Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mercury/ Budha Retrograde in Aquarius/ Kumbha Rashi in February, 2014

Mercury/ Budha has recently turned retrograde in Kumbha Rāśi/ Rashi/ Aquarius. Retrograde planets have their own peculiarities and when a natural benefic turns retrograde then it might precipitate events which will make one sit up and take notice.

With the insights of Vedic astrology we can transcend to a plane of awareness which already recognises and attempts to understand the phenomenon of retrogression of the planet in question. With this elevated platform we can then participate at another level, generally speaking.

Mercury governs our thoughts and rationality and all sorts of communications. It rules writing and professional work. It rules writing such as writing code, writing professional documents, summaries, analysis and related expressions.

Mercury is a faster moving planet and when it turns retrograde it appears to be moving backwards. This apparent backward motion entails many factual consequences. It can mean something like clearing the backlog of ending work; it can mean going back to look up something which had not been properly worked with; it can mean reviewing work or taking up things which had been placed on the backburner. People who had interacted on issues previously and then for some reason the matter did not proceed will find that in some cases there is a revival of sorts and taking it up where one left off.

Simply, there could be communication exchanges with people from the past. It is clear that the common thread is an actual or apparent going back. Retrograde Mercury wants us to go back even in things being addressed in the present time by way of re-checks and reviews.

Mercury is playful by nature and it is better to ensure that misunderstandings do not crop up while exchanging  notes and communicating. Special care should be taken in communications related to computers and other devices such as phones and especially at such a time one should avoid things like texting while driving and so on.

Mercury also indicates trade and the exchange of money or currency. People may find that projects which are to move forward are doing so with a great deal of introspection or simply not moving ahead at all while some old transactions bear fruit at this time.

Retrogression is a special state and should be treated as such. It has a purpose associated with strength and power and therefore the retrograde planet is very strong. If something had demonstrated blockages or doubts and is amenable to movement and fluidity through communications or other attributes of Mercury then this is the time to make the extra effort to make those things budge.

The empowerment of the planet is focussed on inward movement and inward results which usually indicates a wealth of information and insight related to matters governed by the planet. This can extend to lordships of the planet in the Lagna chart if the Daśā/ Dasha of the planet is running in the horoscope.

The other inferences can be immediately drawn from the fact that Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius. One can see the relevance of the sign from various reference points in the horoscope such as the Lagna/Ascendant, Cañdra Rāśi/ Chandra Rashi and the Ārūḍha/ Arudha Lagna. In such realms in life one will tend to place great focus.

There is high desire associated with the Vakra/retrograde planet which propels it to work in its inward world. This desire can sometimes spiral out of control and this feature will be heightened in Aquarius. In the best cases, there will be the motivation to research various  issues and to write about them or to analyses them.

Some notable intellectual work with considerable width can result from this.

These positive impulses will be greatly aided by the knowledge of Jupiter, which aspects Mercury with Graha Driṣṭi/ Drishti/ planetary sight from Gemini and the element of research and mental desire will be heightened by Rahu’s aspect from Libra. Both aspects are extremely strong and so the time is rich with potential for drawing new and intense insights about matters, setting things right, sorting them out, deconstructing things and high intellectualism.

Other kind of things should be avoided which heavily breach boundaries or otherwise are not laudable for some reason because Mercury will not pause even a moment before winking, telling a joke, spilling the beans. Maybe not now but when he turns direct.

So be advised to use this powerful energy in matters which demand it for your benefit and of those around you.  

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