the structure of Saturn and compelled to reflect and find answers and solutions to matters of beauty, love, romance, marriage and intimate partnerships, apart from what these determinants may stand for in horoscopes, when viewed from varying standpoints.
Mars in Libra is the soldier who finds himself flummoxed in the fashion mall. He looks around trying to find the discipline and logic in things, in the transactions of the market place and amuses himself till the irritation starts to rise. He starts to look for the bunched power in the forearm which went missing in the prettiness that surrounds and the business which is going on. Nothing appears to be forthright. People seems to be only interacting and doing business rather than getting down to the rough and dirty and resolving disputes like proper men. Where are the disputes to start with. He refuses to make way for the person walking towards him and firms up the shoulder, looking for trouble.
Mars looks to Scorpio wistfully where he can retire and with the invisible heat of Ketu make an inventory of the artillery and the casualties in the last war. Venus looks to Libra where it can have a cup of coffee at the fast food outlet and talk its metrosexual talk, which is actually to pave the way for that deal which is in the pipeline.
Mars and Venus wonder why they ever agreed to switch places- they dislike where they are and things are not what they should be. Anger and indignation. They want to go back to their own domains.
We need to recognize the difference in planetary energies, especially when they are oppositional. The relations between Mars and Venus are never easy and yet they attract each other. In Vedic astrology, direct association of Mars and Venus is never considered easy, even when they are conjoined. Keep the aesthetics and the anger under close watch, as to their expectations from each other. Within themselves, both are fine; absolutely fantastic and imperative.
We can use the transit to fortify our financial position as Venus aspects Taurus with planetary aspect. Similarly, our initiative and ambition can continue to be a top priority as Mars aspects from Libra. Mars is quite willing to put in excellent work to this end, as it aspects Capricorn, the epitome of hands-on work.
Nothing can prevent boys from being boys in this transit and right from facial features to financial credentials, there will be many points of attraction. Yet, a balance must be maintained because both Mars and Venus will finally behave as if they were always in their own houses and the brouhaha will end up being an accusation by one party against the other.

These are general themes and will have their say in accordance with the destiny of each but we would do well to recognize the energies.  

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Power and Criminality From the Vedic Astrology Horoscope

Power in the Vedic horoscope-
From the Vedic astrology horoscope, just like all other things in life, proclivities to great power, and sometimes unanticipated power, can be seen.
The Rāśi Chakra is extracted below for immediate reference.  

Rashi Chart-

Exalted Sun-
Just at first glance we can see that it is not an ordinary horoscope. Exalted Sun (Surya) is in the Lagna in Aries (Mesha). Sun indicates royalty and political power and authority.

Nature of the power-
The individual was amongst the highest ranking government functionaries in one of the States in India. The Sun is the 5th Lord of power and he was known to be extremely close to several executive heads of State in succession.

Parivartana Yoga-
There is Parivartana Yoga between the Sun and Mars as Sūrya is in a Rāśi lorded by Mangala and Maṅgala is in a sign ruled by the Sun.
Mars is the lord of the Ascendant and in exchange with the 5th Lord produces a Rajayoga of great magnitude.

Charakaraka Confirmation-
When we see the Charakarakas in this horoscope we find that Mars is the Ātmakāraka and the Sun is his Minister, the Amātyakāraka and a huge Rājayoga is formed even in this manner by the exchange. When the Ātmakāraka promises something, it cannot be thwarted and if it is promising unbridled power then so it shall be.

The entire bureaucratic machinery was under direct orders from the native of this horoscope, for a long time and despite all sorts of machinations, he could not be dislodged from his high perch.   

Charakaraka Replacement-
In this horoscope the phenomenon of Lopa or the disappearance of the Charakāraka is happening as Mars and Sun are exactly at the same degrees of longitude of arc traversed and the difference is not even in the minutes but in the seconds of arc! Even so, the original Ātmakāraka Mars being the Agrakāraka or the planet which is ahead, shall be replaced by the Sun as the Aṅtyakāraka and the slot of the Amātyakāraka shall fall vacant.

When the Ātmakāraka is replaced, the entire life of the person changes, and the very hue of the soul that characterises him, undergoes a change. While Mars shows a military bearing, the Sun is pure power and the desire to rule as a matter of right.

The nature of work-
Ordinarily Jupiter is the fixed Amātyakāraka and would show advisory work when the change occurs but if we look closely there is another Parivartana Yoga between Jupiter in Aquarius and Rahu in Pisces.

The work indicated by Jupiter is actually going to come from Rahu, which it did. He was catapulted into close proximity with the political powers of the day. The political powers came and went but he survived with each regime and while his power oscillated slightly he was always extremely significant in matters of governance.

Guru-Chandala Yoga-
The Gurū Chānḍāla Yoga effect is definitely formed owing to the tenuous exchange between the completely opposing tendencies of Jupiter and Rahu. When the heads of State tumbled, the native was seized with massive anxiety as to his own prospects.

Manifest Power in Life-
As I often write, houses from the Ascendant show the potential of things to manifest but not the manifestation itself. The Bhāvas from the Lagna contain the metaphysics of the Karma. What will happen in the world of Maya can only be gauged from the ĀrūḍhaLagna.

Arudha Chakra-
As the Lagneśa Mars is in the Pañcama Bhāva from the Lagna, the Ārūḍha Lagna is in the 9th House from the Lagna in Sagittarius. We see exalted Sun in the 5th House from the Ārūḍha Lagna showing that the native will find the peak of executive power. Mars and Saturn in the 9th from the Ārūḍha Lagna protect the image with ferocity and great reserves of power and the possibility of punishment in the event of things being amiss or going awry.

Vahana Yoga-
A very powerful Vahana Yoga is formed by the conjunction of Venus and the Moon in the 4th House from the Ārūḍha Lagna. Every luxury and enjoyment was available to the native. Both the Moon and Venus have 100% directional strength in the 4th House from the Ārūḍha Lagna. He was a leader of men and a very powerful personality shown by this Yoga. The Yoga is sullied by the presence of Rahu and that too in a sign of Jupiter giving rise to rumours and so on. The exchange with Jupiter does not help this.

Well, the Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away-
The problem with Jupiter is also that it is in the 3rd Bhāva from the Ārūḍha Lagna. The 3rd Bhava from the Ārūḍha Lagna indicates the manner and place of demise as it is the 8th from the 8th House.
Jupiter is debilitated in the Navāmśa Chakra and is in exchange with Rahu. Where Jupiter is expansion, Rahu is uncontrolled expansion. The native was suddenly afflicted by a major incurable illness and died in a matter of months.

Badhaka and Badhakesha-
For the Cara Lagna in Meṣa Rāśi, both Śani and Rāhu are Bādhakeśa and the Kumbha Rāśi is the Bādhaka Sthāna.
The Bādhekeśa causes severe afflictions. Firstly, the lord of the Ārūḍha Lagna is in the 3rd from the Ārūḍha Lagna in the Bādhaka Rāśi from the Lagna showing a terrible self-undoing. Śani aspects the 11th House which is again not good. Śani as the Bādhakeśa is with a dire malefic in Mars. The Bādhakeśa is a first-rate killer and the combination of Rāhu and Saturn worked their effect on the 3rd from the Ārūḍha Lagna which is also the Bādhaka Rāśi.
We also cannot ignore the impact on the progeny as the 5th House is badly afflicted and the problems pertaining to Jupiter the Naisargika Kāraka for children have already been pointed out. The Putrkāraka Śukra is in the 8th from the Ātmakāraka Mangala.
We can therefore see that almost exclusively from the Rāśi Chakra we can decipher the entire life of an individual, and that too one who rose very high in his career in terms of power and status.
Of course, with the divisional charts all the minutiae and the specific details in every realm of life can be accurately identified.

In this horoscope, the birth data is being kept back but the planetary placements are given below for reference.

Planetary placements-
Pisces Ascendant rises and the Lagnesha Guru is in the 9th House in Scorpio Rashi.

The 11th House has exalted Mars and Rahu in Capricorn. The 7th House is populated with an exalted Mercury, the Sun and debilitated Venus.

Saturn is in Taurus in the 3rd House from the Lagna, the Moon is in the 12th in Aquarius and Ketu is in the 5th in Cancer.

The native hails from an ordinary background but had high ambitions with Lagneśa in the Bhāgya Sthāna. The ambitions may have extended to the global stage.

The drive can also be seen from the special intervention caused by Śani in the 3rd Bhāva from the Lagna through the Viśeṣa Argalā. Two dire malefics in the 11th House cause Lābha Argalā but the gains are likely to be through questionable means when they are brought by malefics.

Land and Immovable Property-
Exalted Mars indeed gave dubious dealings in land which led to a police complaint being filed against the individual. Rāhu is the 12th Lord in war with Mars in the 11th House and the complaint cited cheating against the individual which is a signification of Rāhu.

Badhaka and Badhakesha-
The main problem though lies elsewhere. Exalted Mercury in the 7th House may give great business but actually it is in Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna and can give death-like suffering. What appears to be abundance and riches is actually less than proper transactions as Mercury is akin to Rāhu, being the Bādhakeśa. It is causing tremendous obstruction being exalted in its own house.

Mercury being the 7th Lord also indicates the spouse who apparently did not notice anything amiss when the riches were being piled up with vehicles (Mercury is also the 4th Lord of vehicles) and houses (4th House is also home) and attributed it to business. According to her, every vehicle and property was seized one by one showing the work of the Bādhakeśa in Bādhaka Sthāna.

Venus is also debilitated in the 7th House as a functional malefic being the 3rd and 8th Lord for Pisces Lagna and afflicts the Bādhakeśa Mercury. With marriage these activities may have spiralled out of control.
The Sun is the 6th Lord and further afflicts the 7th House of marriage and business very badly and all these planets in the Bādhaka Sthāna worked to the great detriment of the native.

When Saturn aspects the 11th House it wants the native to adhere to orthodoxy and tradition and if this does not happen then Saturn becomes adverse. Here Saturn aspects the malefics in the 11th House with sign aspect making this a permanent requirement in life. This aspect has also gone missing in the life of the individual and he would be required to adhere to his faith and religion strictly.

Rahu aspects the 7th House with Graha Dṛṣṭi or planetary aspect and further poisons the situation in the 7th House.

Ultimately the native was arrested. It may be that a lawyer friend may have tried to help him with exalted Mars in the 11th House but Rahu did not permit this to happen as the native did not have the wherewithal to put essential processes into motion. It also may be that the attitude to camaraderie exhibited by the native may have suffered due to the influence of Rahu on the house of friends. Rahu as the dispositor of the 5th Lord Moon spoils the future of friendships and the future generally.

Arudha Chakra-
The Ārūḍha Lagna is in the 5th House from Lagna with Ketu in Cancer. The Moon appears to be in the 8th House from the Ārūḍha Lagna but is not. It is in the 6th as the counting is reversed by Ketu. Ketu is aspected by Saturn with both Graha Driṣṭi  and Rāśi Dṛṣti and it is doubtful if Ketu continued to be spiritual in the Ārūḍha Lagna with this influence. It causes Jara Yoga and the native may exhibit false religiosity with this. Ketu bereft of spirituality is a first rate malefic in the material world and indicates a very poor image, including a criminal image.

Gains from the Ārūḍha Lagna-
Owing to the reversal the three planets in the Badhaka Sthana in the 7th House from the Lagna are in the 11th House from the Ārūḍha Lagna indicating huge gains. We have seen that these gains have not always been through the proper channels and have sent the native to jail.

Dwara or the door-
The native thought that he had to break down the doors with the Mars-Rahu combination to emerge properly into the world, little realising that this would become his image in the world and he would have to fight Ketu (criminality and arrest) to come out of this Karmic trap.

Change in the Image-
What will happen now is that the image will change to Jupiter and the native will continue to strive with Mars and Rahu in the 3rd House from Jupiter. Jupiter may well be the purpose of the birth of the native. But then the 7th House continues to be the 11th House from Jupiter and the dangers persist. Now, Saturn, the planet of tradition and orthodoxy is in the doorway from Jupiter and will require strict compliance especially since it is retrograde.
Before his arrest, the native stated that he saw the folly of his ways and had turned spiritual. This shows the move to Jupiter in the Ārūḍha Lagna.

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