Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Secret Arts

The mystery language comes as a gift.

All mystery and the keys to unravel them come as a gift. An undescribable joy that becomes a habit with time. A Joyous habit.

What is the link between the Rashi Chakra and the Tithi Pravesha Chakra. Is the latter a subset of the former?

The Tithi Pravesha Chakra manifests concretely the Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardasha sequence. Other dashas as well. The Narayan Dasha: the king os simultaneous awareness of Grahas and Rashis, and the way in which they mutually impact each other.

Nimitta can be a flash for the ceasing of a long drawn theme. The Nimitta will just come, perhaps when you least expect it and drown you in an entirely different set of feelings.

When you seek to study the Tithi Pravesha Chakra, remember the known and taught basics. There may be more that is to come but this is enough. Check the TP Rashi Lagna qua the radical Lagna. Check the Hora Lord and check the weekday.

After this use the transit of the luminaries, specially Chandra/ the Moon. When the Moon is atop an Arudha Pada, in the 7th House from it, in the 12th Bhava from it, or in Trikona from it, that Pada/ those Padas shall fructify. Fructification is contingent on many factors for its occurence and intensity. A lot of this is concealed and we do not get to know everything.

But the Gochar of the Moon in relation to the Padas as laid down above is studied, it gives surprisingly accurate results. The Padas are manifest and thus the Chandra Gochar gives perceptible results.

The lord of the Mahadasha in the Vimshottari scheme will give the overall framework in which life shall subsist. The Antardasha Lord brings the people.

The Narayan Dasha shows events that come about as a result of our animate and circumstantial influences operating in life.

Distill all this through the Tithi Pravesha and the Tithi Ashtottari Dasha alongwith the Gochar of the Moon relative to the Padas in the Rashi Chakra. Then the day becomes broadly understandable. It begins to make sense. You recognise your life as the 'play' it is: it is a replica, a Mayik version of the story in the Jyotish Chakras.

The same person will behave differently. In stark cases, this is shown to expose the hollowness of the human being as an independent entity. The human race become truly beautiful when illuminated by the Spirit.

Nothing remains to be done in terms of only materialistic will. Substance must accrue through Cosmic Will and Individual Will insofar the latter is in accord with the substance. Not doing blindly does not rule out Mayik arrivals. They shall come in any case, for sustenance and for the achievement of what must be achieved.

Desire is just fine after this is assimilated. What could be wrong with it. What you want is precisely what life is going to give you in any case. But for this correspondence, you must first get the gift in some way.

Gifts can come hard, almost impossibly hard. This is through the device of the Mythic Herald, usually the work of the planet Saturn. His Gifts are very precious because you have died for them.

No matter how your gifts come, if they do, life cannot be the same. It's the same world, but now you begin to know.

Dev Guru Brihaspati gifts silently. The ruler of the Akash tattwa is not conspicuous. Everything about Guru is a gift. All the Navagrahas are utterly delightful because they are magical. Their effects in Mayik reality in human life may or may not be delightful in the conventional sense.

All the striving is essential but destined.

Anurag Sharma.
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