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A Glimpse of the Jupiter Mahadasha in Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology


|Nama Shivaya|

Nobody who has been allowed to glimpse the magic of Vedic astrology needs any proof of what planet can do and do.

Recent interactions with fellow students (teachers to others) once again refreshed the working of the planets in the mind, through their significations, signs and houses.

As one Dasha draws to a close, another gets set to commence. As Dashas change, things change, provided the planet ruling the Dasha is strong enough to give notable results.

The Jupiter Mahadasha that has been running in a nativity for the past fourteen years is drawing to a close in another couple of years and this is a good time to jot down some thoughts.

The native did not know of the existence of astrology properly in the preceding Rahu Mahadasha that occupied the Vimshottari Dasha framework for eighteen years prior to the current Mahadasha.

Since Jupiter aspects the Lagna with Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect, it brought many changes to the personality. Rahu and Guru are opposites in many ways and the deep Karmic desire to delve into matters governed by the natural significations of Jupiter seeped into everything in life. This is due to the retrogression of Jupiter and also the fact that Jupiter is in Sagittarius in the 5th House.

The accumulated Karma was such that it had an overwhelming bearing on all matters. Astrology, world myth and comparative religion and mythology (Vasudaiva Kutumbakam) became very attractive. Jupiter indicates a settled width and expansion, something calm and content, and exploring eternal truths. Retrograde Jupiter takes one though odd paths, through psychological frontiers, through inner worlds. It indicates intellectual discrimination and in retrogression gives an unusual, intuitive slant to the discerning mind. Its location from the other two references is also very important.

The other two references of location are the Arudha Lagna and the Atmakaraka. For any analysis, these three reference points are absolutely essential in order to come to a correct interpretation of the results of the planet. From the Arudha Lagna it is in the 2nd House and sustains the Arudha Lagna with its significations. Since it is in the 5th House, the application of mind and such other matters that might be divined from the 5th House help the Arudha to flourish.

From the Atmakaraka it is in the 8th House and shows transformations occurring at the soul level. This is not an easy placement but better than a 6th House or 11th House placement from the Atmakaraka. The Atmakaraka is in the 10th House being the Lagna Lord as well. Therefore the Mahadasha of Jupiter brings soul level transformations in the context of work and achievement. The soul has mandated a specific role to the planet and this has great say in the results of the Mahadasha.

Jupiter is the Karaka for wealth and this facet of life improves according to the strength of Jupiter in the chart, in its Dasha.

The 7th House from the Arudha Lagna is much stronger than the Arudha Lagna itself and so at some point while crossing through the doorway to the world the Arudha Lagna will functionally move to the 7th from the original Arudha Lagna. This happens to be the 10th House again. Thus the image will change and end up being rooted in work and the profession. Therefore Jupiter comes to the 8th House from the Arudha Lagna as well. This is a good placement and loans, positive changes will occur and may be said to have occurred.

A retrograde planet is strong but its strength is indicated also in the amount of effort required to be put in, which is three times the normal effort required. Jupiter is exalted and retrograde in the Navamsha Chakra in Gajakesari Yoga in the 3rd House. It can indicate strong ideals but in some manner the value system is not simple. Writing can be a source of expression for the inner self as the combination is in the 3rd House from the Lagna.

Jupiter is the lord of the Upapada Lagna in the Rashi Chakra but its retrogression coupled with the fact that the Upapada Lagna is in the 8th House from the Lagna delays this personal event. Of course confluence to indicate an event will always present itself and the combustion of the 7th Lord Saturn in the 10th House along with some other factors also points to the same result.

Jupiter is in Pisces in the 6th House in the Dashamsha Chakra/ D-10 chart and strongly indicates daily work which will once again require massive effort. Effort is also indicates in the fact that the planet aspects the 2nd House from the Sun (the resources of the world).

Jupiter in Sagittarius is in its Moolatrikona and at work. You can say that again!

The entire worldview changes in such a planetary period. Jupiter represents divinity in any horoscope and one can say with ease that the divine presence has been felt on many occasions even living the noisy, fully participatory life of the current era.

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  1. My Guru antardasha will start from may 15.
    Guru in 12th with Sun & Venus in tula rashi.
    What significant changes would be there?


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