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Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India- A Vedic Astrology Horoscope/ Jyotisha Analysis

Why This Vedic Astrology Article-

This Vedic astrology article is inspired by the fact that Narendra Modi has led the BJP to an unprecedented electoral victory in the General Elections of 2014 in independent India where a political party other than the Congress has for the first time come to power through a clear majority in the House of the People, and is the Prime Minister of India in waiting. From tea vendor to the Prime Minister- it can only be the planetary configurations of destiny and the greatness of the democratic constitutional polity of India, that have led to this miracle, routing the Indian National Congress in the process.

Birth and Overarching Facets-

Narendra Modi was born in extremely humble circumstances on September 17, 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat, India. On this there is no dispute. The number 17 adds up to 8 and in Vedic numerology indicates the major influence of the planet Saturn/ Śani/ Shani in life.

Śani/ Shani is the planet of humility, poverty, ordinary circumstances, humiliation and hard toil all of which apply in toto to the life and times of Narendra Modi. This paper uses the birth time of 12:09 PM which is current in astrological circles as is the birth time of 11:00 AM.

Rashi Chart-

The Rāśi Chakra/ Rashi Chart of Narendra Modi is extracted below for ready reference-

Lagna/ Ascendant and Lagna Lord-

The Lagna/ Ascendant is Vṛṣcika/ Vrishchika/Scorpio which is self-evident from his personality. The Lagna shows the self and the personality and circumstances surrounding the self. Scorpio has a round face and so does Narendra Modi. The fact that the lord of Scorpio, Maṅgala, Mangala/ Mars is placed in the Lagna itself and forms the Ruchaka Mahāpuruṣa/ Mahapurusha Yoga corresponds to the reddish hue in the face and the countenance and also an association with combating violence and terrorism.


The Ruchaka Mahāpuruṣa/ Mahapurusha Yoga makes for great warriors and in the meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Party on May 20, 2014 in the Lok Sabha he referred to himself as a soldier.

The fact that he is celibate and his marriage was never consummated is also well-reflected by the placement of Mars in the Lagna which is also 6th Lord and aspects the 7th House of marriage with Graha Driṣṭi/ planetary sight. Mars is well-known as a significator for celibacy since a warrior preserves his vitality for war, and not for love-making.

Neecha Chandra/ Debilitated Moon-

The fact that he was born to very humble circumstance, characterised by the fact that his mother worked as a domestic help, is also well reflected in the placement of Nīca Cañdra/ Neecha Chandra/ debilitated Moon in the Lagna. Readers would know that the Moon is the Naisargika Kāraka/ Natural Significator for the mother and debility of any planet indicates a lowly status and humility.

The Moon is the Naisargika Kāraka/ Natural Significator also for social status and the mind and the psychology of the person. The spontaneous tears, and that came to Narendra Modi’s eyes, and his choked throat, when he gently suggested that Lal Krishna Advani not use the word ‘Kripa’ in his context (saying that Narendra Modi had done a huge favour to the BJP) are also evidence of his humble, vulnerable mind where he is acutely conscious of the place of the human being in the cosmic scheme of things and he has acknowledged that big things like a tea vendor becoming Prime Minister of the country do not happen unless willed so by God.

Sense of Mission and Karma-

His sense of having been chosen for a mission is also centred in the birth in Vṛṣcika/ Vrishchika/ Scorpio Lagna since this is the natural 8th House of the zodiac and harbour a lot of Karma. He will be driven by the fact that he has Karma to fulfil and this sense permeates this warrior with the Shashi-Maṅgala/Mangala Yoga in the Lagna.

Cancellation of debility/ Neechabhanga-

The debilitation of the Moon is cancelled by this Mars-Moon Yoga in the Lagna which is Ruchaka Yoga and the Shashi-Mangala Yoga at once and is also cancelled by the fact that that lord of the exaltation sign of the Moon, Venus/ Śukra/ Shukra is also placed in the Keṅdra/Kendra/quadrant from the Lagna being in the 10th House.

Tears During Speech in the Lok Sabha-

Śukra/ Shukra not only rules the tear gland and ducts but in the 10th House of work and professional attainment is completely devoid of its gentler significations like a love of luxury and relaxation, women, aesthetics, vehicles and so on. The reason is that Venus is completely burnt in the 10th House which is like the burning Sun and has no directional strength at all. He refused to follow the direction of Venus-marriage.


But Venus is the significator of nationalism and the BJP is a right-wing nationalist party and Narendra Modi is one of the foremost proponents of its ideology due to the placement of Venus in the 10th House and that too in the kingly sign of Leo/ Simha-power, rulership and royalty.

But Venus is joined Saturn, the servant and so with Śani/ Shani in the 10th House Narendra Modi had to travel through a Karmic life plan of birth in an environment of servility and had to plod through and surmount every obstacle that Shani put in his way.

The placement of Śani/ Shani in the 10th House is called Kaṅṭaka Śani/ Kantaka Shani where even a lion is forced to walk with a limp. Due to the slow progress in life, one is compelled to watch every experience closely and often this takes one to the highest point in the chosen profession, as it has Narendra Modi, to the position of Prime Minister of India and as the man who revived the fortunes of the BJP in such a miraculous fashion.

Emphasis on Hope and Optimism-

He says that he is an optimist and that optimism and hope are essential for constructive work. He says this for two reasons.

The first reason is two fold- firstly, Saturn is in the 10th House and even till the election campaign in 2014 he was berated as being a tea vendor by the Congress Party and so he is no stranger to opposition and humiliation and knows how to get past these; secondly, Śani/ Shani is the Cara Ātmakāraka/ Atmakaraka/ significator of the soul and Narendra Modi knows the meaning of suffering at the level of his soul because he has spent his whole life bearing the Karma of Śani like a tortoise or as taught by the Kūrma/ Kurma Avatar of Śrī Viṣṇu. (Note: This is the reason why he went back five generations of BJP/  Jana Sangha workers who dedicated their lives to nationalism and further stated that his government would be for the poor citizen who maybe had one piece of cloth to cover the body but still carried the flag bearing the symbol of the BJP.)

The second reason is that his intelligence or the Pāka Lagna is governed by Mars, the headstrong warrior who does not know the meaning of defeat or surrender. More so, since Mars the Lagna Lord forms the Rucaka Mahāpuruṣa Yoga- the neighbours would do well to reconsider provoking this warrior.

How Prime Minister of India-

We have seen how Śani as the Ātmakāraka/ Atmakaraka defines his soul experience. The planet which makes him an astute politician is the significator of all politics in general, Rāhu/ Rahu/the North Node of the Moon. The cerebral work and calculations and strategy which are so integral to the political process are all significations of Rāhu.

In his chart, Rāhu is placed in the 5th House of power and intelligence but most importantly Rāhu is the Cara Amātyakāraka/ Amatyakaraka or the temporal significator of the manner in which the soul expands into work. Rāhu aspects the Lagna and the Lagna Lord with planetary aspect/ Graha Dṛṣṭi/ Drishti imbuing the self and applied intelligence with all the tools required for politics.  

Rāhu aspects the 10th Lord Sun with planetary aspect forming the Rāja Sambaṅdha/ Raja Sambandha Yoga which is essential for associating with the highest placed in power. As it turns out Rāhu has made him the Prime Minister of India. 

Parivartana between Gurū/ Guru and Rāhu/ Rahu-

We can see that Rahu and Guru are in Parivartana/ exchange Yoga in the Rāśi Cakra. His value system is geared to attain an objective in the political sphere. A deeper insight into this is derived from the Navamsha Chakra. 

The Navamsha-

Jupiter in Navamsha Lagna-

The strength of the Lagna or the self is clear from the fact that the Lagna is Vargottama showing a man with unflinching faith in his beliefs and his own self. Retrograde Jupiter is in Vargottama Navamsha Lagna showing a deep resource pool of entrenched values and morality. 

Rāhu in the Rāśi is informed by the values of this Jupiter in the Navamsha and in the Rāśi due to the exchange of signs. 

Vargottama Venus and Nationalism-

The fact that Venus is in Leo in the Navamsha as well makes it Vargottama and firmly establishes the authenticity and strength of Narendra Modi's nationalism.

Debilitated Mars-

In the Navamsha the Rāśi Lagneśa Maṅgala is Nīca showing vulnerability in realms of anger and reaction. Martial force could be used in cases of breach of peace, terrorism and religion based disturbance of the peace at the hands of zealots and despots.

Dashamsha/ D-10 chart-

Dashamsha and Politics-

Debilitated Rāhu/ Rahu is in the Lagna showing a magnificent career as a politician since exalted and debilitated planets in matters of career and wealth give excellent results. The debilitated Rāhu shows that he has come up the ranks as a Pracharaka of the Rashtriya Svayamsevaka Sangh (RSS). Sun and Saturn in the 6th House shows selfless service throughout his life. It is service at the feet of the nation state as Venus, the Kāraka of nationalism aspects the 6th House from the Lagna with Rāśi Dṛṣṭi/ Rashi Drishti or sign aspect. Further there is an exchange in the D-10 between Saturn and Venus completely crystallising this point.

Meaning of debilitated Mars in D-10-

Rāśi Lagneśa/ Rashi Lagnesha Mars is Nīca/Neecha/ debilitated in the 8th House in the D-10 chart but it is the 12th Lord and forms the Viparīta Rāja/ Vipareeta Raja Yoga giving unanticipated success in life. 

Why in Moon Daśā/ Dasha-

The Cañdra Mahādaśā/ Chandra Mahadasha is running in the horoscope in the Vimśottarī Daśā/ Vimshottari Dasha scheme as depicted below-

Vimśottarī Daśā:
 Moon MD: 2010-11-27 (3:43:45 pm) - 2020-11-27 (5:13:01 am)
  Aṅtaradaśās in this MD:
  Moon: 2010-11-27 (3:43:45 pm) - 2011-09-28 (6:35:52 pm)
  Mars: 2011-09-28 (6:35:52 pm) - 2012-04-25 (2:31:06 am)
  Rah: 2012-04-25 (2:31:06 am) - 2013-10-28 (2:16:02 pm)
  Jup: 2013-10-28 (2:16:02 pm) - 2015-02-24 (7:00:16 am)
  Sat: 2015-02-24 (7:00:16 am) - 2016-09-28 (1:26:56 am)
  Merc: 2016-09-28 (1:26:56 am) - 2018-02-24 (1:23:29 am)
  Ket: 2018-02-24 (1:23:29 am) - 2018-09-28 (1:41:24 pm)
  Ven: 2018-09-28 (1:41:24 pm) - 2020-05-26 (4:32:15 am)
  Sun: 2020-05-26 (4:32:15 am) - 2020-11-27 (5:13:01 am)

Parāśara in the BPHS teaches that conjoined planets give each others' results in the Daśā. Moon Mahādaśa gives the results of conjoined Mars and the Jupiter Aṅtaradaśā gives political power of the highest level because of Parivartana with Rāhu in the Rāśi and due to the placement of Jupiter in the 5th House in the D-10 chart.

Early marriage with peculiarities-

The Upapada is in the 8th House in the Rāśi with the sign being Mithuna/ Gemini ruled by the young Mercury and so he was married in his teenage. He rejected the marriage which was not consummated because the Upapada is in the 12th Bhāva of rejection from the Āruḍha/ Arudha Lagna (AL). The marriage has not been annulled due to the Rāśi Dṛṣṭi of Gurū to the 2nd Bhāva from the UL and also because the lord though debilitated (very sad) aspects the continuance of the marriage. It is continuance only in name since Mars also aspects and the Moon is debilitated. The spouse had vowed she would not eat rice (Moon debilitated) and not wear slippers till Narendra Modi is sworn in as the Prime Minister.

This is India. This is Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.

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Mercury Retrograde in Vedic Gemini on June 7, 2014/ Budha Vakra in Mithuna Rashi

When exactly does Mercury turn retrograde in Gemini-

Mercury/ Budha turns retrograde/ Vakra on June 7, 2014 in the evening in the Vedic sign of Gemini/ Mithuna Rāśi/ Rashi. It is already conjoined Jupiter/ Gurū/ Guru in Gemini.

Implications of retrogression in Vedic astrology-

Retrogression in Vedic Astrology denotes a state of tremendous strength and effort of the planet concerned. When a natural benefic such as Mercury/ Budha turns retrograde and that too in its own sign/ Svakṣetra/ Svakshetra, its significations manifest in a greatly heightened state. This is a positive due to the inherently benefic nature of Mercury also and for reasons stated immediately below.


Budha/ Mercury is joined Gurū/ Guru/ Jupiter in the Gurū-Śiṣya/ Guru-Shishya Yoga- a relationship of teacher and disciple is currently fostered in Gemini. Jupiter is the greatest benefic in the zodiac and under His tutelage, the youngster Mercury profits no end. His magnificent intellect and creativity, rationality and brilliance finds sage direction.

North-Indian Transit Chart-

The transit chart for the retrogression of Mercury in Gemini is given below for reference-


Crucial communications, exposition and writing of the most elevated and highest thought, books, journals, essays, analyses, drafts, emails, business, finance, law, high philosophy and religion, imbibing information at the level of sheer genius are some of the manifestations which are likely to show up. The aspiration to the acme is best pursued now. That which was left behind or left unfinished or is awaited comes through. The fundamental rule of this phenomenon in transit is that of success, achievement and attainment especially in those charts where Mercury and/ or Jupiter are very strong.

Gemini/ Mithuna Rāśi/ Rashi relates to expression and creativity and hobbies. The pursuit of things is for their own sake rather than to fulfill pressing professional objectives as a matter of obligation or compulsion. (It’s the holidays…) Work will be an extension of pleasure and excellence.

Held up payments, contracts and documentation will find fruition now. For those in vulnerable times, or with the relevant planets assailed in the nativity might not wish to initiate.

Why Mercury does what it does-

Budha/ Mercury is an inner planet/ Aṅtara/ Antara Graha. Since it is close to us, it inspires closeness in us to its significations. Hence, the clamour for currency. It is a major Rajas Guṇa/ Guna Graha and creates desire for money. For this reason it is classified as a Daitya Graha. For us it is divine, just as a Deva Graha-there should be no mistaking this.

Special, shining things-

Not only is success guaranteed to those it is destined due to the conjunction/ Yuti of Mercury and Jupiter but there is constant awareness of some serious prosperity in the other Budha sign/Kanyā Rāśi/ Kanya Rashi/ Virgo:

i.                 Cañdra-Maṅgala Yoga/ Chandra-Mangala Yoga- One speaks of the Moon-Mars Yoga in Virgo, the Śaśi-Maṅgala/ Shashi-Mangala Yoga which is an indicator of properity.

ii.             Rāśi Dṛṣṭi/ Rashi Drishti/ Sign Aspect-

The Jupiter-Mercury Yoga and the Moon-Mars Yoga coalesce in magnificent awareness of each others’ graces and create something truly splendid- knowledge and wealth, information with perspective as to structured professional work.

iii.         Gajakeśarī/ Gajakesari Yoga-In Gochara/ transit a great Gajakesarī Yoga  is formed between Jupiter and Moon, the latter being in the 4th from the former. Fame and glory- a combined effect of a lion and an elephant (in a jungle).  

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