Monday, March 11, 2013

Mars/ Mangala in Taurus/ Vrishabha Rashi on 23rd May, 2013

Mars is the strength of the human being, his ambition and drive and his relentless pursuit for victory. Mars favours the good by crooked means at times. He is considered to be one of the greatest devotees of God. He is brutal and bloodthirsty. There is nothing more he loves than a good bloody fight.

Thematically the energy of Mars in opposed to that of Venus, the latter being pleasure seeking. Mars is moving to Taurus, the latter being ruled by Venus and joins Jupiter, Sun, Venus and Mercury making it a real conglomerate there.

Food, family, finances, liquidity, secrets in personal life, comforts, connection, abundance and such factors will be in complete focus in the coming weeks. The chart for the entry of Mars into Taurus is given below-


Mars is all about security and protection. It does this aggressively with a show of strength. It protects property and life. The Lagna which are directly influenced by the entry of Mars to Taurus are Leo/ Simha and Sagittarius/ Dhanuṣa. Leo is protected with the 4th House aspect and anything to do with Leo in the natal horoscope will receive the protection of Mars as if it were its home. This means people with Simha Lagna and their fierce independence will be protected by Mars with aggression and fire if required.

Similarly, for matters indicated by Sagittarius, they will receive protection as if it were  their lives at stake. Mars is a malefic planet and whether its aspects are positive or negative depends on its disposition towards the person in question. Generally speaking, Mars is detrimental for inanimate things but it is quite capable of doing away with living beings and this is the reason these special aspects of Mars cause the Māṅgalika Doṣa/ Mangalika Dosha in the natal horoscope.

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