Thursday, March 21, 2013

Venus in Capricorn in Exchange with Saturn in Libra-Romance, AAP Party and the BJP

With Budha/ Mercury already in exchange/ Parivartana with Maṅgala/ Mangala/ Mars, Venus/ Śukra/ Shukra also joins the bandwagon of planets in exchange just as it moves into Makara/ Capricorn while the lord of Capricorn, Saturn/ Śani is in Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi ruled by Śukra/ Shukra.

This signals a change in the way relationships have been perceived ever since Śani and Rāhu/ Shani and Rahu joined hands in Libra. A spate of sexual violence and gang rapes and consequent legislation radically altering the definition of sexual offences has occupied the public mind and a lot of media attention has been given to this facet of life. 
The transit chart showing the movement of Venus into Capricorn is given below-

Venus in Capricorn is not comfortable but this exchange of signs/ Rāśi Parivartana will work as if Venus is placed in Libra and Saturn is placed in Capricorn. A lot of romantic emotion will rise in people where till now the populace has had to grapple with perversion and assaults.

Venus will act as if placed in its own/ Mūlatṛkoṇa Rāśi/ Moolatrikona Rashi and joined Rahu which takes the sensuality of the planet beyond barriers and boundaries. The penchant for beautiful things and items of luxury will be uppermost in the minds of people. In addition the matters indicates by the sign Libra and the planet Venus in any given nativity will also attain dominance.

Saturn’s transit exaltation in the sign of Libra has in the positive meant the elevation of the common man to a place of reckoning and the role of the AAP Party in the current election and political scenario is a reflection of this. The symbol of the party is the broom confirming the directness of this insight.

The worker or the commoner has been combining with the force of the mass movement or group impulse indicated by Rāhu/ Rahu leading to a cohesive front but this thrust will now change in favour of the more personal impetus that will propel people. Especially at the time Venus has moved into Capricorn to give these transit results, it is joined the Moon and these matters will be specifically heightened-the Moon-Venus Yoga is called the Yānavaṅta/ Yanavanta/ Annapūrṇā/ Annapurna/ Vāhana/ Vahana Yoga which augments personal and social connection and instills leadership.

The involvement of the Moon in any combination ensures its fructification and this is especially welcome at this time after the serious battering that the Moon got during its transit in Scorpio/Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi.

At that time in Scorpio not only was the Moon debilitated/ Nīca/ Neecha but also aspected by the 2nd house aspect of Rāhu and was joined the Sun in Amāvasyā Doṣa/ Amavasya Dosha.

The term Parivartana again means a complete change and so with Saturn moving from exaltation in Libra to its own sign Capricorn there may be a complete shift in the perspective relating to political parties and outfits such as AAP party with the dominant sentiments being centered around the core thoughts of Anna Hazare, namely to fight corruption and to work for the masses without aspiring to elevated status for one’s own self.

This also implies that the time signals a return of the beautiful people, those entrenched and enjoying the finer things in life and since Venus supports the concept of the nation state this could be a good time for nationalist parties like the BJP.
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