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Part III (Conclusion): Saturn Transit to Scorpio on November 2, 2014 in Vedic Astrology/ Shani Gochara/ Peyarchi to Vrishchika Rashi


This is the concluding article, Part III, of a series of articles relating to the Vedic Astrology/ Jyotisha/ Jyotiṣa transit/ Gochara/Peyarchi of Saturn/ Śani/ Shani to Scorpio/ Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi on November 2, 2014. The preceding Part I and Part II are here and here respectively.


This article examines the influence of the great malefic Saturn/ Śani/ Shani on the various Lagna/ Ascendants and also on the Viśeṣa Lagna/ Special Ascendants such as the Ārūḍha Lagna (AL).


When the preceding papers have referred to the nature of the Saturn transit and also studied the impact on the Cañdra/ Chandra Lagna or the Jañma Rāśi/Janma Rashi then what is the utility of examining the impact of the movement of the great malefic  with respect to the Udaya Lagna or the sign rising in the horoscope in the Rāśi Chakra, one might ask.

The Lagna/Ascendant in Vedic Astrology is the point of commencement of life and examination of Karma. It is a reference of vitality and light. The Kāraka/Karaka or the Natural Significator for this Bhāva/ Bhava or house is Sūrya/ Surya/ the Sun.

Saturn is antithetical to the Sun and represents the suffering of the Kāla-Puruṣa/ Kalapurusha/ Cosmic Man. The impact of humiliation is most relevant for the glory of the human being as this is where it is felt the most due to the oppositional character of the Karmic energies.


Corollary to the principle above is the fact that the Lagna/ Ascendant is after all the Self and while the aspiration is to no-self, or release, it is true that this aspiration itself is contingent on the existence of the Self. If we are not born, there is no concept of Mokṣa/Moksha, let alone a requirement.

Simply put, all experience is of the Self and so the transit of Saturn must inevitably be studied from the Lagna, and is perhaps the most important examination amongst all, not taking away from special Gocara such as the Sāḍe-Sātī and Kaṅṭaka Śani.




Scorpio Ascendant/ Vrishchika Lagna-

As the ingress of Śani is into Scorpio/ Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi it stands to reason that this Lagna/ Ascendant will be influenced most. Aspects and like influences like Sambaṅdha/ Sambandha are one thing but actual placement is quite another and it is the latter that has the fullest impact.

Scorpio Lagna is all about fire, even though the Rāśi itself is of Jala Tattwa/ Water element. Śani is a Vāyu Tattwa Graha and it very antithetical to the foundational Karma of the Lagna. The rulership of Scorpio Ascendant vests with Maṅgala/Mangala/Mars and Ketu and they are red and infra-red planets while Saturn is cold and blue and dark.

Two things are happening- significations of Saturn are going to the realm of Scorpio and also the significations of Scorpio are suffering the malefic impact of Saturn. Both are quite distinct.

Significations of Saturn are labour and servants and disease while the significations of Scorpio are concealment, secrecy, occult and transformation. Scorpio has a lot of inherent Karma attached to it which cannot be seen.

The significations of Saturn are going to a realm of Karma which is not known beforehand. Servants, help, subordinate staff may find themselves confronted with realities which they could never have imagined, especially with their strength in the recent past.

People who have avoided their share of hard work may find different requirements coming their way and similarly people who have done more than their share of slogging may find corresponding differences in the tenor of things coming their way.

Scorpio Lagna will find illness and depression weighing heavy on the head. Their work application will stand deteriorated as Śani will aspect the Daśama Bhāva with Graha Driṣṭi. It is best if they project themselves as reliable if not especially innovative and take care in their personal aspirations as far as interaction with others goes.

Things can be very complex when it comes to the interpretation of the impact on the Ārūḍha Lagna and other Viśeṣa Lagna. This is due to the fact that while the impact will be oppressive and heavy in some way or the other, it is difficult to earmark its precise nature. The Ārūḍha Lagna is the societal existence of the person and the precise way in which negativity is being perceived at this level depends on the impact on the Lagna and the life journey of the person. In other words, Śani, the deliverer of Karma will act as per the Yogas of Grahas in the nativity. Let us make this more precise for the discerning reader. Śani can broadly speaking be equated to things on one side of a linear spectrum and at the level of the Ārūḍha Lagna for instance the person could be perceived to be doing things which qualify or be subjected to things which qualify or both.

Some sort of pressure of the kind stated will be felt on the economic and social existence of persons who have Scorpio Ārūḍha Lagna.

Similar influences can be ascertained for other Viśeṣa Lagna such as the Horā Lagna or the Śrī Lagna based on the matters they signify- these can be studied from standard texts.

Readers are advised to check in the horoscopes if the Gocara Graha qualifies as the Khara in any horoscope and then the transit is to be specially watched.

 Sagittarius Ascendant/ Dhanusha Lagna-

It might be apposite here to start with the Dhanuṣa Ārūḍha Lagna since Śani would be transiting the 12th Bhāva therefrom. How many do you have to sort things out for you at various levels, that is the question. Śani here ensures expenditure on all these and therefore presumes the existence of people and matters to spend on. One who is capable of spending in this manner experiences Rajayoga. On the other hand, if such a situation is not obtaining in life then the expenditure can be on less than desirable matters.

For Dhanuṣa Lagna the transit of Saturn to the 12th House can mean deep orthodox meditation techniques and close association with a spiritual master at the house or establishment of the spiritual master. It can simply indicate disturbed sleep patterns for those not on this path. Recuperation and treatment in hospitals or such places is indicated for those with health issues.

Capricorn Ascendant/ Makara Lagna-

Sustenance is guaranteed and income, gains and fulfilment of aspirations are prime areas of focus especially if there is Dhana Yoga in the chart. This will be through exertions of the self as the Lagna Lord is itself Saturn.

The indications given above apply with special force if we are evaluating the Makara Ārūḍha Lagna as this reference itself is wealth-centric and the Lābha Sthāna from the reference is activated by the lord of the Ārūḍha Lagna.


For all the Lagnas and the Ārūḍha Lagna or the Special Ascendant it is advised to read Part I and Part II of this series of papers as the complete picture for the horoscope at least with regard to crucial references will be revealed then.

Aquarius Ascendant/ Kumbha Lagna-

This would be a time of enhanced self-application in Karma as the Lagneśa would be in the Daśama Bhāva from the Lagna. One finds that Śani does not alter its nature based on functionality and so Kaṅṭaka effects will be felt both for the Lagna and the Ārūḍha Lagna. For the Lagna the distinguishing features are that this labour and Ṣrama Dāna is likely to yield acclaim and attainment especially if something like the Śaśa Mahāpuruṣa Yoga exists in the nativity.

Pisces Ascendant/ Meena Lagna-

Loss of fortune coinciding with the Bhāgya Sthāna or the 9th Bhāva from the Lagna cannot be said to be auspicious or good. In the nativity if Śani associates with the Dharma Bhāva then the enlightened Jyotiṣī will consider remedial measures.

However, from the Ārūḍha Lagna the situation is diametrically opposite and the Tamas Guṇa does not pose any issues. The native competes with an adamant and uncompromising attitude which leads to progress and advancement in the material realm. Therefore, the results are to be deciphered with care.


The planetary aspect of Śani, its Graha Driṣṭi  is key. From every Lagna named above and hereafter apply the special aspects of the planet to the relevant signs and understand the coming of impediments. The exception is furnished by the Dusthāna.

Aries Ascendant/ Mesha Lagna-

This is a highly troublesome transit for the Meṣa Lagna as the planet of Karma is transiting through the invisible area of life where the well of experience is throwing up one severe challenge after another. Kaṅṭaka Śani is formed and work suffers as well. The situation is problematic also for the Ārūḍha Lagna in Aries because the debts precipitate themselves with unfailing regularity. Seek advice and help if thought appropriate.

Taurus Ascendant/ Vṛṣabha Lagna-

Marriage and personal interaction are stressed areas in this transit and the quality of mercy will stand the natives of this sign in good stead during the sojourn. For those with Taurus Ārūḍha Lagna, emergence and participation will be the areas under stress.

Gemini Ascendant/ Mithuna Lagna-

This is an excellent transit. Śani casts Amṛta Dṛṣṭi and defeats opposition. Internal oppositions such as substance abuse are another matter altogether and will have to be watched with care if these are an issue in life. The transit is even better for those with Gemini Ārūḍha Lagna as victory will follow combativeness.

Cancer Ascendant/ Karka Lagna-

Depression and melancholy might assail if the Daśās and correlated influences were to suggest and support this as well. Citta or consciousness is assailed and belief in one’s Maṅtra wanes. For family men, children pose real problems and speculation is not advised during this transit.

For those with Cancer Ārūḍha Lagna, wealth and sustenance associated with home, property and conveyance suffers and protective measures should be devised, sought, adopted.

Leo Ascendant/ Simha Lagna-

Peace and Śāṅti are under attack and the home and properties might give cause for concern depending on the state of the associated factors in the horoscope. If all are well fortified then it is readership and learning which is ordinary during this period.

Simha Ārūḍha Lagna would be well advised to choose new properties with care or avoid purchases altogether. It would be a different idea if these properties were to be put to use by way of leases provided the Varga Chakra approves.

Virgo Ascendant/ Kanya Lagna-

This period is not one where one would listen astutely to Gurū Upadeṣa but one where the drive to assert the will is strong. Siblings and relationships with the siblings is put under stress. The transit is very good for these matters for the Kanyā Ārūḍha Lagna as these positives related to the Upacaya and growth and assertiveness are fully precipitated.

Key II-

Watch for the transit of Saturn both over natal malefics in Scorpio and delicate planets, natural benefics, ruling important life areas- these will be oppressed and caution is advised in the associated life areas. This too is key.

Libra Ascendant/ Tula Lagna-

The oddest thing.  The rights of the downtrodden or those used as pawns in power games as being have-nots had seen an upsurge during the exaltation of the malefic Saturn ruling these classes but with the traversing of unknown realms the sexuality and trade of the world is freed of survivalism and freedom accrues to the natives of this Lagna and to the activities associated with the Rāśi.

The dirt which has come on the judicial system will be cleansed as the balance of Libra will be restored  and faith in the impartiality of the system will be restored. Cinema and the aesthetic directions in life will be freed of the dictates of the worker, hitherto finding himself in unfamiliar realms and abusing fiduciary positions...this will abate.

The transit of Saturn represents a fundamental shift in Karma for two and a half years and so the work on this website related to this may be read with care and attention.


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Saturn Transit in Scorpio on November 2, 2014- Part II/ Shani Gochara to Vrishchika Rashi II

About this article-

This paper is Part II (Part I is here if you have not yet read it) of a series of articles on the Saturn transit/ Śani Gocara/ Shani Gochara/ Peyarchi in Vedic Astrology/ Jyotisha/ Jyotiṣa to Scorpio/ Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi in November, 2014.

Scope of this article-

In this paper we shall investigate the impact of transit Saturn on the twelve Moon signs/ Jañma Rāśi/ Janma Rashi and also explore the phenomena of the feared Sāḍe-Sātī/ Sade Sati- the seven and a half years’ sojourn of transit Saturn atop and around the natal Moon in the Vedic horoscope. We shall also dwell on the Vedic astrology transit/ Peyarchi of Saturn which constitutes Kaṅṭaka Śani/ Kantaka Shani.

Next article on Saturn transit to Scorpio-

The impact of the forthcoming transit/ Peyarchi/ Gochara of Saturn on the various Lagna/ Ascendants as well as on the special Ascendants, especially the Ārūḍha/ Arudha Lagna will be studied in the next paper on the subject which will be Part III in the series and shall follow the publication of this paper.

The Moon-

People not infrequently ask me during the occasional casual conversation as to the relative roles of the Lagna and the Moon as references for gauging the impact of transits. In other words, the question is whether transits are more important from the Lagna or from the Moon. The short answer in the context of this article is that as far as the Saturn transit is concerned, we simply must start its evaluation from the Moon sign or the Cañdra/ Chandra Lagna/ Jañma Rāśi/ Janma Rashi which are all interchangeable expressions denoting an identical reference.

The Moon is the mind of the individual. It is the social fulcrum of any person. It is the mother and the family and also the home. It is our moorings in life. Though not strictly pertinent to this paper, readers will note that the Moon is the royalty in the world along with the Sun, and a powerful Moon in the nativity can indicate royal pleasures and great fame and acclaim.


Śani is the great malefic and the planet which signifies our dark Karma. It is the cause or rebirth and indicates suffering and negativity for living beings. It is a renowned slave-master and governs the world of hard toil and manual labour. It is the commoner and the poor man. This is how one feels when Saturn is dominant in the horoscope either in natal Yoga and placement or in Peyarchi/ Gochara/ transit or both.

Chart for Saturn Transit/ Peyarchi/ Gochara to Scorpio/ Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi-


 Scorpio/Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi-

The gentle Moon finds it difficult in the intense and secretive Scorpio and for a variety of reasons this Rāśi/ Rashi becomes the debilitation sign of the Moon. With this inherent vulnerability of the Moon in this sign, the arrival of Śani/ Shani Saturn in November, 2014 things will be significant for the natives of this Jañma Rāśi/ Janma Rashi. The mind is impressionable due to the fact that it registers feelings and emotions and is also changeable, for the feelings and emotions that are experienced, are by their nature transient.

Saturn will be in an inimical sign and afflicted here and the Moon is also humbled. The sign experiences the middle core of the Sāḍe-Sātī/ Sade-Sati which is tantamount to Karma sitting on the emotional head.

This is a heavy experience.

Sade-Sati: The ‘Seven-and-a-half’ of Saturn-

This is a transit of Saturn one sign before, atop the Moon sign and one sign after and takes about seven-and-a-half years to culminate. This can be an intense experience for some, who have conspicuous combinations involving the Moon and/or have several planets in the signs of interest in the nativity as referred to above.

Vrishchika Rashi/ Scorpio/ Vṛṣcika Rāśi-

Saturn is of course transiting to Scorpio in November, 2014 and those with the Moon in Scorpio in the Vedic horoscope will have Śani/ Shani sitting on the head. It is not that the process has started because the Sade-Sati has been very much in operation since Śani entered Tulā Rāśi. But then Śani has been exalted in Tulā Rāśi and also it was in the 12th Bhāva from the Jañma Rāśi. This led to displacement and change and personal issues in life and in marriage cropping up.

Now, Śani will be in an inimical sign and that too right on top of the emotional and social cognizance. This can be called the extreme-cold-core of the transit. Depression, melancholy and erroneous decision-making can come in and the participation of the person in the flux of things tends to suffer. Remedial measures should be obtained by the natives of Scorpio Moon sign for the following reasons, amongst others-

·      Śani clouds the judgment and since the Moon is debilitated natally the effects can be distressing;

·      The pressure is coming on the emotional self directly;

·      It is not just the self which is impacted but the social opportunities in work which are hampered due to the 10th House aspect of Śani. It is the mind that has to access the opportunity for work and then only the rest of the person, as it were, proceeds onwards.

·      When the self and work are both stressed in this manner, prayers have to be made for the alleviation of the problems which are precipitated.

Tula Rashi/ Libra/ Tulā Rāśi- With this transit Libra natives feels better as the malefics finally leaves their Moon sign and the stress shifts from the emotional and societal self. The focus shifts to the 2nd Bhāva from the Cañdra Lagna which relates more to the Kutumba/ family and also the finances and movable assets. Here, the financial aspects present themselves in such a manner that the native is able to perceive the infirmities in liquidity and problems with the career directly. The focus is thus more on external and sometimes extraneous matters. Depending on the combinations in the natal horoscope, ingestion and food and drinks intake may need to be watched as this Bhāva pertains to the face and to the oral orifice in the physiognomy.

Kanya Rashi/ Virgo/ Kanyā Rāśi-

For those natives with Kanyā Jañma Rāśi or those with the natal Moon in Virgo, a strange seven and a half years come to an end with the culmination of the Sāḍe-Sātī. A new world has been revealed to them and they have been sobered by the hammering of Saturn which has infused coercive functional realism in the personality. Their personal life, the quality of Kārmic displacement, their social and emotional existence itself and their financial constraints and parameters have all been brought into disconcertingly sharp relief over this past phase and now the transit Saturn is going on and leaving them alone. A direct ramification of this is that things which have been part of life without there being any real justification for their presence in life shall start to appear intolerable now that the pressures and the ‘have to’ element is gone.

Simha Rashi/ Leo/ Simha Rāśi-

Home and happiness stand to be detrimentally impacted by the heavy presence of Saturn in Scorpio for the natives with the natal Moon in Leo. This is also technically causative of Kaṅṭaka Śani/ Kantaka Shani as the transit Saturn aspects the 10th House from Leo.

I say technically because the problems in work will be caused by lack of application and hard work and lethargy. Do not fall victim to the blind lethargy of the planet and succumb to inertia.

Dhanu Rashi/ Sagittarius/ Dhanuṣa Rāśi-

Sagittarius Moon sign starts its Sade-Sati and the un-tempered optimism in the minds of youngsters specially is going to transmute itself into relative maturity and coming to an understanding of how things actually are. Saturn is in the 12th Bhāva from the natal Moon and so personal issues and character can come into question or discussion. One has to be wary in this respect if the chart should reveal some issues in this regard. Some kind of movement from a customary place of residence or of work is indicated which acts as the trigger for the experiences which are to follow. If one wishes a guided transition through this long, seemingly never-ending phase counsel of the adept, classical Vedic astrologer should be availed, since to fit the description he must be a Master- of-Both-the-Worlds, never more so than in the 21st century where things move at break-neck speed, sometimes for good reason and sometimes not.

Note on Saving Graces and Unqualified Blessings-

Those who communicate with me often know that such positive terminology refers immediately to the greatest benefic in the zodiac, Jupiter/ Gurū/ Guru. Jupiter is in exaltation but the reference to the placement of Jupiter in Cancer is made in this paper, and at this juncture, because of the Graha Dṛṣṭi/ planetary aspect of Jupiter to Saturn in Scorpio which is the 5th House from the transit station of Jupiter.

This is not all- there is also Rāśi Dṛṣṭi/ sign aspect of Gurū in the Cara Karkaṭa Rāśi to the Sthira Vṛṣcika Rāśi.

The result is that there are active energies which enable the highest internal realizations to combat weakness and ignorance. This can come in the shape of both tremendous knowledge to some as well as the of the opportunity of availing access to such knowledge through Maṅtra and remedial measures and elevated astrological advisements. What is more, this will not be available only to those who are benefitting from the direct influence of Jupiter but even to those who might otherwise be burning out or washing away the malefic influences of Saturn.

Makara Rashi/ Capricorn/ Makara Rāśi-

The significant facet for the persons with the natal Moon in Capricorn is that there will be a feeling, despite having all the essentials of life (and perhaps much more) that there is an element of bareness when it comes to fulfillment of aspirations and gains and this sentiment will work akin to a blow to the perceiving head. Gains or the lack of them can double up as their exact opposite. In other words, Śiva is also Hara. If there are issues with the natal horoscope regarding individual and financial freedom or a lack of feeling of breathing in open fresh air insofar as the acquisitions go then remedies should be done during this sojourn as matters will become quite pressing.

Kumbha Rashi/ Aquarius/ Kumbha Rāśi-

This sign experiences the Kaṅṭaka Śani Gocara of Saturn as the malefic transits the 10th House from Cañdra. If there has been laxity or if the Karma were to indicate this then there could be a fall in the profession or in the work. For those who are in the service sector, the organization which they came to and which in conjunction with the application of their labour gave them so much, is likely to suffer.

It could well be that people with Kumbha Jañma Rāśi who were hitherto quite happy with their organization or with their work might find a thorn impeding their work progress for the Kaṅṭaka is nothing but Saṅskṛt for thorn.
Meena Rashi/ Pisces/Mīna Rāśi-

Pisces natives will not notice this transit much because Śani is noticed through difficulty except in some rare combinations where this thumb rule might be negated.
The only issues which may arise are with elders and with the lack of readiness of the lucky break to come through from the yonder world.

Mesha Rashi/ Aries/ Meṣa Rāśi-
The headstrong, fiery and impulsive Aries Moon feels in alien territory as the spanner in the works of Karma comes in. Strange obstacles come in which have seemingly no rational explanation. While Simha Rāśi is also fiery and is an even more lordly sign the thorn in the foot will be truly felt by Meṣa natives. This is a Kārmic time and the impact is directly felt in the work sphere as well. Those running bad Daśās in the horoscope or going through tests and trials generally and having natal Moon in Aries are best advised to seek counsel.

Vrishabha Rashi/ Taurus/ Vṛṣabha Rāśi-

One word- marriage. Other words- focus on marriage and matters marital. Get married. Stay married. Do not want to. Cannot. It will all depend.

Mithuna Rashi/ Gemini/ Mithuna Rāśi-

Excellent time for the natives with Moon in Gemini as the malefic transits the 6th House. The pressures on the mind abate and the health and longevity appraisals improve. The obstacles and oppositions are thwarted.

Karka Rashi/ Cancer/ Karkaṭa Rāśi-

Refer to the italicized and underlined note above which applies to this sign which is even more blessed now than is generally the case, with Jupiter exalted in the Rāśi.

The paper on the transit of Jupiter to Cancer may be read here.

The paper on the transit of Rahu-Ketu to the Virgo-Pisces axis may be read here.






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Saturn Transit in Scorpio on November 2, 2014-Part-I (An Overview)/ Shani Gochar in Vrishchika Rashi

Saturn transits are viewed by those in the know with great interest, urgency and sometimes an element of trepidation. Saturn/ Shani/ Śani will be leaving Libra/ Tula Rashi/ Tulā Rāśi and entering Scorpio/ Vrishchika Rashi/ Vṛṣcika Rāśi on November 2, 2014. 

In this Part-I of a series of articles on the Saturn transit to Scorpio, which is an overview, let us view some of the overarching facets of this phenomenon.

The other articles (Part-II etc.) to follow in this series will cover specifics pertaining to the various Lagna/ Ascendants and also the Cañdra Rāśi/ Chandra Rashi/ Moon signs (Sade-Sati and Kantaka Shani et al) insofar as the transit of Saturn impacts them.

Śani/ Shani/ Saturn is the Naisargika Kāraka/ Karaka/ natural significator of suffering, past Karma, oppression, misery and defeat in all our horoscopes. It is where we lose. It is these significations in all our destinies which cause apprehension because the mind/ Moon/ Cañdra abhors the trying impact of the cold, old and distant planet.

Saturn is the significator of the mindless slog, long hours, hard labour, servitude, servants, servility, humility, masses, poverty, disease, crime, the West, stones and oil, darkness, despair, melancholy and other such light and frothy matters in life!

Saturn is an outer planet, a Bahya/ Bāhya Graha which moves at the slowest speed amongst the planets and has a limping gait. It changes Rāśis every two and half years or thereabouts.

For the past two years Saturn has been transiting Libra, its sign of exaltation, and help and commoners and servants have had a field day. The Common Man Party, translated from the vernacular, indicates the Aam Aadmi Party, and this party had its surge during this transit of Saturn especially since Saturn has been joined Rahu in Libra, the Kāraka/ Karaka for politics and pressure groups.

Saturn also brought deviance to the sexuality in Libra and with Rāhu the desire of the old and the perverse spiralled leading to rapes and sexual scandals ranging far and wide amidst the high and low alike. These somewhat putrid winds are liable to change constitution and direction soon with Rahu moving away to Virgo and Saturn to Scorpio.

Sexuality and women can breathe easy. Even transgenders and sexually indeterminate people have had their concerns addressed during this transit as Śani/ Shani is an eunuch planet and in exaltation it has taken care of all its significations.

The less fortunate have found themselves in strategic positions to negotiate for money due to the exaltation of the significator in Libra and the common experience would have been that maids and servants would have posed issues for concern during this period.  The quality of work performed by way of menial jobs and also all sorts of skilled labour would have gone down as the worker in luxury is not a worker at all and is reaping his harvest for the blood and toil of the past.

Saturn is present in every horoscope and in every life and is a major reason for rebirth. Even otherwise extremely fortunate people who have heavy Karma in some respects have breathed easier because of Saturn’s exaltation in Libra. In some cases this transit may have signalled the end of suffering in many lives, viewed separately from the quality of fortune.

Saturn’s typical urges to strive as hard as possible have been coloured by its elevated positioning in Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi/ Libra. He has tried hard as he always does but it has been from a position of great strength and so the work has been a weapon and an indulgence. This would manifest in a variety of ways in different lives depending on the role Saturn is playing in the Rāśi Chakra/ Rashi Chakra and in the entire horoscope.

The problematic occurrences have transpired due to the seething perversity of aged or perverse sexual desire with the malefics placed in Libra and aspecting a violent and rape prone domain of Mars. This is the singular reason as to why such intense sexual manifestation has happened during this coalesced transit. 

Home and the heart have also received a swift kick in the hindquarters by the great malefic and people expecting either cure or succour from physical and/ or emotional issues have been left disappointed. 

What now?

 Transits have two dominant entities which are foundational for any further interpretation. These are the sign/ Rashi/ Rāśi and the Grahas/ planets. Of course, then we have to see their impact with reference to personalised points in the charts such as the Lagna, Ārūḍha Lagna/ Arudha Lagna, Jañma Rāśi/ Janma Rashi/ Moon sign etc. But these latter are subsequent, along with Yogas, aspects and the like, and it is the sign and planet which are of antecedent interest.

Saturn will be moving away from the environs of Libra, and into those of Scorpio. While Libra is its sign of exaltation where orthodoxy is magnificently sustained, ruled by its preceptor Venus/ Śukra/ Shukra, Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Ketu.

Mars/ Maṅgala/ Mangala is a dire malefic like Saturn and the two planets are bitterly inimical to each other. While Saturn is old, slow and prolonged, Mars is young, stout, aggressive and immediate. Ketu also is liable to engage in bitter warfare to annihilate the Saturnine enemy for higher Jyotiṣa/ Jyotisha reasons.

Further, while Libra is the 7th Bhāva/ Bhava house of the natural zodiac, Scorpio is the 8th. The 8th House is the house of secrets and transformations and harbours the sudden and unexpected within it. Its symbol is the Scorpion and contains a poisonous sting. People dominated or governed by Saturn for any number of horoscopic/ life reasons might be faced with these significations of Scorpio. Those who have abused their freedom and revelling in the sometimes perverse and uneasy negotiating strength which has come in the recent past might be found stewing in it for a little bit.

More generally for the regular folk, where chronic illness or any long standing signification has been dominant, Saturn will stress it with continued or precipitated illness or defeat. Vulnerable people in any aspect need to be very careful because Saturn will act as afflicted.

Also, this proposition needs to be carefully noted by those who have been elevated enough to be navigating their live through the high, splendorous echelons of Vedic astrology-
Both Scorpio and Saturn are Karmic in their structure and impact on human life and so the events which come will indicate the state of fruition of the Karma in a given life.
If you are suddenly liberated and free know that you have rounded a major bend in life and if not then you can perceive accordingly.

Much will depend on the situs of Scorpio in the Rāśi Chakra/ Rashi Chakra and also in the Varga Chakras even for this paper to properly reveal itself in a given nativity.

This work is a part of the cumulative efforts relating to the astronomical/ astrological movements of the outer/ slow planets-Jupiter and Rahu-Ketu. As indicated in the beginning of the piece further articles on the Saturn transit to Scorpio on November 2, 2014 will be available for reading in due course on this website so keep watching this space.

The paper on the transit of Jupiter to Cancer may be read here.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rahu-Ketu Transit (Gochara/ Peyarchi) to Virgo-Pisces (Kanya-Meena Rashi) on July 13, 2014 in Vedic Astrology-Its Mysterious and Compulsive Impact on Your Life

Rāhu/ Rahu-Ketu are the Nodes of the Moon in Vedic astrology and this axis is the zone of compulsive manifestation of Karma in life; they are mathematical points rather than massive astronomical entities and so their effects are inscrutable.  
They are also referred to as shadow planets insinuating that their work is not always clearly understood.
This ties in rather well for the contemporary person because no matter how much our lives advance, and probably due to this in part, the inscrutability not only of life in general but also the underlying themes of the most important things in our complex lives remain largely unexplained.
Vedic astrology and its utility for you today is also tied in with the fundamentals of the Nodes and their role in your lives which will become evident as you read further in this paper.

1.               The meaning and operation of the Nodes, Rāhu & Ketu -
         Rahu-Ketu show the interplay, of both desires and        freedom from desires respectively, and this is rooted in past Karma which leads to rebirth. This polarity is reflected in the fact that in most Varga Chakras/ divisional charts, and certainly in the Rāśi Chakra/ Rashi Chart/ Lagna chart, Rahu and Ketu are opposed to each other, being in mutually 1-7 Bhāvas/ Bhavas/ houses from each other. This polarity is also proof in Jyotiṣa/ Vedic astrology that rebirth has occurred.

The movement of Rahu-Ketu in the zodiac (also Rahu-Ketu Peyarchi), also shifts the manifestation of Karma in your life. Rāhu/ Rahu indicates desire and rebirth while Ketu is the Kāraka/ Karaka or significator for emancipation/ Mokṣa/ Moksha. Rāhu/ Rahu is all head and ambition and thought and research, pointed in a downward direction showing greater proximity to creation and life while Ketu shows the upward direction, and has no head, showing moving away from the life experience and towards renouncing.
2.               The direction of movement of the Nodes, Rāhu and Ketu
Sometimes controversy is generated about the direction of motion of the shadow planets Rāhu and Ketu. These Grahas are always in retrograde motion as they are opposed to the luminaries, Sun and the Moon. However, astronomically there are periods of time when these mathematical points appear to move forward in their oscillation (True Nodes). However, for Jyotiṣa/ Jyotisha purposes, the motion must be always retrograde (Mean Nodes) because the spiritual definition of opposition to Sūrya/ Surya and Cañdra/ Chandra must hold. Therefore Rāhu/ Rahu will move in retrograde motion from Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi/ Libra to the preceding sign Kanyā Rāśi/ Kanya Rashi/ Virgo and Ketu will move from Meṣa Rāśi/ Mesha Rashi/ Aries to Mīna Rāśi/ Meena Rashi/ Pisces.

3.               Chart for the movement (Peyarchi) of Rahu and Ketu on July 13, 2014
The Rāśi Chakra and the Navāmśa Chakra  for the nodal transit are extracted below for reference-

4.               Significance of the movement (Gochara/ Peyarchi) of Rahu and Ketu to Virgo/ Kanya and Pisces/ Meena respectively

Rāhu and Ketu have been transiting in the Tulā Rāśi / Tula Rashi/ Libra- Meṣa Rāśi/ Mesha Rashi/ Aries axis respectively. Libra especially, has been very afflicted due to the conjunction of Śani/ Shani/ Saturn and Rāhu/ Rahu, forming the Preta Bādhaka/ Badhaka Yoga.

An odd melancholy could have possessed people dominated by the sign Libra in some astrological manner. Now that Maṅgala/ Mangala/ Mars has joined, the situation has become all the more incendiary and oppositional, manifesting conflict.

This has hitherto impeded interaction with others (with the other) the most because Meṣa Rāśi/ Mesha Rashi/ Aries is the head of the Kālapuruṣa/ Kalapurusha/ Cosmic Man and shows individuality. Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi/ Libra being in the 7th House therefrom shows the others and interactions with the others, more specifically with the spouse, or relationship partner or the business partner. With this planetary configuration/ Yogas in the Libra-Aries axis relationships and the interaction of the self with the other was the focus.

This focus is now going to alter and the area of occupation of the nodes is the Kanyā Rāśi/ Kanya Rashi/ Virgo-Mīna Rāśi/ Meena Rashi/ Pisces axis.

Virgo is about perfecting our efforts in matters requiring daily attention, being the natural 6th Bhāva/ Bhava/ house from the Lagna. Pisces is our dreamy, other-worldly manifestation of surrender where we move away from the world, since it is the  natural 12th Bhāva/ Bhava from the Lagna.

So, the area of manifestation of the compulsive Karma and the running away, as interpreted through the Kārmic/ Karmic nodal axis is itself changing. Health issues, foreign travel, jobs and work, the appearance of and dealing with competition and challenge, the Āṣrama/ Ashrama or the house of the Guru- the spiritual sanctuary, rehabilitation will be the life areas where generally events will tend to transpire.

5.               The particular significance of Rahu in Virgo/ Kanya and Ketu in Pisces/ Meena

Sign placements of the planets in nativities/ horoscopes and in transits are of special interest to us since this in itself is a Yoga/ combination of note where the nature and attributes of the Rāśi/ Rashi/sign interact with those of the Graha/ planet.

The first thing you need to focus on is that your ambition and drive thrive in the sign of Virgo because this is the Mūlatṛkoṇa/Moolatrikona Rāśi/ Rashi of Rāhu/ Rashi. People will put their plans in action when it comes to work as far as willed actions go and the higher echelons of one’s projected professional hierarchy will be tapped into during this transit of the North Node.

Likewise Ketu is very strong in Mīna Rāśi/ Meena Rashi/ Pisces which happens to be its Mūlatṛkoṇa /Moolatrikona.

We see some camps here and allegiances coming through. Virgo is ruled by Mercury while Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. We can then infer that Rāhu/ Rahu is happy in proximity with Mercury and Ketu with Jupiter. This principle should be used only in context of the matters we are discussing here and not as overarching principles.

Anyhow, the usually inscrutable Karma manifested by the Rāhu-Ketu axis appears to demonstrate a positive slant due to the basic comfort with the signs/ Rashis involved. The Nodes are strong but what are they strong for? This will always depend on the radix or the nativity/Lagna chart/ Rāśi Chakra as to the intent and purpose of the planets based on many factors.

6.               Interpretation of the Rahu-Ketu Transit Horoscope

I have given both the Rāśi Chakra and the Navāmśa Chakra for the initiation of the transit of the Nodes to the Virgo-Pisces axis. The first thing I want to focus on is the conjunction of Mars and Rahu in Virgo/ Kanya forming the Vijaya Yoga of war and victory.  Mars is in Gaṅdāṅta/ Gandanta in the junctional region between Virgo and Libra. It is about to get into Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi. The two opposite forces of Mars and Rahu collide at the time of the retrograde entry of the Node into Virgo. There are bound to be adversarial circumstances to start with. Spiralling violence could erupt over control of power and the commercial pinnacle.

This impacts women since Rāhu aspects Venus with its Graha Driṣṭi/ Graha Drishti/planetary aspect. These indications are confirmed if not heightened from the Navāmśa Chakra at the time of the transit since Rāhu is in fact Vargottama in Kanyā Rāśi/ Kanya Rashi and is joined Mars and debilitated Venus. Therefore appreciation of beauty, aesthetics, relationships and work are all brought into sharp relief and you have to act with perspective knowing this in advance.

7.               Impact of the transit of Rāhu and Ketu on your life, depending on which signs define you in your horoscopes –

·      Virgo – If Kanyā/ Kanya Lagna/ Virgo rises in the Rāśi Chakra then the transit of Rāhu is good materially and for matters of mundane application of the intellect. However, if Śani/ Shani/ Saturn is not well placed in the natal chart or if there are combinations in the horoscope to indicate this, then this period could bring some health issues which not be easy to diagnose at the outset. For those with the Kanyā Ārūḍha Lagna/ Kanya Arudha Lagna also the transit of the North Node should be watched with care since the image has different Kārmic constituents and the fast paced and hallucinogenic working of Rāhu/Rahu sometimes challenges the manner in which we are perceived. You would note that the rising sign/Ascendant and the Special Ascendants are different from simply interpreting the relationship between the sign and the planet since the functionality and other significations come into play to alter the interpretation. We have the nodes transiting the Lagna-7th House axis and so what you have read about the preceding transit and its impact on the world at large will apply squarely to the relationships and marriage of Virgo. Be careful because the partner may start acting irrationally and you might compound it by obsessing over it endlessly. This can be a particularly conspicuous time for those in challenging marriages and if you are one of those then seek professional help. Things might get intense.

·      Capricorn – Sometimes we are compelled to put off travel and you might have been too. At other times we have the opportunity to try something incredibly promising but somewhat untested and untried and a bit deviant if one is treading the beaten path. If you are wistful about having let such opportunities pass in the past then this transit is the time to set this part right. Rāhu is transiting the 9th House for this Lagna and with this placement it is in Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna/ Marana Karaka Sthana. It is advisable not to stay in one’s own country of birth with this placement as a larger and distant crucible is required in order for Karma to flower properly. On the other hand, for those with the Ārūḍha Lagna in Makara Rāśi/ Rashi this is an excellent time. You have been working hard and are known for your pragmatism in work and in life in general. This is the right time for you to enjoy acceptance at a very broad level and an open playing field. Since you have gotten down to the brass tacks you know precisely how the cookie crumbles- make use of the splendid opportunities which come your way. These analytical predictions are rooted in deep esoteric, traditional Vedic astrology dicta, which I apply in contemporary lives to not only fathom the primary Karmic fabric of the life of the person but also in charting the way forward, given the enormous complexity of modern day living, its changeability and challenges and other features which you are so familiar with.

Some may find the warrior aspect emerging in the personality or indeed a spiritual disposition depending on the configurations in the horoscope.

·      Taurus – For Vṛṣabha/Vrishabha Lagna the situation is more complex and Rāhu in Virgo may end up deluding some of you with this sign rising in the Ascendant. The transit will be through the 5th Bhāva of Citta or consciousness and the task is to not succumb to deluded or fantastic estimates of the future. The more immediate task could simply be to not over-analyse things, and this applies especially to the more cerebral amongst you or even those prone to fearing the worst without sufficient justification. For those with this sign rising in the Ārūḍha Lagna, matters are slightly more challenging and you must ensure that that which has been earned with great deal of care and nurturing is not ended or depleted or removed due to not understanding the scenario fully and being compelled to view the situation in a lopsided way by the Graha.

·      Aries – For all you aggressive, innovative, and independent people with Meṣa Rāśi/ Mesha Rashi rising in the Lagna chart, the transit of the naturally malefic Rahu in the 6th Bhāva from the Lagna gives positive results but only if there is no laxity in the lifestyle. If you do not succumb to the allure of a careless lifestyle or uninhibited intoxication then you can handle many challenges which have been occupying your mind at this time. The concept of growth inherent in the Upacaya Bhava is premised on the fact that the person is not beset by Ṣadṛpu/ internal enemies. Once this part is cleared then the external impediments can be focussed on. The transit of Rahu to Virgo is excellent for the Aries Ārūḍha Lagna since a powerful malefic transits the 6th House. Others might be wishing luck to your adversary in the fight and anyone who wishes to cross swords with you could not have chosen a worse time for himself.  

Some strange and inexplicable issues may arise which you might like to keep to yourself due to their very nature, but do not. Seek advice because these are as destined as anything else.

·      Leo – This is a heady transit for Simha Lagna and this unusualness could manifest in a variety of ways depending on the natal configuration of the Grahas in the Rāśi Chakra and in the other Varga Chakra/ divisional charts of the Vedic horoscope. Assets, family, speech, liquidity, and relationships are some of the areas which might show themselves as being conspicuous during this transit. For those having Leo Ārūḍha Lagna though the situation might be different. Wealth and family issues could pose challenges and take special care of your banking transactions and accounting processes during this time.

·      Sagittarius – The optimism of Sagittarius is about to find expression in enterprise or let us say that those of you who have Dhanuṣa Lagna rising in the Rāśi Chakra will have the opportunity of exploring a side of their personalities which would appear too bold and too experimental. The thoughts would be aimed at furthering one’s own prospects in work and especially if one works in an organization. It would no longer be a case of fulfilling the agenda or toeing the line but an atmosphere in which one would see original application of intelligence. Conversely, you must realise that if you are going to be adventurous in work, it is equally important to have stabilising influences at home. For Dhanuṣa Ārūḍha Lagna/ Dhanusha Arudha Lagna, there is caution to be observed since the image in work stands to take a serious beating on account of impropriety or deviation from norms in some manner. We see that the results are at variance when the transit is considered from the Lagna on the one hand and from the Ārūḍha Lagna on the other.

·      Cancer – This appears to be an excellent time for people of this rising sign and they are all set to enjoy the fruits of unexpected success. Viparīta Rāja Yoga/ Vipareeta Raja Yoga is happening for this Lagna as Rāhu is the co-lord of Aquarius/ Kumbha Rāśi/ Rashi and in the Duṣcikya Bhāva or the 3rd House from the Lagna it gives excellent results. They might want to adhere to their own value system though and not get swayed by the odd rush of blood to the head. The transit is even better for those of you who have the core societal and financial reference, viz. the Ārūḍha Lagna in Karkaṭa Rāśi/ Karkata Rashi. Rāhu is a powerful malefic in the 3rd Bhāva from the Ārūḍha Lagna and the expression of the action-plan in work will be completely no-nonsense and designed to further a focussed agenda. Likewise Ketu in the 9th House as a malefic augurs very well for winning on the mundane plane.

·      Scorpio – Depending on the Karma promised in the natal chart, home and properties will engage your attention for the better or the worse. Rāhu is the 4th Lord of the Lagna chart and is transiting through the 11th Bhāva which is a comfortable area for the Graha but the fact that it is a natural Pada to the 6th Bhāva can be a deterrent to smooth progress. For the Vṛṣcika Ārūḍha Lagna/ Vrishchika Arudha Lagna the transit of strong Rahu in the 11th Bhāva is excellent and gains can come through deep research, foreign climes and cultures, trade, commerce, web related work, technical and professional writing etc. This will occur in a conspectus of strength and elevation.

·      Pisces – This is an inversion of the findings as recorded for Virgo Ascendant as they are mutually 1-7 to each other. In this case, spirituality will be forcibly infused in the personality and this is usually through experiences which test the person in some way. Be careful of the company you keep especially in the personal realm as some surprising turn of events could occur in this area of life. The appraisal for the Mīna Ārūḍha Lagna/ Meena Arudha Lagna is similarly cautionary. Discernment is advised. All people are not identical and this attitude could be damaging in the social and material life.  Trying to break free of a suffocating atmosphere in social life and finances may also not be easily forthcoming since the emergence is impeded during this transit.

·      Gemini – This may not be a phase that you especially enjoy, since a malefic transits the Sukha Bhāva, and the Mokṣakāraka/ Mokshakaraka Ketu is in the 10th House of work and professional attainment. What business does emancipation have in the arena of material striving and vice versa. Likewise, ‘home is where the heart is’, signified by the 4th Bhāva from the Lagna is occupied by Rāhu and this is not a favoured placement. Be careful of deviance and unusual happenings at home and also be warned that special attention will be required at work to keep things from taking an unwanted turn. At the manifest level, people with Mithuna Ārūḍha Lagna are advised to take good care of their properties and ensure that no unlawful possession or sabotage is being attempted by unscrupulous people. You might find that your mistakes in working life become the subject matter of discussion and debate. I often say that when things get troublesome Maṅtra/ Mantra is very useful. One cannot recoil from waking life but the challenges of Karma can be mitigated. All these factors need to be indicated in the radix for them to transpire.

·      Libra – For you with this Ascendant rising, this is going to be an inscrutable time and the Kaṅṭaka Śani/Kantaka Shani caused by the Saturn transit on the Lagna might abate but this nodal transit will precipitate issues. Sleep and expenses, that which follows your personality, and general nuisance, will manifest as the dominant indications. For Tulā Ārūḍha Lagna, the need is to watch the tendency to  spend money on less than desirable matters though the transit is otherwise good for ‘carrying on’ so to speak. There will be no issues with combativeness or striving.

·      Aquarius­ – Last but not the least. This is not good, I am afraid. Kemadruma Yoga is formed and it is difficult to fathom if it is worse from the Lagna or the Ārūḍha Lagna. Do not speak unduly harshly, especially without justification. Matters in the family, liquid wealth and assets are all vulnerable. If there is a history of chronic ailment then it would be a good idea to have any troublesome symptoms immediately checked. Keep a watch on what you insist on throwing down the drain. Only waste is meant to be dealt with this way and matters of value should not be treated in this manner.  

8.               Correlation with the transit of Jupiter and Saturn, the other slow-moving planets

The shift in the Karma of the world and the people that inhabit it, indicated by the transit of the Nodes of the Moon, is not to be construed in isolation but read together with the Gocara of Jupiter/  Guru and Saturn/ Shani. 

My work on the Jupiter transit to Cancer can be read here.

Views on the upcoming Saturn transit to Scorpio should be awaited.

9.               You, and what you should be doing

You are a contemporary person and if you are reading this, then you are a blessed one as well. Why? That you are a contemporary person at least in some respects is evidenced by the fact that you are alive in current times. That you are blessed is clear because Vedic Astrology is an otherwise unbelievable blessing in a cut-and-dried world. Due to some grace, the nectar poured in India and the droplets are there to be imbibed from time to time. It enables a view of what lies behind the curtain of incessant events. You can not only ask questions of life, but expect immediate answers, the deepest and most pragmatic explanations for everything.

A given life itself, can be studied threadbare in all its aspects (Detailed Chart Analysisor the Life Reading). Two people and their romantic and/ or marital relations can be understood as colliding Karma, coming together to fashion the togetherness it does (Detailed Charts Compatibility Analysis). When the hows and whats and whys are understood and recognised from the natal horoscope, the Vedic year becomes a time-frame capable of being navigated and traversed, planned and worked (Tithi Praveśa Chakra Analysis).

You can actually live your breakneck-promising- astonishing- challenging-high-low-crown jewel and unbearable by turns life with Jyotiṣa/Jyotisha/ Vedic Astrology from a position of perspective and awareness.
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