Monday, March 11, 2013

The Secret of the 8th House/ Bhava in Vedic/ Hindu/ Indian Astrology


The 8th House is heavy duty because it changes and transforms. Keep this in mind. There is very major Karma here. It will show itself and it will compel the native to alter whatever is indicated in the 8th Bhāva/ Bhava.

From the wanting-material-please-please perspective forget about it till you change things there. These matters show up in the Daśā. 'God'  is remembered at this time. If the planet associated is benefic and supportive then one can see and understand 'God' during this time. 

This is the secret of the natural 8th and the natural 11th as well.  The latter is ruled by Rāhu, so you can well


There are some other things such as the placement of the 8th Lord in the 5th Bhava when all the secrets

indicated by the 8th Bhava and/ or the Karma so indicated is taken out into the open, in full view, and

converted to knowledge. 

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