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The Conjunction in Sagittarius/ Dhanu in December, 2010


Something has changed in that Dhanu Rashi/ Sagittarius has become populated with three Grahas/ planets. Today, on 7th December, 2010, even the Moon/ Chandra is here.

Dhanu Rashi/ Sagittarius is ruled by the great Jupiter/ Guru and is the Moolatrikona Rashi of the planet. Jupiter gets to work here and this is a dynamic sign where the natural significations of Jupiter attain action and fruition.

In other words, law, deep esoteric thinking, high philosophy, physics, finance, metaphysics, religion, spiritual arts, priestly pursuits and such subjects become active in this sign. The Moon is here joined Mercury/ Budh and Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, along with Mars/ Mangal.

Prior to Mars joining the combination communications attained a quality of infatuation, and exhilaration, qualities of Rahu, communications of course being governed by Mercury. To those generally sedate, or sedated by Karma, such an event might have been relieving but generally speaking there can be something devious and fishy in such communication due to the impact of the debilitated malefic. But the debility/ weakness of Rahu can make deceit transparent and the centre of the plan may not hold.

With Mars having entered the picture, force enters. And in combination with Rahu, it forms a Yoga for battle. Mars is a Deva/ a Sura planet and in Dhanu Rashi will fight the good fight. Even so, there will be an atmosphere of deceitful force prevailing, especially in the written word, and the spoken word. People might need to be careful about their files, and communications, social networking and the like.

The deceit cannot last and the Wikileaks episode, for instance, will finally shed its opacity and the truth will emerge. The Moon gets afflicted with the Mars-Rahu-Mercury conjunction and the sense of moral dignity might be offended for those with strong Jupiterean influences in the nativity/ radix. Jupiter is strong in Pisces/ Meena and aspects the debilitated Rahu and the other Grahas with Rashi Drishti/ sign aspect, thus defeating that which is not ethically good, and right, and constitutes a threat, maybe an empty threat.

There are two ways to conduct oneself, especially those who work with and live with perspective and truth, whether a conventional or an unconventional truth.The first is to act correctly. This sounds too obvious and almost meaningless for that reason but is not so. What is to act correctly can only be indicated by Jupiter and if the planet is strong, the appropriate value system will indicate to the person as to what needs to be done. Non-action is also action in some situations but it needs to be correct. The second way, is the priestly way, since Guru aspects the Yoga from Meena, the sign of emancipation. This can be the chanting of the correct Mantras. Both ways can also be combined.

This is especially true till the Moon is in Sagittarius since its presence lends confirmation to the Yoga, both mental-individual and social.

Current Transits On & Around 7th November, 2010


As an overview, it may be stated at the outset that the times have been somewhat stressed in the recent past due to the debilitation of the Sun/ Surya, who is the Karaka/ Significator of resources, health, vitality and all that is glorious in life. With the King of the zodiac at His lowest powers, the quality of well-being and radiance has been lost to us. We have sought recourse in luxury and comfort, the realms of Venus/ Shukra, as this Graha/ planet is the lord of the sign where the Sun is debilitated, Libra/ Tula Rashi.

This need to justify the lack of power and self-respect and attainment in the brief period where the Sun has been debilitated, with the indulgence in the pleasures of the market, shopping and buying, has been highlighted because Venus is joined the Sun and gives the Neecha Graha its Neechabhanga, cancellation of debility.

Venus is also retrograde in Libra, indicating that for those who are tuned more deeply into the internal significations of the planet as it were, are finding it more worthwhile to ponder the theme that love and the spouse, or sharing does indeed have its place in life, rather than simply going it alone, which is the way of the solitary Sun, too hot, and too royal to care much for company and intimacy as an essential attribute. For nativities dominated by a strong Sun, there may be an element of wistfulness at these thoughts if love has not been particularly forthcoming in life. The experiences in the love-life and its highs and lows may also occupy the mind during this transit.

On Deepawali/ Diwali, the Amavasya Tithi has also added to the scenario with the gentle, vulnerable Moon being completely dark and soaking in these emotional experiences, looking at new beginnings with the new phase of the Moon. With Venus being very strong in Libra, there may be thoughts to indulge somewhat more, and to be more of a part of the world of Maya, indicated by Venus. The exact ramifications of the transits will of course vary with the different Lagnas/ Ascendants, the Arudha Lagna/ AL and the Chandra Lagna/ Moon Sign.

Jupiter is also retrograde in Kumbha/ Aquarius, having moved back from the priestly Pisces/ Meena and thoughts of freedom and interpreting spiritual truths liberally and to one’s liking may make an appearance rather than adhering strongly to the written words of the distant past. Jupiter, also being Vakra/ retrograde also makes for genuine efforts at deep thought and personal research rather than offhand conclusions about these matters.

Mercury/ Budh has moved to Vrishchik Rashi/ Scorpio to join Mars/ Mangal, the two Grahas being quite inimical to each other. The planet of rationality in the 8th House of the natural zodiac also points to research and some neat logic in thought and communications.

Some of the pressures brought about by the debility of the Sun have been exacerbated by the Graha Drishti of Saturn/ Shani to Mars. A quality of temperance and a slowing down of the aggressive pace of Mars have made their way into our lives. There has been an element of control and structuring that has become conspicuous just recently. Such phases might continue till the Moon exits the populated Scorpio because this is the sign of the debility of the Moon.

Much will depend on the specifics of each horoscope and the operating Dasha sequences for precise evaluation of the transits but this is the general picture which is only made richer by the debilitated Nodes.

Interpretations from the Bhava Lagna


The knowledge contained in this article has been learnt from the teachings of Pt. Sanjay Rath on the subject.

By way of simplification it can be said that the Bhava Lagna is a mental construct and further the Grahas which change their Bhavas in the Bhava Lagna Chakra, present areas of focus where conceptual issues may occur.

The general rule is that the Grahas changing their Bhavas give food for thought because the person in question is perceiving the reality given by the Grahas differently from what it actually is.

This perception may be good or bad, good or bad being matters of perspective in any case.

Let us take an illustration where Leo Ascendant/ Simha Lagna rises in the Rashi Chakra and Sun/ Ravi, Moon/ Chandra and Saturn/ Shani are in the 10th Bhava from the Lagna. Jupiter (R) is in the 5th Bhava from the Lagna. Rahu is in the 6th Bhava from the Lagna and Venus/ Shukra, Mercury/ Budh and Mars/ Kuja are in the 11th Bhava from the Lagna while Ketu occupies the 12th Bhava from the Uday Lagna.

In the Bhava Lagna Chakra, Sun, Moon and Mars change their Bhavas.

Sun and Moon move to the 11th Bhava while Mars moves to the 12th Bhava in debility with Ketu.

Therefore, Sun, Moon and Mars make for conceptual issues.

In the Rashi Chart, the Sun and Moon suffer terrible affliction with the birth being on Amavasya Tithi and the conjunction with Saturn and the Graha and Rashi Drishti of Rahu adds to the difficulties.

In this case, the native changed the conception of his Self, self-respect, leadership, political appreciation, authority, soul-level contemplation, realities related to the father etc. (Sun) and emotions, feelings, realities related to the mother, connection with society, ideas of happiness etc.(Moon) to counter the Curse which operated in the Moola Dashas of the planets involved in the Curse. To save his self and mind he chose the realm of refuge that comes from the wisdom of the Guru, information, learning, reading, pleasure, beauty, transformation (A8), learning from Parampara (11th House).

In the process, the real nature of the Sun and Moon in the 10th House may have been diluted or obscured in the mind to a degree. Once consciousness of this mental construct comes to the mind, this reality must be appreciated and reconciled.

Likewise, either due to the experiences or otherwise, as a release for the pain and suffering, Mars forms the Pishacha-Badhak Yoga in the 12th House in debility which can bring terrible, concealed rage to the mind and impede the Bhagya as Mars is the 9th Lord and may douse the powerful Agni Tattwa when the reality is Raja Sambandha Yoga and Guru-Mangal Yoga etc occurring in the 11th Bhava. This area clearly needs mental correction.

Since all is felt in the mind, this is crucial knowledge and should be used by learned Jyotishis.

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