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How to Elaborately Analyse a Vedic Horoscope in a Life Reading or Detailed Chart Analysis

Adept Vedic astrologers devise their own techniques for horoscope analyses over years and years of practice. I will describe some of the features which I often use when one is to interpret a horoscope. It is made clear that a great deal of the highest techniques and principles which are used in Vedāṅga Jyotiṣa/ Vedanga Jyotisha are neither discussed here nor contained in the actual samples uploaded since these are meant from principle to principle to each consulter according to unique requirements with a corresponding request not to divulge which I am happy to report has been honoured over the years by the recipients.

The Lagna is the beginning of the horoscope and life, and this applies to the Rāśi/ Rashi and all the Varga Chakras of the Lagna chart. The very first thing which should be done is to look at the Lagna and the Lagneśa/ Lagnesha/ Lagna Lord. This will tell us a great deal about the foundational realities about the life and personality of the person.

Let us use the transit chart for 26th October, 2013 as the natal horoscope of a new born and then I will give some illustrations as to how one proceeds to develop an understanding of the life that is diagrammatically laid out before the Jyotiṣī/ Jyotishi. Moon is transiting Karkaṭa Rāśi/ Karkata Rashi/ Cancer which it rules and it receives the aspect of exalted Saturn from Libra. This is a good day for traditional high (Saturn exalted) knowledge (4th House) to come to the people (Cañdra/ Chandra/ the Moon). The Jñāna/ Gyana is orthodox (Śani/ Shani) and is rooted in traditional learning (Parampara Yoga not reflected in the transit but reflected elsewhere). This article is written on Saturday/ Śanivāra/ Shanivara.

We see that Kumbha Lagna/ Aquarius Ascendant rises in the Rāśi/ Rashi Chakra. It is vacant and so the adept astrologer will immediately consider the many characteristics of Kumbha Rāśi/ Rashi while forming the first impulse about the person, his life realities, his innate nature and proclivities. The effect to all these is given by the dynamism of the Lagneśa/ Lagnesha.

The sign/ Rāśi/ Rashi or the Lagna has two lords Śani and Rāhu/ Shani and Rahu/ Saturn and Rahu and both are placed in the 9th House. Immediately for the student and the interested and informed reader, many possibilities will spring up. Will the native be lucky and fortunate since the 9th House relates to the luck and fortune or will he have close relationship with his father and father-figures in life.

I want the readers to mull these and other questions and will not reveal too much of the truth about any of the placements in the Rāśi/ Rashi since this is not an actual evaluation of the horoscope but a device to understand as to how we must think about a nativity and what an elevated and spiritually involved process it is.

This placement of the Lagneśa in the 9th House also poses questions about higher education and foreign travel, also seen from the 9th House.

One hint for the effective solution of some of the queries posed in context of the placement of the two lords of the ascendant is to judge the position from the Kāraka/ Karaka or the significator of any matter and the house and lord associated with it. For example, we must consider that the father is represented by the Sun, and this planet is conjoined the Lagneśa in the 9th House. There is also an independent inquiry conducted from the Kāraka/Karaka/ significator for this purpose.

Other factors should spring out at us such as the effect and implication of the conjunction of the planets in the 9th House. Are Saturn and Rāhu/ Rahu friendly to each other and if so then at which level of interpersonal relationships, transient, permanent and compound or final or cumulative. What will be the impact of this study on the conjunctions in the 9th House in respect of each outcome envisaged simply from the placement of the Lagneśa in the 9th House. 

And what about the Dharma/ righteousness of the individual. Will he be righteous and Dhārmic/ Dharmic due to the placement of the Lagna Lords in the 9th House of Dharma or will some other factors impede this.  Will the nature of Śani and Rāhu/ Shani and Rahu influence this evaluation and should it. Are any Yogas created in the 9th House which have ramifications of their own. 

Then having evaluated all this we must go forth to the relevant Varga Chakra or the divisional chart for the precise information relating to that aspect of life. For example, for the nature, character and Dharma of the individual Navāmśa/ Navamsha or the D-9 chart can sometimes even prevail over the indications of the Rāśi Cakra since the Navāmśa/  Navamsha is but the Dharmāmśa/ Dharmamsha or the 9th division and the 9th is the house of Dharma..

Also for 'all' indications of the Rāśi/ Rashi or the Lagna chart, the D-9 chart can be studied and evaluated as an independent chart to support or take away from the indications of the Rāśi/Rashi. We have not yet spoken about the fact that the Rāśi/ Rashi Lagneśa/ Lagnesha is exalted in Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi/ Libra and we must then check the dignity of the planet in the D-9 because the dignity has a vital impact on the results given by a planet. 

Having got a first glance at the chart and the person (Lagna-Lagnesha) we must now truly start to understand and unravel the Karma from the horoscope and study the Pañcāṅga/ Panchanga or the Five-Fold Quality of time, each component of which will furnish greatly important Karmic qualities which are overarching in their magnitude. At the same level we must see the chart for blessings or for curses since these are also overarching in their magnitude. (Hint-consider Mercury/ Budha, a natural benefic susceptible under influences.)

The other main features of the Rāśi/ Rashi have to be evaluated in the light of the overarching Yogas and the Five-Fold features of time as discussed. Now, in our example chart, we have to see the other lordship of the Lagneśa and the houses owned by the other planets conjoined. How many planets are conjoined is also a highly relevant consideration.

We must ponder the fact as to what would the role be of the Moon, indicative of the psychology of the individual and other significations. Readers must also know the similarities and differences between the Udaya Lagna and the Cañdra Lagna/ Rāśi/Rashi. 

Then we immediately see that single planets are placed in very important houses-Gurū/ Jupiter is in the 5th House, an excellent placement and Venus is in the 10th House while Mars is in the 7th House. How would we consider the placement of Mars in the 7th-as a malefic is it not stressful in the delicate house of marriage. Are there any other peculiarities associated with this placement. What does it mean for the chart to be Māṅgalika/ Mangalika; and Venus-being a first-rate benefic in the 10th House it must be good but is there maybe not such a good feature of this placement? How to reconcile divergent indications in Jyotiṣa/ Jyotisha?

Having examined this, we have to embark on a simultaneous study of the Ārūḍha/ Arudha Padas which show the manifestation of Karma at the social and financial levels of life. Most people are concerned, and quite rightly so too, with the rough and tumble of life and this is studied through the Ārūḍha/ Arudha which mirrors the potential of Karma envisaged through the Bhāvas/ Bhavas from the Lagna into actual life manifestation.

The Ārūḍha of the Lagna called the Ārūḍha/ Arudha Lagna (AL) is the commencement just as Lagna is and here we find the Ārūḍha in the 5th House in Mithuna Rāśi/ Rashi/ Gemini. This is also the perceived image of the person. Is there a difference between this and the 'real' person (Lagna) or is this analogous to the philosophical distinction between appearance and reality. How does one calculate the Arudha Padas and does this entail some exceptions to the rules as well. What do these exceptions mean.

Consulters all have different areas of interest and different things dominate their minds.Their feedback calls for unique methodology of Vedic horoscope interpretation in each case. If property is the main concern then we must look at the Kārakas/Karakas in the Rāśi, the 4th House and lord, the houses from the Arudha Lagna and the relevant Arudha Pada or the A4 (the two are entirely distinct). Above all we crystallise our findings from the Navamsha and at the apex of this specific hierarchy the Tūryāmśa/ Turyamsha Chaturthāmśa/ Chaturthamsha Cakra.

Though these are not revealed here or immediately in any writing on the website but each Varga has its own characteristics and method of evaluation. They are specific environments of life which hold fast to their domains and these must be scrupulously analysed for very precise findings in that specific area of life.

Aspects or Dṛṣṭi/ Drishti or both Grahas/planets and signs/Rāśis/ Rashis are crucial for relationships and interplanetary influences and we must use the special full aspects/ Pūrṇa Dṛṣṭi/ Poorna Drishti of the planets, at the very least to get into the mind of specific energies shown by them, and to decipher what they want. Sign influences show circumstances in which everything is happening. Both are true-that what is given to us, and what we are doing with it.

Ultimately it is all soul-Hindu wisdom believes that Ātman/ Atman is the only truth and everything else it illusion and to understand the dictates or diktat of the soul in all areas of life we have the Carakārakas/ Charakarakas the most significant of which is the Ātmakāraka/ Atmakaraka (AK) which has been stated to be the King of the horoscope by Parāśara/ Parashara. We must see the Kāraka/ Karaka Lagna and the Carakārakas/ Charakarakas from it to know what the soul wants, for what the soul wants is what will happen.

Then we must evaluate the dynamics of the horoscope by considering all the applicable Daśās/ Dashas, such as the Vimśottarī/ Vimshottari and the Padakrama Dashas, Mūla/Moola and Śūla/ Shoola Dashas. There are over 43 suits of Daśās which are known and a lot of them are conditional on planetary placements in the chart.

Many of us know that diagnosis is just one part of it and treatment and cure are others.  In this respect, Jyotiṣa/ Jyotisha/ Vedic astrology is much like the practice of medicine and surgery. In the remedial measures Devatās/ Devatas or the deities associated with the Grahas in many respects become crucial and this changes with the Varga under scrutiny. It is ultimately the Devatas that hold the key to all fructification and manifestation in each specific area of life-just looking at the planets and the houses does not complete the picture. Some better known deities, better known in their prescription and purpose are gauged from the D-9 chart but there are many, many deities in the myriad Varga Chakras who must be understood and propitiated and adhered to. Along with this the prescription of gemstones is something not to be trifled with since they actually touch the body and influence us directly. Apart from schools of thought there are principles of gemstone prescription that necessitate compliance with the evaluation of core Varga (s) and the Ārūḍhas/ Arudhas in the Rāśi/ Rashi or the Lagna chart. Maṅtra/Mantra is similarly crucial and one must be cautious never to do inimical Maṅtras/Mantras.

There are many specific rules which are in addition to and in complete distinction from what has been outlined above as one possible schematic which is and can be used. These are used in interpretation of Praśna/ Prashna or Horary charts and the Hindu Annual Charts/ Varṣa Tithi Praveṣa Chakra/ Varsha Tithi Pravesha Chakra.

The idea is that this is a highly evolved exercise and has to be undertaken at an elevated level of  concentration and focus which comes from blessings of good Karma which give the cleanliness of the heart and mind and intellect and the necessary tools of Dhī/ Dhee/ mental calibre of discrimination.

Jyotiṣa is a Vedāṅga/ Limb of the Veda and is a direct route to illumination and emancipation. Involve yourself with the art with that mindset.

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