Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Transit/ Gochar of Jupiter/ Gurū (Guru) to Aries/ Meṣa (Mesha) on 8th May, 2011

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Jupiter represents divinity in any horoscope and in life provides the healing touch to all areas that it touches, depending on its condition in the horoscope. Even so, Jupiter/ Guru always protects and it is for this reason that its transit/ Gochar also has significance.
If a nativity happens to be running the Mahadasha of the planet Jupiter, then this transit assumes even greater significance. The Mahadasha lord is taken akin to a temporary Lagna in itself and therefore the Gochar of that lord holds great sway as well.
Guru is currently transiting Meena Rashi/ Pisces which is its own sign (home/ Swakshetra) and the pious preceptor of the Gods is very comfortable in the sign of emancipation, release and spirituality. Soon, however, Guru is moving to Mesha Rashi/ Aries on 8th May, 2011. This is ruled by Mangal/ Mars a great friend of Guru and the raw initiative and leadership of Aries is going to be tempered and led by the sage wisdom and perspective of Jupiter. Jupiter also gets the circumstances to guide the goodness and learning through the medium of immediate action and energy and therefore good things have all chances to begin happening.
The chart for the time of transit of Guru in Mesha Rashi is given below:
Guru will join an exalted Ravi and the lord of Aries, Mars/ Mangal when it begins to transit the sign. The Agni Tattwa will be very strong at the time and depending on the chart, this could be an interesting time.
From the Agni Tattwa Rashi of Mesha, Guru will have Graha Drishti or planetary aspect on the fire signs of Simha/ Leo and Dhanu/ Sagittarius as well as the 7th House aspect to Tula/ Libra. The perspective and benefit of Mantra may come to those with the sign Leo/ Simha prominent in their horoscopes.
The 5th House aspect of Guru carries the grace of Poorva Punya with it and this aspect to the Simha Rashi will fortify and bless the matters asociated with Simha Rashi in the horoscope. This aspect gives intelligence and strong remedial measures and if Simha indicates the Putra Bhava in a Rashi Chakra and the other factors support it, this could be the time for a child to come into the world for such people. This would specially be so if Simha Rashi houses the Putra Pada.
Power and position are associated with both Simha Rashi and the 5th House aspect of Guru. Blessings can come as Rajayoga in the realm of power, status and authority.
The 7th House aspect of Guru is not a special aspect but will bless Tula/ Libra with fortunate personal interaction and relationships guided by clear sight and wisdom. Business partnerships and corporate activities can show a spurt in growth and returns.
Likewise, Dhanu Rashi/ Sagittarius receives the 9th House aspect of Guru which imparts learning and knowledge. It gives the wisdom and teaching of the Guru. Jupiter transiting the Arudha Padas associated with these signs will bring positives to the matters related, and this will be visible and perceptible.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Grahas/ Planets in Meṣa (Mesha)/ Aries

While the Sun has transited out of Aries and into Taurus, the nodal shift, contrary to the belief held by those who adhere to the true position of the Nodes, has not yet occurred. This piece is being composed in the second fortnight of the month of May, 2011.
All of Jupiter/ Guru, Venus/ Shukra, Mercury/ Budh and Mars/ Mangal are in siderial Aries/ Mesha at this time.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and governs the head. It indicates rulership, initiative and drive. Ambition, sharpness and aggression come from this sign ruled by Mars. The host of planetary forces in this sign show the effects of all these energies leading to an initiation of fresh plans and ambitions. There is a huge blessing due to the joining of the three benefics in this ign and even the lord Mars is at work in its Moolatrikona sign where its logical acumen is sharpened.
The transit Moon is debilitated in Scorpio/ Vrishchik and thus the emotions and feelings are frayed with repressed anger and violence. Emotions are swirling at a depth and are not able to find release. It is only for those who are accustomed to the depths of the mind and do not become startled at these changes, that such Gochar does not have a deleterious impact at the outset.
The Moon is completely battered as on 17th May, 2011 due to the Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect of Shani/ Saturn and also the malefic aspect of Mangal/ Mars from Aries. Further, the Sun also aspects the Moon. For those who have such Karma to face yet this could bring a notable sense of melancholy and exclusion to the mind along with irritability and anger.
Many people have said the Moon is conjoined Rahu in Scorpio but such is not the case because the Nodes are yet to change signs. Karma is certainly at a crucial juncture because the nodes are in Gandanta, at the junction of the fire and water signs and therefore this adds to what is happening at this time.
Saturn is retrograde and therefore it has to fulfil its agenda, depending on what it is for each nativity. It could well be a work-related situation driven by self-interest and the survival instinct or something designed for pragmatic self-betterment with ponderous calculations. It could be anything involving the significations of Saturn. So too, the impact of Mars can be worked out.
However, what is of great importance is that the setting in which all this occurs is not at all adverse due to the sign aspects of the great benefics to the Moon from Aries. Only rashness and anger may be avoided.
Much depends on where Aries and Scorpio fall in a given nativity.
The effect of the benefics gives learning, knowledge, wisdom, erudition, an eye for detail, luxurious settings and such significations.
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