Monday, March 11, 2013

The Delphic Oracle 'Know Thyself' and Vedic/ Hindu/ Indian Astrology

The Jyotishi's thoughts must never be too far away from one's own radix. That Delphic Oracle: 'Know thyself' is a more useful device than appears at first sight.

The peculiar Yogas, on which important events may turn should also be noted and paid attention to for their static meaning. Yogas are always in action and sometimes the astrologer will realise only after an event. Even so, it is a very useful exercise.

Some Yogas will bring events from time to time, that can signal a shift in the nature of life. If the Jyotishi is careful and alert he will be connected to his own astrological source and this in turn makes him a whole, complete, fundamentally unfragmented entity as far as other people are concerned. His skills can then be put to more effective use.

This device is a very effective learning tool about one's own Self. It can lead to an increased capacity to make fine distinctions and also give appropriate, more sophisticated form to actions.

A Proposed Check-List for Vedic Horoscope Interpretation

At the time of evaluating a chart, the following schematic is one of the ways which might lead to a correct understanding of the horoscope:

Look at overarching Doshas or blemishes such as Kala Sarpa Yoga/ Kala Amrita Yoga, Amavasya Dosha, Chaturdashi Dosha, Ashtami birth, Graha Malika Yoga

Then evaluate the severe planetary afflictions, the Shrapas caused by the Yuti/ conjunction, Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect of two or more malefic planets

Judge the impact of the Saturn transit and that of the nodes, Rahu and Ketu

Evaluate the Vimshottari Dasha and the Padakrama Dasha/ Narayana Dasha

Evaluate the special conditional Dasha which may be applicable in the chart

Evaluate the Moola Dasha if the chart has been rectified to give the correct Shashthyamsha Lagna/ Ascendant in the D-60 chart to give insights about the accumulated Karma through the previous lifetimes, and the manifestation thereof, in terms of the Moola Dasha

Thoroughly study the Arudha Padas in the Rashi Chart

Thoroughly evaluate the Argala Chakra to determine the spehers of influence exercising interplay in the horoscope amidst various horoscopic entities

The Chara Karaka, especially the Atmakaraka (AK) has to be evaluated and the placements of the Grahas judged from the Karaka Lagna

In the context of the Atmakaraka planet, the placement in the Navamsha Chakra (the 9th Harmonic Chart) is of special importance as it reveals the command of the soul in any given incarnation (Karakamsha Lagna)

An evaluation of the divisional charts is important to bring forth realities relating to the various specific aspects of life such as career and marriage and spiritual pursuits

The annual charts must be studied to judge as to what the current year holds in store for the person; the Hindu Tithi Pravesh Chakra has proved to be an efficacious technique and the Tithi Ashtottari Dasha is well-applied here

It must be remembered that the planetary positions and combinations (Yogas) have to be gauged from all three of the Ascendant, Arudha Lagna (AL) and the Atmakaraka (AK) and here the concept of Argala becomes especially important

Remedial measures are the solution and mere diagnosis is not the end

With these matters looked into, the astrologer will get an in-depth idea about the life of the consulter and will be able to give comprehensive advice along with the essential remedial measures.

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