Friday, March 15, 2013

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A customised monthly overview is being emailed to the subscribers based on the significant movements of the planets including each movement of the Moon/ Cañdra (Chandra) through the twelve Rāśis (Rashis)/signs every month.

Therefore for persons having either of the twelve Lagnas either rising in the Rāśi Cakra (Rashi Chakra) or the main chart or the horoscope, or occupying the Cañdra (Chandra) Lagna/ the Moon sign-  where the Moon is placed in the natal horoscope, also referred to as the Cañdra Rāśi (Chandra Rashi) or simply the Rāśi (rashi) or Jaṅma Rāśi (Janma Rashi), or indeed one such signs housing the all-important Ārūḍha Lagna (Arudha Lagna-AL) from which manifest results in the material and tangible realm may be deciphered, are all receiving information every month which gives them something akin to a personal reading comprising indications for the individual self (the person as perecived by his own self), the emotional, psychological and social self and the directly material and financial self.

People who have not yet had detailed evaluations of their horoscopes can benefit equally from this since in order to apply the contents of this monthly evaluation to their own lives, they only need to know their rising signs or Lagnas/ Ascendants, Cañdra Rāśi (Chandra Rashi) or the Moon sign and the Ārūḍha Lagna (Arudha Lagna). If such individuals are as yet bereft of this knowledge then these reference points can be intimated to them at the time of subscription.

For others, who have been receipients of work from this consultant over a number of years or indeed those who have had work done with their horoscopes elsewhere, the benefits to be had are quite considerable since the knowledge and information accruing from this premium content can be applied in context to the awareness they already have about the various crucial areas of their lives. The whole idea is to impart personalised information by whatever means so that in these highly individualised times some real insights can be had into their own lives-this is the main and dominant theme.

The premium Vedic astrology content is being restricted to the subscribers and is not being published on the website. The content is being sent to the subscribers through an elaborate email/ independent PDF attachment focussing on each sign/ Vedic Rāśi (Vedic Rashi)and the movement of the nine planets/ Grahas as it applies to the Lagna, Cañdra (Chandra) Lagna and Ārūḍha Lagna (Arudha Lagna) continuum described above.

The movement of the Grahas is being evaluated from the Lagna,  Cañdra (Chandra) Lagna/ Moon Sign, Ārūḍha Lagna (Arudha Lagna) and advanced findings being recorded based on correlations of the various astrological entities such as Bhāva (Bhava), aspects, conjunctions, signs, intervention/ Argala et al. This will also include the application of the device of Varga Gochara or divisional transits based on the Amśas (Amshas) attained by the planets in transit. The subtle picture is revealed in this manner making it a composite whole.

The premium content is being emailed close to the 15th day of every month so as to cover the impact of the transits that have occured and are occuring by this 15th and are anticipated to occur by the last date of every month. It is a comprehensive overview of these developments.

To receive this premium Jyotiṣa content, direct your queries regarding annual subscription fee and requests to

A complimentary extract from the Premium Monthly Vedic Astrology Content for the month of April, 2013 is available at-!/2013/04/complimentary-extract-from-premium.html

For other professional and individualised extensive professional consulting see-!/2006/08/choose-chart-analysis-you-want.html 

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