Monday, March 11, 2013

'A Question or Two' and 'Malefics' in Vedic/ Hindu/ Indian Astrology


Even a question or two on the same subject, posed to the astrologer, if the said questions are conspicuous, can be a clue to many things happening in the relevant horoscopes in question. This is on the lines of Nimitta in Prashna and is important.


When we meditate on the nature and impact of malefics, we may do so in several ways. The most frequent amongst these is to consider the impact of the malefics in the horoscope, primarily the Rashi Chakra, and in broad based physical manifestation in life.

In other words, what are the malefics doing to us is an oft contemplated sentiment.

Sometimes when we think of doership as against things being done to us, the source of personal intelligence becomes focal in understanding the issue.

If there is planetary aspect of natural malefics on the Lagna, then the Will and desire partake of the malefic impact and the same shall fuse itself with the personal intelligence/ Will/ desire.

If there is sign aspect of the natural malefic (s) on the Lagna, then the manifestation is destined and circumstantial and things in that contingency do not stem from the personal intelligence. They just happen.

Likewise qua the Paka Lagna.

The difference between the evaluation from the Lagna on the one hand and the Paka Lagna on the other would be the quality of dynamics and personality in motion or the lack of it, as the case may be, depending on the reference. From the Paka Lagna there is greater ownership and therefore greater responsibility. If this is in Upachaya, then greater leeway to channel and to guide the manifestation will also accrue. This is very important thinking according to me.

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