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Brahman Shrapa & Marital Longevity

The following Detailed Chart Analysis is that of a female nativity. Though the horsocope is of an accomplished lady, well-educated and with many good Yogas in the chart, capable of working in intellectually elevated environs, the Rashi Chakra carries the Curse of a Brahmin which stresses some features of life. Also, the various factors pertaining to the marital longevity crave attention and redressal. This Chart Analysis was commissioned independently and therefore it has not been examined from the view point of compatibility.

Dear ABC,

As you stated in one of your initial e-mails to me containing your queries and the like, the Lagna/ Ascendant rising in the chart is Kumbha/ Aquarius. It is occupied by Ketu. Ketu is the co-lord of Scorpio/ Vrishchik Rashi and this sign tenants the 10th House of the chart. As the 10th Lord in the Lagna, Ketu forms a good Yoga as far as Karma, work, profession and the skills of the person are concerned. The 10th House is the zenith of the chart, where we shine as individuals and Ketu as the 10th Lord, signifying all the attributes of the 10th House forms Simhasana Yoga by its placement in the Lagna.

Ketu in this chart, due to its lordship of the 10th and the placement in the Lagna can give a sense of one?s self being inextricably linked with the idea of personal achievement and work. Ketu fosters confusion, complexity and sudden reactions being the South Node of the Moon. It has no head, the same having been cut off by the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, this Graha/ planet can exhibit traces of irrationality and sudden reactions that are triggered by seemingly mild stimuli. As it lords the 10th House of work and status, the irritability and reactive nature can stem from work-related episodes. Ketu, is some sense, is the higher octave of Mars, and acts like Mars in accord with the dictum:'Kujavad Ketu'.

The Arudha Padas in the charts are the external manifestations of the metaphysical realities denoted by the various houses/ Bhavas of the chart. Therefore, while the Lagna/ the 1st House shows the source pool of the basic personality and the real self, the same may not be visible to the native and those around her. Reality/ Satya is not a matter of perception. The Arudha Pada shows the risen or tangible aspects of the matters shown by the houses. These are attributes that are amenable to sensory perception. In this sense, the Arudha Lagna is the precipitate of the Lagna, or the place where the visible and manifest attributes of the personality and self of the native might be judged.

While the Lagna is in Kumbha, the Arudha Lagna is in the 10th House from the Lagna, in Vrishchik/ Scorpio. This also links the realm of work with that of the self, albeit here it is the visible self. The Arudha Lagna in the 10th House shows that the image of the Jatak or the externalities of life that are visible are rooted in work. Also, Ketu is the lord of the Arudha Lagna, along with Mars, and placed in the Lagna it will reiterate the importance of work for the native so that in her own internal assessment of life in general and her own life in particular, work shall be a central feature on which to base life.

There are certain intense indications which need to be seen carefully in order to better gauge and understand the life tendencies. The Arudha Lagna, that is, the visible and external features of the personality is conjoined the Shashtha Arudha/ Shatru Pada/ A6 which is the Arudha Pada of the 6th House. The A6 is the manifest part of the 6th House; the 6th House relates to daily work or service, illness, debts and enemies. It denotes hard work, enmity and troubles. Whenever the image rises, so will enemies, jealousy and competition. PQR might have observed this. Whenever manifest life takes an upswing, these adversities shall accompany it. Additionally, the Mrityupada/ A8 which is the Arudha Pada of the 8th House is also conjoined the 10th House of work and the Arudha Lagna.

Therefore, intense mental and physical distress and 'transformation' will accompany the visible personality. The A8 shows out Achilles Heel, or where we are raw and vulnerable and it shows the occurrence of events that expose our vulnerabilities. Therefore, to evolve as a human being in the Mayik sense, PQR will have to put up with intense changes and radical transformations in her life and the precipitation of the evils of the 6th House. These are pressing thoughts but ought to be taken cognizance of because to ignore them would be to put ourselves at risk. If she is aware of the pitfalls she can prepare herself more adequately and also have a ready estimate of what to expect at the destined/ Karmic levels in her life.

The other co-lord of the 10th House is Mars and Mars is Neecha/ debilitated in Karka Rashi in the 6th House from the Lagna. This has several ramifications at once. Firstly, active opposition from enemies shall always fail as the planet in the 6th House is debilitated. Enemies can never overpower her. Mars as a natural malefic is also very well placed in the 6th House for the purposes of growth and resilience. However, due to its debility it cannot fully protect against disease. Fevers, boils and blood related troubles might manifest. The more immediate consequence is pertaining to the 10th House lordship of Mars. As the 10th Lord of work Mangal/ Kuja is Neecha in the 6th House from the Lagna. This debility will always manifest and it has led to adversity in career. Moreover, Saturn has been transiting over Mars in the 6th House creating stresses, pressures and depressive tendencies in the career. The positive in all this, however, is that Mars happens to be in the 9th House from the Arudha Lagna. The 9th House from the Arudha Lagna is the protection accorded to the tangible and visible personality. Therefore, Mars is also the protection that PQR will be seen to have throughout her life. Neecha Mangal will indicate sudden developments, profound irritability, angry outbursts, cuts and bruises, argumentation, unwillingness to back down and other such attributes of which Mars is the Naisargika Karaka/ natural significator. Pointedly, it can be stated that the element of continuity in her life will come through the somewhat sudden and abrupt significations of life and it is through these somewhat paradoxical and discontinuous functions that her life will be 'protected' and defined.

Paradoxical indeed, for this is one facet that links up the chart to your other primary concern about compatibility issues that you are discovering after marriage, ostensibly due to the difference in the modes of upbringing. These fissures are very much a part of her chart and shall be delved into at length, in which process the whole gamut of Jyotish permutations pertaining to the marital aspect shall be studied and elaborated.

Marriage is seen from various reference points in the chart. The 7th House of the Rashi Chakra shows the basic tendencies relating to the marriage at the physical level. The physical level includes all events that come to pass in relation to us as 'bodies'. In this sense, whatever we do physically is most appropriately seen from the Rashi Chakra. The 7th House of the chart also shows our attitude to marriage in general and the 1st marriage in particular. In this chart, both the Lagna Lords, Rahu and Shani, who lord the Kumbha/ Aquarius Lagna in the chart are placed in the 7th House. This is a specific situation foreseen by the Sages and denotes a life centered on desire. The Jatak seriously 'wants' things in her life and her life revolves around these desires. This is to be distinguished from the general human situation of wanting something or the other. In such a chart, the native is very focused about what she wants and this leads to the applicability of a special conditional Dasha advocated by Parashara called the Dwisaptati Sama Dasha which applies only when either the Lagna Lord is placed in the 7th, as in this case, or when the 7th Lord is placed in the Lagna.

Therefore, we shall be using the Dwisaptati Sama Dasha to evaluate the periodic propensities in the chart relating to the occurrence of various events. The conditional Dashas of Parashara are a lesser known aspect of Hindu Jyotish.

Now, the Lagna Lords Rahu and Saturn in the 7th House put the focus on partners, desires and marriage as a life theme. Jupiter is also placed in the 7th House. This conjunction/ Yoga of the three Grahas is a problem in the chart. The problem is identified and evaluated using certain other esoteric and lesser known techniques of Hindu Jyotish. The 7th House of marriage suffers from the Brahman Shrapa/ the Curse of a Brahmin from previous incarnations. This is seen by the conjunction of the most benefic Graha Guru/ Jupiter with the natural malefics Rahu and Saturn. Though both the planets are Lagna Lords, Saturn is the more potent malefic as it lords the 12th House which is a Dusthana/ Trika Bhava, one of the evil Bhavas/ Houses in the chart. Among the Lagna and the 12th Houses, the Lagna is stronger showing that it is the self that shall bear the brunt of the suffering. This may affect the health and the sense of individual well-being.

The involvement of the Lagna Lords shows that the intelligence of the native shall be affected and her sense of self-esteem might suffer as a consequence thereof. Further, the Atmakaraka planet is also involved in the Curse. The Atmakaraka is the Graha farthest advanced by degrees in any sign in the chart. This is Saturn. Therefore, Saturn is both the Lagna Lord and the Atmakaraka. This makes for Jnana Yoga and the native shall strive to understand the nature of creation through the application of her own intelligence, speculation and research. The involvement of the Lagna Lord and Atmakaraka in the Curse of the Brahmin from a past life shows that the suffering is deep-seated and difficult for the native to express. It can lead to emotional blockages. These words are not spoken lightly and it is important that the primary Curse in the chart be remedied. Since the Lagna is where the suffering is being felt, the Curse will influence the very existence of the native. As Mars, Saturn and Rahu all aspect the Lagna and the Rajyapada/ A10 posited therein, this will also relate to the work place or the office. The Rajyapada/ A10 is the tangible part of the 10th House of work. It shows the place of work in the Rashi Chakra as this chart relates to physical realities. The great dissatisfaction with the working life/ the office after marriage is a direct result of the Curse from the 7th House of marriage.

This is timed from the Moola Dasha, which is a sacred timing device used to determine the suffering from past incarnations. Therefore, the Moola Dasha sequence should show the suffering in this chart as well. The word 'Moola' denotes the 'root' and therefore the Moola Dasha shows the root of past Karma to be experienced in this lifetime. The most malefic Graha causing the Curse is usually the one to deliver the results of the Curse. In this case, the Curse is strong because the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu, who are antithetical to each other in every way, form the Guru Chandala Yoga. This is a very adverse Yoga to exist in the Bhava relating to the marriage and coupled with the Curse shows onerous Karma. It is a tremendous positive that Saturn is not retrograde otherwise it might not have been possible to remedy the Curse.

The Guru Chandala Yoga can rob the native of the pure grace and trusting intelligence of Guru and there can be heretic tendencies. The native can disregard sage advice and the true options due to the shadow of Rahu over Guru. Rahu is the most Tamasic Graha showing ignorance of the eternal truth and seeks hedonistic avenues to torment the native.

Another positive is that even though the Lagna Lord and Atmakaraka add to the severity of the curse, the lack of involvement of the 8th Lord shows that the sin incurred is not much. Also, the location of the cursing planet Guru in a Kendra/ Quadrant from the Lagna shows that the act in the previous incarnations which invited the curse was done with a good intention. These are all saving graces. From the isolation of the most malefic planet influencing the curse, it is clear that Shani/ Saturn is a leading candidate to deliver the Curse. It is no surprise, therefore, to learn that the Moola Dasha of Saturn is running. The sequence of the Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Shani in the Moola Dasha is given below for your reference:


Shani Mahadasha : 1997-10-18 - 2010-10-18
Antardashas in this MD From To
Shani 1997-10-18 2000-08-29
Rahu 2000-08-29 2003-04-18
Guru 2003-04-18 2005-12-11
Ketu 2005-12-11 2006-05-19
Chandra 2006-05-19 2006-10-30
Shukra 2006-10-30 2008-08-03
Budh 2008-08-03 2009-11-29
Surya 2009-11-29 2010-07-28
Mangal 2010-07-28 2010-10-18

Now, it is not only the primary curse that can be activated in the chart but if the evil Moola Dasha Graha aspects and participates in other curses then those might be activated as well. In her chart, Saturn aspects by Graha Drishti/ planetary sight, the three Grahas posited in the 9th House. The Naisargika Karaka for marriage, Venus, the Naisargika Karaka for father, Sun, and Mercury are all placed there. The Sun is debilitated and becomes quite malefic. It can lead to ego-problems and perceived hurt to the self-respect due to the aspect of Saturn. The Kalatra Karaka Venus, signifying marital relations also becomes afflicted due to the Yoga with Neecha Surya and the 3rd aspect of Saturn. Mercury is the 8th Lord and afflicts both the 7th Lord of marriage, the Neecha Sun and the Karaka Venus. The 7th House, as we have seen is also afflicted by the Curse and the Guru Chandala Yoga. These are troublesome features activated by the Moola Dasha of Saturn.

Certain remedial measures should be done to alleviate the curse. Since it is a Brahman Shrapa, arrangements should be made to donate a cow on Guruvar/ Thursday to a Brahmin who would accept it. Food should be prepared for Brahmins and they should be fed. If this is not possible due to location and circumstances, then 7 Bhagwad Gitas should be donated to priests or a temple or an institute that would accept them. The mental attitude at the time of the Upaya should be to pray for riddance or mitigation of the Curse.

In addition 7 Malas (7*108) of repetitions of the Ram Taraka Mantra should be done everyday, starting from a Thursday morning. If it is done with a Tulsi Mala in hand, it is ideal. The Mantra is as follows:

'Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram'

The Holy Name of Lord Ram works to absolve the native of the curses. The mystic number 7 has been repeatedly invoked to remedy the Curse of the Brahmin because it occurs in the 7th House of the chart as reckoned from the Lagna Bhava. If there is not sufficient time for 7 Malas then 1 can be started with and based on the relief, perhaps the mind can be directed to chant 7 Malas at a later stage.

Since the lord of the 7th House, the Sun is debilitated, it cannot be propitiated. The Naisargika Karaka/ the natural significator is Venus and it is also afflicted by Neecha Surya and the aspect of Saturn. Therefore the only alternative is to worship the Devata/ deity of the 7th House for relief from the Brahman Shrapa. The deity of the 7th House is Sri Lakshmi. Therefore, to mitigate the various evil influences of the Curse of the Brahmin activated by the ongoing Moola Dasha of Saturn, PQR should worship Lakshmi Devi starting on a Thursday with the intention of obtaining relief from the Brahmin Shrapa.

Based on the brief feedback offered by you regarding the career of your wife, I have rectified the time of birth to 3:22:55 PM. This has been done tentatively to rectify the Dashamsha Chakra which is the relevant divisional chart to study the career. With the rectified time, the 6th House of daily work and service/ job becomes stronger than the 7th House of independent enterprise or business. There are three planets in the 7th House with the time of birth you had provided and it is unlikely unless the job is only a chance occurrence and the whole life is attuned to independent work. I could not glean any such tendency from your feedback e-mail to me. With the slight rectification, the Lagna rising is Libra which denotes the market place and trading with the Lord Venus exalted in Pisces in the 6th House. Venus indicates a private sector/ corporate job of some stature due to exaltation. The A10 is also in the 6th House, showing finance (ruled by Guru: Karaka for banking and finance) and a place near the ocean as the Rashi is Pisces. The Arudha Lagna in this chart is in the 11th House of contacts and gains showing that these might have been seen as important in the previous work. Venus is in the 8th House from the Arudha Lagna, showing a research- based job. From the rectified chart, the motivation for work is seen to be linked to Guru as Jupiter is placed in the 2nd House from the Lagna in the D-10 Chart. Her main goal, finally, is to shine with working wisdom and expertise in her job.

As Shukra is exalted in the 6th House in the Rajyapada, she would have absolutely loved her job and even the workplace. However, the 6th House for Venus is its Marana Karaka Sthana. The Marana Karaka Sthana placements show that death like suffering would be felt in the matters influenced by the Graha. Shukra is the Lagna Lord of the Dashamsha Chakra showing the working self or the reality pertaining to the self in the career.

The Lagna Lord is placed in the Marana Karaka Sthana showing that she would feel as if her working personality has ?died?. This appears to be true from your feedback. Further Neecha Surya occupies the Lagna in the Dashamsha Chakra. In this chart Sun is the Badhak/ the obstructing agent being the 11th Lord for a Char/ Movable Lagna bringing obstacles and inexplicable setbacks in work. These factors have been seen from the Gochar/ transit of Saturn on the Neecha 10th Lord in the Rashi Chakra. These tendencies might be further exacerbated due to the movement of Saturn to Leo/ Simha on November 1, 2006 for a while and then finally in July, 2007.

This would form Kantak Shani from the Arudha Lagna as Saturn would be in the 10th House from the Arudha Lagna in the Rashi Chakra. This is how the native is perceived in work, financially and at a societal level as far as participatory work is concerned. Saturn would most likely pressure these areas more for 2 ½ years. More importantly, this would coincide with the Sade-Sati of Lord Shani which is the 7 ½ years transit of Saturn on and around the natal Moon in the Rashi Chakra. The Sade-Sati is a period where the Jatak is transformed psychologically by ridding the personality of that which is no longer required for existence. This cutting away of dross is painful but essential. There is a lot of adversity, loss, fear, anxiety, a feeling of being cut away, questions on integrity and character and some sort of displacement. Great care is required to mitigate the conventional stress that is likely to accrue from this transit. Saturn will be over both the Lagna Lord, the Paka Lagna and the 8th House, dampening the ability of the Dhi to make correct decisions, stressing marriage and partnerships.

The stresses in the marital domain that have already appeared are due to the transit of Saturn in the trines from the Upapada Lagna. Just as the Arudha Lagna is the manifest part of the self, the Upapada Lagna shows the tangible or visible features about the self of the spouse. In her chart, the Upapada Lagna is placed in the 2nd House from the Lagna and Moon is placed in the 7th House from the Upapada Lagna. It usually shows a situation where there is direct confrontation with the mother-in-law. Therefore, she may have some overt disagreements with either your mother or elderly ladies in the house. The Moon, of course, is the Naisargika Karaka for the mother.

It has to be stated at this juncture that quite serious disagreements and such things are shown in the charts qua the marital situation. Though the Upapada Lagna is itself not aspected by malefics, the Lord of the Upapada Lagna is in a Brahman Shrapa. It is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu. The first marriage came about only because Jupiter is placed in the Navamsha Chakra Lagna. The Navamsha Chakra is the specific Varga Chakra for matters marital. The Upaya for the Curse as paid down above will alleviate the situation relating to the Curse. The sustenance of the first marriage is seen from the 2nd House and Lord from the Upapada Lagna. This is Aries and the lord is Mars. Mars is debilitated in the 6th House from Lagna. This is a very adverse indication for the longevity of the first marriage. Mars is afflicted by Saturn in the 7th House of the Navamsha Chart. In the Navamsha Chakra, Mars is the malefic 6th and 11th Lord and shows an attitude of inflexibility, separating influences and confrontation in the house. The Yoga of the Shrapa and the Guru Chandala Yoga aspect the 2nd House from the Upapada Lagna in Rashi Chakra showing fated or deterministic patterns afflicting the marriage. If this marriage is to succeed and last, PQR must fortify the longevity of the marriage. Mars is the lord of the sustenance. It rules Tuesday. She must fast on Tuesday and pray to Lord Narasimha/ Skanda/ Kartikeya for relief as regards the longevity of this alliance. This is important because the dispositor/ Rashi Lord of Mars is placed in the 8th House. This is the Moon and the 8th House is its Marana Karaka Sthana. The Moon can lend no support to the Neecha Kuja in the 6th House. The Moon being in the 8th will give chronic ailments and a psychology prone to depression. These factors are sensitized also by the fact that the debilitated 7th Lord of the Rashi Chakra is in Neecha Vargottama, that is, it is Neecha in the Navamsha Chakra also. However, this is Vipreeta Raja Yoga and usually gives great material success after trials and initial tests.

In the Navamsha Chakra also, Saturn is the 8th Lord in the 7th House which does not augur too well for the marital alliance. With remedial measures, it is hoped that any untoward happening in this regard can be averted. It has to be noted, however, that marriage is between two people and the overall situation becomes clear only by a perusal of the two charts, which is beyond the scope of the present paper; this has been intimated to you previously. The aspect of matching and the individual histories of both persons, the Dashas etc become pertinent in that sort of study to better gauge marital scenarios.

As regards progeny, the sex of the children is better determined from the Saptamsha Chakra of the husband. The rest of the indications are detailed below. The Naisargika Karaka of children is Guru and He is afflicted in Guru Chandala Yoga and Shrapa. After the remedial measures, children will become a more realistic possibility. It is found that in such charts 'without remedies' if children are born then there are serious difficulties. Therefore, it is very important to perform the simple remedial measures. The 5th Lord of the chart rules children. This is Mercury well placed in the 9th House, promising children. The Arudha Pada of the 3rd and 9th Houses as reckoned from the Sun or the Surya Arudha show the ability of the native to bring a soul into the world. This relates to fertility. In her chart, these are well placed from the Sun and there is no trouble in this direction. The other determinant is the placement of the Arudha Pada of the 3rd and 9th as reckoned from the Lagna. The A3 is placed in the 6th House with Neecha Mars. There is a danger from surgery or accident, perhaps related to a gynecological issue that might affect procreative ability. This possibility must be guarded against.

The Saptamsha Chakra has Leo rising. The counting for individual pregnancies is in the regular direction. The 9th House shows the first child. There is one child promised from her chart as Ketu is in the 9th House. Have a thorough physical check-up done to check the physical ability. 18th March, 2007 to 2nd May is the nearest time for childbirth, if the check-up and medical diagnosis is positive.

The timing is seen from the Dwisaptati Sama Dasha which applies in the chart. The Rahu Mahadasha is on and Rahu is conjoined the Neecha Sun, Lagna Lord of the D-7 chart of progeny in the 3rd House. The first child could be a Caesarian birth due to Mars lording and Ketu being posited in the 9th. Though the female chart is not the best indicator for the sex of the children, a daughter appears to be promised from her charts.


Rahu Mahadasha : 2003-11-05 (2:31:13 pm) - 2012-11-04 (9:56:28 pm)
Antardashas From To
Rahu 2003-11-05 (2:31:13 pm) 2004-12-19 (8:17:48 am)
Sun 2004-12-19 (8:17:48 am) 2006-02-01 (7:16:29 pm)
Moon 2006-02-01 (7:16:29 pm) 2007-03-18 (7:11:49 pm)
Mars 2007-03-18 (7:11:49 pm) 2008-05-02 (9:03:27 pm)
Mercury 2008-05-02 (9:03:27 pm) 2009-06-18 (11:15:42 pm)
Jupiter 2009-06-18 (11:15:42 pm) 2010-08-05 (8:57:10 am)
Venus 2010-08-05 (8:57:10 am) 2011-09-21 (4:47:46 am)
Saturn 2011-09-21 (4:47:46 am) 2012-11-04 (9:56:28 pm)

Rahu the Mahadasha Lord is conjoined the Lagna Lord Sun of the D-7 Chart and can bring a child. Mars is the lord of the first child itself and can bring the specific child. 14th October, 2007 to 3rd December is quite a possible period as Saturn Pratyantardasha will be on and Saturn has Argala/ intervention on the 9th House of the first child from the 7th House from the Lagna. The child would be quick to anger and foreign lands will play a big role in life. There will be great achievements in the life of the child but after about 34-36 years of age as Saturn will be in the 10th House. The 7th and 12th Lord Mars is in the Lagna and the Lagna Lord Venus is in the 9th House showing fortune and travel abroad for higher studies. The child will have a service career. Life will be subject to sudden changes. There would be writing involved with the mode of earning and the presence of Mercury indicates writing software for mass use. Technical aptitudes are shown by Mars in Lagna.

Even though the approaching Sade-Sati and the Kantak show that some onerous Karma is being dispensed with at the present time and shall be in the future somewhat dominated by the Gochar of Shani, the Narayan Dasha will show the deterministic trends of the events that manifest.

The Narayan Dasha start with the 7th House Leo as it is stronger. Leo Narayan Dasha ran till 1988 from birth. It would have given the results of the Lagna in infancy and childhood. At this age the child lives the Grahas of the family so suffice it to say that the child would have been intuitive and precocious and would have enjoyed participation with other kids shown by Rahu and Saturn in the 7th House.

The next Narayan Dasha was that of Virgo but would have given the results of Pisces in the 2nd House. 17.10.1988-18.10.1999 was the duration. For the first third of this duration, the lord Jupiter would have given its results. She would have shone as a bright child as Jupiter is in the 10th from the Arudha Lagna. The life circumstances would be been comfortable as Jupiter lords the 2nd and 11th Houses from the Lagna. From the Dasha Rashi, Jupiter is in the 6th House forming Yoga for learning. The middle third of the Dasha would have given the results of Meena Rashi itself. People would have recognized her creative and intellectual merit as Meena is in the 5th from Arudha Lagna. Family/ Kutumba would have been the focus as Pisces is in the 2nd from the Lagna Bhava. Further as Meena houses the Sukh Pada/ A4 there may have been articles of luxury and comfort acquired and she would have been seen as possessing the goods in vogue then. Moon in the 7th House from the Dasha Rashi might have given her nature an emotional tenor and she might have been attached to those with whom she interacted.

These tendencies would have been heightened in the last 1/3rd of the Dasha and her sensitivity and attachments would have characterized life at the time. This might have led to ultimate emotional disappointment as the Moon is in Marana Karaka Sthana in the 8th House from the Lagna. Some depression and psychological pressures might have resulted from this.

The Libra Narayan Dasha runs from 18.10.1999-18.10.2011. Just as the Dwisaptati Sama Dasha of Rahu-Sun gave marriage as Rahu is in the 7th House and Sun is the 7th Lord placed with Venus, the Naisargika Karaka of marriage, this Narayan Dasha will dictate the fated and circumstantial aspects of life at the moment.

The Narayan Dasha will give the results of Aries Dasha. The period of the Narayan Dasha as stated before should be divided into three equal halves for interpretation. This gives a period of 4 years each. For the first four years, the planets conjoining and aspect the Dasha Rashi by Rashi Drishti shall give results as this is a malefic Prishthodaya Rashi, rising hind first. So 1999-2003 gives the results of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu as these signs housing the Grahas aspect Mesha by Rashi Drishti. In this period, the first 16 months would be dominated by the Atmakaraka Saturn who ensures that the native sees sorrow in some manner. The next 16 months show the nodal influence and the self-exertions of the Saturn phase would continue. Jupiter would have given some financial impetus in the last 16 months of the phase.

Mars' results show marriage as it lords Aries, which aspects the 7th House of marriage by Rashi Drishti. Aries also aspects the lord of the Upapada Lagna. However, she is in a vulnerable period regarding the marriage as Mars will give the results of the debility now, till October, 2007. This is the crucial period as Saturn will only leave Cancer and Neecha Mangal in July, 2007. Even afterwards, the area is stressed since the Sade-Sati starts from the 7th House from marriage.

The last four years till 2011 will bring in a lot of tangible gains and friends as the Arudha Pada of the 11th House/ A11 is placed in Aries. This will give a lot of will-power and drive to fight and try to accomplish goals. Career, recognition, image, vanquishing enemies and opposition and work will all come around in this phase. The Sade-Sati difficulties will surely manifest but this last phase of the Narayan Dasha is quite positive and shall help to mitigate the mental pressures. Cheating and shock should be avoided in the matters of obtaining a house. The documentation should be in order. Rather than buy land, she should aim to buy a constructed house or a flat. May, 2008-August, 2010 is the best phase according to the Dwisaptati Sama Dasha as Rahu Dasha gives the results of Jupiter and Mercury Antardasha will give the results of Venus, lord of the 4th from the 4th House and also that of the A4.

This Moon Antardasha till March, 2007 is adverse as the planet is in Marana Karaka Sthana and will lead to depression and untoward mental feelings. You must focus on safeguarding the marriage, even in the next Mars Antardasha as Mars is her Neecha 2nd Lord from the Upapada Lagna. Though Rahu is the 5th Lord in the D-10 it is in the 3rd House and will give intermittent breaks in work. In view of the Sade-Sati and Kantak, it is best to bide time as the current situation is not overly conducive to satisfaction in life. Mars Antardasha from 18th March, 2007 to 2nd May, 2008 is the best time to try for new work, though it might involve displacement as it is in the 12th House from the Lagna.

Though the chart does exhibit some testing traits, remedial measures have been prescribed to alleviate the same and it was thought better to address these issues in view of their importance. The chart is otherwise replete with Rajayoga especially in the 9th House of fortune but these will come about only at the appropriate time and after the challenging facets have been addressed. It must be clear to those who know her that she is very skilled, learned, intelligent, famous in her circles and praised. She will be associated with the highly placed due to the Raja Sambandha Yogas in the chart. Wealth, authority, status and kingly status will all come about but after the destined adversity.

It is hoped that this elaborate and realistic examination of the chart will foster perspective regarding the areas that need focus and attention. Both the challenges and blessings have been enumerated as too the remedial measures.

Best Wishes,
Anurag Sharma.
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