Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Great Significance and Potential of Vedic Astrology in Human Life

Knowing does not deprive one of emotional experience. When we learn so much with Vedic astrology, about ourselves and about the world around us, the principle is the same.
With Jyotisha we can free ourselves to more possibilities implicit in human existence since perspective prevents sapping of energy and the life force. No matter what we cannot come to Vedic astrology unless we are meant to. What do we do with the blessing when we do come to it. To what extent do we benefit and engage.
Do we cower endlessly when confronted with a Karmic trauma and pretend otherwise or do we get to the bottom of it, automatically stop suffering (Guru/ Jupiter is the Karaka for wisdom and is also the Sukha Karaka). Are we not elevated above the suffering since we can look at it it through the Eyes of the Veda rather than our bleary mortal eyes suffused with suffering.
Is the love for the spouse only impulsive or deep with the understanding whether it is the caring Moon dominating or the affectionate Venus in either or both horoscopes or in the shared Karma. Which is better and higher and more fulfilling.
Knowledge can only fuel will if at all. If you have strong Upachaya Bhava then your overt striving can never flag.
The dissipation of Tamas and ignorance must follow since Jyotisha is the Light. It shines through with the light of the Sun. Suppose one is experiencing the karma of doubt and anxiety. But if one were to know this through the horoscope is it not that one is sure that one is not sure and aware of anxiety. Knowledge of ignorance is high knowledge and awareness defeats anxiety.
It is for Kings (among men).
Does one become glorious and naturally above the bits and pieces and therefore not have to strain the intelligence and the mind to accept oneself as the soul, but realise that the comfort level with the contents of life could belong to none other than pure soul.
Life rises up notches and levels with adherence to Vedic astrology at a deep and authentic level. You raise your human game to astonishing heights. If you have powerful planets, you can lead with the divine insights intrinsic to your being.
The trials become stepping stones and with awareness at a fine point the suffering is an aid to shrug off, burn past onerous Karma. After, is the true lightness of being.
No longer is the other highest of his class with whom you must do battle. We are all playing parts in this sport of the Gods and as human beings with tremendous riches of wide variety, none can enjoy the sport as we can, and should. 

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