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Horoscope of Prince William & Kate Middleton's Royal Baby-A Vedic/ Indian Astrology Insight

The baby boy born to Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived at 4:24 PM on 22nd July, 2013 in London, England. The popular birth time needs minor rectification of 30 seconds backwards in order for the Hindu/ Vedic horoscope to show that this is indeed a human birth. Therefore we have undertaken a preliminary birth time rectification, without more.

The Rāśi Cakra/ Rashi Chakra for the royal baby born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is extracted below for reference-


We can see a strong Yoga for inheritance of money and power and position straight away. Scorpio ascendant/ Vṛṣcika/ Vrishchika Lagna rises in the Rāśi Cakra/ Rashi Chakra and the Lagneśa/ Lagnesha Maṅgala/ Mangala is placed in the 8th House of inheritance.

The Lagna houses a Viṣeṣa/ Vishesha Lagna/ special ascendant in that the Ghāṭika/ Ghatika Lagna (GL) is conjoined Lagna. The GL is indicative of the power wielded by the person. The Udaya Lagneśa/ Lagnesha is also the Ghāṭika/ Ghatika Lagnesha and is joined the 5th Lord Gurū/ Guru. This is a Lakṣmī/ Lakshmi Yoga and the 5th House is a Tṛkoṇa Bhāva where Lakṣmī resides.

We also have to see that Gurū rules the Dhana Bhāva/ Bhava or the 2nd House and this combination is also joined the 11th Lord Mercury/ Budha which brings gains and fulfilment of desires.

The Ārūḍha Lagna/ Arudha Lagna/ AL is in the 3rd Bhāva/ Bhava from the Lagna in Makara Rāśi and the social planet Moon is placed in the Ārūdha Lagna. Moon/ Cañdra/ Chandra is also the Kāraka for the AL and placed in the AL it shows tremendous fame and popularity with the masses since the AL is joined Makara Rāśi, a sign of Śani/ Shani/ Saturn which rules the populace.

The other Lagneśa/ Lagnesha Ketu is placed in the 6th Bhāva/ Bhava from the Lagna and both the association of the 5th and 6th with the respective Lagneśa/ Lagnesha indicate a high level of intelligence and the Dhīmantaḥa Yoga/ Dhimantaha Yoga.

We can never overlook the Pañchāṅga/ Panchanga and the birth has occurred on the Pūrṇimā Tithi/ Purnima Tithi/ full Moon showing a life with the social Moon very bright and full of rays. His mind will be always active and eager and forms the Bhāgya/ Bhagya Yoga. All he has to do is to remember to take his father or the Monarch's blessings since the Kāraka/ Karaka/significator of the 9th House Sūrya/ Surya/ the Sun is placed in the 9th House. Prince William will be a very important presence for him due to the Moon being the 9th Lord in the7th from the Sun as well. 

Still this life might be vulnerable to upheaval due to the dominance of the 8th House and the planetary afflictions to the benefics Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon.  He would especially have to watch himself in relationships and marriage with Venus joined the Dārāpada/ Darapada/ A7 in the 10th House as the 7th Lord forming Jara Yoga and also due to the great affliction to the 7th House in the Navāmśa/ Navamsha where debilitated Jupiter, Saturn and a Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna/ Marana Karaka Sthana Mars join. This may have a direct and telling impact on the image in the eyes of the world.

I am mostly worried about the 8th House placement of the Lagna Lord Moon in the Navamsha chart and the debility of Jupiter.  Since the latter is strongly connected with the Rajayoga, its debility is a cause for some concern. 


We can see the Lagneśa Cañdra/ Lagnesha Chandra/ Moon of the D-9 chart placed in Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna/ Marana Karaka Sthana in the 8th House which at once shows a lack of understanding in personal matters and also a huge emotional setback. The overall mental and emotional state at the deep personal level also shows problems due to this placement.

The debilitation of Jupiter amounts to what is called the Rājabhaṅga Nīca Yoga/ Rajabhanga Neecha Yoga, or in common-speak a fall from position or grace. This is not a good sign in the horoscope. We do not wish to be naysayers but personal life might be a testing ground for the royal baby born to William and Kate.

By various parameters work will be the focus in life, what he does with his time and foreign policy and foreign countries will play an important role in this due to the placement of exalted Saturn and Rāhu/ Rahu in the 12th Bhāva/ Bhava from the Lagna. This also happens to be the 10th House from the AL and some of the biggest challenges will also come in this arena. He could concern himself a lot with the business climate and realities, especially heavy industry and the manufacturing sector. 

By stating that work will be the focus we can further refine the reading to focus more astutely on Simha Rāśi/ Rashi in the Rāśi Cakra/ Rashi Chakra which is the Karma Sthana and shows work application and also Simha Amśa or Leo in the Navāmśa Cakra/ Navamsha Chakra/ D-9 chart. The Sun is very strongly placed in Leo in the Navamsha and so propriety, rules, kingdom, monarchy, Prince William, the father, governance and Ṛta/ cosmic order and adherence to these will be the biggest protection for the new-born throughout life. It is the royal insignia which is the protection for the new entrant to royalty-this may sound obvious but is not. It is clear how we have derived this from the horoscope.

Despite the foregoing his life at the level of physical manifestation will be bolstered and furthered during the times his relationships and events at the personal level are occurring. There are some higher principles which point to this finding. 

Likewise we can also see the Varga Chakra related to the profession.  This is the Daśāmśa Chakra/ D-10 chart and is reproduced below for reference-


We again see tremendous working popularity for the royal baby with the Kāraka/ Karaka for popularity, the Moon placed in the Ārūḍha Lagna/ AL in the 5th House in Dhanuṣa Rāśi/ Dhanusha Rashi/ Sagittarius.

The 10th Lord or the Karmeśa/ Karmesha of the Rāśi Chakra/ Rashi is the lord of the Lagna in the D-10 chart and is exalted in the 9th House with Rāhu. It shows kingly traits in work but there is an element of eclipse/ Grahaṇa/ Grahana as well due to the association with Rāhu/ Rahu. 

It is confirmed that all his enterprise and focus will relate to foreign policy and foreign lands. He will have loyal workers who will forever be striving and working hard to keep his matters in fine fettle.

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