Thursday, March 21, 2013

Scope of Gajakesari Yoga (Moon and Jupiter) in Gemini With Mercury Retrograde on 23rd October, 2013

At about 10:00 PM on 23rd October, 2013 the transit Moon enters Gemini and Jupiter placed therein. Rahu aspects this combination from Libra. Mercury/ Budha has also turned retrograde, being the lord of Gemini. 

Gajakesari Yoga has been described in a previous article but the conjunction of the two great natural benefics will be tremendous for the intelligence and name and fame of those born with Mithuna Lagna rising in the radix. This will be heightened if such natives are blessed with the placement of either or both of Jupiter and the Moon either in the Lagna Keṅdra/ Kendra or any of the other quadrant houses from the Lagna.

Kendras represent the pillars of life and such a positive Yoga can have a great supportive bearing on some of the most crucial areas of life. 

The Daśā/ Dasha of either the Moon or Jupiter in the nativity can also enable people to feel the auspiciousness which comes from popularity, appreciation, acclaim, competence, learning, strength and participation.

We focus a lot on Śrāpa/ Shrapa/ Curses and rightly so because suffering is a dominant problem in life. However, suffering has a converse and this is blessings. Just as suffering comes about due to the influence of two or more malefic planets, happiness comes about due to the influence of two or more beneficial planets. Jupiter is the greatest benefic there is. Other planets can sometimes offer more on the material, hedonistic plane but all things considered the blessings of Jupiter are incomparable.

Moon is connected royalty, happiness, home, mother, love, feeling and emotion. The combination of these planets gives strength and endurance and standing which is unique in many ways.

Dual/ mutable/ Dwisvabhāva/ Dwiswabhava Rāśi/ Rashi are intellectual in nature and two planets imbued with great intelligence coming together in Gemini can really lead to these indications manifesting more fully.

Gemini specifically is the expression of the Kālapuruṣa/ Kalapurusha/ Cosmic Man and so is open natured, being the exaltation sign of Rāhu/ Rahu. The trinal relationship between Rāhu/ Rahu and Gurū/Guru further opens up avenues for both traditional and contemporary thought and learning.

Communications, writing, emails, correspondences, documents, files, telephony, gadgets, rationality and all these attributes of Mercury will come to the fore especially since Mercury has just turned retrograde. When this happens, the benefic planets acts in ways which will make us sit up and take notice. As stated, Mercury is also the lord of Gemini where the Gajakeśarī/ Gajakesari Yoga occurs. Retrogression amongst other things implies things coming through from the past or efforts which have been made in the past. Sometimes one is required to travel back in time for some reason.

Acclaim from the Gajakesari Yoga could come from relationships and interactions set up in the past. It could involve a lot of communication and expression. In some cases where the sun is shining and success is coming through there could be three times the expected reward for efforts made.

All these involve fresh and innovative thinking, digging deep as individuals about situations and then adapting the best of established truths to one's life.

Whatever the sign Gemini indicates, the converse element of future building in respect of those significations will also happen. Travel back in time is not to solve things in the present but to establish the future in respect of Budha's significations.

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