Thursday, March 21, 2013

Debilitated Sun Eclipsed by Rahu in Libra-From October to November, 2013

The movement from October to November, 2013 in Vedic Astrology terms witnesses a debilitated/ Nīca/ Neecha Sūrya/ Surya/ Sun in Libra/ Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi joined at the absolutely identical degree of arc, i.e. 13 degrees.

People will feel their personal prowess at a complete ebb and evolved souls may even feel the word 'eclipse' reverberating in their minds, more so if they are familiar with the terminology. Resource crunch may be felt and the test is to firm up and take it like a man rather than 'fall' and do things which a royal personage or soul otherwise would not.

The eclipse is accompanied by the conjunction of Sun and Saturn where the Sun is debilitated and Saturn is exalted. This can indicate a shift in the power-centres and a change in hierarchies. Those who have been struggling for authentic powers in their spheres of work may find this an opportune time to see the transformation happening. 

People dominated by the Sun in some manner, whether by being in a profession or vacation governed by the Sun, or through some particular of the nativity are also going through some interesting times. They will be acutely conscious of the vulnerabilities in their lives and will sense a real lack of power where they feel they ought to have far more stature.

Yet, at the same time, though their inferiority agitates against their thirst for stature, it is this very upheaval which brings about a change due to the cancellation of the debility of the Sun by Saturn. In other words, it is the very substratum of inferiority and all that constitutes it, which will pave the way for glory. Nothing can be derided in such combinations. 

Communications of all sorts whether written or oral are also crucial due to these complexities, reflected in the retrograde Mercury/ Budha which is conjoined the eclipse planets. Mercury is shouting at the top of its lungs for more business and more money and trying to articulate the changing scenario in the shift of abundance and power.

If it is perceived that things are chaotic then meddling with them at this time will not be advisable, firstly due to the heavy intensity of the opposite energies of Sun and Saturn and then due to the conjunction of Rāhu/ Rahu and Budha.

If we turn the chart around and view it from the perspective of the transit of the Moon, which is but one facet of the astrology of the moment, we find the solar Leo/ Simha occupied by two friendly planets in a friendly sign forming the Cañdra Maṅgala/ Chandra Mangala Yoga. If we have not been living on the surface we can sense the raw power within us in matters indicated by Leo in the Lagna chart. If we have been living on the surface then we will only feel irascible and short-tempered. Whichever category we happen to fall under we cannot feign ignorance either of the on-going conflicting flux nor can we overlook the rush of power that comes from Leo.

Deep, meditative and immediately instructive illumination comes from an in-depth evaluation of the horoscope.

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