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The Conjunction in Sagittarius/ Dhanu in December, 2010


Something has changed in that Dhanu Rashi/ Sagittarius has become populated with three Grahas/ planets. Today, on 7th December, 2010, even the Moon/ Chandra is here.

Dhanu Rashi/ Sagittarius is ruled by the great Jupiter/ Guru and is the Moolatrikona Rashi of the planet. Jupiter gets to work here and this is a dynamic sign where the natural significations of Jupiter attain action and fruition.

In other words, law, deep esoteric thinking, high philosophy, physics, finance, metaphysics, religion, spiritual arts, priestly pursuits and such subjects become active in this sign. The Moon is here joined Mercury/ Budh and Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, along with Mars/ Mangal.

Prior to Mars joining the combination communications attained a quality of infatuation, and exhilaration, qualities of Rahu, communications of course being governed by Mercury. To those generally sedate, or sedated by Karma, such an event might have been relieving but generally speaking there can be something devious and fishy in such communication due to the impact of the debilitated malefic. But the debility/ weakness of Rahu can make deceit transparent and the centre of the plan may not hold.

With Mars having entered the picture, force enters. And in combination with Rahu, it forms a Yoga for battle. Mars is a Deva/ a Sura planet and in Dhanu Rashi will fight the good fight. Even so, there will be an atmosphere of deceitful force prevailing, especially in the written word, and the spoken word. People might need to be careful about their files, and communications, social networking and the like.

The deceit cannot last and the Wikileaks episode, for instance, will finally shed its opacity and the truth will emerge. The Moon gets afflicted with the Mars-Rahu-Mercury conjunction and the sense of moral dignity might be offended for those with strong Jupiterean influences in the nativity/ radix. Jupiter is strong in Pisces/ Meena and aspects the debilitated Rahu and the other Grahas with Rashi Drishti/ sign aspect, thus defeating that which is not ethically good, and right, and constitutes a threat, maybe an empty threat.

There are two ways to conduct oneself, especially those who work with and live with perspective and truth, whether a conventional or an unconventional truth.The first is to act correctly. This sounds too obvious and almost meaningless for that reason but is not so. What is to act correctly can only be indicated by Jupiter and if the planet is strong, the appropriate value system will indicate to the person as to what needs to be done. Non-action is also action in some situations but it needs to be correct. The second way, is the priestly way, since Guru aspects the Yoga from Meena, the sign of emancipation. This can be the chanting of the correct Mantras. Both ways can also be combined.

This is especially true till the Moon is in Sagittarius since its presence lends confirmation to the Yoga, both mental-individual and social.

Current Transits On & Around 7th November, 2010


As an overview, it may be stated at the outset that the times have been somewhat stressed in the recent past due to the debilitation of the Sun/ Surya, who is the Karaka/ Significator of resources, health, vitality and all that is glorious in life. With the King of the zodiac at His lowest powers, the quality of well-being and radiance has been lost to us. We have sought recourse in luxury and comfort, the realms of Venus/ Shukra, as this Graha/ planet is the lord of the sign where the Sun is debilitated, Libra/ Tula Rashi.

This need to justify the lack of power and self-respect and attainment in the brief period where the Sun has been debilitated, with the indulgence in the pleasures of the market, shopping and buying, has been highlighted because Venus is joined the Sun and gives the Neecha Graha its Neechabhanga, cancellation of debility.

Venus is also retrograde in Libra, indicating that for those who are tuned more deeply into the internal significations of the planet as it were, are finding it more worthwhile to ponder the theme that love and the spouse, or sharing does indeed have its place in life, rather than simply going it alone, which is the way of the solitary Sun, too hot, and too royal to care much for company and intimacy as an essential attribute. For nativities dominated by a strong Sun, there may be an element of wistfulness at these thoughts if love has not been particularly forthcoming in life. The experiences in the love-life and its highs and lows may also occupy the mind during this transit.

On Deepawali/ Diwali, the Amavasya Tithi has also added to the scenario with the gentle, vulnerable Moon being completely dark and soaking in these emotional experiences, looking at new beginnings with the new phase of the Moon. With Venus being very strong in Libra, there may be thoughts to indulge somewhat more, and to be more of a part of the world of Maya, indicated by Venus. The exact ramifications of the transits will of course vary with the different Lagnas/ Ascendants, the Arudha Lagna/ AL and the Chandra Lagna/ Moon Sign.

Jupiter is also retrograde in Kumbha/ Aquarius, having moved back from the priestly Pisces/ Meena and thoughts of freedom and interpreting spiritual truths liberally and to one’s liking may make an appearance rather than adhering strongly to the written words of the distant past. Jupiter, also being Vakra/ retrograde also makes for genuine efforts at deep thought and personal research rather than offhand conclusions about these matters.

Mercury/ Budh has moved to Vrishchik Rashi/ Scorpio to join Mars/ Mangal, the two Grahas being quite inimical to each other. The planet of rationality in the 8th House of the natural zodiac also points to research and some neat logic in thought and communications.

Some of the pressures brought about by the debility of the Sun have been exacerbated by the Graha Drishti of Saturn/ Shani to Mars. A quality of temperance and a slowing down of the aggressive pace of Mars have made their way into our lives. There has been an element of control and structuring that has become conspicuous just recently. Such phases might continue till the Moon exits the populated Scorpio because this is the sign of the debility of the Moon.

Much will depend on the specifics of each horoscope and the operating Dasha sequences for precise evaluation of the transits but this is the general picture which is only made richer by the debilitated Nodes.

Interpretations from the Bhava Lagna


The knowledge contained in this article has been learnt from the teachings of Pt. Sanjay Rath on the subject.

By way of simplification it can be said that the Bhava Lagna is a mental construct and further the Grahas which change their Bhavas in the Bhava Lagna Chakra, present areas of focus where conceptual issues may occur.

The general rule is that the Grahas changing their Bhavas give food for thought because the person in question is perceiving the reality given by the Grahas differently from what it actually is.

This perception may be good or bad, good or bad being matters of perspective in any case.

Let us take an illustration where Leo Ascendant/ Simha Lagna rises in the Rashi Chakra and Sun/ Ravi, Moon/ Chandra and Saturn/ Shani are in the 10th Bhava from the Lagna. Jupiter (R) is in the 5th Bhava from the Lagna. Rahu is in the 6th Bhava from the Lagna and Venus/ Shukra, Mercury/ Budh and Mars/ Kuja are in the 11th Bhava from the Lagna while Ketu occupies the 12th Bhava from the Uday Lagna.

In the Bhava Lagna Chakra, Sun, Moon and Mars change their Bhavas.

Sun and Moon move to the 11th Bhava while Mars moves to the 12th Bhava in debility with Ketu.

Therefore, Sun, Moon and Mars make for conceptual issues.

In the Rashi Chart, the Sun and Moon suffer terrible affliction with the birth being on Amavasya Tithi and the conjunction with Saturn and the Graha and Rashi Drishti of Rahu adds to the difficulties.

In this case, the native changed the conception of his Self, self-respect, leadership, political appreciation, authority, soul-level contemplation, realities related to the father etc. (Sun) and emotions, feelings, realities related to the mother, connection with society, ideas of happiness etc.(Moon) to counter the Curse which operated in the Moola Dashas of the planets involved in the Curse. To save his self and mind he chose the realm of refuge that comes from the wisdom of the Guru, information, learning, reading, pleasure, beauty, transformation (A8), learning from Parampara (11th House).

In the process, the real nature of the Sun and Moon in the 10th House may have been diluted or obscured in the mind to a degree. Once consciousness of this mental construct comes to the mind, this reality must be appreciated and reconciled.

Likewise, either due to the experiences or otherwise, as a release for the pain and suffering, Mars forms the Pishacha-Badhak Yoga in the 12th House in debility which can bring terrible, concealed rage to the mind and impede the Bhagya as Mars is the 9th Lord and may douse the powerful Agni Tattwa when the reality is Raja Sambandha Yoga and Guru-Mangal Yoga etc occurring in the 11th Bhava. This area clearly needs mental correction.

Since all is felt in the mind, this is crucial knowledge and should be used by learned Jyotishis.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The sidereal Jupiter/ Guru moves to Pisces/ Meena on May 2, 2010. The transit of the most benefic planet in the zodiac is always important. Also, important are the transits of Saturn/ Shani and the Nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu. In addition the transit of the Mahadasha lord in the applicable Nakshatra Dasha scheme should be seen.

For event evaluation the transit of the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, especially relative to the Arudha Padas has to be seen.

Pisces is the final sign of the natural zodiac and corresponds to meditative and secluded spirituality. Ashram/ house of the Guru (4th House: home, from the 9th: Guru), final emancipation/ Moksha, Rishis, expenses, foreign travel, crossing oceans, sleep etc.

Pisces is owned by Jupiter and Jupiter is strong in its own sign, just as any other Graha/ planet is strong in its own sign. Importantly, Guru will be rid of the exchange/ Parivartana with Rahu which subsists at the time of writing this article.

The clarity which has come due to the previous Gochar of Guru into Kumbha/ Aquarius and out of Makar/ Capricorn worked to move Jupiter out of its debility and also out of stark Tamas where there is a Guna/ attribute mismatch with the Guna of Guru: Sattwa. The debilitated Jupiter indicated a fall in values, not knowing what one’s Dharmic values should be, a certain injury to ethics. The movement into Kumbha indicated a broadening of the wealth, Sattwa, Jnana, benevolence compass of the Great Jupiter especially if the transit planet aspected the Lagna or the Paka Lagna with either of Rashi Drishti/ sign aspect or Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect or both.

Now the relaxed, at-home attributes of Guru will be strengthened: reading the scriptures and esoteric arts, tremendous phlegmatic intellect in such areas as too those involving the world of finance and consulting, teaching, law, astrology, physics etc. But this will be more attuned to knowledge simpliciter rather than a focus on the practice of it.



For the Aries/ Mesha Lagna/ Ascendant, the transit of Guru in the 12th House can make for great spiritual experiences, closer association with the Guru, meditative practices and foreign travel especially if Jupiter is the Mahadasha lord in the applicable Nakshatra Dasha (s) and is associated with the sign in the radix by lordship or aspect.

If Guru is the Antardasha lord transiting in the 12th Bhava it can bring knowledgeable people into life, given natal associations as indicated in the previous paragraph. The indications for foreign travel are highlighted as Guru is the 9th and 12th Lord and both houses indicate travel. They can also indicate heightened participation in religion and/ or higher education.

Guru here will ensure expenses on worthy matters and here it has Dhana Argala on the 11th House augmenting income since the expenses are only on worthy causes as too providing sustenance to the 11th Bhava through meditation. Guru will also exert
Virodha Argala on the Lagna and if at all there are Gochar impacts of the negative sort on the 2nd Bhava from the Lagna, then these would be countered. This will have a say in matters of food and drink and correctness thereof. The spiritual and religious experiences as too those on the guiding spirits and father or father-figures come due to the Sukh-Argala of transit Jupiter on the 9th Bhava. Powerful Guru will ensure income due to the Labh Argala to the 2nd Bhava.

For a few persons occult practices, the powers, experiences, learning and skills that flow therefrom will be heightened due to the Samanya Argala from the 12th House to the 8th House.

This transit can also have a favourable impact on power and position unless the actions in the realm of work are careless and detrimental to this end. Jupiter in strength can fight the Shadripu here as well.

From the perspective of the Arudha Padas, the transit of Jupiter in the 12th House from Aries Pada Lagna/ Arudha Lagna will involve very different results depending on a host of factors. The 12th is a Tamasic Bhava when we speak of the Arudha Padas and though saved by the fact that it is Guru’s own house, there is a Guna conflict here and Guru can lead to major expenses and losses if such combinations are present in the nativity.

For the Lagna governed by Venus, Guru has functionally ordinary portfolios and so the transit has a different sort of impact. For the spiritual Taurus, the 8th House and 11th House lordship of Jupiter can be an avenue for great occult and secret learning. The 8th House directly rules the occult and experiences of transformation and the 11th House is the learning of the 8th Bhava being the 4th Bhava of learning from the 8th. Jupiter’s transit in the 11th House can heighten these indications.

For others this can be a time of reaping gains from investments and wealth can be forthcoming. Indeed some natives might consider this a quite fruitful time for making investments. The estimate of the returns from such investments, apart from all the numerous facets which would need to be investigated for the purpose, would be the position and strength of Mercury/ Budh in the Rashi Chakra.

Guru in Pisces will have Labh Argala/ Intervention with a view to give gains to the person, and such an Argala is very strong as:
(i) Guru is Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for the 11th Bhava;
(ii) Guru is the 11th lord in such cases; and
(iii) Guru is the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for wealth in all horoscopes.
If Guru is able to function unimpeded in this manner in any horoscope with Vrishabh Lagna, then work shall also flourish due to the Dhana Argala of Gochar Guru, investments and speculations will bring happiness, some of it during this sojourn as the returns might be quite encouraging.

If Mars/ Mangal is placed in Aries/ Mesha in Vrishabh Lagna horoscopes, then this could be a strong transit for marriage if other factors support this.
For Vrishabh Arudha Lagna, Guru would be in the 11th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna in its own Rashi and that is excellent because the Dev Guru in a Brahmin Rashi in a Sattwa Bhava would give great sustenance to income and gains.


Jupiter is the 7th and 10th Lord for this Lagna and as the great benefic 10th lord in the 10th Bhava from the Lagna it forms a spotless reputation in work and fine execution, in professionally strong charts. For people who are running Guru Mahadasha and Guru is strong in the horoscope, this is a very fruitful time for work and relationships. It will be a happy time for any personal interaction and relationships including partnerships because Guru has strong Argala on the 7th Bhava from the Lagna. Of course, as rather bluntly out in a Hollywood movie starring Robert De Niro and Phillip Seymor Hoffman, ‘there is no romance without finance’ and status in work definitely elevates relationships and marriage for this reason.

There are deep roots to this: women are advised Vishnu Japa for the Upapada Lagna while men are advised to worship Parvati. Thus sustenance and purity are the corresponding pairs and not asceticism and opulence.

The strength of marriage and relationships are quite strongly contingent on the work profile and we ought not to take a cynical view of this as this is in-built in the metaphysical structure of the world.

Dharma shall rise too as Guru has another extremely strong Argala on the 9th House. Through good actions it shall illuminate Dharma.

Likewise it will lead to good and positive expenses and meditative practices.
For the Mithun Pada Lagna as well, Guru will be in the 10th Bhava and though this is a Rajasic Bhava, Guru does not do too badly here. At first He will expose the weaknesses in work and then elevate the person in the working sphere. He will be seen to be extremely competent and well-versed with the work.

For Karka Lagna as well, the transit of Guru is fortunate as it is one of the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator of the 9th Bhava, though not the primary one. It promotes religious insight and helps the native traverse the right path in Dharma. Those pursuing higher education may be helped and people may have better interaction with their father and/ or father figures. One’s attitude in these matters undergoes a positive transformation.

Apart from this, personal health, vision, thoughts and perspective improves due to the strong Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect of Guru to the Lagna. Guru imparts learning and knowledge with his 5th House aspect to the Lagna. Transit Guru favourably impacting the Lagna will infuse careful thoughts, correct decision-making, care for Sattwa Guna and such matters.
Guru can promote speculation in the right areas, other factors being supportive and constant, since it has Dhan Argala on the 8th House. It can also effectively check the vices of the native due to the Sukh Argala on the 6th Bhava. With the right life path the gains and fulfilment of hopes of the person are also accelerated and there is an effective Labh Argala on the Labh Sthana from the Lagna.

Children will also be quite positively impacted because Gochar Guru has Graha Drishti on the 5th Bhava from the Lagna and this can be interpreted taking into account the strength or otherwise of all the relevant factors relating to children in the horoscope. In otherwise troubles situations, such a transit could effectively improve matters and assuage difficult avenues. Furthermore, Guru also has Samanya Argala on the 5th Bhava which is in the nature of an aspect as well, according to Parashara. All Argala is. In sum, therefore, the 5th House matters shall also be positively influenced.

Guru has Virodha Argala on the 10th House and can prevent overwork so that some attention to metaphysical and ethical matters may be given. It may be that instead of the words of the Guru, the Guru becomes more important to the person since the Argala of the Guru Upadesha in the 3rd Bhava from the Lagna is obstructed by the 9th House: as a result the solitary realisations of the 12th Bhava may suffer to a degree in this respect.

From the Karka Arudha Lagna, Guru does not do very well in Meena Rashi because the 9th Bhava from the Pada is Tamasic in nature and there is a Guna conflict. Any Graha here gives good results but Guru will do so after some initial trials.

For this Lagna, Jupiter has thus far been in the 7th Bhava in transit and has given the positive effects listed for the Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect of Guru from the 9th Bhava to the Lagna indicated in the write-up for Karka/ Cancer.

The Navamsha Chakra can never be forgotten or overlooked, even in transit. Professor B. Suryanarayana Rao’s commentary on Varahamihira’s Brihat Jatak does add to the classical injunctions in this regard, when reference is made to determining work areas and professions from the horoscope. The Navamsha lords/ Amshesh of the 10th lords from the Lagna, Sun and Moon are advised to be examined in the Rashi Chakra. Also, the Amshesh of the 10th lord of the radix in transit is said to be important in order to appreciate the new avenues in work.
However, at this point this is a digression and what needs to be done is to generally evaluate the Navamsha position of the transit Guru from time to time to accurately gauge the impact on nativities.

Now, of course, Guru would be in the 8th Bhava from the Lagna in Gochar in its own sign. For this Lagna, Guru is the 5th and 8th Lord and its placement in the 8th Bhava can trigger transformation, dabbling with mystic arts, Jyotish, speculation, loans and other significations of the 8th Bhava. Through these avenues it will have a subtle impact on the Lagna and the Lagna changes as a result thereof. Since the Argala is caused by a benefic planet, it is Shubh Argala and is capable of bringing happiness.

Any Arudha Padas that may be in Meena Rashi will benefit from this transit as Guru is a friend of the Moon, the latter Graha symbolising the Arudha Padas and therefore gives good results while transiting the Arudha Padas qua the specific Arudha Pada. This is the root for the dictum that Mantra or initiation is received from the Guru when Jupiter transits the Mantra Pada/ A5, the Arudha Pada of the 5th Bhava from the Lagna.

Guru has Dhan Argala on the 7th Bhava and since it is of Sattwa Guna, Sustenance is its very nature and Guru can promote the affairs of the 7th House, like marriage, personal interaction, correct desires and the like. It also has Sukh Argala on the 5th House indicating that the pleasure that comes to the knowing mind is through the experience of that knowledge.

The nature of the transforming and intensely personal experiences of the 8th House feed the work of the native, or more specifically the ability to perform work. For those whose work may be very important to them, as Karma Yogis, or those blessed with the Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga in the Rashi Chakra, this auspicious Gochar of Guru can be positive. When the hidden parts of the person are pure and shine with Sattwic light, the zenith and visible part of the person also must be positively impacted by the Labh Argala.


For Virgos, the transit of Jupiter occurs in the 7th Bhava from the Lagna and this can be an excellent time to find the correct life partner. The Bhavas indicate a ‘state of being’ and the 7th Bhava being transited by Guru indicates an auspicious state of being as far as the matters of the 7th Bhava are concerned. Therefore all types of partnerships including marital partnerships are going to be aided by correct perspective during this transit of Jupiter. Jupiter is the 4th and 7th Lord for this Lagna ruling the life-pillars of home, properties, happiness, mother, education and vehicles as too wealth, fulfilment of desires, the mind (Mana, as the 7th is natural Pada to the 4th), wife, relationships and partnerships.

In the 7th Bhava Guru has Sukh Argala on the 4th Bhava which it lords and apart from that is a friend of the primary Natural Significator/ Naisargika Karaka for the 4th, the Moon. This Gochar can bring peace and happiness to the heart. Guru will also curb the vices that such natives might have since it has Dhan Argala on the 6th Bhava. Daily work and jobs will be sustained well. A measure of independence may come to those who are otherwise tightly bound by Saturn’s servitude or jobs wherever they might be.

An auspicious marriage or the correct partner will fulfil the Dharmic aspirations of the native and there will be gains due to the same, as far as the life path goes. This is due to the fact that Guru has Labh Argala on the 9th Bhava from the Lagna from its transit station in the 7th Bhava.

These findings also find affirmation from the fact that Guru blesses the 11th Bhava from the Lagna with its Poorva Punya Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect bringing the grace of good deeds done in the past to bear on the avenues of gains and income. It aspects the Lagna, thereby fortifying the intelligence being the Karaka for the Paka Lagna. It aspects the 3rd Bhava, bringing the nectar of the words of the Guru, to the ears.

For the Kanya Pada Lagna/ Arudha Lagna, Guru in the 7th is good since Sattwa Guna Grahas do not do badly in Rajas Bhavas.


Any Arudha Padas in Meena Rashi will flower in a given horoscope since Guru is the great natural friend of the Natural Significator/ Naisargika Karaka of all Arudha Padas, the Moon. It is said that when Guru transits the A5 or the Mantra Pada it is the best time to seek Mantra from the Guru and this can be the time for initiation.

For all dual Rashis a Gochar Hamsa Yoga is formed as Guru will be in Kendra in its own sign in Meena Rashi. If there are combinations for fame and glory in the radix then these may be triggered during this transit.

In Meena Lagna, the sign of the Maharishis, if Guru tenants the natal Lagna, then the transit of Guru over natal Guru could portend significant gains for those destined to benefit from the words of the Guru. It is said Guru in Lagna wards off a thousand evils and all that is required is a sincere bow to the trident-holder/ Shiva. This is a good time to worship Shiva as Guru will be transiting the Lagna.

Great intelligence and profound learning as too a neutral phlegmatic love for all may be the characteristic of the transit of the Sattwic teacher of the Gods over the Lagna Rashi. From here Guru aspects the 5th Bhava and the 9th Bhava of which it is the Karaka and thus fortifies the blessings of intelligence and luck, the Lakshmi Sthanas.

Furthermore all the pillars of life indicated by the four Kendras/ quadrants from the Lagna receive the Rashi Drishti of transit Guru and are strengthened with the perspective, grace and Dhi Shakti of the great benefic. In fact wherever the 2nd Bhava from the Upapada Lagna is a mutable sign, this could be a time to get married since the bond would be sealed with purity and blessings. Guru will be aspecting the 2nd Bhava from the Upapada Lagna with Rashi Drishti.

The natives of Meena Lagna will make the right efforts since the Parakrama Bhava receives the Labh Argala of Guru from the Lagna. In other words the power of discrimination/ Viveka and the inner illumination is of such a degree that the efforts are benefitted by it and are channelled in the right direction. Likewise the happiness of the entity called ‘status’ lies in the entity called ‘fame’ and as Gochar Guru brings fame to the Lagna, it gives Sukh Argala to the 10th Bhava from the Lagna. The work will be pleasured by the recognition accorded to the Self with Guru in the Lagna.

The Lagna sustains the expenses and the spiritual practices and Guru being the Karaka for such wisdom will sustain these facets of the 12th Bhava with the Dhan Argala.


For the Kumbha Lagna, Guru performs a function akin to that performed by Budh for Simha Lagna, that of Kubera, or a wealth planet. For those people with Kumbha Lagna for whom an auspicious Guru Mahadasha/ Antardasha is operating in the horoscope, this Gochar is very good as it is over the 2nd Bhava from the Lagna. Guru aspects the Artha Trikona from here; its aspect on the 6th House blesses the daily grind which makes it seem lesser than a grind and more rewarding. It aspects the 10th Bhava blessing the work, giving effects akin to the Amala Yoga and it also aspects the 8th House bringing positive changes and investments and making for deliverance from persistent and chronic health issues.

It has Argala on the Lagna and one’s speech and food intake undergoes positive changes. Teachers, speakers and leaders find their words infused with the power and glory of the Sattwic Brihaspati. It obstructs any Argala on the Vikrama Bhava ensuring the efforts are not in the wrong directions.

Guru has Argala on the 11th House and gives happiness to the sense of fulfilment of hopes by magnifying the liquidity and the financial assets of the person. All these factors contribute to the sense of happiness indicated by the fourth house and also the sense that what was learnt has now emerged with such expression of the 2nd House so as to justify the learning.

If this transit is good for the Kumbha Lagna it is even better for the Kumbha Pada Lagna/ Arudha Lagna because the Sattwic Guru is transiting a Sattwic Bhava from the Arudha Lagna and will sustain the social and financial image like none other. Guru is the Naisargika Karaka for wealth and if the nativity is predisposed to the riches then this position of Guru can be excellent for finances. For those looking to remarry also, particularly for the second time, this is a good time to come to a decision about the prospective second spouse.


Jupiter is in the 3rd Bhava in transit and gives Shubha Yoga where the luck is fortified due to the Graha Drishti on the 9th Bhava from the Lagna. There will be less struggle and more ease in attainment of objectives. Guru blesses the 7th Bhava of marriage with the 5th House aspect and also fortifies gains with the 9th House aspect on the 11th Bhava from the Lagna. The Graha has Dhan Argala on the 2nd Bhava and the appropriate actions will sustain wealth. Guru also has Sukh Argala on the 12th Bhava and the auspicious projection in the world makes the person sleep better. Furthermore, Guru has Labh Argala on the 5th Bhava from the Lagna and thus communications and reading, expression shall bring the person into social focus. The intellect also stands to be appreciated due to this placement.

As for those with the Arudha Lagna in Makar Rashi, they will exhibit disinterest in worldly matters and will be saintly in their actions in this world. A natural benefic strongly placed in the 3rd Bhava from the Arudha Lagna does not encourage the person to strive in the visible world; indeed this position is detrimental for conventional success in the world. But then there is another world and for those wishing to compete only with their own more superficial tendencies, stand to win and to have their spiritual nature emerge. When Jupiter is debilitated in the Navamsha Chakra in transit, there will be respite in material matters. For strong natal horoscopes with Rajayoga and wealth, this transit will only place things in better perspective and give breathing space from the tireless rush on contemporary life.

All other Apokilma Bhavas from the Lagna will have the Rashi Drishti of Guru and so Shadripu will be purified while luck improves and the 12th Bhava is also strengthened.


Guru lords this Lagna and is transiting through the 4th House from the Lagna. The significations of the 4th Bhava shall stand strengthened depending on the natal placement of the various significators from the Lagna, their positional strength and the aspects and conjunctions, and also the placement of the said Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator from the 4th Bhava itself.

Students and those associated with learning can do well in this transit because on the one hand the 4th Bhava is the primary Bhava associated with learning and on the other Guru is the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for learning and Jnana.

The Dhi Shakti and intelligence can show an upward rising of consciousness and awareness and this is the reason why Guru also signifies the Paka Lagna, or the sign where the Lagna Lord is posited.

For peace and perspective and comforts, albeit with a measure of laziness, this is a good time. There is a direct and notable impact on the personality and overall life-circumstances since the mutable/ dual Rashis have Rashi Drishti on each other and therefore Guru from Meena Rashi in Gochar in the 4th Bhava from the Lagna also has Rashi Drishti on the Lagna.

Rashi Drishti gives a clear idea about surrounding influences, both inanimate and circumstantial on the one hand, and animate on personal on the other, depending whether a Graha is in the sign or not. Such natives stand to be surrounded by wisdom and happiness of a deep sort during this phase. Though there is no Graha Drishti to the Lagna, there is primary Argala on the Lagna which will bring deep satisfaction and clarity due to the knowledge that Guru brings. The placement will also infuse all communication with the quality of excellence. The capacity for daily work will go up and the internal enemies shall go down. Even for the Dhanu Arudha Lagna even though the Kendra Bhavas are Rajasic and demote creation of important matters that tend to be pillars for the social and financial life, the Sattwic Guru sustains the visible properties and luxuries which are judged from the 4th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna.

Of course the Kendras both from the Lagna and the Arudha Lagna are fortified due to the Rashi Drishti so the benefits also extend to marriage, marital relationships and work. Altogether an excellent time for this sign is at hand.


For Vrishchik/ Scorpio Lagna, Guru enjoys a good portfolio because the Lagna is lorded by Mangal/ Mars. Guru rules the 2nd and 5th Bhavas for this Lagna and thus movable assets, liquidity, one’s family/ Kutumba, speech, the emergence of knowledge, food, face, intelligence, Mantra, children, knowledge and such matters are ruled by Guru.

With transit Jupiter traversing the 5th House from the Lagna in its own sign, the native will consume Jnana with hunger and those with strong manifest lives may rise in their work and attain high or higher status. Children may do one proud during this transit. Guru aspects the 9th Bhava from the Lagna with Graha Drishti and thus extracts the best from the Bhagya/ luck of the native. Elders, teachers, the father receive the grace of the Guru Graha.

In other words, the good deeds done in the past make the luck of the native flower in the best possible way if unimpeded by other factors in the horoscope. Guru also aspects the Lagna with the Graha Drishti and so fine intelligence, correct decisions, good health (albeit with a bit of weight gain!), a pleasing disposition all come to pass during this Gochar of the greatest benefic in the Zodiac.
Guru represents God in the horoscope.

If for some Vrishchik natives, Guru also aspects the Mantra Pada/ A5 with Rashi Drishti then this is a good time to approach the Guru for Mantra and initiation.

Circumstances will shape up so that money matters, a rise in life, changes and transformation and the increase in gains and fulfilment of aspirations will be the dominant framework in which this transit will work, of course, given all the other innumerable variables working in any horoscope.

Studying the temporary location in the horoscope through Argala, we can readily decipher that Guru will lend tremendous support to the family and immovable properties, to relationship with the mother and mother-figures, learning and academics. Being of Sattwic disposition, Guru is inherently sustaining by nature and will work very well by way of the Pradhan Argala to the 4th Bhava from the Lagna.

For those who are expecting children this is a fine time, because Guru has Labh Argala to the 7th Bhava of marriage and children are but the fruits of the marriage or the gains from the marital-sexual union. Guru also gives insight and perspective in partnerships and brings happiness. Though fortunate results from investments the 2nd Bhava of the bank balance and assets also prospers since the 5th is the 10th when reckoned from the 8th, giving Sukh Argala to the 2nd.


For this Lagna, Guru does not own good houses but transiting through the 6th Bhava can dispel friction and enmity due to good behaviour and width of perspective. Guru aspects the 10th House and he 2nd House and thus the focus is on matters relating to the career and work. The 10th, 2nd and the 6th Bhavas from the Lagna form the Artha Trikona and the influence of transit Jupiter on these signs can influence work positively. This can help in both actual work performance and paving the way for future growth in work.

Better lifestyles can give better thinking as Guru has Argala on the 5th Bhava and the efforts will also be made in the right direction as the daily work and routine work choices are fortified. In this manner the internal enemies/ Shadripu are curbed, save perhaps for a benefic indulgence in sweets, and so chances of illness which is long standing are reduced.

The Apoklima Bhavas have the Rashi Drishti of Gochar Guru for this Lagna and there is a spiritual and religious element to this transit; influences can come through Guru Upadesha, Bhagya and meditation.

The situation for the Tula Pada Lagna is a bit different though as this could lead to a disinterest in matters of wealth, with such a strong benefic in the 6th. If Sanyas Yogas are present in the radix then the impulses to such life-callings may become stronger. Tula Lagna is not renowned for renunciation though.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scorpio/ Vrishchik Rashi Viewed in May-June 2010

The article is being written in response to a reader's request as to the impact of transit aspects of Shani/ Saturn, Mangal/ Mars and Guru/ Jupiter on Vrishik Rashi/ Scorpio in May-June 2010 and beyond till the Yoga subsists.

For Aries, this can have remarkable ramifications because Scorpio is the 8th House. Saturn is the Badhak and Mars is the lord of the Lagna as well as the 8th House. Guru is the 9th Lord and the 12th Lord. If the natal 8th is well-disposed, then the 8th Bhava can induce positive transformations. Since this is the Kalapurusha Chakra, Scorpio will indicate transformations strongly. For spiritual nativities, this can be a very important time where new ground is broken in the individual journey towards truth and awareness. Mangal will strain to protect its Bhava while Shani is the Naisargika Karaka for the 8th House. Guru can induce the necessary grace and blessings to make the path of occult experience easier.

For others it can mean a variety of things from illness to speculation in the markets and like investments. In fact, on the day of writing this, 3rd June, 2010, the Sun is also aspecting the sign from Vrishabh/ Taurus. The Sun is the Aditya, the giver of all resources and is also the Naisargika Atmakaraka for all people. This enhances and magnifies the potential for transformations manifold.


For Vrishabh/ Taurus Rashi, Scorpio is the 7th House when reckoned from the Lagna.

If it is viewed from the perspective of the Chandra Lagna then, the impact of the transit aspects of all the planets can mean increased social support for the person’s idea of marriage, or social forces may impact the person’s own attitude to marriage and partnerships (Bhava). Mars of course is otherwise celibate and a warrior and considers the 7th Bhava its Marana Karaka Sthana, but since it also owns the 7th Bhava, it will still protect the interests of the 7th Bhava.

Saturn’s Graha Drishti to the sign does not help matters but if Saturn is positive for the Vrishabh Lagna chart, then being Yogakaraka it can bring an element of restraint to some facets of the 7th House. Guru always blesses, even being a functional malefic for the Venusian Ascendants and represents the blessings of God or divinity in any horoscope. The aspect of Guru to this sign in the 7th House purifies the native’s attitude to relationships.

The Sun as Aditya brings resources in the form of persons and partnerships.

From the perspective of the Vrishabh Arudha Lagna, the sign assumes great significance as it becomes the avenue for the person to emerge into the world as a socio-financial functional entity. The transit Sun in the Arudha Lagna is very positive for the rise of the image as the luminaries in any Arudha Pada tend to support and elevate that manifest facet of life. There will be fame and appreciation for the person. Saturn in the 5th is not really that positive while Mars in the 4th also does not do too well. Jupiter in the 11th is a positive influence as any planet in the 11th from the Pada does well to support the image.

Therefore the results are mixed. One has to be cautious of the type of mental thinking as it is stated in the Bhagwad Gita that men must try to elevate themselves with their mind and not degrade themselves. Also, one must watch out for how much control one truly wants to exert at home: home is not the place for the exertion of force. Even a modicum of curiosity in such matters can work well to illuminate the truth because of the aspect of Guru.

For any person of any Lagna/ Chandra Rashi/ Arudha Lagna worship of the Sun is good because only the Sun can truly give the right path/ Dharma, being the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for the 9th Bhava from the Lagna for all people.


For this Rashi rising in the Lagna, Vrishchik happens to be the 6th House of Roga, Rina and Ripu. Malefic influence here can help one to surmount obstacles and enmity but the Shadripu: One’s own enemies in the form of vices and addictions have to be watched. The aspect of Mars is to its own sign and so Krodha/ anger needs to be watched and if needed, controlled. The Graha Drishti of Shani likewise can cause addictions to alcohol in nativities predisposed to such problems while the aspect of a strong Guru from Pisces brings sage perspective to all such matters.


Vrishchik falls in the 5th Bhava from the Karka Lagna. The Graha Drishti of 9th Lord Guru from the 9th House is highly auspicious and this can be a time of elevation for some people with this rising sign in the Lagna. Since Mars also aspects, these indications are further fortified. Thus, rising in the world, strengthening of the intellect, success and glory are all promised in this phase if the other factors in the horoscope should promote it. The only cautionary note that has to be struck is in the context of children, because of the Graha Drishti of two natural malefics on the Putra Bhava. Even this is capable of being handled due to the Graha Drishti of Guru/ Jupiter from the 9th Bhava from the Lagna.

For this Lagna, Vrishchik happens to be the 4th House of home, happiness and education. With Guru aspecting the 4th Bhava, education and learning is bound to be aided. Also Mangal the lord of the 4th being the Bhoomi-Karaka or the Natural Significator for residential/ commercial real estate might bring these aspects strongly into the life of the person especially if Mangal Mahadasha or Antardasha is running in the life of the person. Saturn of course brings a detachment to the thoughts and emotions and this may be specifically felt if the Mahadasha of the Maheshwara Graha is running which separates the Atman from the Mana.

Note: The Gochar has changed at this juncture and so the Analysis for the other Rashis would be purely academic; for this reason the write-up is confined to the Rashis covered.

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Detailed Chart Analysis

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This horoscope exhibits trials in the marital realm. The role of Ketu in the Arudha is also studied in some depth and the manner in which this can turn around life tendencies is also shown.


Dear Consulter,
You are familiar with the Rashi Chakra of your ex-wife and other Varga Chakra. Simha Lagna rises in the Rashi Chakra and there is no Graha in the Lagna. Now, you have mentioned Kalank Yoga but I have not come across this term before. There are many commentaries and texts in Jyotish and some of the later ones are dubious in their authenticity. Restricting ourselves to the standard tools of Jyotish which are enormous in their scope, we shall evaluate all these facets presently.
Now in the same line of thought, we should note that the 7th Bhava is a delicate Bhava and generally no Grahas are preferred in the 7th Bhava in the Rashi Chakra. This shows the attitude to marriage and partnership including romantic and intimate partnership. Your wife has Shukra in the 7th Bhava and this is a unique situation as Shukra is the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for marriage. The Naisargika Karaka placed in the 7th Bhava can distort one’s perspective towards the marital alliance. She also has Guru joined which forms the Dwi Guru Yoga. Guru and Shukra indicate polar opposites in terms of qualities that manifest in the world. There can be a sense of misplaced idealism when the native evaluates or works with her own innate attitude towards such alliances and personal life. As the Lagna Lord Surya is also here it causes a great deal of focus on desires and wanting certain things in life and these desires and attaining them can rule the overall tenor of life.
Since Surya apart from being the Lagna Lord in this chart is also the Naisargika Karaka for the Lagna, its placement in the 7th Bhava whose Karaka is the inimical Shukra can also predispose the native towards depression and substance abuse. In this case it may have led to a tendency to self-medication.
In view of your interim emails regarding the other relationships your wife had, it might be prudent to investigate at this moment as to whether these would qualify for the Upapada Lagna in her chart or not. This is a difficult area in Jyotish in modern life and some of the important facets of Upapada Lagnas exhausting themselves are as follows. Firstly, the relationship should be with an intention to get married and should extend to one year or more. The persons involved should not seriously think of anyone else during the period. Rituals and solemnisation of marriage do not constitute essential ingredients of exhausting or constituting an Upapada Lagna. So, in other words if an otherwise serious relationship lasted for an year or more and came close to a situation where one all but tied the knot, it still may not qualify to be an Upapada relationship. It is a difficult task to isolate this and come to a conclusion.
Now, in your wife’s chart, when we see the Arudha Padas we find that the Upapada Lagna, or the first Upapada Lagna comes to the 3rd Bhava which is tenanted by Tula Rashi/ Libra. The length of the marriage and the reasons for its termination are judged from the condition of the 2nd Bhava from the Upapada Lagna. This facet of horoscopy was divined from your horoscope as well. Now Rahu is placed in Ayush debility in the 2nd Bhava from the Upapada Lagna in her chart. This threatens the longevity and quality of the first marriage. These indications have been found to have been operating in your lives and have been confirmed from your horoscope and the Rashi Chakra as well.
Neecha Rahu in the 2nd Bhava from the Upapada Lagna is a clear indicator of the shock, lying, deceit and the delusion in the relationship. Further the placement of the Upapada Lagna and the Arudha Lagna in mutually Shadashtaka relationships also points at the distancing and separation. For all these reasons one feels that your wife has been on her first Upapada Lagna in her marriage with you. There are a lot of Karmic factors and basic conflict that beset the marriage due to these factors.
Now the relationships that could have become marriage do not appear to have been Upapada Lagna relationships and even if they had become marital alliances they would not have immediately qualified as marriage due to the matching of the life experience in the marriage thus far as received from you. The other reason is that the Darapada/ A7 showing the relationships is in the 10th Bhava which is the zenith of the chart and is also joined the Arudha Lagna there. This can bring relationships in the sense that the native is not prevented from interacting with the opposite sex at some deep level. This is not always the case with people and with nativities.
The nature of the relationships is better judged by looking at the other facets of the Darapada. It is in Taurus but the more important factor is that Ketu is joined the Darapada/ A7 showing that a lot of mistakes can occur in this area of life. This is a quite accurate reflection of the two cases even though the real issues appear to have arisen from the side of the parents of the boy involved. Unknown to many, there would have been mistakes made in these areas and that is quite evident from a study of the Darapada.
Just going by the Upapada Lagna in Your wife’s chart, we find that the Moon is placed in the 7th Bhava showing that relations with the mother-in-law can be stressed due to this placement. The Moon is the Karaka for the mother and in the context of the Upapada Lagna it indicates mother-in-law. In fact, the mistakes characterising the Darapada will also filter through to the overall image in life indicated by the Arudha Lagna as this Arudha Pada is joined the Darapada as well in the 10th Bhava. Since the Moon is the Karaka for all Arudha Padas any Graha that is inimical to the Moon does not help the Arudha Lagna. Ketu causes an eclipse to the Arudha Padas it joins.
Delving into some of the other facets of the Rashi Chakra, let us look at the 2nd and 11th Lord when reckoned from the Lagna. This is Budh and since the planet lords both the wealth houses it is a prominent significator for wealth. When we analyse these factors in the chart we must ponder them as constituting elements that will finally decide issues pertaining to Artha. Budh is placed in a Dusthana from the Lagna showing that the application of intellect and the role of people and personalities in wealth generation and participation is fraught with a degree of struggle and obstacles as these can be related to the 6th Bhava. However, this is also the 9th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna; any Graha in the 9th Bhava from the Lagna supports the social and financial existence of the native. Since Budh is retrograde this will take a lot of effort. But the struggle and the uphill task will contribute to her social and financial status.
Another challenge is to see the Kemadruma Yoga formed from the Arudha Lagna with two natural malefics in the 2nd and 8th Bhava therefrom. This combination causes paucity of funds. Saturn in the 2nd Bhava from the Arudha Lagna is retrograde and indicates that these life propensities are hard to shake off.
The great positive in the Rashi Chakra is that there is no Graha Shrapa happening which is a blessing by its absence as it frees life from concentrated malefic energies that can completely overpower other features of the chart. When viewed from the all-important Arudha Lagna, the 10th House therefrom has three planets and this is also the 7th Bhava of marriage when seen from the Lagna. Her doorway to success is occupied by Rahu. It is with the break of the first marriage indicated by the debilitated Rahu in the 2nd Bhava from the Upapada Lagna that the door to independent life has a chance to open.
This has nothing much to do with what you did in the marriage or what she did in the marriage but everything to do with the Karmic unfolding of the first marriage and what actually transpired in the institution of marriage. The other option is foreign travel but it is mostly with the release from the Karma of the first Upapada Lagna that the Dwara, the 7th from the Arudha Lagna would open. The lord of the Bhava holds the key to its opening and these are Mangal and Ketu. Mangal is placed in the 5th Bhava from the Lagna and in the 8th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna so it will be very difficult to actually get around to complete individual freedom and emergence in life.
Saturn in the 11th Bhava always gives an option to engage oneself with traditional wisdom and pursuits of this kind since this is the 4th Bhava when reckoned from the 8th Bhava of secrets and can show learning from a secret tradition of occult knowledge. Shani also rules tradition and orthodoxy in these matters. This course would be actually recommended since Ketu in the Arudha Lagna can also play irrational and difficult to decipher havoc with the image and finances. The choice is to become spiritual and surrender to the deeper truths of life.
This can bring the spiritual dimension of Ketu to the fore and will then put Saturn in the 12th from the Arudha Lagna reversing things in accord with the dictum ‘Vipreetam Ketouh’. In that scenario Saturn will begin to act as if it were in the 12th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna and that is a much better scenario. With that the malefic Mars will also give results as if it were placed in the 6th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna, vanquishing enemies though giving an entirely different material focus in life and wealth could then come through questionable means. Whatever that may entail Karmically, it material life these malefics in the 3rd and 6th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna give great material success.
Now, there are interesting synchronicities at play here since the Arudha Lagna is also joined the 8th Bhava from the first Upapada Lagna showing that this turning to the world of the super-rational or irrational depending on the point of view has many ramifications for her in life.
She may get her chances of getting married to a spiritual being enhanced by these developments and even the wealth propensities show a change as with regular counting from the Arudha Lagna there are lesser planets aspecting the 11th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna than there with the counting reversed. The 11th Bhava in the latter situation is Karka and a host of Grahas aspect this location increasing the avenues for the inflow of income.
When the 11th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna is taken to be Meena, it is the 8th Bhava from the Lagna showing impediments and Mangal and Shani influence this by Rashi Drishti simultaneously forming the poverty giving Kemadruma Yoga from the Arudha Lagna. Thus the situation cannot be said overly conducive to wealth generation since the very planets that are adamant on bringing financial stresses shall not be too keen to fructify the avenues for gain that they control. Also since Shani rules melancholy and suffering and Mangal rules anger, when she gets out of these emotions and life qualities, the Kemadruma will disappear as she will then be able to spend on servants and help, again signified by Shani, as the Graha effectively moves to the 12th Bhava of expenditure from the now spiritual Arudha Lagna.
Likewise, the role attributed to Rahu as far as the headless and susceptible Arudha Pada is concerned will also undergo a modification and foreign lands may come into play as far as the emergence of the native into society after the transformation has manifested itself is concerned.
The five Grahas aspecting Karka Rashi in the 11th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna upon the reversal coming into play show that foreigners and foreign lands and love and romantic relationships as too Atma Jnana and eternal truths shall all open avenues for material growth. These life qualities and areas have been drawn from the Natural Significations and Naisargika Karakattwa of the Grahas involved in the process of the sign aspect.
The further facet of all this is that the 2nd Upapada Lagna will be joined the Arudha Lagna and there may be some sort of competition but with the infra-red heat of Ketu dissolving the distinction of Maya this may not pose too much of a problem. This would be a love marriage or there would be a personal relationship preceding it since the Darapada is joined the 2nd Upapada Lagna in the 10th Bhava from the Lagna and the A2/ Arudha Pada of the 2nd House also joined this junction further indicates that movable assets and money would be a prominent player in the relationship and marriage.
There are very many intricacies in this chart and working with the hypothesis for a moment that this reversal in the image and the Arudha Pada does not truly come about then also the marriage may happen but its longevity will be threatened by lying, cheating and perversity and the spouse and she too may exhibit ingestion of injurious substances like alcohol and self-medication. There does not appear to be a rational choice in the Rashi Chakra, save to embrace the prospect of super-rationality, since without that the life themes continue much as they are at the present moment, in most respects.
However proceeding with the more optimistic option of the spiritual reversal you will find another striking feature in the chart: whereas from the first Upapada Lagna, the Moon is in the 7th House indicating the friction with the mother-in-law, with the regular count, Moon is in the 12th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna showing that social and financial rise cannot be accompanied by a simultaneous relationship with one’s own mother. In other words, the Mother of the native herself will not be a witness to the social and financial rise of the native. If the native were to reverse her being by turning spiritual then the Moon would act as if placed in the 2nd Bhava from the Arudha Lagna and would give great sustenance to the image and also ensure polite and sweet speech, at least at the relative level if not more. The mother would face no Karmic propensity of not being present or being witness to the rise and well-being of the daughter. This is subject to the fact that we are assuming that the longevity of the mother extends to the time of the spiritual reversal, if at all.
For future propensities in the realm of work, profession and career attainments, one of the prime determinants is the 10th Bhava and the lord thereof when reckoned from Chandra. The reason is that Chandra shows the societal manifestation in the life of the native and the situation of the Moon in the radix shows the emotional and social personality of the native.
In your wife’s chart, the Moon is in Mesha Rashi and the 10th Bhava therefrom is Makar in the 6th Bhava from the Lagna. This itself means that the Kubera of the chart, Budh is occupying a Dusthana as referred to hereinabove and that too in retrogression, so triple the delay and the effort in the actualisation of dreams in the working life can be legitimately expected. The lord of the Bhava in question is Shani and this Graha is placed in the 11th Bhava from the Lagna which while ruling out actual poverty promises only trouble unless the nature of the visible and manifest life is turned around with the power of the spirit when the same Graha will permit heavy expenditure on the help and mass supporters, which event itself points at the possibility of comfortable financial realities in the offing, albeit with heavy conditionality.
She will like to talk a lot about the trials in her personal life and the domestic situation as Budh is placed in the Moksha Trikona from the Paka Lagna where the Lagna Lord of the Rashi Chakra is posited. This will obviously be tainted with depression and malefic overtones due to the fact that the voluble Mercury is placed in the Saturnine Capricorn. But she will display real venom and inflexibility when the matters of finance are broached with her due to the Rashi Drishti of two great malefics on the 2nd Bhava from the Lagna Lord. She has received the same treatment in these matters from the people she has interacted with regarding finance, daily work and skills in the working arena as the same Grahas aspect the mutable and dual Kanya in the 2nd from the Paka Lagna Saptama which is the Lagna itself. Her interaction with the others is primarily about herself.
Job availability will come in an utterly inexplicable way due to the placement of Ketu in the 4th Bhava from Surya, the latter being the giver of all work in this world. And when this happens she will find foreigners working for her as Rahu is in the 10th Bhava from Surya. These are advanced principles and you will need to ponder the same as they might appear disconcerting at first.
It matters little whether the next spouse will be headless or spiritual because she must become spiritual and these consequences will flow. In charts like these, and please note this carefully, there is very little chance of a remarriage at all.
The possibilities given above regarding the second marriage must be viewed in that context. I shall explain the interplay of these two findings and dicta. When the nodes indicate the termination of marriage, according to Jaimini Sutra they are difficult to cross over so as to enable the Jatak to reach the next spouse. However in this case, Ketu lords the 2nd Bhava from the first Upapada Lagna and so will aid the crossing despite indicating the difficulty therein due to the placement of Rahu there in Ayush debility. Ketu is interested in bringing the second spouse; however Ketu will do so only to extend the lineage of the second spouse in accord with the dictum ‘Ketu Kulastim Vardhanam’. And Ketu poses a precondition of genuine spirituality which cannot be bothered with ritual etc or conformity but must be deep within the Sadhak whether anyone without knows of it or not.
In this light only should you consider the happening or the non-happening of the second marriage of your ex-spouse.
The Navamsha Chakra shows an orthodox first spouse with Shani in the 7th Bhava though maybe also a degree of coldness in the personal relations. The 2nd Bhava from the Lagna shows the 2nd marriage in the Navamsha Chakra and Rahu’s presence here in the sign of Tula further lends strengths to some of the interpretations in the Rashi Chakra.
In your wife’s chart, both the Dwisaptati Sama Dasha and the Vimshottari Dasha apply as the Lagna Lord is in the 7th Bhava and the Chandra Graha is in the 9th Bhava and in the latter case the Vimshottari Dasha is said to give accurate timing of events.
Dwisaptati Sama dasha (applicable if Lagna lord is in 7th or 7th lord is in Lagna):
Maha Dasas:
Mars: 1974-05-13 - 1983-05-13
Merc: 1983-05-13 - 1992-05-12
Jup: 1992-05-12 - 2001-05-13
Ven: 2001-05-13 - 2010-05-13
Sat: 2010-05-13 - 2019-05-13
Rah: 2019-05-13 - 2028-05-12
Sun: 2028-05-12 - 2037-05-13
Moon: 2037-05-13 - 2046-05-13
Vimshottari Dasha (started from Moon):
Maha Dashas:
Ven: 1973-06-04 - 1993-06-04
Sun: 1993-06-04 - 1999-06-05
Moon: 1999-06-05 - 2009-06-05
Mars: 2009-06-05 - 2016-06-04
Rah: 2016-06-04 - 2034-06-05
Jup: 2034-06-05 - 2050-06-05
Sat: 2050-06-05 - 2069-06-05
Merc: 2069-06-05 - 2086-06-05
Ket: 2086-06-05 - 2093-06-05
The Dwisaptati Sama Dasha shows the Maha Dasha of Shukra Graha running and since this is joined the malefic Surya it will give the results of the inner most desires of the native coming to the fore. Whatever she wants in life, she will exhibit in this phase.
The next Dasha in the Vimshottari Dasha sequence after Moon culminates is that of Mangal which is placed in the Bhava of the future. The only thing she can do to improve and relieve this facet is to shift this Mangal to the 6th rather than the 8th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna, since the position from the Lagna is the Satya and cannot change; it is only in the realm of Maya that flux can operate.
The Dasham Bhava in the Navamsha Chakra shows an absence of great fluctuation in wealth. If it is at low ebb it shall continue that way and form a phase; if it rises high it shall stay there and form a phase.
The 2nd Bhava of the Navamsha Chakra shows the Bhagya or subtle destiny content in work. Rahu in Tula, which coincides with the 3rd Bhava and the Upapada Lagna in the Rashi Chakra using the Navamsha Tulya Rashi technique, shows that the first marriage will be crucial in opening the subtle Karmic channels of working life and communication and short travel in likely to happen. Short travel could be subsequent to crossing the oceans and then travelling short distances.
The like evaluation of the gains in life shown by the Surya-Mangal yuti in the 3rd Bhava in the Navamsha Chakra can also be evaluated in the same way where the 4th Bhava holding Vrishchik Rashi in the Rashi Chakra becomes crucial with Rahu there, disrupting peace at home in the native land to open up these avenues in foreign lands.
All these possibilities of dramatic changes are fortified also by a study of the Chara Karaka in the charts. Firstly, there is a Chara Karaka replacement between the Atmakaraka and the Amatyakaraka showing a radical transformation in the personality. The 5th and 8th Lord Guru is the Atmakaraka for the chart and in Kumbha Rashi it is akin to exaltation and at some point she would have been taught the need to respect the traditional values and the importance to adhere to the same. With marriage or with serious relationships, the bent of mind towards fashion and aesthetics in work shown by Venus as the Amatyakaraka waned and her nature became Venusian and sense oriented. This is the time when all these deviant incidents have come to light and she has demonstrated that her soul is attuned to Venusian desire as shown by the positing of the Graha in the 7th Bhava as the Naisargika Karaka for the same.
The Pitrikaraka and the Putrakaraka also undergo a replacement as taught by Parashara in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Mercury will replace Rahu as the Pitrikaraka and the slot of Putrakaraka will be taken up by Guru. Even in the first replacement, the role of the Amatyakaraka will be taken up by Guru. This shows again that the sage world of Jupiter is needed to be embraced in order to emerge from the troubles and problems.
The Dashamsha Chakra should also be referred to in this regard. But before that it should also be seen that Shani is transiting the Lagna at the moment and the Batuk Bhairava Mantra will help in safeguarding the health. It also aspects the 10th Bhava and the Arudha Lagna therein, with Graha Drishti from the Lagna, and forms Kantak Shani, taking away the will to work.
The Batuk Bhairava Mantra is:
‘Om Bam Batukaya Apdudhharanaya
Kuru Kuru Batukaya Bam Om Namah Shivaya’
This Mantra should be chanted 108 times daily to mitigate the effects of the Vata and depression caused by the Gochar of Shani.
For the Kantak Shani also the Sri Rudra Chamakam is the remedy but one feels that in this chart, the remedy is will especially in the absence of Graha Shrapa etc and she should work on the practical lines given in the instant Analysis.
In the Dashamsha Chakra also the 7th Bhava of service is stronger than the 6th as the 6th Lord itself is placed in the 7th which is Maraka to the 6th Bhava, Independent enterprise is stronger in this Varga Chakra. Shashi-Mangal Yoga in the 7th Bhava is a pointer to the possibility of wealth in work but sometimes indicates dabbling with less than the most legal works. Consulting could be one avenue and Mars and Moon here could show working with the masses and the people at large maybe in residential real estate. The 10th Bhava has the Lagna Lord Rahu with Guru and Shukra two Brahmin Grahas again showing consulting in a technical/ Martian setting. Rahu is also the co-lord of the Lagna in the 10th Bhava while Shukra is the Yogakaraka so once the adverse Yogas in the Rashi Chakra qua the Arudha Lagna and the Chara Karaka replacement have had their say and she turns a new leaf, these prospects are likely to have greater say.
This Analysis has been structured keeping in view the intricacies and complexities of the horoscope and must be read and used in that light keeping the overall circumstances in mind.
Best wishes,
Anurag Sharma.


In November, 2009, Rahu & Ketu, the North and South Nodes of the Moon respectively have changed signs. Rahu has moved from Makar/ Capricorn to Dhanu/ Sagittarius while Ketu has moved from Karka/ Cancer to Mithun/ Gemini.
On December 19, 2009, Guru/ Jupiter has moved from Makar/ Capricorn to Kumbha/ Aquarius.

The Nodal transits are conspicuous because the nodes indicate deep Karmic desires and also because the transit lasts for 18 months. It represents a Karmic shift.
The transit of Guru is important as it is the greatest benefic in the zodiac and indicates the presence of divinity/ God in any given horoscope. It shows the protection that may come to the person unconditionally and also blessings, divine grace, wealth, health, perspective and all good things governed by the great Graha.
It is also important to note that for quite some time prior to this transit Jupiter was perhaps at its weakest being Neecha/ debilitated in Makar Rashi and furthermore being in the devastatingly adverse Guru Chandala Yoga caused by the conjunction/ Yuti of Rahu and Guru in the sign of the debilitation of Jupiter.

This could have had myriad ramifications. Firstly, Tamas would overpower Sattwa as Makar is ruled by the Tamasic Shani and it debilitates the great benefic. Also, Rahu is a Tamo Guna Graha and its junction with Guru spells doom for morality, ethics and value systems ruled by the Graha. Save for exceptional nativities, where precipitation of such adversity comes as yet another instance of Godly illumination, such a transit can be very troublesome for most people. Just as the Yogas break, there are chances of good returning and prevailing. This has been found to be the immediate experience in some nativities where Guru Mahadasha is running and the Graha is promising experience and notable occurrences.

‘Shanivad Rahu’. This dictum indicates that Rahu acts like Saturn/ Shani and is its higher octave. We must be careful that we do not look at Grahas as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at an extremely fundamental level; this is stated with full awareness of the fact that the natural malefics have intense qualities and natural benefics have pleasurable qualities. What is meant is this: without Rahu, the world could not have had foreign countries as they exist and the concept of foreigners, one could not have had people far removed in belief systems, one could not have had the planning and scheming and power machinations that exist in the world, and so on and so forth. Rahu is a part of the cosmic plan of creation and existence.

This discussion above has a direct relevance to the transit of Rahu. Rahu was in the Saturnine Capricorn where it was comfortable and was very strong. It is good for planets to be strong, even malefics, and this has been clarified in the Prashna Marga. This dictum has to be modified based on the placements of the planets in the radix. For example, debilitated malefics in the quadrants/ Kendra from the Lagna/ Ascendant give Rajayoga.

Strong Rahu was hitherto joined a weak Jupiter in Makar Rashi where the former was strong due to the placement in the sign of Saturn while Jupiter was weak due to being in debilitation. Financial scams and bungling, moral and ethical disasters and the crumbling of value systems have been some of the effects of the former junction of the two planets in Capricorn. The interesting bit is that both Graha constituents have now moved out from that sign and therefore it is clear that things are likely to be quite different now from what they were.

In the worst cases, the Guru Chandala Yoga can indicate loss of life. In Capricorn, this can come through work and also depends on the house coinciding with the Rashi. As indicated in a previous paper on the subject of transits, Jupiter in its greatest strength can exclude some of the more deviant streams of life altogether.
This for nativities in general is an excellent thing for deviance and non-conformism need not be qualities, avenues and modes of living that need to necessarily be undertaken. However, for some people, this kind of transit can be an eye-opener as they can discover and decipher propensities in themselves, ‘aided’ by such a transit which otherwise may or may not have come.

The most important result of this present transit is therefore this: for those who have suffered greatly due to the Gochar Guru Chandala Yoga and the debility of Guru, the latter Graha being Mahadasha lord in some conditional Dasha scheme advocated by Parashara, such as Vimshottari Dasha or Dwisaptati Sama Dasha etc, the suffering is a matter of the past. Even for others who ventured into experience otherwise quite alien to their lives, would return from that place with the scales having fallen off their eyes: goodness and value are good and valuable. This may appear axiomatic and tautological but its true import can only emerge when the mind is refurnished by the strength of actual experience.

Discerning readers might wish to make a note of the following if it appears meritorious to their minds. This is a distillate of this writer’s experience and inference in this context:

Now, ethics can tend to be a difficult area. One extreme view can be to adhere rigidly to the ethical tenets of one’s religious texts, which would have to be to the exclusion of any opposite or contradictory tenet propounded b another religion: this would lead to extremism and intolerance; further even to arrive at that undesirable end, one would have to sate the logical pre-requisite of one, familiarity with all that body of literature has to offer, and two, to surmount factual and other discontinuities in that body of work and belief itself. Another could be a general agnosticism of not knowing this way or that. And so on and so forth. In other words, thinking will present options which might point to ethics being rather timidly contingent on Desh, Kala and Patra.

This writer is quite comfortable with the idea that Guru/ Jupiter governs the ethics and value systems in life and to that effect is the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for the same. By extension, the peculiarities of Jupiter in the radix could be said to define, at least broadly, the ethical framework of the native in the given lifetime. Some direction should also be derived from the Varga Chakra/ divisional charts, especially the Navamsha Chakra and the Shashthyamsha Chakra in this context.

Now, in the context of the preceding Gochar and this the instant transit, if at all in the native’s mind there exists doubt and confusion either as to the very events that might have transpired during the subsistence of the Guru Chandala Yoga or the manner in which such events, if at all, might have been perceived, or the mindset of the native himself qua the events and his participation therein, then that time and the status in the context of such events post the Gochar of the nodes and Guru has to be studied. There is every probability that the former would have been ethical deviation as appropriate for the native (Dharma) while the latter would be individual Dharmic conformity; these indications would be especially strong if the planet Jupiter is the Mahadasha lord in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme or in some other applicable Mahadasha sequence.

This is a trifle complex because the area of individual ethics, which while not have exact correspondence with Dharma, would certainly map to a part of it, is complex.
In other words, for those who might have trouble deciding what is right for them and what is wrong, this is a far superior time for that decision or study. The immediate past can be evaluated in this context as well.

But then one must have the clarity for instance to spot and evaluate for instance triggering impacts in relevant Arudha Padas, say, the Darapada/ A7 on the one hand and then also view the Guru Chandala Yoga and the hitherto Neecha Avastha of Guru; distinguishing between the two and their results is also important.

Before we should proceed further it might be pertinent to record that Rahu is now debilitated in Dhanu/ Sagittarius while Guru is akin to its exaltation in Karka/ Cancer while being in Kumbha/ Aquarius.
In transit the debility of any planet is not desirable. The higher functions of Rahu will suffer and there may be some diabolical events that might come to pass especially relating to places of worship and places where spiritual and religious discourse is given. If we judge from the Lagna of the Kalapurusha then Rahu is also in the 9th House Antardasha thus in its Marana Karaka Sthana. There may be some gross deficiency in religious discourse itself, designed for some ulterior purposes.
Guru on the other hand has come out of gross affliction and is the greatest benefic in the zodiac. Its power is in wealth, Jnana and benevolence. Since there is no association of Rahu with Guru any longer, those governed by Guru shall be strong and comfortable in their undertakings and work and shall prove to be a great counter to the working of devious and damaging forces. Kumbha is extremely broad based. It governs democracy and the interesting thing is that it is co-lorded by Rahu itself. Therefore the damage that accrues due to Rahu’s Gochar debility is offset to say the least by the occupation of the Rashi by Guru. The poison of the sign will be quelled by the benefic grace of the Preceptor of the Gods.


We also have to note that there occurs a Gochar Parivartana between Guru and Rahu as Guru is posited in Kumbha co-lorded by Rahu and Rahu is posited in Dhanu which is lorded by Guru and also happens to be the Moolatrikona Rashi of the Graha.
In Sambandha/ relationships, Parivartana is the strongest Yoga and the broad tendency which ought to be recognised is that the damage of the debility of Rahu is going to be controlled by Guru, also because due to the sign exchange Guru will give results as if it were posited in its own/ Moolatrikona Rashi of Dhanu. Yet, that is not the astronomical reality. In sum therefore, it will be a situation where democratic realities and illumination will give way to functional religious insights and ethical pronouncements with a utilitarian element to them as Guru functions as in office while in Dhanu.

One is writing down some thoughts and observations for each sign of the zodiac as to what these sidereal transits would mean for them:

MESHA/ ARIES: For this sign/ Rashi, Makar is the 10th House and Rahu is the co-lord of the 11th Bhava. Having been in the 10th Bhava which is an Upachaya or Bhava of growth, Rahu may be considered well placed. As a natural malefic in the Upachaya it will be better than at certain other locations in the Rashi Chakra. One could say for instance that willed action in Karma and ambitious projects designed to make one shine could have been given shape and effect. The problem, however, is that Guru being the 9th and 12th Lord was debilitated and deeply afflicted in the Guru Chandala Yoga.

This could have had several ramifications. One could have discarded values for power hunting and glory, putting aside sage advice from father/ father figures, bosses and elders, doing away with Dharmic injunctions.This could have also made for events that involved deceit and less than the whole truth; whether one is the perpetrator or the one suffering these would depend on the natal chart and the Mahadasha/ Antardasha sequence etc.

For this sign the transit of Rahu through the 9th House is not favourable for the reasons stated above in the Note. With Guru in the 11th House the sources of income and the activities related thereto will show a marked improvement also because Guru is the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for wealth. As for the Arudha Padas Gochar, one needs to see which Arudha Padas rise in Kumbha Rashi and the transit of Guru atop these shall make them flourish.

As for Rahu, the Arudha Padas in Dhanu can be adversely influenced for the reason that Rahu is inimical to the Moon/ Chandra, the Karaka for the socio-financial Arudha Padas.

If Mesha happens to be the Arudha Lagna itself in the Rashi Chakra, or the functional Arudha Lagna, then Rahu while damaging the Arudha Padas in Dhanu Rashi itself will crown the native during these 18 months as it only has a head and it is the head that wears the crown. The reason is not far to seek: the 9th Bhava is a Tamas Bhava when reckoned from the Arudha Lagna as the Bhavas from the Arudha Lagna succeed each other in the following sequence: Rajas, Sattwa and Tamas in groups of three houses each.Rahu being a Graha with Tamas Guna flourishes in the Tamasic 9th from the Arudha Lagna.

The 11th Bhava from Mesha is Kumbha and if the Arudha Lagna reference is continued then Guru in transit in the 11th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna is highly auspicious because t is a Sattwic planet in a Sattwic Bhava; even otherwise any Graha in the 11th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna yields material benefits.

VRISHABH/ TAURUS: Let us start with the sign as the Chandra Rashi. If anyone has their natal Moon in sidereal Taurus then it is a positive time for career and work because Guru is transiting in Kumbha which happens to be the 10th Bhava from Vrishabh. Now the thing about the 10th Bhava from the Moon is that it indicates the social fortune coming in the professional realm. It is the social support of the person in work. With Jupiter transiting this place, some social support may come in work. In some nativities, the 10th Bhava or lord or several such determinants may be afflicted in the radix. What then happens is that society is not in readiness as far as support to the person in work goes. Such people are always battling and craving support of others around them. This may not be a childish craving but just the recognition of a lack in their lives in this direction. In some cases, such persons may otherwise be extremely talented and the lack of support from the social surrounds can be all the more biting for that reason.

Some other reasons for some nativities with the experiences as aforesaid could be due to the occupation of Saturnine signs by Rahu, especially Makar/ Capricorn and simultaneously aspecting the functional Arudha Lagna by Rashi Drishti. Makar being the 10th House of the natural zodiac, this impacts work and wherever Rahu is placed, the protection is gone. With the Rashi Drishti/ sign aspect to the Arudha Lagna an image is created in the minds of the people where the work of the native is viewed with suspicion, while the reality may be exactly to the contrary. Such are the workings of Rahu.

Thus for those with any such combinations as described above, and for all natives with Vrishabh Chandra Rashi, the presence of Jupiter for 13 months or so would be an excellent feature. Fortune from society in the professional arena will be forthcoming. It can be considered akin to a transit Amala Yoga. Also if the Chandra Rashi is substituted with the Uday Lagna then the ability to perform work in whatever area one is engaged in will undergo a change for the better. Application of the self in Karma will be authentic and purer.

Now, as for the 10th Bhava from the Vrishabh Arudha Lagna, it is a Rajasic Bhava where creation occurs and ideally Rajasic Grahas work best here but Jupiter will also give positive results after some initial exposure of weaknesses in Karma.

Now the nodal transit from the Vrishabh Rashi tells a different story altogether. The co-lord of the 10th House, Rahu has become debilitated in the 8th House. Unless the native is engaged in speculation, research or occult, sudden setbacks are quite a possibility. The way to read the two transits together is that while the native himself may prosper, there may be some setback to the top bosses in the organisation or the organisational structure may go through an overhaul and revamp which is not unlikely even in the current economic scenario. Thus, one of the signs which would see a major impact of such market trends would be Taurus Moon people.

MITHUN/ GEMINI: At this time a debilitated Ketu is transiting the sign with Rahu in the 7th Bhava therefrom. For mutable/ dual signs, the 7th Bhava is the Badhak Rashi/ sign of obstruction. Rahu is also debilitated in Dhanu. This is altogether not a good situation and is saved only by the transit exchange referred to earlier in the Note on Gochar Parivartana. This may make for some mistakes in relationships and some lifestyle issues as Ketu, the co-lord of the 6th House is debilitated in the Lagna and also the other co-lord Mars also happens to be in debility at the time of writing this paper.

It can mean a fall in Dharma which will be surmounted. There is a quite mysterious exchange between Jupiter and Rahu. The planets are completely opposed to each other in every respect and therefore for them to change roles like this and to undertake to do the other’s bidding cannot be simple or easy. If the transit is ‘changed’ due to the Parivartana, we come to a healthy situation where Rahu comes to its own sign Kumbha and Jupiter goes to its own/ Moolatrikona Dhanu. From a breach of convention will result a high and elevated adherence to deep, innocent spiritual truth and love.

The same situation subsists with greater intensity for those who have Mithun Arudha Lagna since Ketu and Rahu occupy the Arudha Lagna and the 7th therefrom in transit. Ketu rules mistakes and in debility it can make for mistakes that people might retain in their memories. This should be noted as this may make a difference to wide perception at the level of social image, especially if such Karma is supported or visible from other factors in the natal horoscope. However, for such people unless there is something otherwise onerous in the horoscope, they will face this discomfort only partly till Guru gets accustomed to the Tamas of the 9th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna and begins to give positive results. In common-speak this would translate to mean that even the rather challenging developments at the personal front, or in social emergence will lead to a bolstering of the image in the world when all is said and done.

KARKA/ CANCER: For Karka Rashi, the preceding transit of the Guru Chandala Yoga was in the 7th House. Rahu is particularly adverse for Karka Lagna as it lords the 8th Bhava from the Lagna and with the 6th Lord Guru debilitated in the 7th House with Rahu, some really stressful events may have come to pass in the area of marriage, relationships, sex and intimacy. Readers will appreciate that while the 6th Bhava from the Lagna lords celibacy on the one hand and adversity on the other, it is also the 12th Bhava of dissipation when reckoned from the 7th Bhava. Thus for Jupiter to be placed in the 7th House in dire affliction, can be very adverse for marital and other relationships, including business partnerships.

As for Rahu it actually rules the cessation of the first marital alliance as it is the lord of the Maraka 2nd Bhava from the 7th House. Its gross placement with Guru in the Guru Chandala Yoga in the 7th House could have ended relationships or marriage if such an outcome was visible from a study of the relevant Upapada Lagna and the Navamsha Chakra in the nativity. These influences would have been all the more likely if either of Guru or Rahu or both were ruling the Mahadasha or the Antardasha level in the applicable conditional Nakshatra Dasha or the Vimshottari Dasha sequence.

It is too open ended a situation for the Karka Lagna due to the dubious lordship of the two planets involved but after the transit change the planets are better placed. Occult practitioners will be aided but luck may elude the Karka Lagna folks in some matters if such indications are reiterated from the horoscope and the Arudha Lagna placements.
For those with Cancer Arudha Lagna, at the material level it is a twin bounty as the malefic Rahu is in the 6th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna. This is a good transit as far as competitive matters relating to wealth generation go. The 3rd and 6th Houses from the Arudha Lagna are considered quite important in this respect and the placement of malefics there is conducive to Rajayoga. Likewise, the 8th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna is governed by the Sattwa Guna of sustenance and the Sattwic Guru does well here. Inheritances, loans, results of speculation and esoteric arts will emerge into focus.

SIMHA/ LEO: For this sign, the preceding Gochar was interesting to say the least. For those running the Guru Mahadasha these results might have been quite interesting especially if Jupiter is placed so as to yield notable results during the period of its Mahadasha. Rahu is the 7th Lord of the chart with Simha Lagna rising and thus governs personal interaction with others to a degree, the other major determinant being Saturn. Saturn is in Virgo/ Kanya in the 2nd Bhava from the Lagna and Rahu as the 7th Lord was in the 6th Bhava from the Lagna till it moved by changing signs. Personal interaction was mired in dissipation and due to the occurrence of the Guru Chandala Yoga in the 6th House there is likely to have been an element of deceit and cheating in such personal interaction if the same was new and commenced during the transit.

For some people, with Jupiter as the 5th Lord of thinking and Mantra, its debility was particularly galling as too its affliction in the Guru Chandala Yoga. Furthermore, Mantra or the deep values associated with Guru could have fallen in such times. For those unsure about ethical systems to begin with can safely consider the recent past as a deviation from the ethics earmarked for them and may as a corollary consider the events that shall come now as being closer to the ethics they are meant to follow. All this becomes notable if Guru is the lord of the Mahadasha or the Antardasha in the applicable Nakshatra Dasha.

Though Shani has now moved to Kanya, it was in Simha Rashi and therefore for people with Simha/ Leo Lagna/ Ascendant rising in the Rashi Chakra, this has been a time for battling negativities of various sorts. At such times, excessive consumption of alcohol and other stimulants, negative thinking, depression and overall despondency can seize the mind. Coupled with this the 6th House of Shad Ripu and vices was also populated with the Guru Chandala Yoga and Guru in debility. Kama without social or ethical approval and other vices could have beset the natives with this Lagna rising.
Now, the situation is likely to be quite different. With Saturn having moved out of its Marana Karaka Sthana location in the Lagna and to the 2nd House the negative thinking can let up a bit. Also now the 6th House is rid of the Guru Chandala Yoga and therefore the lifestyle choices that may have troubled the natives with this sign rising in the Lagna will now be a thing of the past unless major parts of the personality otherwise; for such people this is a good time to live healthier.
Irrespective of signs, as stated above in this paper, Guru signifies and governs the value system of the native. At the time this segment of the paper is being written, Guru is joined the Moon in Aquarius forming the auspicious Gajakesari Yoga. This clarifies the values that ought to be perceived as proper and laudable, at least for a certain type of individual. Specifically for those with Simha dominant in the Lagna, the 7th House of personal interaction is purified. The Parivartana between Guru and Rahu is highly intriguing because the exchange involves the 5th and the 7th Bhavas. Fascination and relationships have a deep connection. It will depend on each nativity and its specific features as to what this might mean and entail. But the attitude of the native will be good due to the placement of Guru in the 7th and even if Rahu is taken to be in the 7th in terms of the effect, it would still be strong in its own sign.

For some this could expand horizons with illumination but this will be an exception. Others may need to be careful about their values being compromised and should not look for support answers when they instinctively know something is wrong for them.
Jupiter transiting the 7th House is auspicious and it is relates to the 2nd Bhava or lord when reckoned from the relevant functional Upapada Lagna in the Rashi Chakra then it may create auspiciousness and attraction for a marital alliance. For those having Simha as the Arudha Lagna the Dwara/ doorway becomes blessed with the great and divine presence of Dev Guru Brihaspati and people may be able to give better effect to their emergence in the societal world.

KANYA/ VIRGO: As far as this sign of zodiac goes, somewhat like Simha, if the natal Moon happens to be posited here, then the Gochar of Shani in the Chandra Rashi constitutes the Sade-Sati. There are other papers at this website dealing with and explaining this for the various signs and the reader would be well-advised to refer to the same if thought desirable. For Kanya Rashi, Shani happens to be transiting the Moon sign itself. For people with high Saturnine influences in the natal horoscope, the Sade-Sati is only more of the same, rather than being something entirely novel. Nevertheless, one can never legitimately overlook Saturn embodying the Papa-Purusha within us and carrying the burden of our sins waiting to unload it at the opportune moment.

If Shani is causative of Rajayoga, then the Sade-Sati can strengthen those indications; however, the stress and anxiety to the mind subsists. If Kanya happens to be the Lagna, even then the Kantak Shani Gochar is formed and Vata Dosha, depression and health issues may crop up. In either case, if living exhibits signs of stress then suitable remedial measures should be received and practiced.
As far as the nodal transit and the transit of Jupiter go, Kanya Lagna is not overly benefitted. If there is Kapata Yoga in the natal chart which threatens deceit and cheating at the hands of another, then the Gochar of Rahu in debility in the 4th House from the Lagna can aid its triggering.Jupiter as the 7th Lord from the Lagna in the 6th House in exchange with the debilitated 6th Lord Rahu can cause some unpleasant occurrences in marital or personal life. At the risk of repetition, it has to be stated that transits will only deliver what is promised in the natal horoscope. Adversity in transit cannot precipitate factual adversity if the same is not indicated by a thorough examination of he radix including the Varga Chakra/ divisional charts. Exactly the same holds true for positive and auspicious events precipitated by good Gochar of Grahas.

Even for the Arudha Lagna in Kanya it is not an outright positive transit as the malefic Rahu being of Tamo Guna transits the Rajasic 4th Bhava and Guru as the greatest natural benefic transits the 6th from the Arudha Lagna.

TULA/ LIBRA: For Tula Lagna, Guru is transiting the 5th Bhava from the Lagna and for those who are running Guru Mahadasha or Antardasha this will be a time of clarity in thought and if Guru is well-placed in the Rashi Chakra then it could bring about some fortunate events. Much would depend on the Arudha Padas stationed in natal Kumbha as also the natal Arudha Padas associated with Guru especially if the Guru Mahadasha/ Antardasha is running for the horoscope.

For such natives some intermittent work in the nature of agreements or contractual engagements might also come because the co-lord of the 5th House is in the 3rd Bhava. This transit is less personal than the quite adverse Guru Chandala Yoga in the 4th Bhava from the Lagna with Guru in debility that subsisted till recently. This preceding transit would have fostered unrest in the heart and at home and would have led to a certain lack of peace within.

The Gochar is crisper and more definite from the Tula Arudha Lagna as the malefic Rahu is in the 3rd Bhava and Guru is strong in the 5th. There may be increased recognition for one’s skills and if Rahu is strong in the Gochar Navamsha then Rajayoga will occur. Otherwise the native may exhibit an element of disinterest in material pursuits at other times when Rahu is not strong in the Navamsha Chakra in transit. These effects shall be more noticeable if Rahu is the lord of the Mahadasha/ Antardasha for the horoscope at this time.

VRISHCHIK/ SCORPIO: For this Lagna, Rahu happens to be the 4th Lord debilitated in the 2nd House and the 2nd Lord Guru has gone to the 4th. Linkages between immovable property and movable assets are established. Guru is a great functional benefic for the Lagna being the 2nd and the 5th Lord and will thus bring great peace to the heart if the stronger of Mars and Ketu on the one hand, and the Moon on the other happen to be well placed in the radix. For those interested in academic and/ or knowledge, formal and informal systems of study they ought to wait for a better Gochar because the Argala Chakra or influence and intervention indicates Papa Argala arriving at the 4th Bhava from the Lagna from the 2nd Bhava from the Lagna through the 11th Bhava Labh Argala: the debilitated Rahu will not prove to be gainful to at least esoteric systems of knowledge for this Lagna.

Rahu is quite opposed to Guru and pronouncements of knowledge or expositions related thereto. Its Argala cannot lead to authoritative and pure expositions. Usually the linkages between the 4th, 11th and 2nd Bhavas and their lords, creates the tremendous Parijata Yoga, which is akin to a wish-fulfilling Yoga. This is based on the principle of Pradhana and Samanya Argala and can be used in the D-24 Varga Chakra/ Siddhamsha Chakra as well. However, the 11th Bhava from the 4th being the Phala or result of the education taken in the 4th Bhava is currently occupied in Parivartana with Guru in the 4th itself and can leave some real lapses in the ingestion and proper giving of knowledge. For the Vrishchik Arudha Lagna also this is a mixed transit because the Gochar of the nodes in the 2nd and 8th Bhavas from the Arudha Lagna is causative of the Kemadruma Yoga leading to financial stresses and those days where the Gochar Chandra aspects the nodes with Rashi Drishti should be watched carefully and financial extravagance may not be indulged in.

DHANU/ SAGITTARIUS: The 3rd Bhava from the Lagna is a Trika Bhava and is considered adverse and troublesome. Let us begin with the Rashi as the Lagna. The co-lord of the 3rd Bhava is Rahu and is Neecha/ debilitated in the Lagna in Gochar. Effort will not be required any more in areas where monumental effort has not been able to accomplish much in the past. This is especially so because the lord of Dhanu Rashi is akin to exaltation in the Gochar. The only check would be to be wary of possible deceit and betrayal due to the Parivartana Yoga between Rahu and Guru in the Gochar, unless the same is offset by visiting foreign lands often; these are governed by Rahu and take the sting of the Graha away, appeasing its Naisargika Karakattwa/ Natural Significations of foreigners and foreign lands.
Due to the Parivartana between the Lagna Lord and the 3rd Lord, there can be effective short communication and travels during the subsistence of the transit.
The natives with the Dhanu Arudha Lagna and Uday Lagna should not confuse their comparative inner peace with disinterest. Sometimes one does not have to strive breathlessly in order for fortune to accrue. In the radix this is important to understand the distinction between the Parakrama Yoga and Bhagya Yoga. When there is a malefic in the 3rd, fortune comes, but after strife. This is also the basis for the Vishesha Argala from the 3rd Bhava from any reference point, be it Graha, Bhava or Arudha Pada or Vishesha Lagna. On the other hand when there is a benefic in the 3rd, fated events are easy and favourable due to the Graha Drishti and/ or Rashi Drishti of the benefic to the 9th Bhava from the Lagna, which is the Bhagya Sthana. Therefore this is a time for easier luck as far as Dhanu natives are concerned.
For the Dhanu Chandra Rashi fortune in the professional realm will not come easy due to the Gochar of Shani in the 10th Bhava and sourcing of things might not be easy. This forms Kantak Shani and if this repeats from other junctions then the other benefits of the Gochar at this time should be maximised by appeasing Gochar Shani through the appropriate remedial measures. at the same time, if Shani happens to be in Dusthana from the reference, especially the 6th then it would have Amrita Drishti and depending on the reference in question would infuse a lot of resilience and spirit in the person.

In North India, when a part of the Satyanarayan Katha ends, the Pandit exclaims, 'With this ends the such and such part of the Satyanarayan Katha' and with that everybody feels at liberty to change posture and stretch stiff limbs; likewise, with this ends the description for Dhanu Rashi as far as the transit in question goes!

MAKAR/ CAPRICORN: For Makar, if the Lagna happens to be rising in the Dasha Pravesha Chakra, cast at the time of the commencement of the Padakrama Dasha, then there can be some adversity due to the debilitated nodes in the 6-12 axis. For Makar Lagna also it is an ordinary transit and for the Makar Arudha Lagna, the expenditure may be on questionable items during this Gochar as Neecha Rahu tenants the 12th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna. It’s going to be a question of pushes and pulls in quite opposite directions due to the Argala and Virodha Argala of Guru and Rahu from the 2nd and the 12th respectively. Guru is stronger and thus finally sage and eternal understanding will prevail.

KUMBHA/ AQUARIUS: This is a favourable Gochar for Kumbha Rashi as Guru lording the 2nd and 11th Bhavas rules wealth and gains and is transiting the Rashi. Rahu is debilitated in the 11th House which is also a positive as it is a malefic in the Upachaya. This aids the fulfilment of material desires. Considering the Kumbha Arudha Lagna, the Gochar of Guru through the Rajasic Lagna Bhava of creation, while not ideal, is still quite positive. For the Rashi and Arudha Lagna, much would depend upon the Gochar subsisting from the Lagna.

MEENA/ PISCES: For this Rashi, the lord of Meena is transiting the 12th therefrom and this is not the best transit although it can aid meditation and surrender. The house of the Guru/ Ashram will be visited more often since the 12th is 4th from the 9th House of the Guru. This does not appear to be an easy time for progress in worldly matters since Rahu transits the 10th House in debility. If the Rashi Chakra supports it, this may bring so much focus onto the zenith of the chart, that eventually it would lead to Rajayoga.
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