Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vedic Transit Moon in Capricorn on 8th November, 2013

The Vedic Moon has entered sidereal Capricorn/ Makara Rashi ruled by the planet Shani/  Saturn on 8th November, 2013. Through these transit observations I try and impart some classical principles of Vedic astrology to the interested and informed reader, intertwined with some more immediate inferences derived from the astrological movements. 

Some say that work is the better part of life and such people are speaking with Capricorn as the root. This sign is governed by the planet Saturn, the significator of hard work reaching up to the level of slog, long hours and back breaking struggles.

The Moon in Capricorn puts the focus squarely on work and fulfilling work commitments.

The transit chart showing the placement of the transit Moon in Capricorn along with other aspectual influences is given below-

It is not as if the atmosphere is suffused only with subdued striving. After all there is a lot to be said for accomplishment-are the working populace not striving for accomplishment so that it leads to better things.

The Moon is crucial for human beings as all happiness and sadness is felt in the mind and the Moon signifies the human mental experience. The Moon revels in accomplishment though in a slightly different way than its favourite compassionate and familial connection. It is more haughty and stiff-necked about the zenith of attainment and in many ways this defines 'status'. The level and quality of work is an immediate and direct index of social and worldly status. 

There are no conjunctions in Capricorn but the backdrop of the work is positive. There is a direct awareness of the power which can come with elevated work and this awareness is conditioned by logical precision and pithiness. There is a brusque force to performance which results from the Rāśi Dṛṣṭi/ Rashi Drishti/ sign aspect of the planet Mars to the transit Moon from the royal sign of Leo/ Simha.

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