Thursday, March 21, 2013

Capricorn/Makara Rashi and 10th House/ Dashama Bhava from Lagna-Indices in Karma/ Work in Vedic Astrology

The natural zodiac in Vedic Astrology starts with Meṣa Rāśi/ Mesha Rashi/ Aries and therefore the 10th House from that sign is Capricorn/ Makara Rāśi/ Rashi. On principle, the 10th House is the zenith or the high water mark in Jyotiṣa/ Jyotisha and is therefore also referred to as Swarga/ the heaven. The 10th House shows our Karma/ the work we do and the actions we perform in a given lifetime. This article in Vedic Astrology is apposite at this time since the transit Moon is travelling through the sign of Capricorn on 12th of October, 2013.

Capricorn is a sign ruled by the planet Saturn/ Śani/ Shani and therefore this sign being the 10th from Aries and the lord become important indices of Karma and work in life. Saturn signifies hard work and so the 10th House in any horoscope shows the requirement of working hard which will be modified by the placement of  planets and aspects on the sign and its lord. 

It is the influences on the 10th House which indicate the quality of our application in work, while the finer details and the minute aspects relating to all facets of work and office and business and job and the boss are to be more properly divined from the Daśāmśa/ Dashamsha/ D-10 chart which is derived by dividing the sign into 10 equal parts. Note the division into ten parts and not into any other number. 

Moon in Capricorn indicates an emphasis on hard work and getting the job done by actual physical effort. Saturn requires that we put in the hard yards. We have other significations of the 10th House which might be reckoned from the Moon Sign/Jañma Rāśi/ Janma Rashi/Cañdra/Chandra Lagna, the Ārūḍha/ Arudha Lagna and the special ascendants but all of them reveal different properties of our life realities relating to business, work and profession.

The transit horoscope for the movement of the Moon through Makara Rāśi/ Rashi is given below-


We can see that the Moon is not conjoined any planet in Capricorn and it does not receive any full special aspects/ Graha Dṛṣṭi/ Drishti from any planet as well. As indicated in the article on full special aspects, there are other aspects of the planets having full aspects, and these are of great and revealing importance, but these are more properly used in personalised and confidential consulting for clients and not for general readership.

It would also depend on the house which is tenanted by Capricorn in the natal horoscope for the results of the current transit of the Moon in Capricorn. For instance if this was in the Artha Tṛkoṇa/ Trikona then the work related realities and other attendant factors would be truly dominant, especially since this transit happens on Śanivāra/ Shanivara/ Saturday. 

Both Venus and Mars have Rāśi Dṛṣṭi/ Rashi Drishti or sign aspect on the transit Moon showing that psychologically people will not be only driven to perform but also there will be a clear recognition of the rewards that one is working for and also the aspirations for the position of power which is sought through the work.

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