Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moon in Scorpio Aspected by Mars and Rahu on 4th November, 2013-A different mindset after Deepawali

After the euphoria of the Deepawali in India, the time has come for some reflection due to the ingress of the Moon in Scorpio.  In this sign it is debilitated and indicates a receptive and female energy.  Typically debilitated or Neecha planets are indicative of the Goddess.

Scorpio Moon is about having to face deep-seated issues and the manifestation of this would depend on the Karma being faced by the natives in their lives based on the fructification of things in their own natal horoscopes. 

The Moon in the Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi is in its Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna/ Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS) and is unable to find that quality of enjoyment and fulfilment that it so craves. Here it has to delve into Kārmic/Karmic depths which is an onerous task for the Moon given the nature of the human mind.

Deepwali Moon is the Āmāvasyā/ Amavasya Moon which is completely dark since it is joined the Sun and marks the commencement of the Hindu financial new year with the Sun and Moon in Libra, the sign of corporate houses and the market place in general. People would have found interactions to be at an all time high during this Diwali or Deepawali time due to the heavy occupation of the sign of Libra. 

Some of this could have involved interacting with old acquaintances and friends from back in time since Mercury (Budha) is retrograde at this time in Libra. The presence of exalted Saturn and Rahu adds to the flux. 

Saturn indicates that those in corporate jobs or excellent jobs are in the fore-front during this time. It can also indicate generally positive times for the workforce in companies and the organisations themselves are well endowed with all the know-how and information for the future. 

From such an active time the Moon has come to Scorpio, and as the chart depicted above shows, Mars is aspecting the Moon and so is Rāhu. Rahu might infuse some fears and anxieties and make the mind combat these while Mars will protect the mind with aggression and fire. Logic is a great positive at this time. Apply Occamś Razor in case of doubt.

Focus will be on home, mother, food, ailments, and anxieties.

For spiritually inclined people and for those in research and secret subjects this is an excellent time to put the head down and work hard. Rahu provides brilliant research inputs while Mars gives logical acumen to restrict the mind to unravel areas under scrutiny.

A lot will depend on what configurations these attain in the Lagna chart based on the Lagna rising which will define the houses or the Bhavas in question. 

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