Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vedic Astrology Transits in February, 2014

The Vedic astrology transits of the planets for the month of February, 2014 present an interesting picture.  The Sun will change signs/ Rāśis/ Rashis around the 12th of February and will move from Makara Rāśi/ Rashi/ Capricorn to Kumbha Rāśi/ Rashi/ Aquarius.

Mercury/ Budha is already in Aquarius/ Kumbha promising that our rationality and communications have the opportunity to explore uncharted territory. If you carry out the sequence right, the rewards of innovation especially in intellectualism, communications, trade, banking, writing and such areas can be phenomenal. The sequence is to first subject the idea or the project or the enterprise to research, and then to analyse the propositions and data which emerges from the research and then the actual performance of the promise. This will define the otherwise fluid environs and infuse an element of rigour into the plan of action.

Maṅgala/ Mangala/ Mars has also changed signs and has moved to Libra/ Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi where it has joined Saturn/ Śani/ Shani and Rāhu/ Rahu. This makes for three malefics transiting Libra. I have often discussed the transits from the Lagna rising in the Rāśi Chakra or the Lagna chart and so I reiterate that if this malefic conglomeration is in an Upachaya Bhāva/ Bhava from the Lagna then it can give great impetus to action and great resilience in life at the given time.

Upachaya Bhāvas/ Bhavas reckoned from the Lagna are associated with effort and growth which accrues from working at something for a given period of time and so the malefics who have the harshness of sustained effort for ambition are considered well-placed here.

Those destined for victory and supported by the fire and weight of these malefics will find victorious stimuli emerging.

Jupiter/ Gurū/ Guru and Venus/ Śukra/ Shukra are firmly ensconced in Mithuna Rāśi/ Rashi and Dhanuṣa Rāśi respectively forming the Dwi-Gurū/ Guru Yoga of access to a lot of knowledge and information.

February appears laden with opportunity.

Of course if the rather incendiary combination of Mars, Saturn and Rahu in Libra happens to fall in a vulnerable position in the Rāśi Chakra and at a vulnerable time in life based on the natal Karma, then there is need not only for caution but for immediate counsel and ways and means to mitigate and remedy whatever the situation be that emerges from the charts.

Mars on the one hand and Saturn and Rahu on the other are highly inimical to each other. There is a capacity for great violence here and of explosive events coming to pass. In the earlier assumption there would be ample opportunity for those people to channel their energies into fruitful and laudable activities.

The trend of sexual offences which we have been witness to in the relatively recent past is likely to heighten as too the visibility and discussion of the police in the media.

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